Thursday, September 29, 2022

STARS (2022)


Something brand new for a change, couldn't be newer than this since the film was released yesterday. The minute I've heard about this movie the first time I put it in my schedule since I believed that it had the potential to be one of the best movie of the year. It's the story of Jane Wilde before she became Jane Wilde and what lead to it, but more important she co-wrote and co-directed this movie with Bree Mills. So let's find out if the movie is as good as it sounds on paper.

Jane Wilde

The movie start just after the first professional scene of Julia (Jane Wilde) but we don't it yet, but this isn't important since quickly we go back in time fifteen months earlier. Julia who just hit eighteen years old not long ago is stuck in a boring 9 to 5 job. One day she sees a publicity online for a 1,000$ a week job and she decides to call the number to ask for more information. After talking for a bit Kevin (Seth Gamble), the man offering the job wants to meet her. They meet at his house, she gets the job and he will help her... but first thing first he wants to test the merchandise (big red flag if you ask me)

Seth Gamble

Later Julia is at her home ready to do her first cam show and one of friend, at least I think he is just a good friend, knock at her bedroom window to see her. She tells him that she got a good paying job and what it is. He doesn't see anything wrong with this life choice, they start being more romantic and one thing leading to another they start making love until they heard sounds from the computer... the show is life but he doesn't care and they continue what they started. If he doesn't Kevin sure does and he calls Julia quite angry later.

Oliver Flynn

That second red flag is quickly forbidden since Kevin gives her a top of the line camera for her live show. For a while she continues to perform, at one point one of her auditor invite her to Los Angeles with one of friend and he will pay for everything. She decides to go for a weekend to change her mind and before leaving she is told by two women (Aiden Ashley and Ryan Reed) that she doesn't need a middle man to cam.

Cam Damage and Aiden Ashley

It doesn't take long after Julia is back home for the major trouble to begins... Kevin is nowhere to be found and, to make thing worse, she can't access her money since he is the one who pay her. Her situation is so bad that she doesn't have any other choices than telling everything to her father (Dale Savage) who advice her to contact the cam website to explain everything to them. They fix the situation and lock Kevin from the account (in fact if I remember the interview Jane did with Holly Randall that scumbag was cut completely from the website in real life since he did this to many other young girls).

Dale Savage

Obviously Kevin takes the situation very badly and immediately starts threatening her, so much so that Julia decides to go at Los Angeles to start the career that she is now. Before leaving she tells an agent that she needs two weeks to take care of a couple of things... I sure hope that it was reporting that scumbag to the authority or to send someone to break his legs.

Bree Mills and Robby Echo

The film was everything I hoped it would be... I knew already what happened to Jane before but knowing and watching it on the screen is different. She wrote a script for something very personal and very sad without making it a sob sorry as we see so often in the mainstream media... yes this year of abuse by a pimp (I mean this is what he was) was sad but it ends well for her. The acting is solid, Jane is great, which is important since she plays more than the main character she is Julia, Seth Gamble performance is so good that he should win the best actor award for his role in January, Dale Savage was also good as Julia's father in a non sexual part and Tommy Pistol's character took me by surprise since I expected that something bad would happen during that trip to Los Angeles. Sexually talking I have really appreciated the scene between Jane and Oliver Flynn and the final one between her and Robby Echo where she acts so naive about the industry (also Julia looked so happy to be free). 

Tommy Pistol

I don't think it will be a big surprise if I tell you that I highly recommend this film who will certainly be nominated for the film of the year award (at this time I hesitate between this movie and Dark is the Night for my film of the year choice). I certainly hope that it is just the beginning for Jane career as a writer and that she will direct more film by herself.

For now the movie is exclusive on the Adult Time streaming service but it will certainly get a quick VOD release and when it will be, if you like good cinema like I do, it will be a must buy.

Sunday, September 25, 2022

SpideyPool XXX: An Axel Braun Parody (2022)


Axel Braun is back with a superheros film and this time it's Spiderman who get the adult treatment. The release was delayed a while but finally it went live last weekend so it's time to watch the movie.

