Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Swipe Right (2020)


Erika (Bunny Colby) who is in a relationship with Patrick (Ryan McLane) give him an ultimatum: They move in together or she move on. He isn't that much interested by the idea since he was previously in a seven years marriage that ended by a divorce.

Bunny Colby and Ryan McLane

Erika's ultimatum doesn't work one bit and they decide to go somewhere else to see if the grass is greener, to do so they will enter in the dating app world with more or less success.

Bella Rolland

To be honest we have seen this story before, it's pretty much a by the book chick flick: A couple break-up, they start dating other people and they realize they were better before. Now that doesn't mean that it isn't enjoyable since some encounters are quite funny... wait until Britney moves with Patrick, he sure catch a psycho.

Britney Amber

The acting was fine and I really think that Bella Rolland should do more features, her screen presence is incredible and she can act. Britney Amber is funny too in her date from hell casting and Bunny Colby / Ryan McLane make a believable couple. For once the Wicked protection policy works fine with the story (except for the last act where it doesn't make sense).  Anyway it's a Mike Quasar film so you know what to expect and you know that it will worth your time.

Victoria Voxxx and Lucas Frost

Obviously this isn't the most extreme film sexually speaking since it's all regular sex (not even a girl girl scene), but this is the perfect type of film to watch with your partner to show that adult cinema isn't all anal gangbang and water sport (yeah I watch East European production sometimes...). Now I wouldn't go with a purchase, renting is fine with that genre of cinema since it doesn't really have a rewatch value.

If you have a streaming account like me with Wicked Pictures that buy / rent dilemma doesn't exist since you can watch and rewatch a film as much as you want to...

Friday, March 26, 2021

We Don't Mess Around (2019)

Hard to believe but it's the first Shyla Jennings film I review here... Time to correct this and pick one from my VOD library.

Shyla and Scarlett are two cheerleaders on a sales competition, the duo with the most chocolate sale will win a scholarship in a foreign university... to be honest this is quite a price to win. To do so they have a perfect plan: sell the complete stock they have to the only lesbian in town. Not the most complicated movie ever made, but it's only 35 minutes long.

Scarlett Sage and Shyla Jennings

It's no secret that I prefer girl / girl features which means that I own many releases from Girlfriends Films and we all know who is the star of the label: the woman with the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen... the lovely Shyla! 

India Summer

For a short feature this one is quite enjoyable, but to be honest most film from AllHerLuv are. It's funny and they really take the time to set the story line well before starting the scene. The scene is exactly what I love in a girls scene: it's romantic and the performers have a good time, no tools or anal play. It's well shot and like I said the cast had a good time. Now the price could be a negative for some since it's short, but you can get a better one waiting for a sale.

You can buy the VOD from your favorite online store (personally I get mine from Gamelink since my library is watchable on my big screen TV via my unlimited account) or you can stream it on the AllHerLuv streaming channel if you are a member (I could be wrong but I don't think they have a purchase option).

Seriously, it's short but it's one that you really need in your film collection if all girls film is your cup of tea 👍

Thursday, March 25, 2021

One Step Ahead (2017)

A young couple is having some private time at an isolated area when they hear a woman screaming for help, it doesn't take long for her to show up. She had been shot and they bring her at the girl's house since her father his a doctor.

Tyler Nixon and Maya Kendrick

Sarah, the shot victim, is resting in a bed but at one point she regain consciousness and we learn who she is and what happened via her flashback. She and her husband rented a cabin in the area where she was found and a hit man shot her while she was alone waiting for her husband to come back from his poker game.

Abella Danger

The police is finally contacted about the shooting and they arrive later at the house to investigate the incident, but there is a little problem... Sarah disappeared with the doctor's car.

Kimber Woods and Tommy Pistol

The detectives continue to investigate the crime talking with the husband and a suspect. For her part Sarah goes to a friend's house to discuss what happened with her.

Seth Gamble and Giselle Palmer

The film being a crime mystery I can't say much in my review since it would be easy to spoil everything, so I will stop here.

