Saturday, May 30, 2020

Criminal Passion (2018)

Better known as a company producing web scenes Babes Video went for a features film with this, more or less since this is one of those productions using the chapters or episodes model.

The main storyline is the investigation of the Senator Montgomery (Tommy Gunn) murder and since it's an episodic film I'll go by episode too.

The first episode start with the detectives (Donnie Rock and Ana Foxxx) arriving at the crime scene, one woman with blood on her hands is sitting on the bed and Paul Carter stays to interrogate her. The interrogation is a flashback of what happened between her and the Senator before he was shot.

Dani Jensen
In the next episode Paul Carter interrogates another suspect, the Senator's wife who was at the house when the murder happened. She isn't in a collaborating with the authority mood and she immediately went lawyer mode which isn't a good sign. But her personal assistant stays to talk with Carter and she reveals what happened between them that night.

India Summer and Alison Ray
The wife is cleared as a suspect and in the third episodes it's time to meet another suspect, the Senator's daughter who will inherit of most of the deceased money and assets. This time the detective will see some actions since the suspect is in teasing and more mode. After they are done she handcuff him and Carter finds a gun... things sure doesn't look great for Miranda.

Joseline Kelly
The daughter is arrested and she is find guilty of murder (we won't see the trial of course and this happen fast too say the least. But we have one more chapter so the story is far from being over. The two detectives on discuss together after the conclusion of the case and Carter isn't so sure about Miranda's guilt. He isn't wrong but it's too little too late for him and he will be terminated. We get a last flashback and we learn who killed the Senator and why...

Anna Foxxx
For a film it isn't too bad, sure the story is simple (it's pretty a budget episode of any police themed TV show), but enjoyable. The formatting is a little bit annoying since we got a credit roll and a "previously on" after each part which kills the film natural flow since we have already seen the events. The conclusion is highly unrealistic, you will understand if you watch the film.

Donnie Rock
I wouldn't call this one essential, but if you like cop show it certainly worth a streaming. Of course a DVD is available if you prefer, but there aren't much reasons to buy it on disc.

Tommy Gunn

Friday, May 29, 2020

Outlaw Ladies (1981)

An all-stars stuffed Henri Pachard's film following a group of different people. We know the formula since it's the Platinum Paradise or Foxtrot method of doing a film and when it's well done we are in for a good time. 

Henri Pachard cameo
In this film we follow the day of a group of women (Marlene Willoughby, Jody Maxwell, Juliet Anderson, Veronica Hart and Samantha Fox) and their husbands who are parts of some woman's day too.

Jody Maxwell
We start with Abbey (Juliet Anderson) visiting her friend Barbara (Jody Maxwell) after her husband (Bobby Astyr) leave for his work day. There is a young guy there waiting to serve her.

Next we meet Cassie (Marlene Willoughby) doing a professional photo shoot session, after while relaxing at home she receives the visit of a client since she is also a working girl on the side (come on maids don't come free) it what is without a single doubt the best part of the film. 

Bobby Astyr and Marlene Willoughby
Now it's Diedre (Veronica Hart) time to shine after she won a court case and what way to celebrate a victory than asking a friend to meet her at the office. Another great moment, I'm not much an anal sex guy but if they were all like this that would be different.

John Leslie and Veronica Hart
Her partner at the law firm who doesn't want to spend the evening alone either decide to go on a date with the office new secretary. After getting what he wanted, he will act like a jerk and fired her but don't worry she will have the last word later.

Robert Kerman and Merle Michaels
 Now we are back with Barbara who end the evening cruising the low rates bar. She and Evelyn (Samantha Fox) will end the day at the apartment of a random stud they picked at the bar.

Joey Silvera
As I told you a "vignette" film when it's well done it's highly enjoyable and indeed that one was great. Most reviewers will tell that it's one of the best Henri Pachard's film and they aren't wrong. The movie is not only filled with big stars who can act or well written but there is a great chemistry between all the performers. 

Samantha Fox
Very easy to recommend this film in which the women are the one in power, if you want to see how great was the New York scene was before the move to California and the shot on tape era this is the film for you.

Candida Royalle cameo
The VCA DVD is out of print but you can always get it from Adult DVD Marketplace or, since the DVD itself is the typical effortless VCA release, you can buy the film on video on demand

Honestly this film need a real quality release...

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Feel (1971)

Time for something with educational and redeeming values. Indeed a white coaters produce in New York and it is surprisingly well done and enjoyable.

This is a presentation of the Dr. Norma Jacobs from The Gould Institute, a fake institute of course but who really care about those details...

The goal of the production is to show us that sex isn't something to be shameful about. To do so a very simple structure is used... Different topics are discuss and shown on screen using three different couples (Tina and Jason Russell, Shaun Costello and Laura Cannon, Paul Matthews and an unknown actress). A narrator explain and give a lot of details when the visual demonstrations are shown.

