Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Les Pornos De Puppets (2020)


I was going through Adult Time searching for something to watch when I fell on this... A movie with puppets directed by Tommy Pistol! Of course my reaction was I need to watch this. So here we go review time.

Tommy is home doing the best he can to stay busy during the pandemic when a package is left at his door, it's a puppet that his mother sent him because she doesn't want him to share the same faith than his uncle did.

The following day the puppet start talking to him... now there are one logical reason for this, Tommy is going crazy alone at home. Days go by and the puppet don't stop one bit, in fact it become worse so he throw it out of the house... it was for nothing since the puppet is back sit on a chair.

Honestly I want that shirt

This is when the puppet tell that it is a manifestation of his blue balls, so Tommy knows what to do... jerking of time! The puppet warn him that it won't work and not working it did, the more he does the more puppets shown up at his house.

Finally he understand what he should do and calls a friend to ask her to came meet him at his home to cure his case of blue balls. She rings at his door later and surprise she has a puppet with her.

They talk a little bit and it's time for actions... not only Tommy and Faye actions but also puppets actions. 

Faye Doneaway

That short film was sure fun to watch. Contrary to what that guy who was a columnist 40 years ago in Variety can say at imdb Tommy Pistol is a great actor and I can't see anyone else in a silly sounding project like this. I sure laugh often with the interactions between him and the puppets or the ways he used to relieve himself. Faye Doneaway was quite funny too and she bring back memory of Jessica Roberts with her giggles (if you knew who she is you should know what I mean). I haven't seen her in anything before, in fact she has no other credit, and since she is the co-director and co-writer of this short I have a feeling that she is Tommy real life girlfriend or a good friend of him.

At the best of my knowledge there are no VOD release available for purchase and this is an Adult Time streaming exclusive.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

A Touch Of Envy


Latest episode in the Lesbian Revenge series in fact it was released two days ago, it's no secret that I love girl girl film so of course I had to change my plans to watch it immediately. 

April (Maya Woulfe) share an apartment with Mia (Joanna Angel) and she is the roommates from hell, no way that I would have been able to live with a roommate like that more than a day. 

Maya Woulfe

Mia being who she is does everything she can to prevent April to record her online programming tutorial, even if it's the weekly time where she is supposed to be in peace to do her works... so it isn't hard to imagine that Mia is more than angry with this situation.

Joanna Angel

A couple of days later April and her girlfriend Cassidy (Aiden Ashley) are together in the kitchen cooking cookies and of course course April can't resist the urge to throw a snide remark about Mia. After a while April phone rang, she must leave to replace a co-worker at work and she left her girlfriend alone to continue the cooking.

Aiden Ashley

This is the perfect timing since she'll get her chance to take her revenge which is the theme of this series.  She's a computer wiz so it's time to use her force at her advantage. She photoshop a picture of April to make it looks like she was cheating on Cassidy and send the altered photo to her. As expected Cassidy took it very badly, but Mia come to the kitchen to console her and complete her revenge plan.

This one got me right from the start, I love girls with glasses and even more when they have long hair so by the captures you should understand why it did. As I said before a short feature can be as enjoyable as a full length feature, as long as the actions happen for a reason and make sense. No worry about this since Joanna Angel who wrote and direct the short quickly put those essentials elements in place. Maya Woulfe that I have never seen before, her film career just begin, really impressed me, not only by her look and her acting but also with her energy. As we know Aiden Ashley is always great and in a perfect world she would be the biggest star in the business.

Now time to talk about the action... it's exactly the type of lesbians scene I love with no tools used to replace the guy's dick and, more important, no anal which I find so pointless and unnatural in a girl scene. The sexual energy is just fricking arousing, both actresses really goes with the flow and Maya Woulfe is a squirter to make thing even better (I'm a guy what do you want me to say).

