Monday, September 14, 2020

Kowloon Connection (1975)

Bob Chinn have done some low budget films and this is one of those. The film was certainly shot in one weekend (a productive one since he did Oriental Kitten at the same time) for a theater owner and not for a lot of money (I would bet less than 600$ for both). 

Jackie (Mea Tue, of course this is an alias) is in trouble since she owe money to John Holmes (this isn't his character name but if they called him something else than the boss I missed it), so he sends Jack (Paul Scharf) with a serious warning: she must bring the money before the end of the day (sometimes it's 100$ and sometimes 300$ so who the hell knows how much it is).

John Holmes

The first thing she does is to go with her boyfriend (Ray Wells) at Sue's home (Suzy Chung) to ask her to help with the money, after a very short time she accept to help and it's threesome time.

Ray Wells and Mea Tue
To raise the rest of the money some unknown black girl with a bad wig will give a pitiful blow job to Jonathon Younger.

When the cash is raised Jackie and Suzie go at John's house to pay the debt and Suzie ask him for a job, he ask to try her, they do and Suzie have a surprise for him. The end...

Suzy Chung 
 To be honest this film doesn't have much going for it and, unless you are a completist who want everything made by Bob Chinn, I don't recommend it. Not that it isn't watchable, but this is very cheap and the female casting isn't that memorable (Toni Scott is the big name but she is wasted in a non-important role wearing a bad wig). At least at 54 minutes long it's hard to call it a waste of time.

The film is on DVD but don't waste your money for that and go for a rent if you really want to watch this.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Russian Roulette (1995)

A rare detour out of my comfort zone since the nineties is far from being my favorite decade in the genre, but that one sounded interesting so let see if it was the case.

We start with Chris (Houston) coming back in the US after doing a plane run to some South American country for a drug deal.

Houston, Alec Metro
Houston and Alec Metro
She is a drug runner for Myles (Dick Nasty) a criminal who is under surveillance by the city district attorney (Mike Horner) office. After some good times with her boyfriend (Alec Metro) this is time for the drug delivery to the boss. This is when she tells him that it is her last delivery and that Myles announces that he goes to most profitable businesses... guns deal with the Russians.

Dick Nasty
After that encounter and more, we see a taxi arriving at a mansion... time to meet two more characters, Viktor who works for Myles and Svetlana his bride to be. Of course this isn't so simple, Viktor is a traitor and he will blackmail his boss for more money.

Keisha and Marc Wallice
Back at the district attorney office we learn that Hattaway, the D.A., is doing all this operation for the advancement of his political career (he will use the arrest for his Congress campaign) while he discuss in private with Kelly Tremayne who is the detective in charge of the operation.

Victoria Paris
Myles panic and talk on the phone with the Russians about the treason from his man which will bring not only a bad ending for Viktor blackmailer career but will reveal everything about the Russian deal to the investigators. 

Valeria and T.T. Boy
From there a big game of cat and mouse start who will culminate after a lot of captures from the cops and the Russians in a all cast encounter, a game of Russian roulette and the death of two characters.

Tiffany Million
For a film from that period that was quite enjoyable, the script was very good (certainly enough for a B movie), there was no fillers, the acting was not bad at all (if we forget the accents of course) and the sex without being groundbreaking wasn't the same routine repeated over and over. The big negative is certainly the soundtrack, the instrumental score is sure awful and distracting (except for the techno track used for the scene between Valeria, T.T. Boy and Nick East that fits the action perfectly).

Mike Horner
All this praising doesn't mean that I recommend a DVD purchase since there is zero extra to make this worthwile, but it certainly good enough for a renting and if you own a GameLink unlimited account you can watch it for free.

To close the review I must add better film capture of Keisha and Victoria Paris...

Monday, September 7, 2020

Grindhouse XXX: A Double Feature (2011)

Remember that attempt of doing a seventies type double features from Tarantino and Rodriguez who was ruined by you know who? I'm sure you do, for better or worse, and here we have the same experience with a more adult perspective and a distributor who doesn't think that we are too dumb to watch two movies one after another.

The program start with a trailer for the double features and another one for a film named "Easter" that doesn't exist but look cool (even if it was a non-adult film). After that the program began with our first movie.

This crime film directed by David Lord start in the shower with Teagan (Teagan Presley) and Allie (Nina Mercedez) our main couple. Allie who is a police officer leaves for a drug bust operation that won't end as previewed.

Eric Masterson and Nina Mercedez
Indeed they are taken prisoners by the drug lord (Derrick Pierce) who decides that he will execute them after a while. Meanwhile a police officer goes at the school to inform Teagan about the disappearance of Allie and her partner.

Derrick Pierce and Britney Amber
Teagan is left with no choices and must act to retrieve her girlfriend, good thing that she is not only a student but also a part time assassin for hire (it beats going high debt with student loans) since she will go at the location and save the day.

Teagan Presley
Next it's time for the second feature...

