Saturday, November 20, 2010

Debbie Does Dallas (1978)

I do not think it necessary to write the synopsis of this film since it is  quite well known. This is a movie that I watch fairly regularly despite the fact that I have many films of better qualities. Indeed, the scenario is not the most original and the acting talent of some actresses is more than bad (Bambi Woods is the perfect example of that, her line delivery is sure awfull), but this movie has a little something special. Of course there Bambi Woods, but when you look at the distribution more closely we see that it is filled with big name. Indeed, Christie Ford, Rikki O'Neal, Merle Michaels, Georgette Saunders, Arcadia Lake and Kasey Rodgers are all part of the cheerleading squad. In addition of Robert Kerman, Eric Edwards, Jake Teague, Herschel Savage, David Morris and Tony Mansfield of the male side. It should also be added that some of the scenes are quite hot, for example one that takes place in the locker room shower (it almost makes me want to go back to the university to try it). There are of course the teasing  game with Bambi Woods, Jim Buckley, the director, knows what the viewer expects and he sure make him wait (70 minutes to finally reach the big scene between Bambi Woods and Robert Kerman).

The waiting time isn't that long since the rest of the cast do a good job. I must also admit that I prefer Rikki O'Neal a lot more than Bambi Woods, which is a bit annoying because her scene is a poor threesome with Jenny Cole and David Pierce.
In short, a classic in which it is always nice to dive back.

The version I own is the Definitive Collector's Edition released four years ago by Kitty Media that contains two of the worst commentary tracks I have ever heard (one totally useless with Robin Byrd and the other incredibly boring with Phillip Charles Bernstene), but the film quality is 100% better than the other release I bought from Excalibur Films some years before (the price is lower but it's taken from a tape master and the sound isn't really good). Another version was also release later without the TV cable version (wich isn't a big loss) and a commentary track with Herschel Savage, but I'm unable to locate it at all (wich is annoying since I would like to have it). There is also the Wild Side Video version released in february this year who is probably the best one (judging from the other titles I own in this collection) that I don't own yet, but will  certainly get later (I'm a sucker for the numbered collection even when the titles are quite costly to get because we must import them). 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Teenage Twins (1976)

This film is the only one I had to remove from the previous site where I posted my reviews (I think it was there for one day at best). Which is understandable since this film contains scenes between two twin sisters and this website is family friendly. Now that I write on my own blog this is not really something I worry about, I could write about Animal Farm or Schulmädchen - Rasiert und mehr ein pisschen and it would not cause any problems. But do not worry, I have no intention of talking about that kind of cinema ...

Teenage Twins is included in the second volume of Carter Stevens'  films recently release by After Hours Cinema. As the title indicates the film has two twin sisters who certainly are not teenagers. The story is not really important since it makes no sense anyway. But in summary it is about a rare book uncovered by the stepfather of the twins girls who has many rituals including one to live forever, all that accompanied by way too many sex scenes.

Certainly not a great movie and I'm sure Carter Stevens would be the first to admit it. It's more a case of "we discovered two twin sisters ready to do it on screen we need to make a movie fast" than anything else. It is not enough to make a movie interesting for me. Without forgetting that Brooke and Taylor Young are far from being good actresses and are not really my kind of girl (Brooke has a pretty face, but otherwise ...). As I already mentioned the story (for what little there is one) is uninteresting, the cast is mundane (the only exception being Eric Edwards and this is far from being one of his best performances), the music is what you can call "porno music type" and the ensemble looks cheap. Double Your Pleasure the second film from Carter Stevens with the twins is supposed to be better, but it isn't in this set since it was made in 1978 and this one covers the period 1976-1977.

Not a recommanded movie, but don't forget this set include Rollerbabies with a Carter Stevens commentary track (that I won't review, since I already did it back in march)  and the X-rated version of Punk Rock that I will probably review in a couple of days.

Monday, September 27, 2010

800 Fantasy Lane (1979)

Second part of our Svetlana's double features this time with her first film. I must begin by saying that this film is rather different from what she will do later. Not that is has not its share of beautiful actresses (which is her forte), but the fact that the film contains a scene quite violent. So once again the scenario is rather simplistic, but effective. Vic (Jamie Gillis) and John (Sam Grady) two pump attendants pretend to be rich oil magnates seeking an office in Hollywood, using the services of Hollywood Star Realty, an agency whose employees will do anything for a sale.

I begin by mentioning since the question was posed to me several times that this is not the version originally presented in theaters, so the fisting scene between Desiree Cousteau and Serena is absent. That said it is a small disappointment since usually the dvds of Wild Side Video are uncut, but it's the only one I had.

If you're a fan of Jamie Gillis (who isn't?) you will certainly appreciate since he is present in the vast majority of the film and as usual his performance is flawless. If you have already watch this movie you know that the highlight of the film is the scene in the cage where Gillis sees himself as a trainer and he must tame Serena, Aubrey Nichols (with an awesome body painting job) and Lisa DeLeeuws. But for me it's the domination scene taking place in the basement of the Hollywood Hills Mansion that is the highlight. Probably one of the most successful I've seen thanks to the high complicity between Jamie Gillis and Serena (the fact that everything is done for real could displease some by cons). An excellent comedy with, in addition of the names already mentioned, Chris Anderson (her first film), Nancy Suiter, Hillary Summers, and Debi Gunter. Without forgetting the excellent cinematography works of Garry Graver, as you can see in the screenshots below.

