Wednesday, December 25, 2019

The Passions of Carol (1975)

It's Christmas so it's the perfect time for a classic Dickens' story but since my blog is about adult and not about studio blockbusters it's the occasion to finally talk about the Shaun Costello's adaptation of A Christmas Carol.

Carol Scrooge (Mary Stuart) the owner of Biva magazine couldn't care less about Christmas, for her it's a day like any other one and she expect the same from her employees. Whatever they have plans for the day isn't relevant they must work, something that Bob Hatchet learns since he must redo a photo layout even if his wive and him had plans.

Mary Stuart
Later that night she is visited by the ghost of his former business partner who tells her that three spirits will come to meet her.

Marc Stevens
She doesn't think much of it and goes back to sleep until the first spirit shown up and bring her to her past. So it's time to see her childhood friends, at first she's happy but she realizes that she manipulated her friends via threats to "play doctors".

Alan Marlow and Susan Sloan
Next she is visited by the spirit of the present time and they will go see how Bob Hatchet, her employee, and his wife are happy even if their life isn't easy.

Kim Pope and Jamie Gillis
None of those visits are easy for her, but the worst is yet to come and the spirit of the future is the one who will bring her to the worse. Indeed, he brings her to a future where she had lost everything and became a cheap street hooker (by the way if you are like me and love watching old New York footages you are in for a treat) pretty much at the end of the road. This is the moment who will break her and it's easy to understand seeing how depressing this vision of her future is.

Ashley Moore and Mary Stuart
After this Carol understand how wrong she was and that she must embrace the spirit of Christmas every days if she doesn't want to end this way.

This is one of the first real film of Shaun Costello, most of his works until this one were fast productions made in a day or two but he did that in one week of eighteen hours days. The story is quite straightforward and if you know the story, who doesn't?, you know what's coming... at least the basic events, there is no sex in Dickens' version. Sadly this was the first Costello's flop, I guess people weren't ready for mixing Christmas and sex yet. Too bad for them since I consider this film a classic and this is a traditional viewing the 25 at my house.

I think I said it previously but Shaun Costello is one of my all time favorite director, whatever you watch one of  his one day quickie with no real script or one of his professional film you are almost sure to enjoy it... at least I haven't encounter one I didn't in the many I have watched.

Obviously I recommend this film, but do yourself a service and get the special edition released by Distribpix to learn more about this production since Shaun Costello did an excellent and informative commentary on the disc and wrote a very good 20 pages booklet included with the release. 

Monday, December 23, 2019

Killer Wives (2019)

Francois Clousot's crime movie for Digital Playground, but be warned before we start... the film is out of order, they start with episode two in place of episode one. If you aren't familiar with Digital Playground they often do their films in episode since that make it easier to sell the scenes. Of course my recap will use the correct order.

We start with a phone conversation between Chrissy (Romi Rain) and her husband (Charles Dera) who judging by their house is a rich businessman. During that conversation we learned that Consuela their maid is nowhere to be found.

Romi Rain
When her husband came back she get in the bed for some love, when all is over and done someone knock at the door at the husband goes down to answer. Bad news, it's the cops who are there to arrest him for a financial fraud. But it isn't the worst news of the day for him... his wive take a policeman's gun and shoot him.

It isn't clear but I think she was cursed and filmed by Consuela
Flash forward one year later, Chrissy is out of jail after she was found not guilty of her husband murder for insanity. She came at her friend home for a visit and left her some chocolate bars that she started selling.

After some love sharing between Ali (Chanel Preston) and Poppi (Kaylani Lei) she left and Ali's husband come back home and start complaining because his dinner isn't ready. Bad idea since Ali took a bite of the chocolate bar that carried the curse and she put an end to his complaining.

Chanel Preston and her uncredited husband
At the same time at Poppi's home, her husband isn't happy because of her sexual relation with Ali but he got over it and they have hot anal sex. But after she found lipstick mark on her shirt neck, so he is caught cheating too.

Kaylani Lei
She takes a chocolate bar bite so you know what it means... direction shower to deal with the cheating husband.

Xander Corvus
Finally Mrs. Kane, the last girlfriend of Chrissy, get the chocolate when she takes back her purse from Poppi (btw the film have no role credit but the name sound like that to my ears) after the murder of her husband. She come back home and now it's time for incest with Hunter (kind of, since she's his stepmother) and a friend of Hunter who caught them join the fun too.

Bridgette B
Later she see her husband (Jack Vegas) eating, so she checks the fridge to find something to eat but it's empty except for a carrot (no what you think don't happen), so she takes a bite from the chocolate bar and you know what's coming...

Mrs. Kane get her revenge on the men of her life and it's the end, except for a final twist...

I don't think you'll be surprise if I tell you that it was written by a woman (Camy-Sue Van Ark) since it's an "abused" women revenge film. It was quite enjoyable, even with the unforgivable chapter mix up. The story runs well and there is a good variety in the sex department.

You can get it at the usual stores online... I recommend to buy it by scenes because of the DVD faulty order.

