Friday, February 19, 2010

California Surfer Girls (1976)

Second and final film directed by Boots McCoy and as with Blazing Zippers  (his other one) I'm very unimpressed. This time he fell on a lot of surfing stock footages (the last time it was rodeo) and he will build his movie around this. I say around because there are really no connection between the action and  the surfing. The film begins even in the same manner as his other with one of the actresses (Justina Lynn) telling a fantasy she has in her dreams (except that she's not the girl in her fantasy even if it happen to her). I was almost certain she would meet a psychiatrist played by John Seeman after, but it won't happen this time. As in his previous film it's poorly shot, poorly lit (the last scene filmed without lights and through a red filter is a perfect example of this) and badly acted. This is unfortunate since Melba Bruce and Justina Lynn are the two main actresses and Joey Silvera gives a rather good performance (which is certainly not the case of Tyler Reynolds). At least this proves that some productions of that time deserve to be forgotten (which happens frequently with the West Coast productions).

This film is available on the Excalibur Films website.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Fire in Francesca (1977)

Today I choose a detective movie and no it is not a Johnny Wadd, but something more interesting. This is one of the three films directed by Shaun Costello featuring Dan McCord (Roger Caine). Like Dirty Susan (the first Dan McCord movie) this film uses a strong narrative style to counter the low budgetary limitations (we talk of a one day wonder here, a genre of which Costello was the master) and the major events are recounted in flashback. Following the death of Francesca Farrell (Patty Boyd), McCord is hired by Troy Winston (Costello) to find her diary. Obviously, what seems like a simple case isn't and a surprise awaits McCord during its investigation. What makes this film interesting is the performance of Patty Boyd as the film itself isn't that great because of the obvious lack of funding. But as she has three scenes in the short 59 minutes that lasts this movie it's rather easy to overlook its weaknesses. This is not the film of the century but if you're a fan of Patty Boyd you will surely appreciate.

This film is included in the Shaun Costello Collection sold by Alpha Blue Archives, but it is worth noting that the price is prohibitive and the video quality leaves much to be desired. But since this is the only way to get this movie the best thing to do is to take advantage of their discount by ordering two or more sets at the same  time.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Time to Love (1971)

I always say that to see Deep Throat as a masterpiece of the adult cinema  and one of the first of its kind with a story is an insult. It suffices to think of films like Mona: The Virgin Nymph, .. Love You To Death, The Morning After, The Debauchers or the one reviewed today to see that Deep Throat has been first in nothing. I confess I hate this movie as you will see frequently in my writings. Time to Love is a film with a story, of course it is not the most complex ever written, but we do not feel like watching an excuse to show scenes of sex. The story begins with a meeting of former university students where Ned (Howard Blakey) and John (Harry Reems), two good friends, remembers their past. John is a steady man with a wife (Tina Russell) and two young children, while Ned taking advantage of the many trips he made for his journalist job collects the female conquests. These trips are illustrated with an abundance of stock footage giving an impression of movement. It is interesting to note that this movie uses almost no cum shot (there is one) and some scenes are very quick. It is also worth noting that this film like most of the production of that time did not credit the actors (only Reems and Blakey are), but it is not that difficult to recognize some of them like Jutta David (the first victim in Forced Entry) Jean Parker (the disapeared sister in The Morning After), Patrick Wright (the Alaina Capri's lover in Good Morning ... and Goodbye!) or Tallie Cochrane (the escapee leader in Fugitive Girls) ... but I must confess that I do not recognize any of the others actors. This film is a perfect example of the early golden age productions with an ambience more erotic than pornographic, just wait for the love scene between the couple played by Reems and Russell and you will understand. We even have a pro-ecology speech at the end (the good old socially redeeming value) and you can also recognize the theme song from Bad Girls Go to Hell.

This film is available on the website of Video-X-Pix.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Barbie's Fantasies (1974)

Today I have chosen something a little bit less known and those who know me already for my other movie reviews know how I usually love those movies. This is the first film of Jenny Lane, who was in Winter Heat a film already reviewed here. I must admit that Miss Lane is the main reason to watch this movie despite the fact that Jamie Gillis has a role in this one and that Sue Kelly is a pretty blonde (unless it's an alias this film seems to be her only one). The story is rather simple and consists of a series of encounters between Vicky (Jenny Lane) and her guru (Jeffrey Hurst) who speaks with a  ridiculous Indian accent where she recounts her sexual adventures. Unfortunately most of those adventures are not pleasant to look at which is sad since Jenny Lane is incredibly beautifull in this film. But when a man is full of tattoos wrongly done or a woman had a panda tattooed on her thigh or an actor seems to be 16 years old (we did not see his face but his body and his voice shout I am a teenager) I find it difficult to stay interested. Not to mention the conclusion that we see coming from the first meeting between Vicky and her guru. It's a shame because with a better looking supporting cast this film would be enjoyable to watch since it is well filmed and Jenny Lane is the perfect naive girl next door.
This movie isn't available on dvd.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Jack and Jill (1979)

