Saturday, August 28, 2010

Flame (1989)

Today I pick something different  than what I usually watch, a romantic film that is aimed at a female audience. The story is rather simple (not to say simplistic) and focuses on two couples where the husband is abusive. Do not expect a great psychological study here, but rather an Harlequin novel type of romance. I must admit that the main reason why I have this movie is Tracey Adams that I have always appreciated. In this film she is married to a rich man (RC Cummings) primarily for the lifestyle he provides, but he will take offense to the fact of catching her in bed with one of his house staff (Chris Alexander, who would later create Anabolic Video) and throw her out after a beating (to be honest it's a single slap on the mouth). She will meet Doris McKenzie (Aja) who invited her to her home where she lives with her husband (Marc Wallice). This relationship is the abusive one since her husband is a cheater, a verbal abuser and he spends most of his time fishing. Obviously everything will end on a positive note as he will understand the harm he did  and change his way of acting.

I will not say it's the best 70 minutes I spent watching television. The story is simply too stupid, too cliché and mushy for me ... but obviously I'm not the target audience for this film. By cons I liked the presentation that look a lot more like an erotic movie than a pornographic film. In fact the sex scenes are short, natural and the focus is on the faces and not on the sexual organs. If the history would have been more interesting this would have been exactly my type of movie. Maybe it worths a try if you like the romantics novel...

This film is available as usual on the AdultDVDMarketplace and the Excalibur Films websites.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A little update

Sorry for the lack of reviews in the last two months. I was away from my computer most of the time this summer, so I was unable to watch any adult movies (wich is sure long, as if it isn't enough to be unable to watch horror movies untill october). I will be back soon in a couple of days with some new reviews and I've also pre-ordered two new released of Wild Side Video today for september.

I already own the american released of 800 Fantasy Lane that were sadly cut and I know nothing about Sex Boat. Of course with the quality of the precedent titles of this serie I bought, I expect very high quality again...

I will certainly get more titles next month, but not that much (the horror marathon I'll do in october on DVD Collectors Online had as a result that I buy and pre-order mostly horror movies actually).

Now the worst part is to find something to watch... Not that I don't have a lot of unwatched movies to choose from.