Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tower of Power (1985)

A short visit in the world of the rich and powerful with this production of Gary Graver. A traitor is hidden among the directors of the Tower  Company and  this traitor had revealed some secrets to a rival company. Fred Kingsley (Robert Kerman) the majority owner announces the news during a special meeting of the board of directors and gives himself a week to find the culprit. Who is it? Claudia (Annette Haven) who owns 20% of the company, Hugh (John Leslie), George (Harry Reems) or his wife (Janey Robbins). On paper it sounds like a good scenario, but it is not expanded more than necessary and the revelation of the traitor's name comes without surprise and really fast at the end. This does not mean I did not like the movie because it's hard not to like a Gary Graver's film. As usual his direction is perfect, all is well filmed and the pace is efficient (the mixture of the scenes between Robert Kerman and Janey Robbins with the one between Annette Haven and Herschel Savage who takes place at the same time is a very good example of this.). In addition of the names already mentioned Angel (I think you already know I love this actress) and Sharon Kelly (not using the Colleen Brennan alias as she usually does) are also part of the  film distribution. Even with my reservation about the plot this film is a recommandation and a good exemple of how to edit a movie when a lot of sex scenes are present.

This film is available on the AdultDVDMarketplace website.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Screw on the Screen (1975)

This is not a comment I often do when I talk about an adult film, but what a waste of my time ... I have no difficulty to imagine the speed at which the room emptied when the film appeared. It is simply annoying and pretentious. This is a representation of Screw magazine on the screen and if the magazine is what you see on the screen (which is surely the case since Jim Buckley and Al Goldstein's are the producers of it), I must really thank heaven for having been a reader of High Society. We go from not-funny skits to the sad burlesque act of Honeysuckle Divine (her act blewing-off matches, pitching powder, doing sounds, and much more with her vagina. Believe me this is more interesting to read than watching) to an old loop from the fifties to a man who is getting a tattoo on his penis... Quite enjoyable and exciting as a program right? But I must welcome the inclusion in the film of a scene of fellatio between men (this certainly scares away the last remaining spectators in the theatre). The only saving grace of this film is the end (and no it is not the end credits) with a talk show segment in which Jody Maxwell demonstrates her oral skills. As you can easilly guess this movie isn't available on dvd, VXP talked about releasing it since some time. But unless Steve announce that it will come with an autographed picture of Jody Maxwell (an interview will do also) or  that the four missing minutes are awesome, I'm sure not interested to rewatch that again...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Debbie Does 'Em All (1984)

If you own 42nd Street Forever XXX-treme edition you have probably already watched the trailer for this movie (not to mention the awful ripoff of Holliday who plays in it). You know already that this is a vehicle for Angel which is certainly not a problem because you have to admit that she has a great natural charm. So in this movie Debbie (Angel) is a stewardess who leaves her boyfriend (Rod Grant) who is a pilot at home for her first job. This is more or less the movie since we follow this flight and its stop overs (a very long one who goes from San Francisco to Miami to Chicago to Dallas and ends at New Orleans). I will not say it's a great movie and the scenes are often inadequate (Shanna McCullough, Lynx Canon and Lili Marlene are wasted in this film). But a moment saves this movie from total boredom, the meeting between Debbie and Antone (Jamie Gillis) in a club in Miami where we finally get something erotic and fun to watch. The film itself is well shot by Charles Gray and we have no trouble believing that we are on a plane until the moment we see the cockpit (it's pretty obvious that the whole instrument panel is a photo). If you are a fan of Angel you'll definitely appreciate this film as she is in most of the scenes. If not forget about this film....

This film is available through Excalibur Films and Adult DVD Marketplace among others.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Odyssey: The Ultimate Trip (1977)

Gerard Damiano was certainly one of the most talented director of this period, if not the most talented. But most of what is on the market does not do him justice, since more often than not we are entitled to vhs transfert on dvd. It is sad to say, but the lovers of cinema that we are is a minority and the U.S. industry isn't too concerned with of us (of course there are exceptions, but they can count on the fingers of one hand). So I turned to Europe to get this film which is part of a series of classic movies that will be released by  the french label Wild Side Video throughout this year.
This film is an anthology in three parts but there are no apparent links between each story and each of them is not of equal interest. The anthology starts well with The Beginning about a couple (Robert Kerman and Nancy Dare) whose union is at its breaking point, what we quickly realize in the discussions between them and another couple (Michael Gaunt and Crystal Sync) from the beginning. Following the advice of his friend, the husband will visit Madame Zenobia to help his marriage. What happens next is a series of fantastic images and superb staging (the mixing of genders scene between Sharon Mitchell and Tony Mansfield is particularly successful), all this accompanied by a soundtrack of classical and romantic music until the grand finale.
The second part entitled The Middle is for me the least interesting and presents a series of meeting between a psychiatrist (Sue Bright) and her clients (Samantha Fox, Gloria Leonard and Linda Maidstone). The scenes are rather short and not sufficiently developed. Personally I believe that this segment would have benefited from focusing solely on the culpability issues of the character played by Samantha Fox.

The last and most successful part entitled The End follows Nicole (Susan McBain), a New York model from one job to another. This story is depressing and ends on a sombre note (hence the film title). The mix between the outdoor scenes that expresses the optimism (superb old New York footage by the way) and the apartment of Nicole who represents everything that goes wrong in her life  is particularly successful. 
Between these times we live in the imagination of Nicole as a spectator of her fantasies. These are a beautifully filmed orgy (usually I do not like them really) with Wade Nichols, Vanessa del Rio and CJ Laing among others as participants and a romantic scene between Nicole and an unknown man (Peter Andrews).
A high quality Gerard Damiano's production (like Portrait, Devil in Miss Jones and The Story of Joanna) that I highly recommend despite the fact that you need to import it from France and at a  not so low price if we count the shipping cost.

The film is available on Amazon France like all the other films who are part of this collection.

Friday, April 2, 2010

China Sisters (1978)

A film that I consider to be medium. Not a bad film as such, but nothing to be considered a classic. This is a film of Anthony Spinelli  who usually is a good director (I even appreciate his DTV productions such as the Catalina Five-O serie), but the format used didn't succeed to keep my interest. The story is narrated by a woman (Vicky Lyon) who dictates her memoirs on tape. Her memories are quite interesting as it includes an incestuous relationship with her younger sister (China Leigh), the seduction of one of her underage students (Don Fernando) and a threesome between the two sisters and Jack Wrangler that reminds me the most arousing scene in Misty Beethoven (a little bit cheaper, but at least Jack Wrangler doesn't use a stunt double). John Leslie also appeared in the film in a rather bizarre scene thank you. As I said an okay film but not really an essantial classic. Doesn't really worth the trouble of searching to find it.

This film like most of the Essex Video's Catalog is not available on DVD.