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Jewels of the Night (1987)

This film was directed by John T. Bone for Western Visuals, I sure don't understand why neither the iafd or imdb  credit him since he was clearly credited on the tape.

Max (Jose Duval) a businessman is on the way for a business trip to Geneva, before he reviewed with his secretary (Frankie Leigh) the last details. But this isn't what Frank have in mind and what follows is a good verbal domination scene.

During Max's absence his girlfriend (Samantha Strong) and one of her friend (Taija Rae) will stay home to watch the house.

Taija Rae and Samantha Strong

At one point when they are relaxing they hear noises coming from inside the house, so they go check and they find two neighbors in the laundry room ready to clean their dirty clothes as Max gave them the permission to do so.

Peter North and Shone Taylor
Evidently we know what will happen and after all this actions we skip some time later. This time Max's chauffeur (Mike Horner) want to release some steams which he certainly deserve after the teasing show he got at the film beginning. So he will have some fun with Brenda (Honey Wilder) in the kitchen, fun that looks quite uncomfortable if you ask, and he will be caught by Roberta (who is the name of Max's girlfriend) with his pant down.

After Roberta and Brenda leave in car and Karen stays alone, surprise Max came back earlier than expected because he missed his plane... looks like the game time with his secretary wasn't a good idea after all. But staying at home has its benefits too

When you pick a Western Visuals production you are never sure of what you'll get and often you end with an average film, but in this case the result is a good one. What help the movie a lot is the main cast, it's hard to not like a film with Taija Rae and a young Samantha Strong, and the opening and closing parts of the production. Indeed the film start with a good performance by Duval in his power play with his secretary and I bet that a good part of the dialogue was improvised by him. For the closing of the film they use shadows for the beginning of the scene between Jose Duval and Taija Rae which is quite erotic in my book.

So it's a recommended one for me for all the reasons I wrote previously but also because it's one of the few film in which Jose Duval is the leading man.

Frankie Leigh
Honey Wilder

Jose Duval
Nina DePonca
Bonus review from april 88 X rated Video issue

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  1. Thanks for a nice review, bring back nice memories. I cast in that to replace Paul Thomas . I was on the west coast working for John Leslie