Friday, May 14, 2021

Just Let Me Help You!!


Megan (Gia Derza) and Aliyah (Evelyn Claire) are two good friends living in the streets the best they can. Aliyah is the strongest one and she is responsible of taking care of her more unstable friend.

Gia Derza and Evelyn Claire

Everything goes fine, as fine as being homeless can be, until Aliyah doesn't return to meet Megan at the end of a day. The single day of absence become two weeks and Megan panic more and more, she spent the time searching every shelters with no luck and she finally resort to go talk with Judy (London River) a social worker.

London River

The meeting turns to be a waste of time since all Judy wants to talk about is Megan case and ignore every reference to Aliyah. The best she can do is to find a place for Megan for the night since the temperature will go below zero that night... She goes at the place and a surprise happen later when Aliyah shows off all cleaned up with new clothes and make-up.

Evelyn Claire

It's time to learn what happened to Aliyah during those two weeks... she found a sugar mommy to take care of her which beats living in the streets for sure. She wants Megan to come with her, but since she isn't a lesbian she isn't very enthusiast. Aliyah is ready to go when Megan accepts to give it a try and Aliyah will teach her.

Evelyn Claire and Gia Derza

You know already that I prefer lesbian scenes and that I love Evelyn Claire, so it's a given that I have enjoyed this one a lot. Feels more like Girlsway than Taboo to be honest, but who cares? Honestly the main scenario of two young girls living in the streets is great, in fact that could have been easily an Adult Time full length feature even if that could have been a little bit depressing. As usual Evelyn Claire is awesome in her role and Gia Derza is good too... she sure sells her panic mode well. Also big kudos to the actresses who went make-up less or at least a discreet one. London River did well in her non-sex part of the mysterious social worker. Nothing to complain about this short feature... it's well shot, well written and the sex was hot with the actresses staying in character. The feature ends with an obvious "a sequel is needed" conclusion and I really hope that one will be done.

As usual this is exclusive to the Adult Time / Pure Taboo streaming service at the time of my writing...

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Strictly Professional


Another week done so it's time for a new Pure Taboo web scene directed by David Lord this time...

Ashley (Bella Rolland) is doing her secretary works when her boss (Mike Mancini) enter the room and, to no one surprise, starts a charm routine with his secretary. But she doesn't fall for it, she won't have sex with her boss and even less a married one.

Bella Rolland

Things could stop here but that wouldn't do a very good story right... So the following days she can't stop thinking about David but the problem is always the same, he is a married man. She decides to follow his wife (Goldie Glock) to find a justification to the relation with the boss.

Goldie Glock

She catch the wife in her teaching class and they start talking, but no much dirt to find there since she gives a course to help women to become CEO. They leave the class and Ashley follows her in a coffee shop... yep the same one from Gray Area and No Regrets. This is where she will gets the justification needed when Megan takes money from a wallet she picks before returning it to his rightful owner (Shawn Alff).

Shawn Alff

With this new knowledge that David's wife isn't a perfect angel Ashley returns at work. This time the roles are reversed since she's the one who will do the move on the boss and he certainly won't refuse the advance. 

Mike Mancini

What follows is a hot scene in which Ashley is the one in command, ending with a deception for her... but seriously what did she thought would happen?

This one was much better than the two previous scenes directed by David Lord I have reviewed. It doesn't go the way those story line usually goes, at least not from the start. You have a conflicted character and a not too shitty boss after the rejection of his sexual advance. Obviously the selling point of the scene for me is Bella Rolland, one of the few tall woman in the industry... she can act, her legs are awesome, her feet are to die for (sadly we don't see them here) and she would be the perfect choice to play Wonder Woman. Mike Mancini plays his part well too, but I wasn't impress by the sexual part (everybody can have a bad day). Obviously the camera works by David Lord and Sal Genoa is faultless since they are veteran. I put my recommended sticker on the scene even if some could complain about the lack of taboo, but sexual harassment at work sound taboo enough for me and, to be honest, do we really need a thousandths step family scene?

You know the drill already... the scene is available exclusively on the Adult Time / Pure Taboo streaming service at this time since it was released today...

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Third Wheel


Elizabeth (Siri Dahl) and Terri (Lena Paul) are a married couple who try to start a family but all their previous attempts failed and they don't have the money anymore for another artificial insemination procedure. So they decide to go for the real thing and Terri convinces Jordan (Troy Francisco) an old friend of her to work his magic on her wife.

Siri Dahl

Elizabeth who have never been with a man in her life is far from being comfortable with the idea of having a sexual relation with a guy to become pregnant (to be honest I sure can see why) and she have a mental breakdown before anything start.

