Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Love Is A Dangerous Game (2011)

Love Is A Dangerous Game is couple movie, like all the titles in the New Sensations' Romance line, directed by Eddie Powell and written by Jacky St. James before she became a movie director herself.

The movie doesn't waste time to throw us in the action as we start with a couple running from a killer threatening them in a house and when they realized it will be the end soon the couple decide to go out with a bang.

Alyssa Branch and Xander Corvus
This sound cliché and ridiculous, but there is a good reason for this... this isn't part of the film but it is in fact a book that Paulina is reading.

Natasha Nice
Paulina is a children books author and she wants to write better materials than this and who would blame her for that. So she goes to meet her agent to tell him that she doesn't want to write that genre of literature and that she took the decision to write an horror novel.

Steve Crest 
To learn how to write horror Paulina decides to contact Wes Mueller the author of the book she was reading in the beginning. It doesn't go as well as planned since Mueller isn't really pleased by her calls until he realizes that she is the author of Molly the Meerkat the favorite book of his niece.

Richie Calhoun
They decide to work together and that displease Paulina's sister a lot since she thinks Mueller is mentally unstable and dangerous. To prove her point Sara and her husband give a magazine to Paulina with a front page talking about Mueller mental breakdown.

Kimberly Kane
This works since Paulina starts to worried about Mueller to the point of not taking his calls anymore. Of course it won't continue this way and after a while Mueller shown up at her door (he got the address from her agent). He explains the magazine front page and all his forgotten.

They decide to go at Sara's house for a dinner and have some fun at their expense and everything end well for everybody.

This is exactly the type of film to use when you want to show to your partner that adult films are more than just sex. The film have an erotic movie vibe which make sense since it was shoot not only as an hardcore production but also as a softcore film for the Showcase TV network. The story, even if it's a by the book romance story line, is enjoyable and flow naturally. The acting is particularly good for a soft TV movie and the camera works look professional.

Kelly Klass
On the other hand those high points could be a negative for the usual watcher... The actions is often framed with the soft edit in mind so you don't get that many close up or extreme sex scenes.

For me this isn't a big deal, but if it's for you renting the movie would certainly be a better idea than buying it. The DVD includes extra materials but since I own the Video on Demand version I can't comment on those. As usual I got the film from Gamelink but you can probably find it at your usual online store.

Natasha Nice got a well deserved best actress nomination at the 2013 AVN Award for her role and the film won the 2012 XBiz Awards for the Couples-Themed Release of the Year.

Film trailer

Sunday, July 26, 2020

The Addams Family XXX (2011)

I am more familiar with Rodney Moore for his Natural Jumbo Juggs series than his films and since I think that this series is highly enjoyable I wanted to see how one of his film would look. So here we go...

 Right from the start you know that you are in for a film where some effort was done just with the opening credit 😁

We are with the Addams Family some years in the future compare to the TV show or the films, the movie is mostly about Wednesday and Pugsley who are ready to leave home to start college. Come on you didn't expect young teenage kids I hope...

Evan Stone and India Summer
Before they leave their parents will have to have the talk with them  and the talk for the Addams is the same one than the normal family one in case you were wondering. The first kid who get the talk is Pugsley and that will be his father job. To do so he hired a working girl to show him.

Seth Gamble and Amber Rayne
Morticia takes the responsibility to educate Wednesday on the things of life, but her approach is more subtle since she will use Thing for the demonstration. If you are familiar with the main source you already know that the Thing is only a hand.

Brandy Aniston and India Summer
While the Thing works his magic on Wednesday she starts having a fantasy which include a funny joke.

Alanah Rae
Of course there is more than just that since we get a side story with Uncle Fester and the difficulty he have with an order he did for an inflatable girlfriend. Luckily for him Miss Millibanks shows up at the Addams Family house because what's in the package isn't what he expected...

Barry Scott and Aurora Snow
The film end with the scene we were waiting for, Morticia and Gomez sharing their love with each other...

