Monday, December 27, 2021

A Missa Xmas (2021)


As we know all good things must come to an end... no, not my blog I have fun doing it, but the Holiday special week. Why not ending the special with the latest Christmas movie from my favorite director?

Tommy Pistol

There aren't a better occasion to welcome the family than the Holiday which is why Larry (Tommy Pistol) and Cathy (Rachael Cavalli) have invited their two girls and Cathy's sister for a family dinner. First to arrive is Madi (Madi Collins) and her boyfriend (Tyler Cruise), Larry is glad to see his step daughter (yeah this is one of those again but you know my stance on this) but Cathy who started the celebration long ago is way more happy to see Tyler than her daughter and she is quite obvious about it. Later when Tyler opens the wrong door going to the bathroom we see how obvious that attraction was and it's time for Tyler to become a man.

Tyler Cruise and Rachael Cavalli

Cathy and Tyler return at the table for the family diner and something's different (no idea if that was planned or not but it's one of numerous laughs I had watching). Tyler lucky streak with Madi's family isn't over yet since Aunt Polly (Aiden Ashley) now have him on her sight and she brings him in the kitchen to help her (yeah sure).

Tyler Nixon and Aiden Ashley

Tyler try his best to keep Polly quiet while they are busy in the kitchen but it's all in vain as Madi hears everything and she doesn't take it lightly to say the least. She storms in her room and Larry follows his daughter to comfort her. Madi have a complete breakdown over everything that happened with Tyler, Larry try his best to cheer her up but it isn't easy as Madi is convince that something is wrong with her. After a while he successfully calm her and she ask her father to fuck her! Larry say that he can't and the tears are back... of course you know that it will happen no matter what.

Madi Collins

Madi left the house after which is understandable since Christmas is ruined for her. Back at the table Billy (Dante Colle), Polly's boyfriend is the only one there. Larry and him talk (kind of) a bit, Lisa (Jane Wilde) the second daughter join them and decides that it's time for them to stop brooding asking her father to play Santa Claus. She tells him what she wants for Christmas and Larry is shock, so you can guess what it is. 

Jane Wilde

The story ends in the living room and we get the payoff of Billy running gag.

Rachael Cavalli, Tyler Nixon, Aiden Ashley, Tommy Pistol and Jane Wilde

Ricky Greenwood really surpassed himself with this feature... seriously that was amazing. It was fun (I lost count of how many times I laugh out loud) and very well written by Maddy Burton. Really what's not to like? Tommy Pistol showed once again that he is one of the best in the adult film history, Aiden Ashley is so fucking beautiful in that red dress, Rachael Cavalli is one of the hottest mature woman of this era, Jane Wilde is Jane Wilde (by the way what happened with her heart tattoo?), Dante Colle is a great talent whatever the haters can say and we get someone new (Madi Collins, a beautiful redhead with a pale skin). I guess you're curious about the sex? Great from beginning to end... wait for the last act, really I usually hate anal sex and I was amazed by the sexual vibe and Jane performance (if anal and DP were always like this you wouldn't hear me complain about them).

Dante Colle

You can bet your house that I recommend this film that it is just perfect. For now it is just available via the MissaX streaming service and MissaX on demand, but it should be available everywhere soon and when it will be follow my advice and buy the film... even if Christmas is over you won't regret your purchase one bit.

Sunday, December 26, 2021

A Cold Night In December (2019)


Next in my Holiday week an adult crime feature from Digital Playground directed by Francois Clousot. That doesn't sound that christmassy I know but everything start because of the Christmas bonuses so that work for me... 

Adriana Chechik and Keiran Lee

Veronica and Ethan are both business partner but Veronica is the big boss of the company. After receiving an email about the Christmas bonuses that won't be given this year Ethan goes to Veronica's office to discuss the matter... obviously the discussion goes further than just words. Sure but there is something more important, Ethan finds a folder on his partner desk containing bank receipts demonstrating that she embezzles money from the enterprise. He is ready to forget about this as long as the employees get their bonus and Veronica agrees. In theory she does but later that evening she follows Ethan and shoot him in a dark alley.

Riley Reid

The following day Brie, the company accountant, notice that something isn't kosher with the annual financial report while working on it. She goes to Veronica's office and this is when she learns that Ethan left the company permanently, something that sound strange to her since he and her where a couple in the past and it's even stranger when she found a piece of Nathan's jewelry that she bought him on the floor before leaving. She talks with Trish, Veronica's secretary, and they agree that something is rotten in the state of Denmark and must find what it is.