Friday, December 20, 2019

Coed Fever (1980)

Today a Garry Graver's production when he was at the top of his game, seriously most of those high budget production he did for Harold Lime are better than the mainstream films he did.

WR Jackson (John Alderman) wants to publish a story about a sorority and, of course, the choice is the one runs by Kimberly (Annette Haven) his daughter. 

The story writer (Juliet Anderson) wants a clean story so the sorority girls will have to get rid of their boyfriends to date exclusively the football team players. Which, of course, doesn't please any of them...

Jamie Gillies and Lisa De Leeuw
John Leslie and Samantha Fox

Brooke West and Jon Martin
The boyfriends who aren't that happy about the article will try to sabotage it using an information that
Joseph (John Leslie) got from his girlfriend. To do so they will ask Vannessa (Vanessa del Rio) to seduce two photographers coming at the sorority house for a photo shoot.

Milton Ingley, Ron Jeremy and Vanessa del Rio
After that stunt, Alice (Samantha Fox) is caught with her boyfriend by another sorority sisters and Kimberly will made her paid during pledge night. But this result at turning the journalist against her original idea and she will ask Jackson to forget about the sorority sisters / football players dating idea... the answer is a big no.

Brooke West, Lisa De Leeuw, Samantha Fox and Serena
So all bets are open and the boys are ready to make WR Jackson and his daughter pay for what happened to Alice. Once again they will use the service of Vanessa who will serve laced drinks to Jackson during the big dinner after the football game.

Jon Martin, Vanessa del Rio and Jamie Gillies
The film, being obviously inspired by Animal House, ends after the revenge with credit lines telling us what happened to everybody later in life.

Gary Graver uncredited cameo
I love that film and since a long time... it's one of the most fun Garry Graver's comedy with a great cast (Annette Haven and Brooke West are particularly good) and everything is just perfect.

What I own is the french DVD released by Wild Side Video who is long out of print, the Caballero DVD who is actually available probably doesn't look as good but since the film is awesome I'm sure it worth a purchase as long as you don't pay too much.

Confessions of a Candy Striper (1985)

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Pornography in New York (1972)

This documentary made by Beau Buchanan is more about the New York sex industry than the early New York porn industry. The film consist mostly of interviews some real and some not so much. It was produce by Leonard Kirtman but don't worry it's better than his film...

The first interview is with a couple who does adult films (but they probably meant loops). So at least this part is about the New York pornographic film industry. 

After we get the homosexual / lesbian segment in two separate parts... Firstly, an interview with Casey Donovan and some other guy I don't know since this isn't really my area of "expertise" and, secondly, an interview with a lesbian couple.

Barbara Grumet
As I said it's about the sex industry so we get segments about an adult bookstore, a massage parlor, a place where men goes to body paint women, a sex shop, a S&M dungeon (kind of, it isn't that shocking)

Looks like Kirtman didn't have the budget to hire another actress since it's Barbara Grumet again

Of course Leonard Kirtman was unable to resist doing some self promotion so he put trailers of three of his film in the documentary. Two of them, Sweet Taste of Joy and Dixie, are softcore and don't look that interesting but there is one for Pornography in Hollywood who sounds more interesting but that Carlos Tobalina's movie is nowhere to be found.

Not exactly what I expected and to be honest I have seen much better film on the same subject made in the early seventies, so nothing to call home about but it's short and some segments are interesting.

Monday, December 16, 2019

The Pleasures of Innocence (1986)

Cindy (Angel) and Candy (Robin Everett) are two strippers working at a club in Des Moines, everything is fine until they learned that an exotic dancer is coming which means that they are loosing their jobs. So they seduce their boss (Robert Kerman) to steal the new dancer contract and this is how they learned that she earns a lot more. So after a call to the dancer agent (John Leslie) it's time to go to the Big Apple.

Angel and Robin Everett
After some trouble they finally find the Damion Farber School and Agency to meet the agent to talk about an exotic dancer contract.  Of course they are contracted and they will start a formation...

John Leslie
They start with dance classes to learn some techniques... we see this via a montage. But an unexpected visitor is coming, indeed Cindy and Candy bosses shown up at the agency to get a dancer for their club.

Robert Kerman and Erik Edwards
After a lot of BS talk where they make themselves appear more important than they are Damion bring them to meet a couple of dancers.

Carol Cross and Tish Ambrose
Finally all the Iowa people meets each others inside Damion's office and we get a final resolution.

George Payne
This is a nice lighthearted small town girls in a big city, of course this isn't new but Larry Revene did a really good job. In fact I expected something a little bit mean where the girls are taken advantage of, but it's a comedy. The cast is great (but this is certainly not the first Angel movie), we get some New York footages which is always a good thing and, seriously, there are some very good music playing at the Des Moines strip club.

Honey Wilder
For some reasons hard to understand since it's a very good movie there is no legit release of this film, but you can watch it at pretty much every websites who sell VOD.

Tanya Lawson
Finally I must thank Rob Everett for suggesting that film to me...

Angel and Alan Adrian