 This film is available at Amazon France and countains an interesting interview featuring Jamie Gillis and Serena (she is always great looking).

Next releases in this collection in december with The ecstasy girls and Desires Within Young Girls.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sex Boat (1980)

As I already mentioned a few weeks ago I expected this month two new titles in the collection "L'âge d'or du X américain" publish by Wild Side Video and I got them yesterday. So without further ado the first title review.
 This is a production of Svetlana, so even before the movie started we can expect a fun movie filled with great looking girls. What will be the case since the distribution includes among others Cody Nicole, Nicole Black, Kandi Barbour, Little Oral Annie, Kelly Nichols, Sylvia Benedict and Loni Sanders. So the story takes place on a cruise ship reserved for a female clientele, which does not happen since two male passengers (Randy West and Turk Lyon) slip on the boat by disguising themselves as women (a scenario that Svetlana will use again four years later in the excellent Bad Girls III). There is also a plot regarding the abduction of a wealthy heiress (Sylvia Benedict), a pirate attack and an introduction that has nothing to do with the rest of the film.
Like most of the other films directed by Svetlana the scenario is not really important and is more a pretext to discover new talents (which I don't like usually, but with the films of Svetlana this is not the case). The interpretation is variable, but Randy West and Turk Lyon give a funny performance. The cinematography by João Fernandes is excellent which is not that surprising since he is one of the best director of photography  in the adult cinema with Larry Revene, Bruce Sparks and Garry Graver. This is not a film that I consider essential (especially at this price), but if you want something fun and enjoyable to watch this movie might interest you. It should be noted that once again the quality of the materials used for this DVD is excellent (as you can see in those screen captures).

This film is available at Amazon France.

Friday, September 17, 2010

After Hours Cinema Grindhouse Director Series

Since I'm an amateur film reviewer and not a dvd reviewer I don't usually talk about the future dvd release, but for this one I make an exception. Why? Easy, the two previous volumes are high quality and I am a big fan of Carter Stevens.
After Hours Cinema proudly announces
The Films of Carter Stevens Vol. 2: 1976 – 1977


This director approved 3-film package also contains one-of-a-kind interviews and commentary tracks with director Carter Stevens, extensive liners notes, trailers and more.

Approved by director Carter Stevens

You can pre-order at a special price since you will pay only 22.99$ and not the regular price of 27.99$. You can believe me this set worth the price asked for and even more...

You can read my old review of Rollerbabies here

Joy (1977)

Pleasant classic this time. Joy (Sharon Mitchell) is a young girl who is terrified at the idea of having a sexual relationship to the point where her boyfriend (Jay Pierce) leaves her. The day of their split-up she is raped in her apartment by two thugs. After a struggle she perceives that sex is not such a bad thing. As she will not be satisfied by the thugs, she will do the same with the inhabitants of New York. This does not seem like a greatly develloped scenario (one could even think it's pretty sexist), but this is really not the case. Rather it is an allegory about the society in general and its fear of sex in particular. In fact the film clearly shows that sex is not scary and even useful (just see the satisfaction of Robert Kerman after he was attacked). Everything is presented in a positive and pleasant way (if we except the beginning of Joy's rape). I also like the fact that the scenes are really short. I may be wrong but I interpret this as the disappointment that Joy feels after these relationships (she doesn't get enough). Sharon Mitchell (who looks great in this by the way) provides an excellent performance in this film and there is also a police investigation to find her. The head of the investigation is played by Jake Teague and I must admit that it is his best performance as an actor (not to mention that this is not his usual casting).

The distribution includes many familiar faces (Crystal Sync, Philip Marlowe, Herschel Savage, Veri Knotty, Clea Carson, Bobby Astyr, Gloria Leonard, Roger Caine, Dave Ruby, Eric Edwards ,...), but also many unknowns. Strangely it is the only film directed by Harley Mansfield, but this is probably an alias for someone else ...

This film is available from Video-X-Pix and do I need to say that this one deserve a special edition with a commentary track with Sharon Mitchell (getting Teague for it would be awesome but he doesn't want to talk about this part of his life...). Too bad the shitty economy and the piracy prevent us to get this...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Dr. Bizarro (1983)

Tonight I chose a Phil Prince's film so you already know what to expect without even having seen the film. For those who don't know who is Phil Prince you just need to know that he was the principal director for Avon Productions in the early 80s and he has in his resume some classics like The Story of Prunella, The Taming of Rebecca, Kneel Before Me and Oriental Techniques in Pain and Pleasure. Obviously these films are not for everyone since they are quite violent, but they usually have a story to follow (with the exception of Oriental Techniques in Pain and Pleasure that make no sense). The one I selected this evening did not really have one,  it consists of three short scenarios intersected by the intervention of a doctor (Phil Prince) explaining the different cases.
The first case concerns a father (George Payne) who catch his daughter (Velvet Summers) and one of her friend (Ambrosia Fox) on the verge of a lesbian relationship who decide to discipline them. Of course the discipline involves both physical and sexual degradations. We are therefore entitled to a mixture of incest, ass slapping and evidently of verbal degradation since George Payne is present to be the "game master". This parts is the best one (and quite arousing) mostly due to George Payne, who excels in this type of role.
The second case is about the sadomasochistic games between a couple (Cheri Champagne and Alan Adrian) . There will be no surprises if I write that Alan Adrian is the masochist of our couple. This guy really has a high tolerance level. Watching a penis pinched with clothespins, slapped, beaten with a stick and  a pair of testicles slapped isn't what I might call the most enjoyable thing to watch on the screen (want it or not  we feel the pain). Everything is fine until an intruder (Big Randy Rod) make his entrance through a window and attacks the woman physically and verbally. It all ends with a rape which also involved her husband. Again this segment is quite successful thanks to the credible performance of the players, at least Cheri Champagne seems to be struggling against her attacker and not enjoying it.
The third and last act concerns a case of voyeurism that ends in verbal domination. Ken Yontz is the voyeur who will be dominated by his neighbor (Troy Scalpini). This part is uninteresting, rather boring and does certainly not compared with what preceded it.