Lena Paul

Terri quickly goes to talk with Elizabeth in the next room to say that she will stay with them to help and take care of her. She's reassured and goes with the plan without much enthusiasm, but they want a baby so there aren't much choices.

Troy Francisco

The process starts and Terri takes care of Elizabeth as she said she will, but after a while she became more and more involved in the actions... starting with oral sex on Jordan and she will take complete penetration even if she isn't the one who will carry the kid. Nothing will goes as expected...

Some could disagree but I think this one fit perfectly with the taboo nature of the label, you have a gay married couple who wants a kid but doesn't have any other choices than going over the fear of the opposite sex (at least for Elizabeth the would be mother). Siri is great in this feature, always staying in character and it's clear that she gets no pleasure from this at all and I felt sad for her when the movie ended. Too bad she doesn't get more acting part because she is a good actress. Lena Paul isn't bad too in her manipulating partner role and Troy Francisco doesn't have much chances to shine acting wise since he doesn't much to do. As usual with the Pure Taboo the end is open ended and I sure hope that Elizabeth wise up and wake up to what happened in the unseen conclusion...  I recommend this one.

As usual it's exclusive on the Pure Taboo / Adult Time streaming service at the time of my review.

Monday, May 3, 2021

He'll Never Know (2021)


We start the feature with two nurses, Evangeline (Aiden Ashley) and Victoria (Judy Jolie), on their lunch break talking about guys. Evangeline is married with a kid and live a quiet life with her family, on the hand Victoria who is separated from her husband is in a totally different situation.

Aiden Ashley and Judy Jolie

At some point during the conversation Evangeline bring a shocker... she's talking with a guy on a dating app and plans to meet him, seriously considering how she reacted previously this wasn't expected. Victoria warn her friend that she could suffer big consequences if she decide to cheat her husband with that man, but Evangeline decide to go with her plan as she say "What he doesn't know won't hurt him".

The first thing she does when she arrives at the house of her date is to go to the bathroom to call her husband telling him that she is at the gym and will be late. From there you know what's coming... but we get an husband calls bonuses and we end with a maybe he knows or maybe he doesn't ending (to be honest I'd let that one time adventure slip if I was her husband and play the I don't know game).

Ryan McLane

Obviously this is a small Ricky Greenwood project to keep us happy while we are waiting for the werewolves horror film coming soon he did with Aiden. But even if it's mostly a scene for the streaming service this is well done, this is very erotic (seriously with some edit that could easily be broadcasted on a cable adult network) and Aiden acting is awesome as always. At the best of my knowledge this is the first time she and Ryan McLane work together and they have a good chemistry.

Not necessary a must buy for most viewers... but if you like Aiden Ashley as much as I do this is a different story. She's the best actress currently in the industry and if she is in an acting role I must watch, no question ask. 

This is exclusive on the MissaX streaming service so you can stream the film if you are a member and if not you can buy it directly from them. Sure worth the money for me...

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Always Been Close


It's Wednesday so you know what it means... a new Pure Taboo release and review.

Tonight is prom night for Jenny (Violet Starr) and she will bring her boyfriend Brandon (Jason Deep) and her brother (Jay Romero) to her special night.

Jason Deep, Violet Starr and Jay Romero

But before the party it's pictures time and same as I did the photographer (Alison Rey) thinks that Jay Romero is Jenny's boyfriend.

Seriously they sure look more in love

After the party Brandon being drunk start acting like an asshole and doesn't understand that no means no. Fortunately for Jenny Ryan is there to protect her honor and kick Brandon ass... OK he punches him in the face and hurt his hand but that was enough to get rid of him. After the confrontation they go back home and from there you know how it goes.

After two average scenes we finally get something better, sure it's another brother / sister scenario but at least they don't tell us that they are step brother and sister over and over this time (just once and you must be attentive to catch it). It's rather short at 38 minutes, but the director was able to set the story line effectively to justified the second act. Thank God Jenny didn't stay with her boyfriend because the actor looked like he didn't want to be there at all. Violet Starr overact a little bit during her scene (if you are my age just think Tracy Lords to get an idea) but she got me with her smile and her laugh when the scene started. Jay Romero is one of those young guys I have never seen before but he sure looks good and seriously he and Violet Starr really make a good couple.

Alison Rey

As you should know already the scene is only available via the Pure Taboo / Adult Time streaming service at this time.

Monday, April 26, 2021

My Boss's Daughter (2020)


After a party Edward (Stirling Cooper) is bringing Angie (Evelyn Claire) his boss's daughter who had, to be polite, one drink too many at her apartment.

