Friday, January 31, 2020

The Return of Johnny Wadd (1986)

Last film in the series starring John Holmes and this one was directed by Patty Rhodes. There are two different versions of this movie, the 1986 original (the one I watched) and a 1993 re-release who starts with an unrelated scenes and with more or less seven minutes cut from the original.

Now to be honest I didn't want to watch this film, but since I just recap the entire series I didn't have a choice to do so. But I won't waste any more times to do a recap, so I just write a short review...

John Holmes
Wadd is back at San Francisco after the murder of one of his close friend and he will investigate to find who is responsible for this and why it happened. Seriously this is about it...

Mai Lin
As I feared the film was cheap and awful... The story is pretty bad and generic (Raven Touchstone wrote better film than this). Many sex scenes are just there to fill a quota, sure the Wadd films of the seventies had a lot of sex but those were story related and they weren't there just because. 

Sheri St. Clair
Also it's shoot on video and it sure looks bad and this isn't necessarily because of this since many SOV adult films were visually adequate, but that one just look cheap. I won't talk about the action scenes who were all bad (the final confrontation was worst than bad... it was fucking insulting to the series).

Kimberly Carson
In fact watching this is more sad than anything... This isn't fun to watch John Holmes at the end of the rope. 

Only positive I can say is that Sheri St. Clair did a very good with her part and she outshines everyone else in this production.

Bunny Bleu
Unless you want to own the complete series of the Johnny Wadd films with John Holmes there is no reasons to get this. Feel free to skip it...

I can't imagine how bad the 1993 release can be...

Thursday, January 30, 2020

China Cat (1978)

Sequel of The Jade Pussycat and this is something different and interesting. This time this isn't a Johnny Wadd's investigation but another detective agency trying to get the statue from him. Best way to resume this film is Charlie's Angels for adult

The story start when Charlie call his agency to give a new mission to his Charlie's Devils and like in Charlie's Angels we don't see his face and he is busy with a woman. As I said the mission is to get the Jade Pussycat. 

The first assignment is for Sandi and it's an easy one, getting her secretary job back from Wadd. Of course she's hired.

Paula Wain
Next Shari must seduce Wadd to get access to his apartment (to steal or copy his key I guess). Johnny being Johnny this isn't that hard to complete.

John Holmes and Jennifer Richards
Next part of the plan takes two teams. Sinthia keeps Wadd busy while Barbi and Shari search the jade statue in his apartment. 

Eileen Wells
While searching Barbi and Shari fell on a key (the key with SFAC written on it) so one goes to try to get some information about it and the other stay to continue searching. Barbi finally find the bag but Wadd arrives at the same time, a chance she was prepared for this 😏  
Cris Cassidy
After something I won't spoil for you she takes the bag and goes back to the agency filled with a feeling of accomplishment... too bad this is the wrong statue in the bag.

Uncredited Damon Christian
The plan didn't succeed but Charlie has another ace in his deck, he send an Asian hit woman to go get the Jade Pussycat... she failed too of course.

Kyoto Sun
That was sure enjoyable to have something different since I just watched ten of them in a row and it's a very good Charlie's Angels' take-off. As usual the casting is great (sadly Desiree Cousteau is wasted in a nothing role) and it did a good job as a direct sequel.

Not the best film in the series but it easily in the top three with The Jade Pussycat and Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here.

Original film poster

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Blonde Fire (1979)

In this new chapter Wadd goes international, indeed he was hired to buy and bring back the Blonde Fire diamond from South Africa... but don't get that excited they didn't shoot the film there.

John Holmes
After his landing Wadd goes directly at the DeBeers company to pick the diamond. He can't pick it immediately, but he left the cash suitcase in exchange for a delivery receipt and goes to the hotel room who was rented for him under a false identity by the company.

Jon Martin
It's time for a shower and while he takes it a thief enters his room to search for the diamond. She is caught and chained on the bed by Wadd for an interrogation... of course you know where it'll lead.

Phaery I. Burd
All of sudden there is a knock on the door so Wadd must hide the thief in another room to go check on the door who it is. Nothing to worry about, this is Lorna the secretary from  DeBeers he invited before leaving their office.

Kitty Shayne
After he is done with Lorna it's time for him to go meet Vickey Caruthers, the chief of security of DeBeers, at her apartment... yeah this is a busy evening for Johnny.

Jesie St. James
But wait this isn't over yet... next he goes at a club to learn more about the diamond thief and considering this is supposed to be South Africa this club sure feel out of place. So he sit at the bar and surprise he is drugged and wake up in a strange room (I guess he was stolen, this is not very clear) and he his helped by the club Belly Dancer.

Fatima Hamoud
Following this very busy night Wadd goes at Debeers office to pick the diamond and he leaves. But of course this won't be that easy, since everybody wanted the diamond a big game of I stole you and you stole me begins.

James Price
 Of course it ends fine and enter Seka as the woman waiting for Wadd at San Franciso.