Jake Adams

Luckily they find the perfect solution to put their plan on motion when Trish learns that Alan will spent the night at Veronica's place, so it will be the perfect occasion for snooping around if she goes with him. Trish finds the evidence they needed during the evening and it's time for some fun with Veronica's slave toy.

Jake Adams and Emma Hix

After Trish and Allan left Veronica notice that somebody went to her work room and it doesn't take long to figure that it must have been Trish. While she's there she got an email telling her to go to her office in one hour to meet someone who knows everything... surprise it isn't Trish but someone else and it's time to pay for what she did!

Adriana Chechik

Digital Playground is often hit or miss for me but this one was enjoyable, not that it was the most complicated thriller ever made but the story was interesting and had more meat around the bone than usual for their features. Adriana Chechick was just perfect in her role of a bitchy boss, sure looks like she had a lot of fun with the part. Riley Reid was super cute as she always is and wear glasses to make thing even better, come on girls with glasses are sexy. Great to see Jake Adams too on the screen as we surely miss him. In fact no one in the cast was bad on the acting side. The sex follow the usual recipe so nothing unconventional here except for a tame domination threesome, but we get a good lesbian scene between Riley Reid and Emma Hix. 

Riley Reid

Nothing groundbreaking but it worth a watch, you can watch it on the Digital Playground streaming service if you're a member, if not you can easily buy it on VOD online and the DVD is probably not that hard to find too if you prefer a physical copy for your library.

Friday, December 24, 2021

A Lesbian Christmas Story (2019)


It's Christmas Eve so what's better than a comedy and, even better, an all-girls production from my favorite director.

Jackie Beat

It's almost Christmas and everybody is coming at the Bell family house for the evening, but everything must be perfect since Ms. Bell (Jackie Beat) as an ulterior motive for this party... she wants to ask her rich sister Fable (Silvia Saige) for money. So she put her daughter Eve (Aiden Ashley) and a maid (Rocky Emerson) in charge of keeping everything clean.

Rocky Emerson and Aiden Ashley

Slowly but surely the family began to arrive and the party kind of starts, the guests do their things separately but everything seems to go according to the plan until... a drunk Mr. Bell arrives at home with Lola (Charlotte Stokely) who is Fable's ex-girlfriend.

Charlotte Stokely

But Lola isn't the only source of worry since Ms. Bell's sister in law (Joanna Angel) isn't the most stable person in the world and she can explode at any time during the evening.

Jessie Saint

Joanna Angel

Will Ms. Bell get the money she need? Will Fable and Lola come back together? Will Fabula cause trouble? Will Eve manage to have fun despite her unloving and strict mother? All those questions and more will be resolved at the end of the film...

Silvia Saige

You should know by now that an all-girls feature equals a great time for me, so I no surprise if I say that it was highly enjoyable. Sure Jackie Beat overact but from what I have seen before it's part of a drag queen act to exaggerate everything without mentionning that the performance is an hommage to Divine works in the John Waters' films. There is a lot of fun moment, by example the conversation between Silvia Saige and Charlotte Stokely or David drunk antics. There is some less fun moment with the interaction between Aiden Ashley and Jackie Beat, she sure plays a despicable mother and Aiden show again that she is a great actress. 

Sabina Rouge

Now let's talk about sex... the foot fetish scene between Sabina Rouge and Jessie Saint was the most sensual and arousing one I have seen in a long time, God that was hot! Obviously the other three can't compare but they were fine girls scene too, by the way I'm not the biggest tattoo lover but I really like Rocky Emerson's ones and they sure deserve the work of arts name. 

Jade Baker

Obviously I recommend this one... You can easily find it for sale on VOD online and some store stores always have it available on DVD if your prefer this format.

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

A Very Sinful Christmas (2021)


Just in time for the Holiday we get a new family Christmas theme film written and directed by Jacky St. James from Sweet Sinner. In a way this is a lot like the old "Family Holiday" series they did some years ago...

Derrick Pierce in a familiar house

It's Christmas and it's time to celebrate with the Jones family and there isn't a better occasion to meet the new members of the family. To do so the parents (Derrick Pierce and Jessica Ryan) will welcome their children (Codey Steele and Maddy May) with their fiance (Freya Parker and Shawn Alff) for this year celebrations.

