Monday, February 24, 2020

Big Split (1976)

Back in the seventies with a Bob Kirk's production. I know for some he is the worst adult film director ever, I won't and will disagree... He was in the bad category for sure, but no worse than Ray Dennis Steckler or Leonard Kirtman. But set your expectations low and you'll be fine.

We start with a couple, Jack (Paul Scharf) and Cheryl (Cazander Zim), going their own way after a fight. So Cheryl must find a job to support herself, she goes for a job interview and get a job as a waitress but she must have sex with the agency man first

Cazander Zim and an unknown actor

Meanwhile Frank and one of his friend (Spender Travis) have a meeting with an adult film director for works.

Bob Kirk, this time he didn't take part in the action
Of course they are in luck since two women arrive not long after for the same reason, so the director send all of them in a room to get to know each other better... of course you know what this means.

Spring Finley and Gabriel
After that scene practice Jack decide to be a jerk and call his ex-girlfriend to brag... joke on him since she already have someone else in the house.

Cazander Zim and an unknown actor
So it's the end for now, but a sequel full of fun and adventures set in Reno is coming... 

At least this is what the narrator tell us at the end but it was a lie...
For a Bob Kirk's film it was fine, but take that for what it worth... this isn't competent cinema. Pretty much all the dialogues is improvised on the spot and this is kind of funny since improvisation brings overacting, The camera works is pretty bad as usual for his film. But on the other hand... Spring Findlay! Too bad she shows up again in a crappy film, but anything with her is worthy of a watch.

Spring Finley
But do I recommend it? Absolutely not, but you can double the fun and get the SWV Dragon Art Theatre Double Features who came with another Bob Kirk's "masterpiece"... The True Way.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

City of Vices (2014)

That one was a chore to watch and it was 3h27 long, so yeah it wasn't a good time in front of my screen.

Ryan Ryder
In theory it should have been enjoyable since Dick Bush is a good filmmaker and the story was promising. It's about two rivals criminal gangs fighting over the drug market in a city, but nothing much happen until the end.

Jasmine Jae
OK some stuffs happen through the film but they are excuses to start very long sex scenes (come on more than 30 minutes for sex scenes every time is boring after a while).

Aletta Ocean
Not only the scenes are endless but we get flashback from the mid-nineties, if you don't know what I mean it's simple... surgically enhanced breasts almost everywhere and I hated that back than and I don't like it more today.

Valentina Nappi
It could have been enjoyable if at least 30 minutes more would have been spent on the story and if the casting would have been better. You have Valentina Nappi and Anissa Kate in the film so why not giving the main part to them in place of Aletta Ocean and Jasmine Jae...

Certainly not a recommendation, too bad.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

That Lady from Rio (1976)

Sequel of Oriental Blue directed by Shaun Costello under his Amanda Barton alias, but don't worry you can watch it even if you haven't seen the first part directed by Bill Milling (Vinegar Syndrome released it in their early days if you want to watch it).

Bobby Astyr
Max, the only character back from the original, is now in charge of the sex slaves operation since he took the control after Madame Blue death. But the business don't go that well and the profits are falling, so the international organization monitoring the enterprise send a woman called Number 1 ( Vanessa del Rio) to discover why.

Roger Caine and Vanessa del Rio
It looks like Max haven't been honest and has a deal on the side with a local crime boss, but will that be discovered before it's too late? Story wise this is pretty much it and the rest of the running time is spend on the operations of the slave slaves organization until the conclusion. 

Jenny Baxter and Hope Stockton
As a sequel it's fine but it's average Costello, not that it isn't enjoyable but he had done better. The problem is mostly the cast who is too large, so the sex scenes are too numerous and too fast. Also it's weird to watch a Shaun Costello's film without the score we are used to.

Marlene Willoughby
Of course not everything is negative... there are some very good scenes (by example the lesbian couple rape) and this is also the film debut of Sharon Mitchell (she's in two scenes but isn't credited). To be honest the film didn't end the way I thought it would, so this is also a plus in my book

Jamie Gillis and Sharon Mitchell
Even if it's average, it worth a look since the film have a good cast. You can get it from Distribpix but since it's one of their old DVD release the "sex is coming" watermark is used.

Jeanette Sinclair and Crystal Sync

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Public Affairs (1983)

Usually I wait until the end but not this time... this Henri Pachard's production is essential and a must own in any adult film collection.

Nicholas Stern is a Congressman running for the Senate and his chances to win are pretty high as his platform is based on cleaning New York smut (a mayor did it later and turned the heart of the city as a big Disney World, but this is another story) and a pro-women agenda.

