Thursday, December 24, 2020

An AHL Christmas Story (2019)


It's Christmas Eve so nothing more natural than watching Christmas movie, so why not review a short AllHerLuv production directed by Whitney Wright for the occasion.

Adira Allure and Dana Wolf

It's Christmas and Dana receives a SMS from her boyfriend, a break-up text which is certainly a shitty and coward way to do it. She doesn't take it too well, but her friend Adira will convince her to celebrate together and have fun. Dana's mood get better and they go in front of the fireplace for the traditional gifts exchange.

They go through the gifts under the Christmas tree until they fell on gift from Dana's ex-boyfriend, a sexy game of truth or dare, they decide to play and slowly but surely the game leads to lesbian sex. When it's over Dana ask Adira to promise that what they did will never get between their friendship.


I always like the films release by AllHerLuv and this one is no exception. Just a sweet and erotic lesbian encounter between two friends without going to the extremes of many modern productions of that genre. You feel the love between the two characters who show us that women don't need strap-on to please each others, just some caress and licking is more than enough to do an erotic and realist scene between women. Of course the fact that Dana Wolf is drop dead gorgeous is a big plus.

With a running time of just 45 minutes the feature doesn't have time to wore out its welcome and Whitney Wright was able to direct something very enjoyable with a good story in that short time, which is a sign of quality for a director.

Obviously I recommend this one, even if it's a short film it really worth a purchase...

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Taboo American Style 4: The Exciting Conclusion (1985)


All good things must come to an end and this is where we are with the conclusion of the four parts series (in fact more were supposed to be made but sadly it wasn't mean to be). Some time pass since the beginning of Nina acting career, not a great one to be honest since the movie she did was a failure and that put her father in big financial trouble. But there are worse, remember the relation between Tom and his mother? That doesn't turned great either since Tom became a drunk due to his guilt...

Tom Byron and Gloria Leonard

Of course Nina didn't gave up on her acting career and one day while she does a party at her family house the perfect occasion come. Remember the trick she did to control her father, she'll do the same with her last movie producer to get a bigger role by making him see his wife and the main actress of his next film in bed. Yep she did it again...

Kelly Nichols

 Next step is to get an agent and she wants the best in the business, Sid Holtzman. For good reasons he isn't interested at all, but we already know that Nina always gets what she wants and she will use Clete Chinaski to seduce Holtzman's wife in a voyeur game.

Sharon Kane

 She'll continue to get bad critics but one day a big Hollywood movie producer calls her agent to tell him that he wants her right now in Tinseltown. She leaves her father for good, breaks his heart like he would have been nothing for her and make it big in Hollywood.

Jose Duval

All thing said this is a great series who got a lot of awards for good reasons the year it was made. It really feels like a movie and not a single scene in that four hours plus film is just there to fill the running  time. Raven easily gave the best performance of her career playing what is mostly an awful unlikable character, Paul Thomas and Gloria Leonard were also very good at showing the downfall of their character and, of course, Jose Duval was excellent in what was a non sex role (I don't really count masturbation as sex) this isn't for nothing if he won a best supporting actor award for his role.

Herb Nitke uncredited as the Hollywood major film producer

I would say that this film was the last production of Henri Pachard where he had the chance to work with a major budget and a very good script. Sadly no follow up were ever made, I would have loved so much to see Nina hitting rock bottom and get her just reward for everything she did to everyone around her.


I really hope that someday someone will give to this series the respect it deserve... firstly by remastering the negative and secondly by releasing it as it was supposed to be release: a single feature and not a four parts series.

Like I said already three times... just rent the series and don't buy the four DVDs as that kind of crappy who gave a bad name to the genre doesn't worth rewarding some label with money.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Taboo American Style: A Mini-Series Part 3 (1985)


We start with an argument between Nina and her father who wants her to move out of the conjugal bedroom since Tom will be back from college. Obviously Nina isn't please and she is even less when she learns that her mother will take her place in the bed to save the appearances for her brother. I kind of laugh when Harding told Nina that he was always her father... that boat sailed a long time ago.

Raven and Paul Thomas

Tom came back home with her new girlfriend and his mother is sure glad to see him after so long. After a nice dinner it's time to sleep and you know what's coming... it's time for Nina to go incest mode with her brother and his girlfriend.

Carol Cross

The following day Marylyn leave because she have college works to do and the family will receive a movie producer to talk about a movie deal. Obviously that won't fall in deaf ears and Nina will do what she have to do the get a role... which means that Jeanne Silver role in the film is sadly already over.

Jeanne Silver

Nina gets the part and her acting is sure unsurprisingly awful. While she and her father are at the studio, Tom understand that her mother is in trouble when he see her pills. Emily prepare a bath for him and, you certainly guess it already, time for some mother / son lovemaking but that scene show real love and not manipulations like everything involving Nina.

Tom Byron and Gloria Leonard

Another good episodes but the worst DVD among the four and the others are nothing to write home about... so again I recommend a rent and not a purchase, VCA doesn't deserve money for that lazy DVD job.

Sarah Bernard and Joey Silvera

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Taboo American Style 2: The Story Continues (1985)


At the end of part one, Nina revealed her mother affair with the handyman to her father to start her plan of getting Emily out of the family portrait. Now Nina runs the house since she took her mother place in the marital bed.