Seth Gamble and Kenna James

After a night patrolling the streets Spiderman (Tyler Cruise) is back home ready to have some fun with his girlfriend (Kenna James). Sadly for him this isn't Mary Jane's plan since she has something more important in her agenda: an audition for the newest Deatdpool movie. No time to waste as soon as she woke up May Jane immediately left for the audition. After her performance she can't resist Deadpool's charm and has sex with him backstage... 

Tyler Cruise

Later that day Deadpool shows up at Mary Jane's apartment ready for an encore but he will learn something he didn't know, Mary Jane isn't single. Obviously Peter Parker doesn't take the fact well and after talking together for a bit they come with the perfect solution for this problem... going back in time!

Ana Foxxx

Time traveling isn't something Deadpool can do so they need someone who posses this power. They go meet
with Monica Rambeau (Ana Foxxx) who can't do it either but she knows someone who can help them, Captain Marvel (Kenzie Taylor). She will go with the duo to meet Stephen Strange (Ryan Driller) who has that ability since he is the supreme sorcerer.

Kenzie Taylor, the one and only Captain Marvel

After some hesitations he accepts to do the task but he warns them that it could have consequences and you bet it will... following the incantation Peter Parker wake up in a different universe where he was never bit by a Spider but Gwen Stacy (Blake Blossom) was. After doing you know what Peter warp back in his correct universe before Mary Jane's audition and this time he will go with her.

Blake Blossom

Unsurprisingly that was enjoyable, Axel Braun sure put more efforts and love in his superhero movies that Marvel / Disney does. The story was fun to follow, not the most complicated one but the correcting a bad thing motive was enough to drive the action. Many superheros are included and all their inclusion make sense, obviously I was glad to see Kenzie back in her Captain Marvel costume (Axel when will get Captain Marvel 2?). As usual the costumes are great and Seth Gamble does an amazing job playing Deadpool (he didn't win an award for this role in 2019 for no reasons). Ryan Driller as Doctor Strange was a perfect casting and Blake Blossom was a great addition in the Braun's superhero universe but I guess we won't see her back in the role since it was an alternate dimension (also I won't lie, Blake is smoking hot!). Sexually speaking Kenzie Taylor and Ryan Driller steal the show with their scene. Take it for what it worth but I have a feeling that something is missing so I wouldn't be surprise to see a future release with an added scene between Peter and Mary Jane (kind of make sense to me since they are the main couple and the current movie only have three scenes which is unusual).

Ryan Driller

At the time I wrote my review the film is exclusive on the Wicked streaming service but it shouldn't take long to get a general release and I sure recommend it if you like adult superhero movies.

Sunday, September 18, 2022

The Hitman: Love is Deadly (2022)


Mike Quasar is back doing feature film after a period of shooting mostly scenes for stuff I don't buy and I must thank Sweet Sinners for this, but has he kept his magic touch? This brand new film is the perfect occasion to find if he did...

Ryan McLane and Tommy Pistol

Not wanting a divorce with his wife Tommy hire a hitman to kill her before she has the chance to break their union. At first he fears that Ryan could work with the police force but quickly this is put to rest since Ryan is a professional and Tommy gives him the 200,000$ contract.

Tommy Pistol and Freya Parker

As usual with those events in real life there is more than a possible divorce case behind this need to have his wife killed... Tommy have an adventure on the side and, more important, Freya life insurance worth two millions dollar. 

September Reign

Ryan goes on with the plan but when he does his move he hesitates when he learned more about the private life of his target and he decides to wait. This decision displease, to say the least, Ryan's wife (or girlfriend I'm not positive)... he never made it personal before and they really need the money.

Kenzie Taylor

What will be Ryan choice? Will he act like the professional he is or go with what his heart tells him? You will have to watch the movie to discover it...