As I already mentioned between each case we are entitled to the very non-politically correct comments of Dr. Laurence (but it's more fun to use his real name and to write Dr. Phil).

The version I own doesn't seem to be complete since the version included in the Avon Dynasty Box Set (1980's) countains four cases and not three, but the internet adult film database doesn't seem to agree on that.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

She's No Angel (1976)

Something more interesting this time: a one day wonder directed by Shaun Costello. In this movie Sharon Mitchell is a young 13 years old girl on the eve of receiving an inheritance of five million from her grandfather. This obviously does not please her stepmother (Marlene Willoughby) who wants the inheritance for herself. Luckily for her there is a clause in the will that specifies that the girl must be of sound mind at her fourteenth birthday. She will therefore try to make the girl institutionalized because she is a nymphomaniac. Does the doctor (Shaun Costello) will see clearly in her game or is the poor girl will end her days in an institution?
I've never fallen on a production of Shaun Costello I did not like and this film is no exception. As usual the story is well put in place even though the film lasts less than an hour (56 min) and one gets the impression of listening to a movie and not a series of unrelated sex scenes. What makes the film's strength is the interpretation of Shaun Costello (he is a great actor when he wants to be one) and Marlene Willoughby (she has some great lines in this film). The rest of the cast that includes Sharon Mitchell, Beth Anna, Alexandria Cass, David Christopher, Leo Lovemore and Ashley Moore provide adequate performances.
The film uses well the flashback technique to tell the events that will bring the decision on the institutionalization of the girl. Obviously everything is not perfect since it takes a lot of imagination to see Sharon Mitchell and  Beth Anna as two thirteen years old girls. But  it's the only criticism I can do and, in fact, it isn't really one as if the girls would have looked too young it would have been really unpleasant to watch. For those interested there is also a  double vaginal penetration scene in this movie (not that I find that really exciting to watch).
The film is available on DVD-R from Something Weird Video and in the more costly (but it's fifteen films) Shaun Costello Collection from Alpha Blue Archives.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

On Golden Blonde (1984)

This one is definitely a trip to memory lane. I rented this film on numerous occasions when I was a teenager (obviously the fact that there were only about ten videos available has certainly played a role in this). The story is quite interesting at first, but as many productions of this period it isn't the priority. The film begins in heaven with a discussion between an angel (W.O. Williams) and Alice (Christy Canyon) which seems to be in a very bad mood. Indeed, there was  a case of mistaken identity and Alice should be still alive. The angel will have to correct his mistake and he will do it by finding a new body for Alice. It is from here that the problems begin. Indeed what could be an interesting parody of Heaven Can Wait is only an excuse for a series of sex scene more or less interesting (in fact much less than more). This is surely a disappointment when you consider the fact that the distribution includes among other Ginger Lynn, Gina Carrera (as chance would have it a few days ago I watched Suburbia her first film), Jamie Gillis, Tom Byron and Peter North. The scenario is simply faulty, there is indeed a bit of humor, but except for the first exchange when Alice takes possession of the body of Marilyn (Ginger Lynn) this does not really work. Also having consecutive scenes with the same actress (and twice!) Is quite ordinary. It would be possible to get over these weaknesses considering the time of the production, but there is something else entirely unforgivable. Indeed the film is poorly shot, the cameraman (I can't name him because the credits are  completly unreadable) is unable to find a good angle for filming. What you will agree, does not help when the film part is weak.

So except for the memories of my youth this film has nothing special and certainly does not deserve a positive recommendation. One thing is certain, it was much easier to please me when I was 16 years old  than now at 40.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Flame (1989)

Today I pick something different  than what I usually watch, a romantic film that is aimed at a female audience. The story is rather simple (not to say simplistic) and focuses on two couples where the husband is abusive. Do not expect a great psychological study here, but rather an Harlequin novel type of romance. I must admit that the main reason why I have this movie is Tracey Adams that I have always appreciated. In this film she is married to a rich man (RC Cummings) primarily for the lifestyle he provides, but he will take offense to the fact of catching her in bed with one of his house staff (Chris Alexander, who would later create Anabolic Video) and throw her out after a beating (to be honest it's a single slap on the mouth). She will meet Doris McKenzie (Aja) who invited her to her home where she lives with her husband (Marc Wallice). This relationship is the abusive one since her husband is a cheater, a verbal abuser and he spends most of his time fishing. Obviously everything will end on a positive note as he will understand the harm he did  and change his way of acting.