Honestly even if this film casting was pretty good it wasn't that great. The story is boring and it feels more like a "John Holmes wants to fuck new women so let's do a film" production. After the last three films this was a deception and it doesn't help that the DVD isn't that good looking.

If you need to complete the series get it, but there aren't much to recommend.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The Jade Pussycat (1977)

After licensing the character for one movie Bob Chinn is back at the wheel for this film and what a comeback it is.

A man get down from a boat with a sport bag, the content happens to be the Jade Pussycat that he stole in a Japanese museum. He works with a Chinese woman and the jade statue worth a fortune. When they get back together they celebrate the heist but there is one problem for Paul... he is the victim of a double cross.

Bob Chinn, Jimi Lee and Jon Martin
At the conclusion of this betrayal we move to Johnny Wadd's office where he receive a visit from Jenny who is worried about her brother disappearance. They talk a while and she gave an envelope to Wadd with a letter and a key, so Wadd is in for another case.

Jessica Temple-Smith
Now that they have the statue in their hands it's time for Jasmine and Frankie to go meet Mueller, a German, who want to buy the Jade Pussycat. Again there is a problem... the statue is a fake! Looks like Paul wasn't that clueless since he hide the real one before meeting Jasmine. Mueller smells a double cross but he gives them a chance to retrieved the real pussycat.

Steve Balint and Linda Wong
Wadd starts his investigation going at the hotel where Paul was leaving, after quizzing the clerk he got the possessions he left in his room before disappearing and he is even able to rent the same room. While he goes through the things in the envelope there is a knock on the door from Sharon who a business partner with Paul.

Bonnie Holiday
Back to the Chinese gang, Paul isn't dead yet and they try to get the location of the key from him. They don't get much of him before he overdosed on the truth serum, but Jasmine thinks she knows where he sent the key... his ex-girlfriend. So she send Tang to pay her a visit and it's good thing VCA didn't released this film or we would have a cut version on DVD.

Yvonne Green
Wadd and Sharon enter in the apartment and after a cool scene they learn from Frankie that Jasmine is the one behind all this. So he goes at her place and find Paul's corpse, but he doesn't have the time to search more since Jasmine surprise him. Is it the end for Wadd? Of course not...

Linda Wong
With Jasmine neutralized the case is almost, but there is always a mystery. The key and it's Wadd's secretary who decode the letters written on it. So after thanking her Johnny goes at the place to locate the locker for the key to get what is in it.

Paula Wain
Of course it's the statue and Wadd brings it back to his home. He isn't quiet for long since he is visited by Alexandra, Mueller's associate, who make him an offer for the statue and he accept. They have a love session and Wadd is in for a surprise... Alexandra leave with the Jade Pussycat and brings it back to Mueller or maybe not.

Georgina Spelvin
At this point this is the best film in the series, the investigation is one surprise after another and is incredibly enjoyable, in fact it's the first one who could have been a mainstream crime film if there was no sex. The acting is top notch (except for Steve Balint who overact a lot and I really mean it), there is no fighting but the "who will betray who" moments make it for the lack of them.

Even better, for once we have a good quality release. Not as good as Tapestry of Passion but it sure looks better than all the previous entries I have watched before.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Tapestry of Passion (1976)

Second film in the series, if we count The Danish Connection, who was not directed by Bob Chinn. This entry was directed by Alan Colberg who also wrote it with Chris Warfield.

Johnny Wadd is hired by Jean Osborne (Lesllie Bovee) to find who killed his brother (John Leslie). She tells him that her brother was a sex freaks open to everything, so Wadd will start his investigation by visiting the San Francisco adult stores.

Lesllie Bovee
After a while since his businesses visits bring him nowhere he starts checking the newspaper adds and he fall on something interesting. Just when he is on the phone ready to call Tom Osborne's window knock on his door. She tells him to forget about his investigation, that his murder was certainly not connected to the other murders (a series of lookalike murder happen at the same time in the city) and that she was on the way to divorce her husband before he was killed. She tells him a sob story and you certainly know where it goes.

Annette Haven
After that interlude Wadd decides to go pay a visit at the house he was calling to. Once there he is rudely receive since he didn't call, but the woman in charge tell her assistant to let him enter. She is quite interested by Wadd but he decides to go and probably for the first time ever he refuses sexual advance.

Sharon Thorpe
In the meantime Johnny contact another victim wife to discuss with her about the murder of her husband. She isn't that interested to talk since she fear for her life and she flee, but Wadd intercept her at her home to talk and more.

Desiree West
Wadd returns at his home where he finds a black widow in his bed, understandably he is less than happy about this and decides that it's time to visit Nelson Drive house again. He finds Tom Osborne's wallet and call the police to tell them to come if they want to catch the murderer. While the lady of the house does his number on him Wadd handcuffs and get confessions out of her. Finally the police arrives and it's the end... ok not exactly. It's the end of the investigation but it's time for Johnny to get his payment and a little extra.

Visually speaking this is the best looking release in the series, but not the best film. Of course the cast is great and the investigation is interesting (just a little bit rushed), but it lacks what makes the series fun to watch... there aren't any actions, fighting action of course the other type of action is there.