At this time the short feature is only available on the Adult Time and, obviously the Pure Taboo, streaming service but since three volumes of the Lesbian Revenge series were previously released on DVD I don't see why this one wouldn't be at a future date.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Firestorm (1984)


Ken Cushing (Eric Edwards) an author with the best of his career behind him get the stroke of luck his career needed when he receives a phone call from a rich socialite, Magda Balcourt (Kay Parker) to ghostwrite her autobiography. Sound simple isn't it? Oh no it won't be...

Eric Edwards and Kay Parker

The Balcourts have a blind daughter Claire (Joanna Storm) and Ken will start courting her even if he is in a couple (kind of, it's complicated). But Claire's mother is really protective of her, not only because she's her daughter but because she was responsible of her affliction. 

Joanna Storm

So in theory we would have a basic story but... add a burglar who will get Lee Balcourt's ledger with all the shady financial dealing detailed in it and a blackmailer to the story and the result is great if you want to invest yourself in the story.

Tina Marie

I didn't say much about the story since I didn't want to spoil it for you. Being a Cecil Howard's production we already know that it will be good, not that I didn't already since I've seen the film some years ago via an awful VHS source. The particularity of the story is that isn't told with the usual linear method, it's a long flashback but we also get flashback in the flashback (one of them being the great Tina Marie's scene who lead to Ken and her separation). 

John Leslie

This is also one of the rare time where Eric Edwards played something else than a good guy on the screen during his career (seriously I think it's only the third times I saw him played something else than mister nice guy). It's also always appreciated when Tina Marie is in a major role (watching her in Star 84 when I was a teenager sure made an impression on me). The acting performances are perfect, which is expected from Edwards, Parker and Leslie (even if I think he overact a little bit) but not necessarily from Joanna Storm.

Rikki Harte

The film cinematography is also great and finally we see it in all it's glory with that release. I won't say that Firestorm is my favorite Cecil Howard's film, this spot belongs to Snake Eyes but this is certainly part of his top three. One thing for sure, the day he found Anne Randall he it the jackpot with an amazing story author. 

Joanna Storm and Sean Elliot

The film was just released last month by Distribpix on blue-ray and that means that we get a worthy addition to our film library, as we know Distribpix is the best label when we talk of adult cinema classic on BD... too bad their releases are so scarce. 

This one is available directly from Command Cinema just like all their previous special edition blue-rays, it's filled with extras as usual and really worth the price asked.

Now I'll start crossing my fingers for Snake Eyes and Platinum Paradise coming next...

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Future Darkly: Pandemic - Anna and Alex


Here we are it's time for the series conclusion with the last episode...

Anna is home alone doing some exercises listening the news and this is when she hears what we all want to hear... no new infection case happened in the last 30 days and a loosening of the public gathering restrictions is a possibility.

Lola Fae

She immediately contact her boyfriend Alex (Lucky Fae) by private messaging to ask him if he heard the good news. After so much times, they can't wait to see each other again in person and Alex takes a break from his work to run at Anna's house. 

Lucky Fae

But that doesn't mean that all precautions must be thrown off and what follow is what we can really call safe sex...

At first I wasn't too sure about this one, but how wrong I was. Seriously this is the best episode in the series and certainly the most arousing sexually speaking. The chemistry between the two actors is great since they are a real couple (going with the names, the fact that Lucky only worked with her and the obvious fact that only people living together had scene together in the series) and we get a lot of teasing until the action start. I know the series got a lot of bad critics, but most people can't do the difference anymore between adult cinema and stuff to jerk on.

What not to love in that episode who ends on a positive note... life is coming back to normal and all those restrictions on our liberty, necessary or not I won't share my feelings here, will come to an end eventually.

At the time of my review this is only available on the Adult Time streaming service, but it will ultimately get a physical release and when it will happen I really recommend the series... just take it as a whole and not a four scenes production, I really think Adult Time did an error releasing the film in four parts and that it would have got a better reception as a complete film.

Future Darkly: Pandemic - Kate and the Free Man


Third episodes in the series and this one isn't very long clocking in at 29 minutes. This time it's a one actress performance, so no sex per se but masturbation... 