Codey Steele and Freya Parker

Quickly we discover that the Jones aren't your typical family, no surprise here, when Maddy tried to charm her brother jumping in the bed just after his girlfriend leave the room. Her attempt failed and as a reward she must hide in the closet while Codey and his fiance go for some morning action in an incredibly noisy bed.

Maddy May and Shawn Alff

At the gifts exchange things take a turn for the extreme when Maddy's boyfriend gives a diamond bracelet to his girlfriend's mother, obviously Maddy doesn't take it well since her gift from him was a bottle of nail polish. Jessica goes upstairs and Shawn follows her not long after... surprise they have an adventure together, OK not that big of a surprise considering the costly gift, and it's time for Jessica second present. No it isn't Shawn but a friend of him... Nathan.

Nathan Bronson
Jessica Ryan

After Jessica consumed her gift it's time to go back downstairs to find what's happening down there. The exchange is pretty much at its end and Freya wants to try the new motorcycle Derrick got for Christmas, so they both go together for a test ride and time for another surprise... they have an adventure too! 

Codey Steele and Maddy May

Being alone it's time for Codey and Maddy to discuss the morning event. You know where it's going right? Maddy will have her way with her brother (OK step brother, but you know what I think of the use of those words in modern cinema already so it's code word). After all this everything ends well and we conclude on a nice surprise.

The cast together for a last time

All in all that was enjoyable, of course it was predictable since it followed the Family Holiday mold but why reinventing the wheel when the wheel works fine? The cast played well together and the chemistry was good, even Shawn Alff got a bigger non sex role than usual. Jessica Ryan is a little bit young to be Maddy May's mother (the age difference between the two actresses is only seven years), but suspension of disbelief is a thing and Jessica is a sexy redhead so who cares? I have never seen Freya Parker and Maddy May in anything before so for me it's a plus since I'm always happy to see new visages on my screen. For the male cast we already know them quite well. The sex was good, but seriously do something about the noisy bed this is so distracting. 

Not the most original film, but it sure worth a purchase on VOD. 

Monday, December 20, 2021

The Bargain (2021)


For the Holiday celebrations I wanted to do something different this year and spend an entire week reviewing movies centered around this theme. Everyone know that I am a big fan of Ricky Greenwood's work, so why not start with his most recent production.

Tommy Pistol

We all know that if we are nice Santa will come visit us with gifts at Christmas Eve, but what happen if we weren't nice but naughty? When I was a kid the version I was told was that Santa wouldn't let me a nice gift but a lump of coal. My parents never told me the other tale... you are visited by Krampus and it won't be a good time, so thanks mom and dad for not traumatizing me with this one.

Tommy is sit in front of his kids bed and tells them about something that happened to him when he was a young children... his encounter with Krampus and how he sacrificed his younger sister to appeased her, but that wasn't enough to satisfy Krampus hunger. Tommy made a deal that someday when he will have young kids he will let Krampus have them.

Ashley Lane

All the time we hear noises so there is something coming and obviously it's Krampus who come for sealing the deal. When she enters the bedroom it's all business for Krampus but Tommy wants something else before giving up his children, he wants to feel what it's like to be inside her and she agrees.

Ashley Lane and Tommy Pistol

By the reactions of Tommy we guess that he doesn't have sex with Krampus because he is aroused by her. He has another motive, who is to save his children and put an end to the deal. But will he succeed?

Ashley Lane

Now that was something different than usual, but I don't expect the same old same old routine when I watch a Greenwood's film. I don't want to sound like a broken record but Tommy Pistol was amazing in this one, what a great actor he is! Not only that but he is braver than me, I would have been so nervous to had my dick hurt by those teeth during the oral sex that my erection wouldn't have last... but this is why he is a professional and I am not. Ashley Lane was also great, staying in character from beginning to end in a non flattering role... I have a feeling that few actresses would have want the part. The make-up effects on Krampus by Alexxx Moon was astounding and the film depends a lot on it, I mean a bad job and the result would have been laughable and one thing for sure it wasn't. Good job from Kylie Ireland again for dressing the set. I won't say that the sex was arousing, but it works for what that story wants to convey... unless a six breasts "demon" with very long nails is your kink.

I feel obligated to add a picture of Ashley who isn't a capture from the film

Sure worth a watch and something I feel important to add is that all the proceed from the sales of the film goes to a charity. So if you have always wanted to do a good deed while indulging in your "sins" it's your chance. You can buy the film exclusively from Hot Movies and help the homeless at the same occasion doing a donation to the Sidewalk Project.