Paul Thomas
But as we all know the most a politician is against a thing higher the chances that he has something to hide (no need to talk about the anti-gay politicians who were in fact closet homosexuals) and Nicholas Stern isn't an exception. We see this fast by the way he abuse and use his aide sexually. But there are something even worse, he is bought by foreigners who in return get from him a law to make it tougher, to not say impossible, to prevent foreigners to buy American land.
Darla Davies, Jeffrey Wallach and Michelle Maren
While he is on his campaign run Stern announce his future wedding with a high society woman named Nannette Collier wich would be a major error.

Joyce Snyder, the producer and co-writer of this film
There aren't one thing more dangerous than a woman with a broken heart and this is what that does. Indeed Jodi the woman in charge of preserving Stern's speech is in love with him and she immediately goes to talk with a journalist following the campaign trail about the land deal. But she won't have the time to talk much...

Annette Heinz and Annette Haven
The journalist works on the land secret deal and she finally get a complete dossier and when she is ready to go on the news with the scandal a surprise is waiting... according to her producer this isn't worthy of being on TV (nothing new under the sun), she publish it in a newspaper with zero effects on the campaign.

George Payne
What interest the news is a good old sex scandal and Jodi has what's needed to create one since she has a tape in her hands that she gives to Elvira Lawrence the journalist. But Tommy Corona (Stern's campaign organizer) discovers this and he goes at Elvira's apartment to steal the tape. Yep, when things go bad they go bad...
Joey Silvera
It looks like nothing will prevent Stern to win his
seat in the Senate, but nothing is over yet and Marybeth one of his old flame will be the key to his downfall.

Kelly Nichols
Indeed something happens during the meeting between Marybeth and Stern, an event who will be more than enough to show Stern's hypocrisy and destroy all his chances to win.

Robert Kerman
Like I said in my opening this is essential and one of the best movie directed by Henri Pachard (and that says a lot considering that he had done many good films). The story is super interesting and the subject is always relevant. Paul Thomas is great in the politician role as is Annette Heinz in the best role of her career. 

Bonus Annette Heinz screen capture
If you want it you're in luck since Vinegar Syndrome just released the film this month on blue-ray, so the old Caballero DVD isn't relevant anymore and as usual the disc come with some very good extras.

Direct link to Vinegar Syndrome store

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Juice (1973)

Something obscure from the early seventies made at New York, as much as I have searched I haven't found an entry for this one on the Internet adult film database.

We follow a French girl who is sexually frustrated, indeed she can only reach her pleasure playing with herself as she can't find a man able to satisfied her need.

The first place she goes to get help is a psychiatrist, but that will go nowhere since he is busy doing another activity while he does the consultation.

Guy Thomas
Next she goes meet a priest or at least some kind of cult leader. He practices an exorcism on her, but the ritual fail, and she is kicked out of the Church.

While she is on the way home she plays a Frisbee throwing game with a guy she met at the park (or maybe it is just a dream, this isn't evident). The game ends with some oral actions, but she isn't satisfied. Back at her apartment complex she decides to go meet her friend, and she takes part in a threesome... again this isn't what she need.

So she returns home, and we get the funniest moment of the film when her neighbor come to borrow sugar or something like that. All I will say is that he love himself way too much and would be more at his place in a gay film.

Finally, one week later a mysterious man enter in her apartment, and he is the one. She reaches the pleasure and it's the end.

I can't say much about this film but it seems to have a Cecil Howard connection, I guess that would explain why it is nowhere to be found. The film is mostly cast with unknown (even if some look familiar), Guy Thomas is the only known actor in the film and to be honest his career wasn't that big. 

The film per se is fine, not great but watchable. The problem is mostly the music who is way too invasive, often we don't hear the dialogue because it's too loud.

So nothing essential this time...

Monday, February 10, 2020

Mascara (1983)

Harriet is a lonely New York secretary with an unfulfilled life, she wants love but she also wants to enjoy her sex life.

Lisa De Leeuw and Sean Elliot
One day while she is at work she finds the courage to talk with Lucy, a high class working, about her problems and asks her to help with them. She agrees without much convictions and gives her contact information to Harriet.
Lee Caroll and Robert Kerman
After a while shows up at Lucy appartment for the help she asked her for and what she wants is to learn how to fulfill her fantasies. The class starts immediatly with one of Lucy's client for a small fantasm. The next day they meet in a club and the fantasm this time will be bigger... a threesome with two strangers.