I will not say it's the best 70 minutes I spent watching television. The story is simply too stupid, too cliché and mushy for me ... but obviously I'm not the target audience for this film. By cons I liked the presentation that look a lot more like an erotic movie than a pornographic film. In fact the sex scenes are short, natural and the focus is on the faces and not on the sexual organs. If the history would have been more interesting this would have been exactly my type of movie. Maybe it worths a try if you like the romantics novel...

This film is available as usual on the AdultDVDMarketplace and the Excalibur Films websites.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A little update

Sorry for the lack of reviews in the last two months. I was away from my computer most of the time this summer, so I was unable to watch any adult movies (wich is sure long, as if it isn't enough to be unable to watch horror movies untill october). I will be back soon in a couple of days with some new reviews and I've also pre-ordered two new released of Wild Side Video today for september.

I already own the american released of 800 Fantasy Lane that were sadly cut and I know nothing about Sex Boat. Of course with the quality of the precedent titles of this serie I bought, I expect very high quality again...

I will certainly get more titles next month, but not that much (the horror marathon I'll do in october on DVD Collectors Online had as a result that I buy and pre-order mostly horror movies actually).

Now the worst part is to find something to watch... Not that I don't have a lot of unwatched movies to choose from.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

High School Fantasies (1973)

Last January I wrote about Beach Blanket Bango mentioning in passing High School Fantasies from the same director (James Bryan) So today I chose to talk about it. This film is a tribute to the teen movie set in the fifties which is particularly successful whatsoever in the choice of music or the accessories used. This film tells the story of Freddie (Larry Barnhouse) and the difficulties he has with his love life. The film uses more or less the same distribution than Beach Blanket Bango (Rene Bond, Rick Lutze, Nicolle Riddell, Tony Mazziotti and Cindy Taylor) with the addition of April Grant and Maggie Best. This is again a vehicle for Rene Bond, which is certainly not a problem.
Again this time the film has a certain charm because of the absence of cum shot and the brevity of the scenes (certainly no endless marathon of thirty minutes or more here). Although this is not for everyone  taste (there must be someone who appreciates those mechanical scenes of 30 minutes since they do only that now), but for me it's a nice way to mix a good story with some sex scenes. This film isn't as good as Beach Blanket Bango, but since you can find them on the same dvd you can see and decide by yourself.

The movie is available from Alpha Blue Archives in their third volume of Rene Bond's triple features (sorry I can't find it at the usual website where I get my movies, so the price isn't cheap). The quality isn't that great (as usual with ABA),  but it's better than nothing.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Skin Flicks (1978)

Another wonderful film by Gerard Damiano, but is it really so surprising? This film like A Rising Star that I mentioned last month is about the making of adults films and everything that surrounds the industry, it goes without saying that everything that is wrong with A Rising Star isn't here.
Harry (Tony Hudson), a film director has a lot of trouble with his latest production. He wants to do more than a fuck film what he wants is to produce a real film, but the problems and delays pile up. He can't find a satisfactory end to the great displeasure of Al (Gerard Damiano) its financial backer. But will he succeed in producing his work according to his vision or not?
While watching to the film one can't ignore the fact that Damiano tells his story and that he is Harry. The fact that he speaks knowingly gives a realistic version of what is the industry. The film starts strong with the audition of Ann (Heather Young) where Harry tells her that if she  decide to do the movie everyone will recognize her and her life will changed for the better or  the worse. It 's clear that it won't be an idealize vision of the industry. The emphasis is really put on the relationship between Harry, his agent (Beerbohn Tree) and Al. Relationships that become increasingly tense as the movie is delayed.

I can't say anything negative about this production who is certainly in  the top three of Gerard Damiano. The performance of Tony Hudson (his only film), Damiano (for once he does more than just a cameo), Sharon Mitchell and Beth Anna (for once she gives a good performance as an actress) are faultless. A moment is particularly disturbing, knowing what happened to Sharon Mitchell later in her life, when she is kidnapped and raped by a disturbed fan (Jamie Gillis). Another thing I noticed that makes a big difference with the eighties and nineties productions is the music used that gives a true value to the film. The distribution also includes among other Jill Monroe, Herschel Savage, Joey Silvera and Robert Kerman.
This film highly recommanded is available on the Adult DVD Marketplace website.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Erotic Adventures of Candy (1978)

Right from the start I must clearly define a fact, Carol Connors is terrible as an actress (she makes Bambi Woods looks like an  Oscar worthy actress, which is certainly an achievement). So get ready for 1h25 of poorly delivered comedy. Luckily there are other things that her actresses talent in this film. The story is very simple, it involves a naive young woman (Carol Connors) who wants to explore her sexuality. A search that will bring her in all sorts of situations more or less funny. The film is not as bad as I seem to say it is because despite the obvious lack of acting talent she has, Carol Connors still has two big talents. The film lie mostly on the rest of its distribution to contribute to its interest. In fact the male actors are those which give  the good performances in this film whatsoever John Leslie in the role of a gynecologist or John Holmes (for once he gives a good  acting performance) in the role of a man insecure with his deformity (guess which one) or Paul Thomas in the role of  the leader (or not) of a cult (with an Indian accent as well). The introductory scene of the sect presents several sexual activities which permit us to see Amanda Blake (a complete unknown for most viewers, but she was in the first Swedish Erotica loops that I saw  so there is a slight sentimental value for me) and even a little bit of action between man (I'm sure one of them is George Payne, but he is not credited on the Internet Adult Film Database, which proves nothing because there are many errors in it) that make cry some idiots on imdb.