John Leslie
But even if the film is different than the Chinn's entries it is enjoyable and I obviously recommend the film. You can get it on DVD from Vinegar Syndrome in a double features with All Night Long for a very low price.

Get it here

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Liquid Lips (1976)

Today's installment is the direct sequel to Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here, in fact initially they were supposed to be a single high budget production titled White Gold.

After stopping the big heroin shipment from Mexico Wadd is back at San Francisco and have a meeting with  Bill Sherman the head of the Narcotics Bureau. 

Jerry Mills
At the meeting Sherman asks Wadd to works as a decoy to bust the major criminal organization who would have been the recipient of the mexican drugs. Wadd agrees and he will work with another agent on the case. While waiting to meet the agent Johnny goes to a club owned by Augre Valentine one of the criminal gang member... little that he knows Frankie, the other half of the duo who was at Mexico, recognized him and mentions it to Valentine.

Monique Starr
Wadd and the agent have a discussion in which she tells him that Sam Kelly wasn't the only agent on the case. While Kelly was working the mexican side two others were working the american side, but they were both captured by the criminal gang. The first was killed off screen and the second one is interrogated to get informations about Wadd, he is dispatched after but at least he will get something out of it.

John Seeman
Since the organization wants to know if Wadd is legit or not they send a masseuse to his motel room to find more about his motivations.

Melba Bruce
Later that day Charlee Hammond (the agent) goes at Tony Sorrento's office to find the evidence that he was indeed the recipient of the mexican shipment. It doesn't turn as expected when she is caught by Wanda so she will tell her that she wants to switch side.

Monique Starr and Enjil Von Bergdorfe
After her attempt to convince Wanda she is caught again and the organization call Wadd to tell him to bring the drug. They worked a trade, the heroin in exchange of 100,000$ and Charlee Hammond. They agree and Johnny goes with Frankie to get the second half of the drug. Of course there are no second half and a fight between Frankie and Wadd happen, while Hammond beat the rest of the organization inside (too bad it happened off screen since that would have been much better to see this one).

Mike Weldon and Vernon Von Bergdorf
This one without being as good than Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here is a fine conclusion to the story. Is only problems are that it isn't as action filled as the first one was and some of the scenes are just fillers (the one between John Holmes and Melba Bruce sure felt like it). To be honest I would have prefer to see the original project as it was planned, but at least contrary to those who watched it theatrically we can watch the parts in the right order now. 

The poster image I use on top of this recap came from The Westgate Gallery website... they have quite a database of original film posters if you are a collector you should take a look.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Tell Them Johnny Wadd Is Here (1976)

Episode number five in the series or six if we count The Danish Connection and the moment the series went from enjoyable little early seventies quickie to mid-seventies real film production.

This time Johnny Wadd isn't hired as a private investigator, but to help his old army comrade who is now a narcotics officer to work on a big drug smuggling operation in Mexico. So after saying goodbye to his girlfriend it's direction Mexico for Johnny to meet Sam to learns everything he need to know about the case.

Annette Haven
In this meeting we learn who are the criminals involved in the drug deal: an American, Travis Elliott and a Japanese, Frankie. At the end of their talk Johnny and Sam get out of the bar to get brutally beaten by two hidden goons and are bring to jail by two Mexican officers.

Bob Chinn and Tyler Reynolds

After spending the night in jail, Wadd goes meet one of his acquaintance to take a shower and of course a bit more.

Joan Devlon
After that interlude this is time to get back to work and meet the police captain. During that meeting they got a lead about the Mexican criminals supplying the drugs to Elliott and Frankie, but they must meet a local Mexican woman to get the name since she refuses to talk with the local authorities.
Carlos Tobalina
They go at a local to meet the woman and learned that the involved local criminal name is Ringo Salvador but she doesn't know where he is, so Sam must meet someone else to get the information. What he'll do, but he brings attention to himself by doing so and not in a good way.

Damon Christian
When Wadd finds his dead friend it's payback time for everybody...

Lazaro Valdez
He brings Salvador to jail and he learns from the police captain that they caught the drug shipment at the borders. Next Wadd goes to see his partner ex-wife to talk with her and one thing lead to another...  of course you know what happen next. This isn't over for Johnny since now he wants to find what American criminals were the silent partners in the deal to avenge Sam execution, but this is for the next film.

Veronica Taylor
As I said in the beginning this is where the series reached the major league and Damon Christian who funded the film is the reason why, you need money to make a real film and he brought the cash to do so. The film was shoot in Mexico with a big cast and crew, so everything looks professional. No cheesy fighting here since there was two stunt coordinators on the set and we even get real shoot-out with blood and everything. Also John Holmes gets better, but I have a feeling that Christian helped him a lot. By the way Carlos Tobalina got an acting award for his role, but to be honest it was certainly paid for and in my mind this is Damon Christian who deserved an AFAA Award for this film.

Sadly the commercially available release of the film doesn't look that good as you can see, but at least it's better than the one for The Blonde in Black Lace.