I am not the biggest fan of that parody genre but I must say that I was pleasantly surprise with this one, one thing for sure it's way better than those Will Ryder highly praise hack job. You get the original material vibe when you watch the film with the joke and the way the character react. Contrary to so many of those parody the story isn't two minutes filler while waiting for the next sex scene

Dick Chibbles and Nina Hartley
For someone who usually shot scenes without narratives productions Rodney Moore did a great job and not only a directing job since he was behind the camera and the editor (he was also one of the two actors to play the part of the Thing). But to be honest he is the guy who made me discover Jenna Doll and Whitney Stevens some years ago so I have a favorable bias toward him.

The only small negative I can say is that sadly Alanah Rae was too underused in her role, but it's the fan who talk here and not the critic.

Obviously I recommend the film, don't expect an Axel Braun superhero movies since the budget aren't the same but who said that you need a big budget to do a fun adult film.

If you have a Gamelink unlimited account you're a in luck since you can view this one free with your membership.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Paranormal (2020)

This all-girls four parts mini-series as the title imply have a supernatural theme and a pretty good cast going for it.

Kristen Scott
Kristen (Kristen Scott) is a paranormal investigator and her new case starts when she receives a video call from a student named Naomi (Naomi Swann) about her roommate who is possessed by a demonic entity. She takes the case and goes at naomi's apartment to see by herself if the roommate is really possessed.

Naomi Swann and Kristen Scott
After a preliminary discussion with the roommate (Adriana Chechik) Kristen realizes that it is indeed demonic possession and that she must go back to do more research. When it's done it's time to return to beat the demon out of Adriana and this won't be the exorcist ritual that you are used to.

Adriana Chechik
At the end of the ritual the entity is vanquish and it was sure a great showing of a demonic curse expunging. But the trouble are far from being over for Kristen. See this isn't demonic actions but the doing of two students practicing witchcraft.

Emily Willis and Riley Reed
Now it's time for them to get their revenge on Kristen and to do they will use voodoo rituals. They take control of Naomi who will force herself sexually (she sure missed the no means no memo) on Kristen. Now to be honest that isn't the best revenge plan but that brings some hot actions.

At the conclusion of this voodoo interlude it's time for Kristen to go back home. But when she arrives she finds her roommate in distress, she refuse to enter the house because of a ghost... time for another investigation.

Kristen Scott and Alina Lopez
They see the spirit and they put themselves in a circle of protection, but all this isn't ghostly activity at all. This is again Riley and Emily witchcraft fun, they take control of Alina who break the circle and you know already what will this lead to.

Alina is completely exhausted after the relation which give Kristen a chance to act fast to rebuild the circle and get out. Now it's time to finally confront the two little witches.

Emily Willis and Kristen Scott
When she arrives at their home she encounters Emily but there are no sign of Riley. But she shown up and Kristen walks in her direction but she walks in a circle of stone which bring her in a different world. This is where the final confrontation between the trio will happen and you know what it means. After the relation Riley decides that she wants to keep Kristen in that world, but there is a problem with this choice... only witches can survive there. The end!

That was another winner. The story is interesting enough to stay interested, as usual Kristen Scott is great (showing her funny side this time) and the rest of the all natural cast do a good job too. It's well shot, the sex is sure hot and...  Alina Lopez's tongue goddamn!

Only negative is the end, I'm not a big fan of being stuck on a cliffhanger that will probably never be resolved. Being a recent film nothing say that it won't be, so maybe a sequel will be made later.

Of course I recommend the film, but be warned it's costly (at least this is the most I have paid for a video on demand) so depending of your finance it could result to a non purchase. What I recommend if it is your case is to buy streaming only or to become a member of the GirlGirl website.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Closing Time (2019)

Whitney (Whitney Wright) and Lacy (Lacy Lennon) are the two bartenders at the Last Call Tavern, the business aren't that great anymore since a new Irish pub opened near the tavern and Tommy (Tommy Pistol) must bring back the crowd or else.

Whitney Wright and Lacy Lennon
Lacy is a nice professional barmaid, but Whitney is the barmaid who flirt with the clients, sleep on the side and who is ready to do anything to become the tavern manager. One night Whitney overhear a conversation between Tommy and the bar owner that will give her the chance she was waiting for.

