Saturday, November 20, 2010

Debbie Does Dallas (1978)

I do not think it necessary to write the synopsis of this film since it is  quite well known. This is a movie that I watch fairly regularly despite the fact that I have many films of better qualities. Indeed, the scenario is not the most original and the acting talent of some actresses is more than bad (Bambi Woods is the perfect example of that, her line delivery is sure awfull), but this movie has a little something special. Of course there Bambi Woods, but when you look at the distribution more closely we see that it is filled with big name. Indeed, Christie Ford, Rikki O'Neal, Merle Michaels, Georgette Saunders, Arcadia Lake and Kasey Rodgers are all part of the cheerleading squad. In addition of Robert Kerman, Eric Edwards, Jake Teague, Herschel Savage, David Morris and Tony Mansfield of the male side. It should also be added that some of the scenes are quite hot, for example one that takes place in the locker room shower (it almost makes me want to go back to the university to try it). There are of course the teasing  game with Bambi Woods, Jim Buckley, the director, knows what the viewer expects and he sure make him wait (70 minutes to finally reach the big scene between Bambi Woods and Robert Kerman).

The waiting time isn't that long since the rest of the cast do a good job. I must also admit that I prefer Rikki O'Neal a lot more than Bambi Woods, which is a bit annoying because her scene is a poor threesome with Jenny Cole and David Pierce.
In short, a classic in which it is always nice to dive back.

The version I own is the Definitive Collector's Edition released four years ago by Kitty Media that contains two of the worst commentary tracks I have ever heard (one totally useless with Robin Byrd and the other incredibly boring with Phillip Charles Bernstene), but the film quality is 100% better than the other release I bought from Excalibur Films some years before (the price is lower but it's taken from a tape master and the sound isn't really good). Another version was also release later without the TV cable version (wich isn't a big loss) and a commentary track with Herschel Savage, but I'm unable to locate it at all (wich is annoying since I would like to have it). There is also the Wild Side Video version released in february this year who is probably the best one (judging from the other titles I own in this collection) that I don't own yet, but will  certainly get later (I'm a sucker for the numbered collection even when the titles are quite costly to get because we must import them). 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Teenage Twins (1976)

This film is the only one I had to remove from the previous site where I posted my reviews (I think it was there for one day at best). Which is understandable since this film contains scenes between two twin sisters and this website is family friendly. Now that I write on my own blog this is not really something I worry about, I could write about Animal Farm or Schulm├Ądchen - Rasiert und mehr ein pisschen and it would not cause any problems. But do not worry, I have no intention of talking about that kind of cinema ...

Teenage Twins is included in the second volume of Carter Stevens'  films recently release by After Hours Cinema. As the title indicates the film has two twin sisters who certainly are not teenagers. The story is not really important since it makes no sense anyway. But in summary it is about a rare book uncovered by the stepfather of the twins girls who has many rituals including one to live forever, all that accompanied by way too many sex scenes.

Certainly not a great movie and I'm sure Carter Stevens would be the first to admit it. It's more a case of "we discovered two twin sisters ready to do it on screen we need to make a movie fast" than anything else. It is not enough to make a movie interesting for me. Without forgetting that Brooke and Taylor Young are far from being good actresses and are not really my kind of girl (Brooke has a pretty face, but otherwise ...). As I already mentioned the story (for what little there is one) is uninteresting, the cast is mundane (the only exception being Eric Edwards and this is far from being one of his best performances), the music is what you can call "porno music type" and the ensemble looks cheap. Double Your Pleasure the second film from Carter Stevens with the twins is supposed to be better, but it isn't in this set since it was made in 1978 and this one covers the period 1976-1977.

Not a recommanded movie, but don't forget this set include Rollerbabies with a Carter Stevens commentary track (that I won't review, since I already did it back in march)  and the X-rated version of Punk Rock that I will probably review in a couple of days.