When they arrive nobody is home and they can't find her keys to enter, so Edward calls his boss to ask him what to do with Angie but all he got is the voice mail... one thing for sure he can't let her at the door drunk like that. So he'll bring her at his home to rest.

ariel x

His wife being homesick isn't too happy about this so she tells Andrew to deal with his drunk guest. He put her in bed for a must needed rest and this is it for the day.

Evelyn Claire

The following day Angie wake up, goes to the kitchen and see Edward preparing the breakfast, at one point the wife came in but she is clearly always sick so he send her back to their bedroom to sleep. This is the point where Angie goes vixen mode and start using her charm on Edward... sure works better than it did the previous evening. Looks like Angie haven't forgot everything that happened last night... and this time she'll get what she wanted even if Edward's wife isn't that far.

Stirling Cooper

I got this one after watching the interview that Evelyn gave to Stirling last november on his YouTube channel since they were talking about this film and it sounded interesting. Was it? You bet it was...

If someone ask me who is the best current director my answer will be fast... Ricky Greenwood and since he directed this one I knew there was a good chance that I will enjoyed the results. Once again Evelyn Claire rocks, she played the drunk girl so well that it brought me memory of party where I dealt with girls like this and they were as annoying as she was. Third time I watch a film with her and she really have something, those looks she gave are so sexy. Stirling is also great but he is one of those few reliable actors, also bonus points to his character for doing nothing while Angie is drunk and being a real gentleman. The sex was great with the added will they be caught by the wife bonus and even better, at least for me, they played it for real so no silly facial with a guy jerking off for two minutes but an internal cum shot. 

I recommend this one and you can get it pretty much everywhere on VOD, I bought mine directly from MissaX since their prices are quite good and of course you can stream it on their service if you are a member.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Gray Area


Scarlet (Dixie Lynn) and Charlene (Goldie Glock) are at the end of their night shift at the coffee shop (seen previously in No Regrets) they work at. The place is empty except for Gray (Tyler Nixon) a musician who is there for the open mike evening.

Tyler Nixon

The musician caught the attention of Scarlet and she decides to go talk with him right after his performance. One thing leads to another and he convinces her to came with him at his apartment for a sign copy of his first album, it's a blank CD-R but to be honest Scarlet seems quite gullible.

Dixie Lynn

He learns that Scarlet have a boyfriend but on the other hand she's a virgin too, so he tells her that he will dedicate his next album to her if she gave him some inspirations... you know where it's going of course.

Goldie Glock

Honestly there aren't much to say about this one... the scenario isn't that great and for a Pure Taboo scene this is below average, not that it is bad per se but I expect more than a vanilla sex scene with no real story from them. On the other hand I was glad to see Tyler Nixon and Dixie Lynn, even if she forgot that she was supposed to be a virgin, plays the naive groupie role perfectly and she is certainly a beautiful blonde.

Not something I'd call essential or a must see but if you have a Pure Taboo / Adult Time streaming account it isn't like you pay to watch each scenes, so it worth a try at least for the cast...

Next week scene should be better...

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Exit 118 (2019)


After some years in the city Mandy (Abella Danger) returns at the trailer park she grown up at when things didn't turn as well as she thought they would.

Abella Danger

It doesn't take long after her arrival to reunite with her childhood friend Melanie (Kristen Scott). They talk for a while in Melanie's family trailer and things are on the way to get hotter until Daisy, Melanie's mother, shows up.

And Daisy (Reagan Foxx) is less than happy to see them together since she thinks Mandy is corrupting her daughter. She asks her to stay for a talk who is mostly one side blaming in which Mandy is accused of many things. After a while the talk became actions, but all this won't prevent Daisy to kick Mandy out not only from the trailer but also from Melanie's life. 

Melanie's take the news very well since she had no idea about what happened behind the scene. So she will get her "revenge" for what Mandy did using her ex-boyfriend to get even.

Alex Jones

Meanwhile Mandy hitchhike a ride to the city with Dale (Scott Nails), but he must goes at his house first to pick something. While she is waiting she sees a picture of Melanie and she learns that Dale is in fact the father of her friend.

Scott Nails

She tells Dale that his daughter need his help quitting the park to get a better life. He is fine to help but as we know everything as a price, obviously you have an idea what's coming...  After the deed is done Dale starts acting like a prick and kinda kick Mandy out. She calls Melanie to tell her to pack her bags, tells nobody and that she will meet her in the city... but will Dale keep his end of the deal.

Reagan Foxx

For a first, at least I think it is, directorial effort Lena Paul did a fine job, the film have some flaws but this isn't really her fault. The story is interesting and the cast is fine, weird that some told me previously that Abella Danger wasn't a good actress but it's the second time I saw her leading a film and both times her acting was perfectly acceptable. You know already that Kristen Scott is the reason why I have started watching modern adult cinema a year or so ago and she was as great as she always is in this film. I like Reagan Foxx too in her overprotective but not too stable mother role.

