Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Third Wheel: The Insemination Of Elizabeth (2021)


Six months have passed since Elizabeth was betrayed by her wife Terri who is now pregnant and they are separated now... The first part part is reviewed here if you need a refresher.

Siri Dahl

Elizabeth haven't change her mind, she wants a kid and to do so she takes an appointment at a clinic with a very high success rate. She goes at the clinic to meet the Dr. Torrance who is a goofball that doesn't really inspire trust, there is a certain creepy vibe emanating from him.

Tommy Pistol

Obviously Elizabeth is reluctant at first but since she really wants to get pregnant she signs the release papers for the treatment... and what a treatment it will be.

Siri Dahl

One thing for sure that was different... in a good way. The insemination process is sure over the top with plenty of manual stimulation and a lots, and I really meant a lot, of semen... must have been a pain in the ass to clean all that after. Siri is a very good actress and she shown it in that short, too bad she haven't done much features films since she was pigeonhole in the big breast genre. Tommy Pistol is Tommy Pistol, no actor can't play everything as well as he does and stay believable (I have a feeling that the knee stuff was improvised by him, it came so out of nowhere). I must say that Siri looks way more happy and hot since she decided to go with a breast reduction.

As it was the case with the previous episode I recommend this one too... different but a lot of fun and it was written by Siri. Since it's open ended a third episodes will come later.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Get In (2021)


MixedX is an East European label I have discover recently that, at the best of my knowledge, only do scenes. The thing I have appreciated watching my first scene from the label is that contrary to many labels from that region they respect the girls (come on you won't never change my mind that Legal Porno is a garbage label who wouldn't stay in business more than a month here in North America). So I have decided to review their most recent one.

Romy Indy

The premises isn't that complicated since the scene is 28 minutes long. A woman (Romy Indy) after seeing the website of an hypnotherapist (Amirah Adara) online takes an appointment with her for a consultation. They talk for a while and the therapist slowly hypnotize her...

Amirah Adara

Romy is shock when the therapist tells her that she knows that she is a lesbian... by the way she is the sister of Romy's boyfriend. The seance continue and at some point Romy is paralyzed so she can't move, but she won't stay like this for long and when she regains control of her body it's time for girls actions.

Amirah Adara and Romy Indy

Like I said this is rather short so I don't have much to say in my recap, to be honest subtitles would have been useful since the accents make it hard to understand for a non-native english speaker. On the other hand this is a very erotic scene that doesn't go over the top, from the kissing at the start until the end everything is very romantic and felt genuine... I have surely appreciated the foot fetishism moment. My only real complaint is the length, 28 minutes is too short for a scene.

Romy Indy and Amirah Adara

The scene is only available from the MixedX website or on Adult Time since the label is part of their network. Sure worth a watch if only to show that East European porn isn't all garbage like Legal Porno freak show or what Rocco Siffredi produces in Hungary.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Under the Veil - Act Five (2021)


All good things must come to an end and it is now time to conclude this Ricky Greenwood nunsploitation saga...

Charlotte Stokely

Charlotte's book is almost done and when she receives the visit of Sister Kenna it's time to dictate the end of her manuscript to her. At least this is what she thinks, the visitor isn't who she think it is... it's Sister Helena and she is there to tie the loose ends to protect the Church.

Kenna James

Meanwhile Sister Kenna is with Father Tommy because she felt he needed her help. Indeed he needed it as he is always tormented by his needs and his obligations towards the Church, they talk for a while and finally they share their mutual love.

Helena Locke

Afterward it's time for Sister Kenna to meet Charlotte but as we already know already she isn't in her cell anymore. Obviously she knows who is behind this and she goes to confront Sister Helena. She tries to convince Sister Kenna that everything is in her mind since Charlotte never came back after her excommunication but Sister Kenna won't take this as a fact and Sister Helena must take a more extreme solution to end the charade. 

Tommy Pistol

When the problem is fixed Sister Helena goes to Father Tommy to tell him that the Cardinal is waiting for him for his Ordination, but first he must prove his loyalty to the Church who wants a sacrifice... and this sacrifice is Sister Kenna. Father Tommy must decides between his love and the Church, thankfully he choose love and that scene is amazingly acted.

Aiden Ashley

We jump four months later, Sister Kenna is at Aiden's office with the Charlotte manuscript of her second books and she wants it to be published no matter what the consequences for her could be... and what Charlotte told her previously became a reality.

Kenna James

Now this film is what a call a masterpiece! A film that make me happy to have gone over my prejudice two years ago that modern adult cinema didn't worth my time... fun fact: it was another MissaX production, For Your Own Good, that made me change my mind. This film is the first modern movie who reach my top ten and for good reasons. Seriously if we were in the seventies this film would be a huge theatrical success. For a time people thought the mainstream and adult cinema would crossover, sadly that never happen but in an alternate universe where it did this is what regular cinema looks like.