As usual this one is available from Excalibur Film or Adult DVD Marketplace.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hot Child In The City (1979)

One of my favorite movies, despite the fact the history is not very original. Brenda (Rikki O'Neal) and Mary Ann (Marcia Minor) two teenage girls miss their bus for a trip to a girl scout camp, but they can't return at their home since their parents believe they are at  the camp. So they chose to take the next bus ride and experience the New York adventure. Shortly after their arrival they meet a pimp (Carter Stevens) and began a lucrative career or at least believed it. The synopsis looks dark, but I can assure you this is not the case.

Usually I'm not a big fan of the films of John Christopher, but this one is an exception (as we say every rule has an exception). Of course he uses two loops to fill the time, a practice I hate and even more when the material is in such a pitiful state that it clashes with the rest of the  film. But this is the movie that made me really discover Marcia Minor (although she has a small role in Take Off, but that doesn't really count) so it's a big positive. Add to this that I usually appreciate Rikki O'Neal, and you have a good start for an enjoyable film. But what really makes this film fun to watch is the music, although it depends on your disco music appreciation but listening Beautiful Bend, Gene Chandler, Sarah Dash, Metropolis and without forgetting that the movie starts in force musically with Tramontana by Foreigner make you pass a great time. Carter Stevens gives a good performance in the role of the pimp who scam the girls, but he is the only who really has to act. Bobby Astyr, Ron Hudd, Herschel Savage and John Holmes (in one of the two loops) are also in this film. Of course the film end on a good note for our two heroines.

This film is available from Excalibur Films and Adult DVD Marketplace.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Eduardo Cemano's Sexual Healing Trilogy

Usually I write my reviews for one movie only in my entry, but only a few minutes after I started the first film in this set I was captivated by this one. So much in fact that in one day I watched the three movies, listened the three commentary tracks and watched the three interviews given by Eduardo Cemano... Wich almost never happens when I buy a set. It was the first time I listened  a Cemano's production (I have a copy of Thrilling Drilling, but I haven't watch it yet) and I fell in love immediately. His films have all the qualities I look for when I choose to watch an adult production. Obviously the fact that these films were produced in 1972 a time when the industry was not yet defined certainly plays a role in this.

The three films have a common theme. This theme is that nothing  is wrong or dirty in the sex who is the most natural thing in the world and that sexual orgasm has therapeutical benefits. But enough talking  it's time to leave the spot to the movies themselves.
The Healers (1972)
The film begins with a teacher (Eduardo Cemano) talking about a sex therapy while demonstrating it with the help of a Skeleton, which is rather odd introduction, following this introduction the film as such begins. This is  about a clinic using a new technique to treat the illness of the patients, a technique called Orgasmic Free Flow which treated by the achieving of sexual orgasm. Although this may seem unoriginal and boring it isn't the case at all. We're entitled to a highly erotic film by the way it was filmed. Indeed just like in Joe Sarno's Butterflies the actors played their scenes in an unstimulated way, but we don't see the penetration as such or the cumshot (the focus being on the actors' facial reactions) which is much more arousing to look at. The film has a good dose of comedy and exellent acting performances (even more when we take into account the fact that the majority of the dialogue is improvised). The cast include Ultramax (her first film), Arlana Blue, Levi Richards, Susie Mann and Barbara Benner. It should be noted that a scene between the Doctor (Eberhard Ellis) and his nurse (Margo Sanger) is one of the most exciting I've ever seen without showing any of the usual porn cliches.

Fongaluli (1972)
A strange name for a film that is just as much. The film is about a professor (Eduardo Cemano) conducting research on an island in the Caribbean (the movie was shot on location which certainly gives more visual values) on the crossbreeding of various animal races. So far this film does not seem so weird, but wait a bit. Following a meeting with an Arab he puts his hand on a drug (fongaluli leaves, from which come the title) he will use them on his laboratory animals and this is where the weird begins as one animal responds to this drug and what reaction it is. This animal is actually a lobster who begins to speak and later escapes. Even better  the lobster takes the form of a woman (Persephone Black), unfortunately the effects did not last and the professor must travel to different islands to find others leaves of fongaluli if he wants to unite his destiny with the lobster. An adventure that will lead them to islands inhabited by giants, dinosaurs, incestuous and a weird witch. All this with a very unexpected end. Again this film is shot in a more erotic way and countains a lot of funny moments. The majority of the distribution is made up of unknown with the exception of Eduardo Cemano and Ultramax. It should be noted that many more famous actor (Jamie Gillis, Helen Madigan, Valerie Marron, Georgina Spelvin and Marc Stevens) make an appearance in two delirious drug trip scenes.

Madame Zenobia (1973)
I liked it less and despite the fact that this film seems the most popular of the Cemano's movies. It seems to me that the history is less special this time and the sex isn't shown as something fun. Yet the distribution is interesting with Tina Russell, Levi Richards, Jamie Gillis, Andrea True and Davey Jones among others. The film begins well with a very romantic scene between Tina Russell and Jamie Gillis, but the rest is messed with all the forced sex the Tina Russell's character must undergo (I understand that this is part of her therapy, but this doesn't work for me). Maybe the fact that I watched two movies completely different before played a role in my lack of appreciation.