Charlotte Stokely

As usual with the Stormy Daniels' project this is enjoyable to watch and the story is interesting. I like the fact that it began after the fact so we don't know what happened to the victim, on the other side it would have been better with more mystery as we learned too fast who is responsible for the hit. The film is on the short side (1h31) but enough time is dedicated to the crime investigation. The acting is fine and I was pleasantly surprised by Abella Danger who had a lot of acting to do (I'm used to see her in short part). Finally I get a girl / girl scene and the scene between Tommy Pistol and Kimber Woods was easily the hottest one in the film.

Jake Jacobs, Eric Masterson and AJ Bucks

It was enjoyable enough for a rent which you can do at pretty much at every store online and, of course, you can stream it on the Wicked Pictures streaming service if you are a member.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Excuse Me, Sir. I Love You.


Most recent Ricky Greenwood project with MissaX (at least released one since something awesome is coming soon) using the student / professor relation theme.

Violet Starr and Tommy Pistol

Elise (Violet Starr) during an after class discussion with her history teacher (Tommy Pistol) learns that he is moving from his apartment, she immediately offer him to come live in her parents guest house for the rest of the semester. While they talk another professor (Aiden Ashley) enter the class and both professors happen to have a relation on the side.

Aiden Ashley

Elise left the class, at least she seems to be, but she stays near to spy on the lovers... see Elise is secretly in love with her professor something that Aiden notice easily but not Tommy. He moves to the guest house and as soon as he arrives Elise goes in seduction mode.

She goes too far and Tommy makes it clear that he is her professor and a love relationship is impossible. He kicks her out of the house and goes to his bed to read but he is constantly distracted by the SMS he received on his phone, so he gave up the reading and goes to sleep.

Things could be over for the day, but Elise doesn't take no for an answer and use the home key to enter during the night (now this is what I call a crazy woman you shouldn't get mixed with). Finally she get what she wanted.

There aren't much to dislike about this one, you could describe the film as Fatal Attraction with a student or Poison Ivy for adult whatever you prefer. I really like the fact that it didn't go the obvious way by having the teacher jumping on the occasion to use his position of authority, on the contrary he is really against the idea and only give up because Elise is really persistent to say the least. Even for a short feature (67 minutes) there is a lot of care in the project. Seriously the camera work is excellent (I particularly like the visual when Elise entered the house during the night) and the acting is very good, not a surprise coming from Tommy Pistol or Aiden Ashley but I was agreeably surprise by Violet Starr I have never seen before. The only deception, and this is the fan who talk here, is the lack of screen time that Aiden Ashley got in this film. But to be honest I highly recommend this other winner from Ricky Greenwood.

Couldn't resist, Aiden's eyes are so beautiful

At the time of my writing the film isn't widely release and the only way to get it is to buy directly from the MissaX website or to stream it from their service if you have an account.

Monday, March 22, 2021

The Cursed XXX (2018)


Abigail (Riley Reid) the only survivor of a fire at the group house she was living at moves at the home of Brad (Brad Armstrong) that happens to be a cam house.

Riley Reid

Strangely a lot of weird phenomenons occur at the house when Abigail shown up to became one of the cam girl. The first major one being a girl found drowned in the swimming pool, a death who will bring the LAPD to investigate and what was a mysterious drowning at first will become even stranger.

Brad Armstrong, Sarah Vandella and Seth Gamble

Like if that death wasn't enough something else happens, the girls do their usual cam show with different guys but the men don't show up on the video feed!!!

Chloe Scott

At one point we learn that it isn't the first time that violent events happen at this house since the previous owner, a seventies porn producer, was murdered in a very gruesome fashion. The house owner will finally decide to have a priest involve for an exorcism to get rid of the curse. A lot more than this happen but I don't want to spoil the film too much...

Kat Dior

This one was a big surprise considering that I really didn't like the previous Will Ryder's films I have watched, the fact it was original and not a "parody" surely help since I don't think that his genre productions are that good. The cast is filled with big stars and a lot of them did a great job (one thing for sure I don't understand why Riley Reid didn't get an award for this film). The story is enjoyable and we even get some stunts and, yes, some gruesome moments. The sex come naturally and nothing has a filler vibe, but once again no girl girl scene which is hard to understand since the film is set in a cam house filled with girls.

