Sunday, May 8, 2022

Let Me Take Your Soul (2022)


I haven't done a MixedX short in a while so why not review a recent one starring Alexa Flexy and Kate Quinn.

Alexa and Kate are both at a photo shoot and everything is business as usual until the photographer (Christina Shine) take a look inside her camera to set the settings for the session and see both models having sex... but when she looks the models without the camera they are always sit on the bed smiling and waiting.

Kate Quinn and Alexa Flexy

Christina is confused and goes back to the camera and everything is now normal... no I'm playing with you, Just like before the girls are at it. We are in the core of the short for a sexy time between two beautiful actresses and a lot of feet licking (so if this is your fetish you're in for a treat). After a while Christina leave the camera and the girls are always on the bed waiting! She "tell" them to leave and always confused she set the camera to take some delayed pictures of her on the bed. Surprise... the girls are with her on the bed naked and ready for action. But it will be for another time since the film end there, so we can easily predict that a second will follow soon.

Christina Shine

Once again Christina Shine direct quite an erotic lesbian scene for the label. Both Alexa and Kate have a good time, as I said before I'm glad that Alexa Flexy works with them since it gives me a chance to see her enjoying herself in place of being degraded by a bunch of guys. The sex is good and different, obviously if foot licking isn't your thing this isn't a film for you but if it is you will enjoy. The non-invasive camera work from Zsolt Abraham was very good too. Waiting for part two since Christina Shine will do more than watching inside a camera this time.

The short is available via the Adult Time or MixedX streaming services.