Freya Parker and Ryan McLane

To answer my previous question... yes Mike Quasar's magic touch is always there, there is a reason if he is in the industry since more than 25 years. The story, uncredited for some reasons (why?) is quite interesting and the many turns sure keep it from start to finish... one thing for sure I didn't saw the end coming. The multiples locations and the exteriors scenes result as a more movie like visual, as I say often going outside gave production value to a feature. Obviously on the acting side this is very good and credible... Ryan McLane gave one the best acting performance I have seen this year, Freya Parker's performance is certainly worthy of a best actress nomination, Tommy in a supporting part is excellent as always, Kenzie continue to show us that she is a good actress and September Reign, I never saw before, does a good job too. Sexually speaking everything is fine which isn't a surprise since Quasar is one of the best at shooting sex scenes.

I sure hope that Sweet Sinners will continue to let Quasar direct more features like this. You can get the film on DVD or VOD pretty much everywhere and I highly recommend that you add this one to your collection.

By the way Ryan was on Kenzie's podcast not so long ago... this is a very good interview if you want to learn more about him since he isn't the most active on social medias. 



Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Liya l'indecente (2021)


I haven't watch a french film in a while and since I just took a one year subscription to Dorcel Club (the deal was hard to refuse) I had a lot of choices. Finally I went for one the few narrative film starring Liya Silver.

One morning while doing his jogging Alberto (Alberto Blanco) finds an unconscious woman (Liya Silver) on the beach and he decides to bring her at his home.

Liya Silver and Alberto Blanco

When she woke up we learn that she had lost her memory, but Alberto tells her to not worry and that she can stay there until her memory come back. His girlfriend being at work this won't be a problem if she stays... even less considering that her work must be quite long since we will never saw her in the movie. She goes to take a shower and when it's over Alberto can't resist and he must sleep with her, easy to understand as she wears the outfit from the DVD cover.

Nick Ross, Katrina Moreno and Tommy Cabrio

When the scene is over we switch to another couple, we don't know who they are or how they are related to the story. All we know for now is that Nick is a real estate agent and that he will have a threesome with a couple to whom he have a house to sell... since the wife is Katrina Moreno it's hard to complain.  

Anastasia Brokelyn and Liya Silver

Finally the couple isn't unrelated since Anastasia is a psychiatrist that will treat Liya after she calls her. But we get more than a therapy since that sexy black dress is hard to resist. Anastasia keeps her client special treatment secret from her husband who isn't faithful either as we had already seen and she will see it too later that night when Nick will be visited by a very non discreet woman at his home.

Ariana Van X


The following morning Anastasia left her home to meet Liya again, but Alberto is here this time and you guess it... another threesome. Will Liya's memory come back and will we finally learn who she is? Nope I won't tell you...

Liya Silver

The film was quite enjoyable and the fact that Alis Locanta took the decision to not use any dialogue plays a good role in this, as we know most European productions are dubbed since the actresses are mostly East European and sometimes even without dubbing this is an accent festival, so all we get is a narrator who tell us the story. The film is all about Liya Silver so if you want to watch a great vehicle with the most beautiful Russian actress (she's just perfect, her tattoos add to her beauty since they are art and not random drawings) this is the film you will want to see. Only one scene have a filler vibe but it involves Katrina Moreno so I can live with it. Sexually talking I've nothing negative to say since the five of them are great.

As I said you can watch the film on the Dorcel Club or Xillimit√© if you are a member, if not you can easily buy it on VOD or DVD pretty much everywhere. Don't worry for the french narration since the Marc Dorcel's production are available in french, english, spanish and even more if you watch them via their streaming service. 

Friday, September 9, 2022

Maid to Kill (2022)


Time for something I anticipated a lot since the first time I heard about the film via the AVN Media Network. It sounded like a good budgeted production, the trailer was quite interesting and it even got, something we don't really see anymore, a theater premiere... too bad that I live up north because I'd I loved so much to be there. 

The population of the United States fearing overpopulation choose to elect a fascist President to face the foreseeable crisis, we are now in the year 2058 and a authoritarian government is in place. Its first act was to outlawed all sexual activities, if you're caught by the spying drones the men are killed on the spot and the women are sentenced to life of slavery as a maid.