This set is available from After Hour Cinema.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Inside Desiree Cousteau : A comparison

This morning I received the new release of this film by the french company Wild Side Video (same one who released Odyssey: The Ultimate Trip in april). I won't speak of this movie again since I already did in January, but I thought it would be interesting to compare the visual quality of the two versions I now have of this movie. For each screenshot the first one is from the VCX version released in 2002 and the second one is from the new version released by Wild Side last week.

First one

Second one

Third one

Fourth one
And last one
It seems fairly obvious to me which version is the best. Of course there is a good difference in the price since the version of Wild Side Video must be imported from France, but paying more for more quality isn't usually a problem for a real collector. This is available on the french website of Amazon (the website is only in french, but this is not really that much of a problem since all their sites use the same layout).
The dvd countains also an interesting featurette of 30 minutes or so in wich Juliette Anderson, Serena, Sharon Kane, Mike Horner, Richard Pacheco, John Seeman, Bill Margold and Seka talked about this film and Desiree Cousteau. 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jail Bait (1976)

It's been a while I had watched a film from Carter Stevens and this one was in my unwatched pile of film for quite some time already so it was its time. The movie is about Ron Baker (Wade Nichols) who is caught in a bad wedding with June (Sharon Mitchell) and who finds solace with his mistress (Eva Henderson). Which suits him until the day he discovers that he had an attraction for his young niece (Jenny Baxter) and he started drinking more and more after her departure for Italy. During one of his evenings of drinking he sees for the first time Tina (Tina Lynn) a young babysitter at his neighbor's home. From there all goes downhill for Ron  since she is only 16 years old ...

As usual it is an exellent Carter Stevens' production who runs the same way a conventional film would do (except that there is more sex of course). The film rests entirely on the shoulders of Wade Nichols and Tina Lynn since they had the only important roles in this film (most of the distribution is non-entity) and they acquit themselves from this task quite well. Of course this is not a surprise for Nicholls as he demonstrated on numerous occasions that he was a good actor, but this is much more surprising  from Tina Lynn since it was her only role (Stevens really had a special gift for finding talent). The story despite the fact that it may seem predictable isn't since Ron is not the only one with a scandalous secret.

This one is currently unavailable on DVD (it was released on VHS by Command Video a long time ago), but After Hour Cinema works currently on a second  volume in their Carter Stevens Director Series so maybe this one will be in it.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

X Rated Ambition : The Traci Lords Story (2003)

A small change in my usual routine, since today I speak of a documentary instead of a movie. I have a few documentaries about the industry, but for the most part they are not really interesting (Debbie Does Dallas Uncovered being the perfect example of this). I came across this one by chance this week doing research on the web. It is as its title indicates about the career of Traci Lords. I do not think it's necessary to say again that Tracy Lords was my first childhood love (of course she does not know) and that I own 51 of her 73 films which is not easy to do, even if they are perfectly legal where I live.

This documentary is a production of Channel 5 a british television channel and is rather short since its only lasts 48 minutes. Obviously you will learn nothing really new if you are familiar with the facts, but it is interesting to see them told by those who experienced them. Indeed it is a series of interviews with those who had known her really well in those years, starting with one of her former classmates followed by Jim South, Suze Randall, Jerome Tanner, Amber Lynn, Ginger Lynn, Michael Carpenter (the director of her first film), Peter North, Tom Byron and a few others.
In addition to the interviews archival footages are used to give life to the documentary. Indeed many of the magazines in which she posed and many excerpts from her films (most  of them in poor shape) are presented. Obviously Traci Lords did not participate in it (which would have been incredible), but to counterbalance this old audio interviews are included in the documentary. I do not think that it is available on DVD since I  clearly watched a television recording (we even see the beginning of the advertising), but it isn't that hard to find.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Night Trips (1989)

If you are looking for the perfect blend between hardcore sex and eroticism look no further, this film is exactly what you are searching for. If this is not what you want, well there's always Please Rape my wife 5 or Dirty Slut Debutante 75 or other shit like this to please you. This film is the perfect movie to watch in couple if your better half is not too interested in adult movies because there are anything extreme or shocking in this film. In fact it is a typical  Andrew Blake's production : beautiful cinematography, great editing, beautiful people, great soundtrack and beautiful scenery. Although the story is not really the point of this movie, but it is not really important to appreciate it. This is about a woman (Tori Welles) who is "haunted" by erotic dreams repeatedly and consults two psychiatrists (Randy Spears and Porsche Lynn) to help her. For this they use a machine that can show her dreams on the screen. The history is as simple as that.

As I said this is how this movie was filmed that makes its beauty. We go from color images to black and white images to sepia  images which gives to the whole an unreal and highly artistic look. Also very little dialogue is used in this film (Randy Spears and Porsche Lynn speak a little and Tori Wells said a few words occasionally), in fact we can not even hear the actors while they had sex (this is where the excellent soundtrack shows its importance). I do not really have much to write except that I highly recommend this film that features in addition to the names already mentioned Victoria Paris, Peter North, Jamie Summers, Tanya deVries, Ray Victory and Marc De Bruin .

As usual you will find this one at  Adult DVD Marketplace.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Uncontrolable Urge (1976)

The version I have is not the original that lasts 6 extra minutes according to the Internet Adult Film Database (I wonder what was cut?). Despite this it's still an enjoyable comedy. This film is a spy story (but I'm very generous) where a Russian organization (the accent seems to indicate it, but maybe they are Hungarian) led by Hata Mari (Jennifer Welles) who tries to steal a formula discovered by Daddy Sawbucks (Neil Flanagan) to convert waste into oil. In order to approach Sawbucks the organization decides to adopt Sammy (Rocky Millstone) who is the lost son of Sawbucks.