Not much to say since it's pretty much a presentation to educate on the way of love, so I just add the topics discuss: female masturbation, kissing, foreplay, male and female oral sex and finally the different sexual positions.

Jason and Tina Russell
Laura Cannon and Shaun Costello
Paul Matthews and ?
This isn't bad at all, but being a white coaters the structure could be annoying for some since we come and go between each couples and the doctor doing the presentation. At least it's kind of educational and it isn't only an excuse to show sex on the screen (of course it was made to go around the New York censor board but it isn't a series of bizarre sexual practices lifted from different sources).

The film is available from Something Weird Video on DVD-R or VOD

I have uploaded the trailer on my xhamster account because it is narrated by Michael Findlay.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

My Little Sister (1971)

A short one at 48 minutes from the Something Weird Video collection, but as much as I can see it seems complete. This is mostly sex so there isn't much to say about it, but here we go...

Nancy Martin
Cindy (Nancy Martin) is on the phone with a friend when her sister (Suzanne Fields) come back home at one point they start to fight because Judi drink one of her beer. A fight that ends with the younger sister bound to a chair.

Suzanne Fields
After a while Cindy's friends arrive and the guys decide to have unwanted oral sex with Judi, since they can't go two at the same time Mike (Rick Lutze) go for the older sister. When they are done, John (Duane Paulsen) goes for Karen (Rene Bond) who thought that it was funny when the guys were busy raping Judi.

Rene Bond and Nancy Martin
 And this is what we will got until the end, the people just switch from one to another. 

Obviously I will not pretend that this film is a masterpiece since it is just sex to have something to keep people busy in a theater, but it does a good job at doing so. You have a great cast who have a fun time like it was the case more often than not during that era and, contrary to the previous one I have reviewed, someone who knows how to shot a film is behind the camera. Since it's a short film it goes fast and you don't get bored. At time the dubbing is annoying since it doesn't fit and you aren't always sure of who is talking, but if you like stupid dialogue you are in for a treat. The only critic I can do is that they didn't go for the incest angle with the two sisters.

For some reasons it doesn't seem to be available anymore from Something Weird Video, but the Alpha Blue Archives version is available on video on demand from Hot Movies... just don't ask me how it looks since I don't have that version.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Bad Bad Gang (1972)

Two young couples are on the way for a weekend camping trip, but they will cross a bikers gang on the way to the camping site.

Wayne Chapman, Nancy Martin, Rick Lutze and Rene Bond
Thankfully the bikers take a different path so the trip isn't ruin. Don't be so fast, of course it will be as the gang came back to disturb the couple dinner and later to do what bikers do best... a rape fest.

The bikers for some reasons have a cave on this site and this is where the festival is set. The boyfriends come to the rescue, but they are sure easy to subdue and the gang are free to continue their fun. Jane (Rene Bond) gave them a good fight and Eve (Nancy Martin) couldn't care less, to be honest it's understandable since her boyfriend was more interested in fishing than her. 

Andy Bellamy and Suzanne Fields
After a while the bikers chicks get bored and go outside with the two girls' boyfriends. The guys sure don't seem to care much about their girls anymore and all of them have some fun back at the camping site until the gang leader come back angry at the site. but this isn't his day since the newly made quartet beats his ass.

Looks like the man get themselves a couple of new girlfriends and they are arrested by an officer while leaving the site... don't ask me how things turn for them since it's end time.

Don't get too excited with the recap since this film isn't that good and the result is cheap. There are many versions of this one available (my captures are from the Vinegar Syndrome softcore edit because it's the best looking one), but shorter hardcore edit are available from Something Weird Video and Alpha Blue Archives. I have the SWV version and it's nothing to call home, notwithstanding the bad shape of the film the actions is, for the most part, shot way too close and amateurishly.

So nothing that necessary, sure it's nice to see Andy Bellamy and Suzanne Fields (don't expect much from Rene Bond) but this is just to badly made to warrant a recommendation. Too bad because a good film could have been done with this simple story line.

Ensenada Pickup (1971)

A couple (Candy Samples and Rick Lutze) rent a boat with their daughter (Eve Orlon), the woman daughter obviously, for a fishing trip to Mexico.

Rick Lutze and Eve Orlon
Of course things aren't what they seem since the boat owners are drug smugglers and the plan is to pick a cocaine package at Ensenada, bringing it back to the USA and getting rid of the evidence. 

Rene Bond and Rick Lutze
After they arrive at Mexico one the smugglers (Henry Ferris) get out to pick the cocaine. The package isn't there yet but he will pass the time with the lady of the house (Carmen Olivera) for a 20$ fee... personally I wouldn't fuck with him for one thousand if I was a woman but I'm not miss Olivera.