Everything technically is perfect: the cinematography, the scene lightning, the production design (Kylie Ireland really did works worthy of mainstream cinema), the make-up and the script. On the acting side Helena Locke is the revelation here, her interpretation of a character who is far from being likable was so good. Tommy Pistol gave another award worthy interpretation of a troubled character. Charlotte Stokely and Kenna James shown once again how great they can be with a good script. 

It isn't for nothing if Greenwood is considered the best working director now since he hit gold whatever genre he does. 

I expect a lot of awards or at least nominations for this film and its cast in January... Grand Reel, best director (drama), Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Leading Actor (Tommy Pistol), Best Leading Actress (Kenna James) and Best Supporting Actress (Helena Locke).

The film is available at the MissaX streaming service and also on their on demand store, but it will be on VOD very soon (in fact the cover I used will be the VOD cover). Obviously this film is a must own.

Monday, September 20, 2021

Under the Veil - Act Four (2021)


Film penultimate episode and this one is shorter than the previous three, 35 minutes compare to a little more than one hour for the other ones.

Tommy Pistol

Finally Father Tommy shows that he won't accept everything when he refuses that Sister Helena restrains him after interrupting his prayers, even better he tells her to get out of his room. Sister Helena accuse Sister Kenna to corrupting him but he denies it.

Charlotte Stokely and Kenna James

Meanwhile Charlotte continues to dictate her second book to Sister Kenna and she has quite a big revelation for her... no I won't spoil it like some dummy did in his review at the MissaX website.

Helena Locke, Lilly Bell, Jane Wilde, Anny Aurora and Steve Holmes

Back at the Church Father Tommy learns that he will be nominated as a new Archbishop, but there is a small problem... he must forget about Sister Kenna, she won't be his Vestal Virgin. Because of this he says that he won't accept the nomination, but the Cardinal send Sister Lilly and Sister Jane to charm him. At first he tries to resist but after a while he reluctantly succumb to the carnal pleasures. The episode ends with a discussion between Sister Helena and the Cardinal Holmes about the faith of Sister Kenna.

Helena Locke

Since the episode is shorter there is less story development. In fact the threesome between Tommy, Lilly and Jane is the core of this act... but finally Father Tommy receives something more enjoyable than a flogging. Not that nothing else happens since there is a huge revelation about Sister Kenna. Also great job at hiding Tommy and Jane tattoos as that would be out of place considering the era of this story.

The last episode isn't available yet but it should be release this week... one thing for sure I can't wait to see how the film will end.

Under the Veil - Act Three (2021)


It's time for the middle act of the Under the Veil saga, you can read my review of the first act here and my review of the second act here.

Kenna James

The act starts with Sister Helena praying, prayers interrupted when Sister Kenna enters the room. Sister Helena asks her what she learned from Charlotte about the pleasure of the flesh, it turns out that she learned nothing and always a virgin. Sister Helena tells her about the vestal virgins and reveals that she will be chosen by Father Tommy when he will be nominated as an Archbishop. She offers to teach Sister Kenna how to fulfill the Father desires and tells her to meet her later that day.

Tommy Pistol and Helena Locke

When Sister Kenna comes at the rendez vous later, Sister Helena once again whips Father Tommy but she takes a break to do Sister Kenna education. All this is front of Tommy which sure sound like a torture for him considering his fight against his sexual desires.

Charlotte Stokely

Some days later while doing her chores Sister Kenna hears a noise coming from upstairs and decides to go investigate. She is shock when she finds Charlotte locked and injured in a back room, she offers Charlotte her help to escape but the prisoner wants it for something else. She wants that Sister Kenna type her second book and give the script to her agent Aiden. 

Helena Locke

As the days go by Sister Kenna continue her training with Sister Helena and her writing for Charlotte until one night where she decides to drug Sister Helena. The first she does after the Mother Superior falls asleep is to talk with Father Tommy, next she goes at Charlotte cell to comfort her. Of course this will turn as a very sensual and erotic lesbian scene.

Charlotte Stokely and Kenna James

As I expected at the end of the second act Sister Kenna is more important in the story and she is the central character of this part... which is certainly nice if you're a fan. This is again a good episode who almost reveal the past of Sister Helena who is certainly not like she is for no reasons. Once again Father Tommy is only tortured, I sure hope the poor guy will get some actions later after all the beating he received. The acting was again perfect and if you are into lesbian sex this is the episode for you... bonus point for the last scene between Charlotte Stokely and Kenna James who is highly erotic. Special shout out to Alexxx Moon who was a contestant in the Face Off reality show for her make-up work on Charlotte Stokely... obviously Alexxx Moon is an alias but I have a good idea of who she is. 