Misty Stone

The film is available on VOD and DVD (from what I have read the extras on the disc are worthy of a purchase), I have seen it via my unlimited Gamelink account. As it was really enjoyable I highly recommend this film.


Friday, March 19, 2021

Rock'n'Sex (2020)


A change of pace from the American movies I review usually, a trip to Europe and more precisely in France with a movie co-directed by Ludovic Dekan and Pascal Lucas.

Kitana Lure

Kitana is the lead singer of a girls band and that band is ready for the major leagues. Like in the real mainstream music industry being talented isn't enough for a breakthrough, but it seems like they get the chance they need when an American big star (Vince Karter) could do a duo with the group... of course there is a ticket to pay first (obviously you know what I meant).

Clara Mia

They do a performance in front of Karter and he is highly interested in doing a musical project with the band. But this isn't everyone who is fine with the direction the future is going, indeed the boyfriend of another member of the band wants her to be the lead singer (to be honest Clara Mia is much better) and he will lock Kitana in the dressing room so she'll miss the after party.

David Perry

Not only she missed the party but she is also angry against the band manager (David Perry) because she thinks he only manipulated her to get in her pants which results in her leaving the band. So this is a big problem since the demo can't be recorded, but this is when the boyfriend's plan is completed since Clara reluctantly agree to sing the song.

Vince Karter and Clara Mia

Karter is so happy with the recording session that he asks Clara to go at Los-Angeles with him and she agrees to do so, leaving the scheming boyfriend alone.

Penelope Cum and Phil Hollyday

This was short and sweet, at 76 minutes it is sure a change from the American movies that are often more than three hours long. As usual with the European movies what we see on the screen is high quality, they put money to do their films and it shows. If you are familiar with how things are done in Europe you won't be surprised to know that the cast came from all over the continent (France, Spain, Italy and Russia). The song the band do isn't too bad and is sing by the actual film performers (Kitana Lure and Clara Mia), but this is far from being a rock song. The scenes are relatively short which is more my taste since five or more 40 minutes sex scenes in a film became boring after a while and you got everything for everybody's taste. Now a big negative for 99.9% of my readers... the film is in french which could be a turn off if you want to follow the dialogue, but this isn't that hard to follow to be honest. If we go more with what was negative for me there are two things: Clara Mia role is sexless and there isn't a girl girl scene.

Valentina Bianco

You can watch the film via the J&M Elite streaming service or you can purchase it from pretty much every adult film store on VOD or watch it for free if you have an unlimited Gamelink account.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

You'll Learn To Love Me


Daryl (Derrick Pierce) used to have a great relationship with her daughter, yes I know they use step but I don't, Lena (Maya Woulfe) but as the years pass Lena became more and more distant from her father. One evening after Lena reject his offer to spend some together watching a movie Daryl finds her diary (not that it was that well hidden).

He finally decides to look over his daughter personal thought to see if there is something that could bring back their relation to what is was. He finds something and decides to use this to create a fake online identity for himself to chat with Lena.

Surprisingly the plan works well and they become good friends online (see kids you never know with who you are talking online) until Lena put her hands on Daryl phone and see the conversation between them. Obviously she's not glad, but her father has the upper hand and will use the information he got from the diary to blackmail her into a more intimate father / daughter relationship.

This short feature directed by Casey Calvert was very good as usual just forget about the step tangent since this is just done for the credit card providers who decide now what adults can or can't watch (this is what happen when a government doesn't do its job to protect the Constitution). The way the final is set is realist (pretty much catfish to the extreme) and convey a good warning message: don't trust people blindly online. Both actors did a good job with their character, but Maya Woulfe acting is once again incredible. She stays in character from beginning to end which isn't an easy task since she must convey reluctance and disgust during all the scene duration... can't wait to see her working for a label like MissaX, AllHerLuv or Sweet Sinners in a full length feature film. 

Being relatively new (one week) at the time of my writing this short is only available via the Adult Time and the PureTaboo streaming services, but they usually paired scenes for VOD release so it should show up for sale sooner or later if you don't want to subscribe to their streaming service (but why wouldn't you?).