Henry Ferris and Carmen Olivera
Later the delivery arrives, he test it and goes back to the boat fully energized for raping Mrs. Fisher who doesn't put much of a fight.

Candy Samples and Henry Ferris
A little bit later the daughter caught the two men talking about their plan and of course what's coming to them. She runs, but running inside a boat isn't that great of a plan so one of the man catch her and get his way with her.

Eve Orlon and Albert Wilson
But the smugglers aren't the only one with a surprise... the crew members are in fact US Customs agents, so it's a game of I caught you you caught me until the conclusion.

Jill Sweete and Henry Ferris
Like most early seventies films the story is simple, but the cast usually make those films fun to watch and this one is no exception. The women cast is great and can't say the same for the males but Rick Lutze is at least there. The film is short at one hour long so things move fast enough to stay enjoyable (as long as you forget the warts on Ferris' dick).

The film is available in two versions, a softcore one from Something Weird Video and an hardcore one from Alpha Blue Archives (since ABA is ABA the beginning and the end are missing). What I watched is an hybrid I've made two years ago so it's a complete hardcore version, I shared it back than on a forum and knowing how things work online after something is posted you should be able to find it easily.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Bullet to the Top (2015)

This production is pretty much Scarface set in Hollywood (but I guess the guy who wrote the DVD back cover synopsis didn't get the memo since it talks about a Cuban taking over the Miami drug business)...

Toni Ribas
After being freed from jail in Spain Tony Rodriguez (Tony Ribas) decide to come in California to live the american dream. While waiting for something better he will live at the house of his friend's mother.

Julia Ann
At first he works as a parking valet which sure isn't the great job he was going for. But there are some nice "social benefits".

Tony Ribas, Clover and A.J. Applegate
Tony isn't stuck there longer since he got an offer from a crime boss (Steven St. Croix) to put a hit on a biker who deal coke in his territory. Of course before the hit a celebration is needed.

Keisha Grey
The following day is hit time and it's a success (did you think it wouldn't be?), so he gets another job to do a big drug transaction with some guy in a motel in what looks like a set up.

Keiran Lee, Tony Ribas and Andy Appleton
After being liberated from that bad situation by his friend Mickey (Clover) who was there for the ride because Tony was in fact suspicious of all this it's time to meet the boss, kill him and take over. next it's montage time.

Nikki Benz and Dani Daniels
But Tony will not leave the great life for long since he will be betrayed and killed too. The end...

Honestly this isn't as good as it sounds. A lot of events happened without much reasons (come on if a movie is almost four hours long you have time to set the story line) and the actions (the one related to the story not the other type of actions) is done too fast and cheaply. Most of the acting isn't very good and there is a lot of overacting (cue Tony Ribas), but on the other hand Julia Ann is great for the short time she is on the screen. 

This is so long don't expect watching it in one sitting... 

To resume... an average deception, if you want to see the film since there are some good actresses in the cast go for a rent.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Grindhouse Possession Triple Feature

A trio of second billed early seventies West Coast features with a supernatural theme (kind of). So let check the movies...

Nothing supernatural here. The film is about a sex therapist meeting some clients with various problems at his office. It's mostly sex and end with the inevitable orgy, but the film have a good cast and the male actors are fricking impressive.

Cyndee Summers
Tom Cantrell and Tricia Opal
Nancy Martin and Franklin Anthony

Now it's school time with a professor who invite a trio of students for an extra curricular lecture at his house about the Greek God Pan. Obviously he planned more than a lecture and with the help of a medallion the lecture will become something less boring. Once again it's mostly sex with a good cast, including Becky Sharp one of the most underrated actress of the early seventies.

Kip James and Becky Sharpe
Nikki Hess and Anna Jenson
Neil Perlman and Pete Fisher

A young couple new house is hunted by a couple of spirits and little by little they will be possessed. This is the only film on the program who really is in line with the supernatural theme of the disc, but on the other hand it's the worst of the three. The unknown director doesn't know how to shot a sex scenes and the fake widescreen ratio (don't forget it's a 12 years old Alternative Cinema release and for some reasons they always re-frame the films back than) really hurt the film. Sure it's an early role for Helen Madigan, but that film is just too incompetently made to be enjoyable.

Helen Madigan
Charles Orlando

So not something I'd call essential, but the first two films are enjoyable and stars some actresses who are mostly forgotten now (except for Cyndee Summers). Just skip Possessed who is a waste of time and a visual mess.

You can buy the DVD from Alternative Cinema and the better presentation of The Medallion who was on the defunct Vinegar Syndrome streaming website is available from Hot Movies.