Ryan McLane and Tommy Pistol
Ryan hired a consultant named Melissa who will meet Tommy to talk about what they can do to revive the tavern.

Bridgette B
To no one surprise Tommy and Melissa share more than businesses advices, but things aren't always what they seem to be. The girl isn't the real one hired to help but a different woman who take the money and run at the conclusion of their sexual encounter... told you that Whitney saw her chance to move. Obviously Tommy is fired for this.

Seth Gamble and Lacy Lennon
For a while it's business as usual at the club. Lacy finally decides to go on a date with a client who has an offer for her at the end of their date and Whitney being Whitney goes to work on getting the available managing position.

After this convincing argument she gets the managing job but when Whitney try the respect my authority trick on Lacy later things don't go as planned. Lacy announce that she quit her job as she gets an offer to works in the finance industry... remember her date. The end!

This isn't the most story driven movie but it was enjoyable for what it was. The narrative goes fast without fillers and the two main actresses do a good job with their role. It was nice to finally see Lacy Lennon in something else than a side role since she's not a bad actress and she's certainly cute. Don't put too much hope on the "to be continued" ending, the film was made more than a year ago and the sequel haven't happened yet... too bad because I would have like to see what Whitney would do with the job she doesn't deserve to have and how Lacy would be in the financial world.

Not something I'd call a must buy but it sure worth a rent.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Camgirl (2018)

You certainly know already that I love Kristen Scott if you read my blog regularly, in fact she is the reason why I have started watching and enjoyed more recent adult film productions. So, to make a long story short, when I see her starring in a movie that sound interesting I buy it and this one seems to fit my enjoyment criteria. Let see if it's the case or not...

Kristen Scott
Kelly (Kristen Scott) is a college student but she is also a single mother who works as a camgirl on the side to make ends meet. She does good money with her works, at least enough to rent a good apartment, pay for her college and take care of her daughter. Her career is a secret from everyone but one day another student (Angela White) ask her help to become a camgirl to earn some money.

Angela White
They do a cam show together and everything goes well, but this will not continue. Indeed her boyfriend, who is a more a guy she sees than a boyfriend to be honest, will learn from a group of friends what she does online and he will sure react like a jerk.

Lucas Frost
First he goes at Kelly's apartment for a confrontation that turns violent since he will break her wrist, but luckily her landlord shows up to tell him to get the fuck out before the confrontation become more violent.

Veronica Hart
But this isn't the end of Dillon revenge, I didn't say he reacted like a jerk for nothing, next he threaten to calls Kelly's father to let him know about his daughter online activities  Not knowing what she can do Kelly goes to meet some friends.

Ryan McLane, Small Hands and Honey Gold
While she is with her friends Dillon call and repeat that he will call her father, Donnie (Small Hands) pick the phone from Kelly's hand and advise the jerk to not do it.

Brad Armstrong
The following day Dillon calls to announce to Kelly that he told her father about her online career, but the worse is yet to come since his next planned move is to call the Child Protection Services. Enough is enough and it's time to put an end to that situation by showing to Dillon that the previous warning was serious.

Guess how it will end for Dillon
Once again that was an enjoyable film, contrary to what I expected this is not a lighthearted view of the industry where everything is fun and game. The first half make it sounds like it will be, but after this half it's the end of the fun sides with the jerk boyfriend's revenge. As usual Kristen Scott is great and the rest of the cast do a good acting job too (some are quite good and some are just OK, but nobody is awful). 

Abella Danger
The webcam parts of the film are quite enjoyable, the Kristen Scott / Angela White cam show is sure good. A couple of scenes are more filler to meet the number of scene criteria, but the flow of the story isn't disturbed by those since the scenes are part of it. The film is a little bit long at 2h43 but Brad Armstrong directed the film in a way that you don't get bored after a while.

So this is another one who get my recommendation seal, just don't expect a 100% positive representation of a camgirl life.

I got my copy from GameLink since I always buy my VOD from them but I'm sure you can get the film at the other stores where you usually buy your film. The movie is also available on DVD but I can't tell you if the extras make it a better purchase.