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Fond Memories (2021)


Time to come back to Pure Taboo with this week release directed by Kay Brandt. 

Ryan (Jay Romero) brings his new girlfriend (Lacy Lennon) home to meet his father (Tommy Pistol) which is in a way will make the relation more official. Ryan really wants Lydia to make a good impression, so much that he made her change her hair style.

Jay Romero and Lacy Lennon

When they enter the house Nate, Ryan's father, is playing the piano melancholically. They start talking and Nate says that Lydia looks familiar but she tells him that it's the first time they meet each other. She sits alongside Nate and starts playing with him, but Ryan interrupt telling that he has a gift for Lydia.

Tommy Pistol

The gift is a new pair of shoes and a new dress, but when they return in the restroom something doesn't feel right. Nate almost falls on the floor when he see Lydia, now with the dress he knows where he has seen her before... she is the mirror image of Megan his deceased wife when she was younger. This is when Ryan decides to reveal the truth: he started dating her because she reminded him his mother, in fact all he wanted was to cheer up his father buy bringing back to him the love of his life. Unsurprisingly Lydia is far from being happy with this betrayal of trust, same with Nate. Both of them stay alone, Nate starts talking of his memories of Megan and how he miss her, Lydia on her side talks about her dead sister. Will this be enough to brought them closer? What do you think... it's an adult film so of course it will be.

Tommy Pistol and Lacy Lennon

This is one of the best Pure Taboo I've seen in a long time since it felt like an old school Pure Taboo story, not that it was that taboo but it has a creepy vibe. We easily see the effect of having the scene directed by Kay Brandt as the creepy story evolve in something sad, at first, and highly erotic gradually. The acting to set the finale is blameless, of course it's a given with Tommy Pistol who rarely does a bad job acting but Lacy Lennon does a good job playing all the emotions of her character too and, even if, we should hate Jay Romero character we don't because we can understand his reasoning. The sex is very erotic like I said it happens gradually this isn't a "Wham bam thank you ma'am" scene and it's well shot. 

Obviously I recommend this one... now I hope that Pure Taboo will continue this way for a moment since this is the type of material that made me took an account with them a while ago.

Friday, December 3, 2021

Sex Game (2021)


More than a year Lea Martini's boyfriend vanished without a trace after playing a mysterious game. She can't get any help from the authorities since they don't believe her, so she has no choice and must get into the next game. The rules are simple, you play kids games with a sexual twist of course and the participants are eliminated gradually until only one left standing.

The inspiration for this one is obvious, unless you live in a cave without internet and you don't since you read this, it's Squid Game without the killing. They did a good job recreating the series on a smaller scale, obviously the games aren't as spectacular and one is repeated twice.

Being a French production there is two things you can expect... anal sex and threesome, but contrary to a label I dislike, Legal Porno to name it, this is done with taste and not like a garbage freak show. The film has six sex scenes and all except the last one are group scene... no complaint here since as expected the sex is hot as it is usually the case with Jacquie et Michel ELITE. Sadly at least for me there is no real lesbian action (I don't count three girls and one guy as one).  

Visually the film look great, I really like the camera works during the hopscotch game where the clothes colors changed between the zoom in and the zoom out because of the light used to lit the action. On the acting side there aren't much to report since there aren't much dialogues, Rose Daniel is the only actress who need to act and she does a good job. If you are familiar with the french industry you already know why one actress lead the movie... she's the only native french speaker in an international cast.

The film isn't perfect, some characters vanish with no explanation by example David Perry who isn't eliminated but is nowhere to be seen after his scene in the dormitory with Sarah Sultry and Kristof Cale. Another problem who is more important for the story is the revelation of the game master identity too early because the conclusion isn't a surprise anymore.

Even with those small negatives the film was enjoyable and certainly worth a watch. Like I said the film isn't english friendly but don't let this fact preventing you to watch it since the story isn't that complicated to understand and there isn't that much dialogue. The film was released yesterday so at this time there are only two way to watch it: being a member of the Jacquie et Michel ELITE streaming service or, like I did, buying the VOD from them. Normally their films are release at large after a while and you can buy it from any stores on video on demand, even better they are usually part of some websites member streaming option (by example they are part of the package I get with Gamelink Unlimited). So your choice depend of if you want to see it now or if you want to wait a month or more (I guess).