Lily Larimar and Kira Noir

It's a happy time when Lily (Lily Larimar) ask her girlfriend Jessica (Kira Noir) to marry her, there is so much happiness that both of them forget about the no sex act and, sadly, they are caught in the act by a drone. Jessica is immediately sent to a detention center and Lily is brought at the security agency for a meeting with Melissa (Aiden Ashley). 

Aiden Ashley

Everything isn't lost for Lily since Melissa has a proposition for her: a maid assignment at Marcus house to kill him. She doesn't really have a choice to accept the offer since she will never see her girlfriend again if she refuse. We quickly learned the reasons why Marcus is Melissa's target, he cheated on her the day of their wedding night with her best friend some years before... to be honest I can understand her point.

, Lily Larimar and Ana Foxxx

Marcus brings Lily at her home to serve as a family maid and more since she has a sex pass oblivious of the hidden motive of her presence. Immediately Lily put her focus on her assassination mission, will she succeed or not? Will she ever see Jessica again? I will certainly not tell you... you will have to watch the movie to find the answers.

Aiden Ashley and Anna Claire Clouds

This one was quite enjoyable considering that it's from a label I never heard of before. The concept was different than what we usually get, sex is forbidden and a major crime (but for me it's weird that all form of sex relations are since lesbian sex sure have zero effect on the overpopulation). The computer effects for the future Los Angeles and the drones camera are well done. The story without being complicated is interesting and, obviously, the acting is above grade. Aiden is as awesome as always and Isiah Maxwell was quite good too, but Lily Larimar was the real surprise for me since she was 100% credible in her role and she sure kick some major asses at the end. Talking of the end this isn't what I expected for sure. The only problematic aspect for some could be the sex scenes length as most of them are on the shorter side, not that it was that big of a deal for me as I'm not huge fan of endless and by the book sex scene. Since we are in the sex department I must say that the scene between Aiden Ashley, Lily Larimar and Anna Claire Clouds was the highlight of the film and, in my book, certainly worthy of a nomination at the next awards season.   

Aiden Ashley

At the time I wrote my review the film is an exclusive at the Sparks Entertainment streaming service but I'm sure it will get a real release at some point in the future... at least I hope since you can't download on their service (which explain why the captures aren't that great since I did them screen-capping on my computer screen contrary of what I do usually with Power DVD) and I will have to buy it if I want the film in my permanent movie collection.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Role Models: Out Of Her Comfort Zone (2022)


A short scene while I'm waiting for two major series to drop their last episode next week. Nothing too deep storywise but there is nothing wrong with that occasionally.

Aiden appears early for a swimming learning class and she isn't sure if it was good decision or not, in fact she is almost ready to quit when the instructor shows up to greet her. She decides to stay but we quickly see that Aiden really lack confidence in herself. 

Aiden Ashley and Whitney Wright

Whitney convinces Aiden to switch the swimsuit she wears for an extra one she has... which is certainly a good suggestion since that red bikini looks great on Aiden. They talk a bit at the pool and Aiden reveals that her recent divorce is the reason why she doesn't feel that confident about her look. She also confess that she is bisexual and Whitney tells her that she too is lesbian. From there you certainly guessed that the swimming lesson will turn to something else...

Aiden Ashley and Whitney Wright

Not much to recap since it's a 35 minutes scene, but the quality is better than most of the recent Girlsway scenes. Just the fact it isn't confined in a room and set outside make the scene looks less cheaper and more enjoyable to watch. You can't go wrong if you hire Aiden and Whitney for a girls scene since both aren't newcomers and the girls scenes they are in always feel authentic... also as you know already I'm a big fan of Aiden. By the way Aiden new shorter hair are awesome, I saw pictures of her when she changed her look but this film is the first time I saw them on the screen.

At this time this is a streaming exclusive but if you are a member of the Girlsway streaming service (or the Adult Time one as I am) it certainly worth a watch since it's a very erotic and enjoyable girls scene.