Obviously going by the title this Andre Madness' production is a slasher movie. A group of camp counselors is at the Pine Lake Camp to make it ready for the summer opening.  

Alexis Ford
Meanwhile a criminal is escorted by two prison guards to another location and, as you can expect, he will beat the men and escape in direction of the camp.

Andy San Dimas
If you are familiar with the genre you already know the rest of the story... the prisoner kills each counselor one after another until only one left, except that it won't be a virginal girl this time, to confront and beat the killer.

Briana Blair
To be honest none of those films is that great, but one of them is much better. No Student Assassin isn't that one, except for the lead Teagan Presley the film have nothing to call home about. The story is rushed, the special effects are laughable and even with only three sex scenes the director found a way to put one irrelevant filler. Massacre at Pine Lake, even if it's predictable, is more enjoyable and fun to watch. The cast looks their parts and have fun at the camp, there are no filler, the story have a natural flow, the effects are better, not great but acceptable, and the killer is sure impressive.

India Summer
So not really a must see, but the experience is interesting and worth at least a rent. The DVD come with a second disc full of extras but since I have bought the video on demand version I can't comment (you can check other reviews if you are curious).

No one asked me, but personally I think that modernizing two early seventies West Coast productions would have been a better idea than making the two features out of nothing.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

69 Sunset Strip (1973)

As the copyright states this film is part of a Alpha Blue Archives release, to be more specific it's part of the Lost Films of Orita De Chadwick quadruple features.

This film made by an uncredited director (sure happened more frequently on the West Coast productions in the early seventies than on the East Coast) follow Sam Shovel, a private investigator, in one of his case. 

Rock Crusher... obviously an alias
Right from the start we follow the old TV show structure with the narration from Shovel who tell us what he does. He his hired by Barbara Nichols who suspect her husband of cheating since they haven't had sex since the last two months.

Clara Bower
The P.I. takes the case and, for someone who doesn't appreciate the idea of a cheating husband, Barbara seal the deal with a sex exchange with Shovel.

He starts his investigation at the Club 69 because it's the perfect place to get the require sex quota for the production and certainly not the perfect place to investigate since it doesn't make a difference in the case.

William Michaels and an unknown actress
We get a sex show (with a silly dance first) on stage and, something I never had the pleasure to experience in a club, an oral sex orgy between the club waitresses and the entire male clientele.

Orita De Chadwick
After this interlude it's time to get back to the story and we see Barbara's husband with his mistress in an apartment ready for the suspected cheating.

Thad Watson and Penny King
Sam Shovel returns to meet Barbara with the photographic evidences of her husband adultery (where and how he took the pictures is a mystery) and Barbara rewards him with another sexual relation. The end...

Clara Bower and Rock Crusher
The film sure isn't a classic, but it was enjoyable and never wear out its welcome since it's a 54 minutes film. If you expect a film starring Orita De Chadwick please don't since she is only in the club oral sex scene, but on the other hand Clara Bower who played the cheated wife is pleasing on the eyes. Talking of casting I would had picked someone else to play the detective since the guy looks like an escapee of the Deliverance set and his tool isn't that impressive for an adult film performer.

You can buy the complete DVD set from Alpha Blue Archives or buy it on VOD from Gamelink, just be warned that being an ABA release the quality isn't on the high spectrum but it isn't that bad for them.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Young Doctors in Lust (1982)

This Darr Michaels' film was nominated for an AVN Awards for the Best All-Sex Film in 1984 (Coed Teasers won the award... for real a Leonard Kirtman's film). Of course we know already that the AVN Awards worth what they worth so it isn't a guarantee of quality.

This film is set at a sex clinic for women with problems in their sexual lives, nothing new here since a medical clinic is an usual setting for an all-sex production.
Don Fernando and T.J. Carson
We follow two cases, Mrs. Murphy (T.J. Carson) who can't reach climax when she makes love and Barbara (Holly Joy) who have a boring sex live

Holly Joy and Sharon Kane
There is another patient, Mrs. Smith, at the clinic but we never learned what is her problem... she sure doesn't seem to have one.

Valerie Darlyn
After a while the director didn't seem to care much about the clinic stuff since the story continue with a camping trip and a sex camp setting.

The star factor is more in the male cast (John Leslie, Paul Thomas, Mike Ranger, David Morris, Mike Horner, etc.) than the female cast who is mostly actresses  who didn't stay long in the business (with the exception of Sharon Kane and Cris Cassidy who work at the clinic).

Mike Horner and David Morris
To be honest all-sex films aren't really my cup of tea and after a while this one became boring since the sex is repetitive since the director almost the same routine every time. So not much to recommend here, not that it would make a difference even if this was greatest film ever made since it got no release past VHS. The only positive factor I can find is Holly Joy who did only six movies and have a perfect pale white skin.

Sharon Kane
I highly doubt this will get a release any day soon, but if you want to give it a try the film is available free at xhamster and Turbo Porn Classic so you have nothing to loose but your time.

Holly McCall and Paul Thomas