For a rare occasion I begin with the negative. Rocky Millstone is the worst actors I've ever seen. He does not sound natural, he has  a lot of trouble with his text, he is annoying and he even has difficulty getting an erection. Definitely an odd choice to be the leading character in an adult film (he is also in Through the Looking Glass and Maraschino Cherry, but I am unable to recall his performance). That's all I really found negative to this film.

The bad acting of Millstone is amply compensated by the performance of Jennifer Welles, although I must confess that I prefer the movies that she made early in her career under the name Lisa Duran (Career Bed is certainly in my opinion one of the best New York independent film of the sixties). hearing Jennifer Welles, Jamie Gillis, CJ Laing and Andrea True talking with an Eastern European accent  worth the price of admission alone (they even managed to keep it for almost the entire duration of the film). The beginning where Sammy does his farewell to the employees of the orphanage (Nikki Hilton, Helen Madigan and Jennifer Jordan) is just as fun with the extreme patriotism of Little Sammy. In fact this film is almost a love letter to the American way of life. Add to the ensemble an effective script from Ron Wertheim (not necessarily a surprise when you know he also wrote Through the Looking Glass one of the best films ever made all genre included ) and you have a real winner. One last thing : you will get the expression Leapin` lizards! stick into your mind after your watching.

This one is available in this version as usual at Adult DVD Marketplace or Excalibur Films. The movie was released in its uncut version by Alpha Blue Archive (no idea of the quality, since I just found it 2 minutes ago) in a triple features dvd with Little Blue Box and Sexualist that you can also get at Adult DVD Marketplace.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Corruption (1983)

Excellent production of Roger Michael Watkins, who is about the business world, the search for power and the sale of the soul. Obviously this is not your standard adult film production, but much more an arthouse production (which is not so surprising considering who is the director). We have a sense of unreality and mystery while watching the movie, which is obviously normal, with the Faustian theme of it. We spend the majority of the film in an underground world that is sordid, dirty and loveless. The introduction of this one at the beginning with the betrayal of the partner (George Payne)  of Williams (Jamie Gillies) is very well managed with just the right amount of mystery. This world without emotions has something for everyone be it domination, submission, lesbianism or even necrophilia. Of course there is also a brighter side to the film with the relationship that Williams has with his wife (Tiffany Clark) and his mistress (Vanessa del Rio). I can not write too much without revealing too many details because this film has its share of mystery and surprise that must be kept secret, but trust me this film is excellent. The film is greatly helped by the excellent performance of Bobby Astyr who plays Larry the mysterious brother of Williams. In addition to the names already mentioned the distribution includes among others Michael Gaunt, Kelly Nichols, Tanya Lawson, Tish Ambrose and Marilyn Gee. The film includes also an excellent instrumental and classic soundtrack that brings a lot to the mysterious mood of this production.

Summarized simply I can say that this is another masterpiece of Roger Michael Watkins, who is unfortunately not available on DVD (like most of his work) which is almost criminal considering that so many weak eighties productions are the dvd market.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Passion Pit (1985)

This one has a special place in my memories as this is the first adult film I've seen. For the 15 year old kids that I was it was love at first sight and a love that always last 25 years later. The funniest is that it took me years to finally learn the title since I had watched it on a VHS tape containing six hours of anything. But with a general description and a little help from some friends I eventually find it out and get it. This wasn't that easy for the reason that everybody knows ...

This film is easy to resume in one short sentence : a night at the drive-in. So no big complicated scenario in this film, which is a good thing since my version is dubed in french (even if it is my main language, the over the top dubbing of the French of France fall on my nerves by its ridicule). The vast majority of the film is composed of sex scenes, but this does not seem endless because of the way the movie was edited. Indeed the film goes from a first scene to another  one and then back to the first and so on. All this is rather effective and arousing (the only exception being the one between Justice Howard and Jon Martin who is quite boring compare to the rest). The film also includes an excellent cast with Traci Lords, Stacey Donovan, Patty Cakes, Little Oral Annie, Lili Marlene, Ashley Wells, John Holmes (despite the fact it's obvious that he was already sick), Dan T. Mann, Don Fernando and some others. It was also filmed in a real drive-in wich adds a nice touch of realism, without mentioning the superb night cinematography job by Guido Williams (oddly it was his only credit as director of photography). Another interesting point is the soundtrack that gives the impression of listening to a jukebox in continues (to the point you want the boring dubbers to shut the fuck up),  indeed you can hear Billy Joel, Allan Parsons Project, ABBA, Linda Rondstadt, Paul McCartney, The Associations and many others.

At first I was not sure to mention the place to obtain the film as I usually do since Traci Lords is in it, but as my blog is read also in countries where they are completly legal I choose to do. This film was released by Alpha France like many of her other films in a 3 movies dvd set, they are only in french without any subtitles but the quality is quite good. You can buy it here, but be warned that it's really complicated . 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jack 'n Jill 2 (1984)

I wrote about the first Jack'n Jill in the month of February and you can read it here if you missed it originally. In this second part, which takes place four years later things have changed for our couple. They are more and more absorbed by their work (Jill is now a psychologist) and goes away from each other little by little. The games that put the spice in their marriage during the first year of it doesn't seem to  work anymore. Just look the jaded attitude of Jill at the surprise that Jack has prepared for their fifth anniversary (a surprise which is not what it seems) or the total lack of interest from Jill during a three couples orgy. The breaking point will arrive during an exchange of couple between them and the Jack boss' couple. The couple split after this one and each of them goes in seperate ways. But are Jack and Jill permanently separated? You should watch the movie to find out ...

