Sunday, September 1, 2019

Love Dreams (1981)

A young french woman (Julia Perrin) came to America to improve her english speaking skills and to support herself she use a temp office to find maid jobs.

Her first contract is at the home of a weird crazy cat man played by Dale Meador and she won't stay long since the house is filled with a ton of cats doing pretty much what they want.

Next job is with a family and everything looks fine, but... the wife (Bonnie Holiday) have an adventure on the side, the husband (Jason DeWitt) is kind of perverted and everything goes wrong after she had sex with one of the couple's daughter (Abigail Heath).

So time for another job, no children this time... she is hired by another family who already have a maid (Susan Nero) and a not all there in his head grandfather living there... once again this won't end greatly.

Finally she find works with a widower (John Leslie) and this time everything goes without a single problem.

Being an Allan Vydra's film everything is dubbed and this is a little annoying when we are used to the actors real voices (but, unless I'm wrong, I think John Leslie is the only one who dub his role) and there is an echo each time someone talks. But as we know Vydra's strong point is the sound and this film doesn't make exception... the music and the noise effects sound great as long as there is no dialogue. 

As the film goes this is quite enjoyable and Julia Perrin (this is far from being her first film since she started doing film in France in 1979) does a great job. If only the dialogue echo wasn't there that would be a perfect movie.

Fun fact: Julia Perrin was paid between 100,000$ and 500,000$ for this film. Yes I know this is kind of crazy compare to what was usually paid those days (or even now) to star in an adult film but who knows if this is real or not...

Herschel Savage and Bonnie Holiday
Abigail Heath, her only film but she did a loop for Collection Film (#106 The Cunning Co-ed)
Susan Nero and Julia Perrin

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