This time I choose a Chuck Vincent's classic and in the opinion of many his best production. The story can be summed up simply as this: Jack (Jack Wrangler) and Jill (Samantha Fox) are getting ready to celebrate the first anniversary of their couple and taking advantage of the moment decide to add spice to their relationship. From the start we can understand quickly that this film will be a fun watching time with an hilarious role play scene between Jack and Jill. Thereafter they will experience swinging with their best friend couple (Eric Edwards and Merle Michaels). The funniest moment of the film happens when they decide to consult the classifieds ads to find new couples  to swing with when after a series of bizarre encounters a couple (Roger Caine and Vanessa del Rio) come to their home. They are there to act and in the literal sense of the term as they mount a presentation of Romeo and Juliet ... decorations and programs include. Add to this the kidnapping of Jack by two women (Annie Sprinkle and Rikki O'Neal) who made obscene phone calls to his house in the recent days, Jill receiving a slave (George Payne) as an anniversary gift and a case of mistaken identity and you get a great comedy.

A perfect movie with a talented group of actors (this is only the second film of Jack Wrangler that I watched and I must admit he is certainly one of the best actors I have seen in the adult cinema), an incredible chemistry between the two main players and an excellent script. So a highly recommended film.

This film is available on the website of Video-X-Pix. Like 90% of their material this film deserves a special edition, but it isn't part of the list I received from those who will receive the platinum treatment this year. What is sad is that they didn't start their Platinum Collection a few years earlier, since Jack Wrangler died last year ... Just the idea of a Wrangler and Fox reunion to discuss the film would have been incredible.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Eighteen and Horny (1977)

The first point I should make is that my copy of this film is incomplete ( five minutes are missing in the beginning), but I must say that this does not seem to make much difference. Obviously the movie starts abruptly with a mature couple in bed where the man only think about a girl named Betsy in his head while he make love to his wife. Since the man is played by Jake Teague it's rather easy to make two plus two equals four and guess who is this Betsy. What we will learn pretty quickly when he'll join her in the next room while she sleeps to caress her and get oral sex (without waking her). Yes Betsy is his daughter wich isn't that surprising since it's an usual casting for Jake Teague. The next day during the celebration of the 18th anniversary of Betsy (Erica Havens) an argument broke out between her and her father and she left the house. From this point appears the reason why I have this film when she meets along the way Chelsea (she is played by Marcia Minor, an actress I fell in love with in  Hot Child in the City). They are moving in a gymnasium where Chelsea  take wrestling class with Dave Ruby, which will lead to a threesome who seems very uncomfortable for the trio involved (Ruby. Minor and Verna Quick). As you can see the film moves from one idea to another quite frequently (at one time Chelsea goes on the tear crisis for some unknown reason). There is a surprise ending, but it is more in the "WTF I don't understand anything at all" department than anything else. This is certainly  not a must have, but like all the movies in the Dragon Art Theater serie it has its funny moments and 10$ for a double features this isn't a very big investment to take a chance.

This film is available on the Something Weird Video website with Family Love-in as the second features include.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle (1981)

For the first time since this film was showned at the movie theatres we finally get an uncensored presentation of this classic. I must say it's like watching a new movie because I had only seen it previously on VHS with a missing scene and a visual quality more than doubtful. I must admit that despite the fact that I usually prefer the adult films with a story that has not detracted  me from the pleasure felt watching this movie. The film is a presentation by Annie Sprinkle of what her life is like. She has chosen to do so to use  performers  she knows and frequents in her real life. Each moments of the film is built around a particular fetish, so there's something for everyone. So we got regular scenes, a lesbian orgy scene, a masturbation scene, a breast fetish scene, an anal scene with anallingus included and, for the first time since the version presented in theaters, the golden shower scene. Speaking of golden shower this is certainly the most erotic presentation of this fetish ever shown on screen (the fact that Mal O'Ree was her boyfriend at the time was the reason). Another memorable moment was the masturbation scene where Miss Sprinkle reach an orgasmic  climax rarely seen on screen. The remaining scenes are also well conceived, but the lesbian orgy lasted a little  bit too long for my taste.

Again the presentation on DVD from Video-X-Pix is impeccable and beyond reproach (the other label would gain to get their inspiration from them for their classic films dvd) with a really informative commentary track by Annie Sprinkle herself (presented in another disc in an image on image format (I must say that Miss Sprinkle is still beautiful and has aged very well), a 38 minutes session of questions and answers on a third disc and the original trailer completely restored. To summarize, an essantial disc to the collection of any  serious collector or amateur of adult film classic.

I must admit that Video-X-Pix since they started their Platinum Collection is becoming "the label" for the serious fans of classic cinema (actually except for them and After Hours Cinema no other label shows that much respect for their materials). You can prepare yourself for a great year with them with several  classic titles program for the platinum treatment that will please every lovers of classic cinema.
This movie is available through the Video-X-Pix website.