I grant you the synopsis may seem depressing as I've written it, but it's still a comedy. The Jack's surprise that starts the film, the too great enthusiasm of one of the participants (Taija Rae in a great performance both artistically and physically) during the orgy or a secret restaurant meeting are all moments when we smile. Of course there is the moment of the separation, which is not very happy, although everything is done cordially but it's a bit too close to reality. There is also the fact that Jill sinks in the alcohol after the break-up that makes it hard to watch when we know what was happening in the life of Samantha Fox during this period (but that gives us one of the weirder scene I've seen mixing oral sex and regular sex). Another good performance from Jack Wrangler and Samantha Fox in the first role and from Jerry Butler, Taija Rae and Johnny Buck. Not as good as the original, this film is still a notch above most of the production of this era since we talk about a Chuck Vincent's movie.

This film seems to be out of print. Excalibur Films always have the dvd in their inventory but not in stock and as it seems not available on the VCA website there is little chance to get it through them. But you know already that I can help you better than that. I found it on a website that I won't name or link since I don't trust a website who sells a title 29$ but charge more shipping for the case and the cover art. The way to get it is easier than that and it's Adult DVD Marketplace who is always a good place to check to find adult materials for a good price.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Little update

Firstly I have some movie reviews that are coming soon. Certainly Jack and Jill 2 and probably a Phil Prince movie's but I'm not sure which one yet. Secondly and the main reason for this message, you probably notice that my links to Video-X-Pix are not working. This is because VXP is currently building a new website. So the links  in my reviews will be restored the moment when the new website will become operational. Sorry for the slight inconvenience. I also wait for the release of Inside Desiree Cousteau from Wild Side Video that I will received in the beginning of june, so you can expect an image comparaison between the old VCX released and this new released (from their precedent work on Odyssey: The Ultimate Trip it's easy to imagine it will be like night and day)

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Outlaw (1989)

One of the Fred Lincoln's film starring Tori Welles, on top of this one I've watched Head Lock and Trouble. Among these three this one is certainly the most interesting, not because it is a great film (we're still in '89) but because it is the perfect vehicle for Tori Welles. The story is rather simple since it's a trio of bikers and their journey, simple but effective (but it doesn't last long). The film starts strong with our trio (the others being Eric Price and Scott Irish) who stops in the yard of a house for a threesome at the great displeasure (not that much) of the owner who looks the action trought the window (when the fun is over Tori knocks at the door to be paid for the show). Next step They stop to force a young couple to have a relationship outside of their camper (Todd Alexander, who plays the young man is not very impressive, I guess he has improved since his career ended in 2002). From there the script is  thrown away since the group moved into a house and stays there. The result is a series of sex scene after another that are either interesting (those with Tori Welles), too mechanical (those with Tami Monroe) or endless (Tami Monroe and Eric Price). As I said it's a vehicle for Tori Welles where we can see what a great star she was. Of course, like many I was one of her big fans. The sexual energy she exuded, her "I don't give a fuck" attitude, the way she dominated her partners and of course her bad girl side had everything to please the nineteen years old young man I was at the time. You can imagine the shock I had eight years after while watching The Private Diary of Tori Welles and noting how the drugs had destroyed what I like in her. But it looks like she is doing better now... Not a great as such but a required watching for any fans of Tori Welles.

This film is available through Adult DVD Marketplace for a very low price, so it isn't a really big risk to take.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fringe Benefits (1973)

Nice little film from the early seventies that I found while I was looking for some interesting things to watch by video on demand. It has an interesting distribution with Eric Edwards, Georgina Spelvin, Darby Lloyd Rains, Cindy West, Michelle Magazine, Kevin Andre, Susie Mathews (her only film, but I wonder if she was related to Paul Matthews, one of the first actor of this genre), Jeffrey Hurst and Harding Harrison (an actor who frequently appears in non-sexual role in the production of this period). The story begins at a clinic for sexual disorders where Harry (Eric Edwards) consults a doctor (Georgina Spelvin) because he can no longer get an erection. During the consultation we learn that he was responsible for a benefits program within the company where he worked to prevent the arrival of an union. What benefits? Sexual benefits of course. He was performing  as a stud to satisfy the female employees (Susie Mathews, Cindy West and Barbara Cole). The program works fine until the day he  decided to apply it also to the personal secretary (Darby Lloyd Rains) of the big boss (Harding Harrison). Of course he doesn't appreciated it too much when he catch them, wich he will exhibit by sacking Harry. The doctor find that it's the reason of Harry's problem and that will  be cured by a treatment with a new machine created by the Dr. Cherrypopper (Kevin Andre), but there will be a serious problem. What problem? Sorry I've said enough ...

As I said it's an enjoyable film to watch. A good talented acting male cast with Eric Edwards (for the fans, he is almost in all the scenes), Kevin Andre and Harding Harrison. A good looking female cast with many one or two timers. A lot of funny moments, but I must confess that it's the juvenile type of humor (but thank God not the "pee, poo, fart" type).

This film available in video on demand through GameLink or on location through X Rent DVD.