George Payne and Jamie St. James
For some reasons Lucy gets angry after and she gets back at Harriet the following day when she sends her to her next fantasm assignement. 

Lisa De Leeuw and Bobby Astyr
This time she must participate in a domination play between a couple where she will be the dominated.

Mistress Candice
She returns at Lucy's appartment after and find a couple there who tell her that Lucy is gone to Atlantic City. Harriet stays to change her clothes but before leaving she takes the time to observe the couple and she realizes what love really is. 

Lisa Cintrice and Ken Yontz
This is a film who could have been an average by the book presentation but this is all the contrary. There is a little of everything in this movie... indeed at time it's funny and at time it's dramatic, this is mostly due to the great acting talent of Lisa De Leeuw and Lee Caroll but also to Bobby Astyr and Robert Kerman in their small role. To be honest I have some doubt that Roberta Findlay was the one who directed most of the film and that Henri Pachard was only responsible for shooting the sex scenes (I haven't listen the roberta Findlay commentary track included on the disc).

Tiffany Clark
I highly recommend this film and even more if you are a big fan of Lisa De Leeuw. Obviously the way to go is the Vinegar Syndrome BD and certainly not the ABA bootleg.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Amazing Tails (1987)

That shoot on video presentation is a good example of eighties adult cinema at its worst, seriously it succeed at making what Ron Jeremy directed for Cinderella looks like great art.

The premises is two film student making an anthology of short films for their class, yeah like it would happen.

Not much to say about that, but I'll try...

Happy Hour is about a group of friends who have an orgy... it's badly shoot, badly edited and the guy who was in charge of the lightning did a crappy job. Seriously the camera operator failed two times at shooting a DP for fuck sake...

Natasha Skyler and Tom Byron
Tony Montana and Buffy Davis
Afternoon Delight is the best of the three. It's an incest theme sequence between a brother and a sister. Candi Evans does a good job but I think Scott Irish is miscast in the brother role and this time the camera works is better.

Candi Evans
Finally Newlyweds as the title say about a couple who just get married. Sadly what could have been good since it is with Trinity Loren is average again because of the way it was shoot.

Trinity Loren
Nothing essential here... even if you are a fan of someone in the cast you will be disappointed.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Maneaters (1983)

Ray (Joey Silvera) is a New York lawyer and, truth be told, not the nicest guy around. We start at his office where he coerce a woman who came to see him to take his brother to have sex with him in exchange of his service.

Shauna Grant, her first film after a quartet of loops in the Golden Girls series
To make Ray even a awful human being there is also the fact that he is also married and neglect his wife. After celebrating their wedding anniversary, the phone rings... Ann's mother is very sick and she must go see her at hospital.

Kelly Nichols
Ray stays alone at home and he is visited by two women who are there for a party, looks like they are at the wrong place but they decide to have a little party of their own. After they leave and Ray goes to sleep... Surprise they are always there the next morning and Ray kick them out after threatening to call the police.

Tiffany Clark and Joanna Storm
During the evening he goes at Show World to change his mind and relax, we get a great montage of New York footage.

When he returns, he put some music to relax, go upstairs and, surprise, the two women from the previous night are there and they aren't alone. Indeed a mysterious woman is also there and she's from Ray past. It's time for a flashback and this is where we learn that the other woman is a prostitute of whom he stole her money. So everything that happened since the addresses mix-up was in fact a trick to blackmail him.

Jeanne Silver
Ray quickly realizes that the blackmail has nothing to do with the money, but this is all about treating him like a whore and it won't be a fun time for him... even if two more women join the group later.

Alexis X and Tish Ambrose
While Ray continues to be treated like a whore upstairs Randi and Nina have their fun with a delivery man. Later George Payne shown up for a fun cameo.

George Payne
When getting what they wanted the group leave and Ray stays defeated alone in the bed... he thinks that everything is over but it isn't... they called his wife and left all the pictures everywhere in the house.

Joey Silvera
As much as I am not a big fan of the works Fred Lincoln did in California later in his career this is quite the contrary for the ones he did on the East Coast. I really like this one... the casting is great, you are never sure of where the story is going to (for a while I thought it would be another version of Little Miss Innocence) which is always a sign of quality and there is that great montage of New York night footage. Too bad Lincoln didn't continue like this in California.

Like it was the case with Every Man's Fantasy Jeanne Silver is the shining star of the movie, yep even with all the big names on the screen. This is just great when she shows who is the boss and who is in control.