We start with Kate (Cherie DeVille) waking up for her daily routine and we already know by the equipment she wears to sleep that the pandemic fear hit her very hard. She goes to her to do list (disinfection sure shows up often), start the cleaning, get a call from her sister about some plants she left her outside and this is when she opens the door to try taking them that we see that something isn't right.

Cherie DeVille

Right after a fail attempt, she goes back inside and run to the shower to clean herself with some solo playing time added... and this is while she is in the shower that she got the first flash of a mysterious man (Dick Chibbles) in a remote area who doesn't give a single fuck about all that cleaning and disinfecting non-sense.

Dick Chibbles

After it's time for a virtual consultation with her therapist and now we know what's the problem, she suffers from a severe case of anxiety and the pandemic put it over the edge... not that we didn't saw that it did already from her actions. she stop her conversation abruptly and she starts fantasizing about the man again, so we're back to self love time with some kind of interactions via dialogue and mind visions.

Since that one is short there aren't much to say about it, but once again we got a different vision of how the people deal with the pandemic. Cherie DeVille does an awesome job with her character dealing badly with the event effects on her mental psyche. Nothing bad to say either on Dick Chibbles performance since I have a feeling he just played his character as himself. Now I know that it isn't the most arousing episode since we go from Karen and the man each time the solo scenes happen but this isn't the point as Bree Mills tell a story here and just the fact it was done at this time is a tour de force

At this time the only way to see Future Darkly: Pandemic is via the Adult Time streaming service, but I'm sure a commercial release will come soon.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Pornography in Hollywood (1972)


I haven't watch one of those early seventies documentary in a while, but I wanted to see this one since a long time and surprisingly the film is part of what I can access with my GameLink unlimited account so let jump into it.

I won't lied the fact that it was produce by Leonard Kirtman worried me a bit since, as we know, this isn't a sign of quality but on the other hand Pornography In New York wasn't that bad. So it could be a nice surprise.

If we forget the dumb Christians Church Leaders who had nothing interesting to say the film start with an overview of the club scene with an interview with a dancer (Robbin Day), a quartet of male dancers and two bar owners (one of a strip club and one of a regular bar).

Eric Jeffrey Haims

In the next segment it's time to talk with the filmmakers and two of them are interviewed, Eric Jeffrey Haims (by the way I highly recommend The Flanders and Alcott Report on Sexual Response one of his film) and Carlos Tobalina. This is one of the rare occasion to see Haims on the screen and Tobalina isn't full of himself for a change.

The following part is devoted to the gay industry which is refreshing considering how the two sides of the industry doesn't interact together anymore. Not really my cup of tea but as an historical point of view that was interesting and yes there was gay sex on the screen just to let you know.

There is also an interview with the Pastor of a Church welcoming the homosexuals, I think this man is important in the gay community but since I'm clueless on this subject I can't tell you his name or the name of his Church. One thing for sure, his message is more in line with the way I practice my religion than the message of the two false prophets we saw at the beginning.

Finally for the last part of the documentary we get actors interview. First a veteran of the softcore industry that you should recognize since it's Marland Proctor who did not only soft films but a lot of TV show guest starring role too. After the Proctor interview, we get an interesting one with a trio of adult film actors on the set. The film end with what the theater goers were certainly waiting for... a sex scene between Nora Wieternik and Rick Conlin (thanks Charles for refreshing my memory).

Nora Wieternik and Rick Conlin

All in all this one was certainly in the high echelon of that genre if only for the interviews... how many times have you seen Nora Wieternik being interviewed before? My guess would be zero. The two gay actors were interesting to listen to also (but don't ask me who they are). The opening about the strip club wasn't that interesting since they didn't fit the theme of the film.

If you like that genre I recommend this one and surprisingly for an Alpha Blue Archives release it doesn't look bad (not that some minimal restoration wouldn't have been appreciated). As I wrote previously you can watch it for free if you own a GameLink unlimited account but if you don't it's available on VOD pretty much everywhere.