Tomorrow act four...

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Under the Veil - Act Two (2021)


And now the second part of the Ricky Greenwood latest production for MissaX, you can read my review of the first act here.

Steve Holmes

The controversy from Sister Charlotte's book is far from being over and the diocese Cardinal is at the Convent to talk with Sister Helena. What he wants is her support for the excommunication of Sister Charlotte from the Church and he wants Sister Helena and her Convent to denounce her too. She is hesitant but while they talk Father Tommy interrupt and at some point the Cardinal leaves with him.

Tommy Pistol

The Cardinal asks for his help to convince Sister Helena using as a carrot a nomination at an Archbishop post. This is when he asks the Cardinal if this is true that an Archbishop can bring a Nun to sexual retreat. It is indeed true and the Cardinal shows him that he can do whatever he wants with whoever nun he choose. The Father just sit quietly while all this happen

Anny Aurora

Finally the Cardinal and the Church get what they wanted since Sister Charlotte is excommunicated. She came back at the Convent as a civilian later to take back some of her personal belongings she left there and try to convince Sister Kenna to flee with her.

Kenna James and Charlotte Stokely

But Sister Helena interrupt their discussion and orders sister Kenna to leave. Charlotte and her stay alone to talk and let just say that it doesn't turn well for Charlotte.

Helena Locke and Aiden Ashley

Charlotte is missing and Aiden her agent being worried by this fact goes at the Convent to talk with Sister Helena. She tells her that she probably leave with another woman and just used Aiden... but did she?

Charlotte Stokely

Of course not... she is kept prisoner at the Convent by Sister Helena who wants to cure her from her heresy. Instead of rebelling Charlotte praise Sister Helena and slowly but surely another awesome lesbian scene began.

Kenna James

This episode was as good as the previous one and continue the story progression quite well, it's obvious that Sister Kenna will become an important player in that story soon... she knows everything and it looks like her and Father Tommy are closer than it seems. I must give a special thumb up to Steve Holmes, he sure made the Cardinal feels like a creep and disgusting individual. Also I notice a little detail probably trivial and insignificant but Sister Helena is the only religious person who did remove her cross for her sexual interaction.

Can't wait to watch part three tomorrow!

Friday, September 17, 2021

Under the Veil - Act One (2021)


First act of a nunsploitation epic, Ricky Greenwood isn't new to this genre since he already did Confessions of a Sinful Nun 1 and 2 for Sweetheart Video who were both amazing some years ago. 

In this episode we are introduce to the characters that we will follow in this story. Tommy (Tommy Pistol) a priest conflicting with his faith, Mother Superior (Helena Locke) who runs the monastery with an iron fist, Sister Charlotte (Charlotte Stokely) who just wrote a book that didn't pleased the Church and Sister Kenna (Kenna James) a young nun in training.

Tommy Pistol

We quickly see that Sister Kenna is still conflicted when Mother Superior catch her masturbating while praying at the altar. She's ready to beat the hell out of her but Father Tommy intervene and save her... at least for this time.   

Ashley Lane and Dante Colle

Later that day Father Tommy is performing the wedding ceremony of a young couple, following the marriage the couple has a special request for the priest: they want him to stay and pray for them while consuming their union to improve their chances to have a child which was a tradition centuries ago. They have their fun and the young wife start tempting the father, she plays with his dick but he leave abruptly. 

Helena Locke

The priest is at the altar self-flagellating as a way to punish himself for having almost succumbed to the desires of the flesh. Sister Kenna try to understand why he does this, but when Tommy is on the verge to tell her Mother Superior intervene chasing Sister Kenna and takes the flagellation process over.

Aiden Ashley and Charlotte Stokely

The episode concludes with a discussion between Sister Charlotte and her literary agent (Aiden Ashley) who wants to set more dates for her book tour. Charlotte isn't sure she will be able to liberate herself from the convent for a long period. They talk for a little while before succumbing to their sapphic desires. 

Kenna James

That first episode was just perfect and sure set the tone for another Ricky Greenwood's home run. The casting is top notch... Tommy Pistol will certainly get a best actor nomination for his role, Charlotte Stokely is already in known territory, Helena Locke is sure convincing as the strict ruler of the Convent and we have Aiden Ashley in another amazingly hot performance. Seriously the scene between her and Charlotte steal the show, the chemistry between the two actresses is terrific so we get a breathtaking girls scene to conclude the act. I must add that the set designing by Kylie Ireland is incredible, just like Matt Holder's cinematography and the script by Maddy Barton and Shawn Alff.

Aiden Ashley

Can't wait to see the following episodes of that serious contender for the movie of the year award.