My problem with the film is how it's edited, in typical Digital Playground fashion it's a multi-parts series (after three times the end credits become annoying) and you get the feeling that the script is an excuse to go from one sex scene to another. Not that it is a bad thing for most people, but this story could have been developed much better.  

uncredited Alex Ladd

Don't take my format complaining as a non buy warning since the film was enjoyable, not film of the year award material but a nice way to spend 90 minutes in front of your screen.

You can stream the film in three episodes if you have a Digital Playground account, if not you can buy it on DVD or VOD from your usual online store.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

What Have You Done With Her??


It's Tuesday, so it's time for a new Pure Taboo short feature review...

Leighton (Michael Vegas) walk slowly on the sidewalk coming from a shopping trip, he stop at the traffic sign to wait for his signal when suddenly, coming from nowhere, a woman (Siouxsie Q.) distracted by her phone almost got run over by a car... luckily for her he was there to save the day.

Michael Vegas and Siouxsie Q.

She could be more thankful for what he did for her and after a lengthy discussion he decides to go back home. Later while he is on his computer a message from Sandy pop up thanking him again for saving her life and giving him a second chances. He is concern but his wife Jenny (Evelyn Claire) tell him that she just want to be nice.

Evelyn Claire

But maybe he isn't that wrong to be suspicious since Sandy shows up at his door to thank him again with flowers and a card... her facial expression when she sees that Leighton is married tells it all. He gets rid of her by invoking a meal at a restaurant with friends. 

Later that evening they come back home and Leighton realizes that he forgot the wine in the car so he goes pick the bottle to end that romantic evening on a good note. When he comes back something isn't right... Sandy is in the house!!! Not only that, she wears the same dress than Jenny...

Obviously he isn't pleased and wants to know where is his wife, but Sandy won't tell him anything else than how she owe him her life and how she could do anything for him. He is completely broken and Sandy finally gets what she wanted: a sexual moment with him. After being done with it Sandy will tell him where he can find Jenny.

This inspiration for this short is obvious, unless you are very young, to see... it's Fatal Attraction and Bree Mills did a good job with the materials. It doesn't take long to see that something isn't right with Sandy since Siouxsie Q. played the part perfectly. Michael Vegas is a very good choice for the husband character since he can act without overacting and he has the caring tender look. I was once again happy to see Evelyn Claire this time in a non sexual part, God that woman can act. Of course it's predictable and you know how that will end, but to be honest we can say the same for most movies so who cares?

Since this is new the only way to watch this one at this time is via the Pure Taboo / Adult Time streaming service.

Friday, April 9, 2021

Deception: A XXX Thriller (2016)


Two friends (Cherry Torn and Veruca James) rented a cabin in the wood for a weekend of relaxation and fun. They realized they will be more isolated than they thought they would be when they saw that this area doesn't have cellular reception.

Cherry Torn and Veruca James

They set themselves in the cabin and Cherry goes for a shower, Veruca rejoins her later but this is all in her mind. The following day they decide to hike in the wood, what would be the point of being there if all they would do is to stay at the cabin? All my years of watching horror movies sure shown me that a cabin in the woods isn't the most idyllic place to be and that something scary will happen soon.

And I wasn't wrong, after setting their camp for the night Cherry is abducted by a huge strong man in the wood (John Paul The Pope). Now if you are familiar with you certainly know what's coming...hell on earth for both girls. Cherry get the worst treatment and Veruca is the hero who will save the day.

I was very curious to see how a film built around the bondage fetish would work and surprisingly it worked very well. Now I must warn you... this film isn't for everybody and there is a good chance that you will find it too rough and "brutal". Both actresses sell everything in an incredible way... don't expect smiles, laugh and silliness when the rope aggression happen but it isn't a surprise since they did countless S&M scenes. The location is perfect and whoever did the score sure knows how to do it. It's a bit short at 58 minutes, but on the other hand this is an intense 58 minutes. Just in case you'd be worried, everything is consensual and safe words / moves are set before everything start as you will see in the before and after shooting interviews. 

And I love the ending, I sure didn't see it coming...

John Paul The Pope

Like I said before this isn't for everybody and certainly not for the casual adult film viewer, but if you appreciate bondage and S&M this is highly recommended since John Paul The Pope really made a perfect film... too bad that he didn't do more features.

The film is available freely on Gamelink if you have an unlimited account, if you don't you can buy it on VOD and this is also available on the Kink streaming service (looks like a longer version is exclusive on the service).