Friday, September 27, 2019

Hot Stuff (1984)

Joe Sarno one of the industry pioneer who began his career in the early sixties was sadly reduced to shoot awful shoot on tape film after awful shoot on tape film when the eighties began. But there was exceptions and this film is one of them. Why? It was shoot on film, it has a good budget and Sarno cared about this one.

The film follow an enjoyable formula, an author (Danielle) is in the process of writing a new book about the Egyptian quest of a trio of adventurers and when she encounters the empty page syndrome she must use sex helpers to get her inspiration.

Yep, they really brought the three main actors in Egypt
I don't want to spoil the story this time since there is a lot of fun situations brought by the author's inspiration and you are never sure of what will happen. All I will say is that we travel in the future, the past and the present time.

Our three adventurers
Jacqueline Lorians
Scott Baker

David Messa
The film have a big cast considering that the East Coast adult industry wasn't what it was anymore at this point in time, real production value (but they used some sets built for Blonde Goddess) and the fact there is a lot of outdoor scenes gives a professional quality to the whole (there is an awesome scene at Coney Island).

Cody Nicole
Tiffany Clark
Joanna Storm and Copper Penny
Laurie Smith
This is probably the last time that Joe Sarno got the chance to direct a film with a good budget and we see that he always had the spark in him. Give this film a chance since this isn't like the cheap productions he didn't care about to which he accustomed us during this period.

You can get the film from Distribpix and I suggest to take the opportunity to buy Blonde Goddess at the same time too.

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