While the daughter father incestuous relation goes on there aren't much Emily can do since she is now a blank state thanks to the pills Nina feed her. But destroying her family wasn't enough for her... she must do the same to the Chinaski siblings and she will use incest again to do so.

Frank Serrone

Lisa after all that manipulations end in the street working at a massage parlor to pay for her drugs habit. Her brother will ask Nina to help her, but do you think she will use that information to help? Hell no, she brings her father (no, not Lisa's father come on not everybody like incest) at the massage parlor to humiliate her even more.

Paul Thomas and Taija Rae

This episode is where we see that Nina isn't a nice girl at all and that she won't hesitate one second to corrupt everyone around her to get what she wants. A solid second part, I'd say that this one is much better... but the question is why Nina does all that and what she want, we will learn it soon.

Henri Pachard

Once again the VCA DVD is a pathetic hack job and look like shit. But that series is really good, so don't let that turn you off and at least rent the film because there is no way in hell that I'd recommend to buy those DVDs.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Taboo American Style 1: The Ruthless Beginning (1985)


Back to classic adult cinema with a big budget Henri Pachard's production, so big that it was released in four parts. 

This first part is mostly a spiced up soap opera written without a credit by the excellent Rick Marx about two families: The Sutherland who are upper class and the Chinaski who are middle class.

Gloria Leonard

The matriarch controls her family and doesn't want any of her kids circling around the Chinaski's kids since they are socially inferior, of course we know that advice like this never works on the contrary. 

Paul Thomas

Nina (Raven) and Lisa (Taija Rae) are best friends and even worst for Emily, Lisa frequent the Sutherland's boy but the mother control the son so she can put an end to that story (at least she think she does).

Taija Rae

So everyone does whatever they want to do until the mother catch her daughter in the bed with the Chinaski's son and, of course, she will play it holier than thou going right at Jack Chinaski's house to make him aware of the situation and threaten him since Jack is the Sutherland handy man.

Robert Kerman

Now if there is something we know it's that those holier than thou people are hypocrite do as I say not as I do people which means that Emily have her secret... a relation with Jack on the side! A relation that will be her Waterloo when Nina will catch them and tell her father to change the balance of power in the family.


With her mother out of the portrait Nina will easily manipulate her weak father using her sexuality and this is where the first episode stop.

Personally I've always found that film (if we count the four episodes) superior to Kirdy Stevens' Taboo. The casting and the acting is perfect, I have always said that Taija Rae should have been a star in the mainstream cinema industry but we all know how ridiculous Hollywood was, is and will always been. Don't expect wall to wall sex, which is fine with me considering that I was never a fan of endless sex scenes, but if you want a good story that make sense and take its time to develop this is for you. Also we get an incest theme without that BS step brother / mother / daughter / brother non-sense who are used today as if it was a big forbidden word that would bring the police state to shut down the industry...

Tom Byron

Sadly the DVDs are quite bad, no surprise here since it's VCA and they don't really give a fuck so go for a rent (there is no extras on the discs so you won't missed anything) or you can watch it free if you have a Gamelink Unlimited account. 

Part two coming tomorrow...

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Bad Influence (2020)


The latest Pure Taboo short went live today so why not review it...

Abby (Vanna Bardot) arrived in panic at the home of her girlfriend's brother (Michael Swayze) after he asked her to come because he was afraid that Terri will start doing drug again. In fact as he will tell Abby it's worse than that... he wants his sister to relapse because he can easily manipulate her and do everything he wants with her.

Vanna Bardot

Obviously Abby is shock that Martin can do that to her girlfriend, but what's coming from Martin mouth will be even more shocking... She must have sex with him or he will make sure that Terri relapse. So reluctantly she will have to do what Martin want.

Michael Swayze

This is a good scenario for a short and pretty much the raison d'ĂȘtre of the company, but after the promising start something goes wrong... the uncredited director (the credit is Anatomik Media so it could be anyone who was at the studio this day) forgot that the desire isn't mutual and that Abby was blackmailed into this. Now I don't say that the scene isn't hot, but Vanna Bardot sure doesn't act like someone who hate what is happening and it's more a conventional scene than an unwanted relation.

Not bad, but the way it was directed made it inappropriate and certainly not what I expect from a Pure Taboo scene.

Friday, December 11, 2020

Jekyll & Dad (2018 and 2020)


Notice something particular with the title? Yep two years, but why? Easy this is one of the few Pure Taboo features who was remade, but why was it? It's because the original never made the road from the original Pure Taboo line-up to the Adult Time ownership. So the original vanished from the history book, but guess who had it already on one of his old DVD-R? Obviously me, so why not compare both of them here...

Aria Lee

While studying for school Emma (Aria Lee) get out of her friend Lucy sights, she search her everywhere in the house and find her having a friendly discussion with her step-dad. He wants her to stay for dinner but Lucy convince her to go.

Kendra Spade

At dinner time we learn something important... Lucy's mother is dead and she had something to do with it and the step-father use this to blackmail his step-daughter. She must replace his dead wive or she can go to the cops to tell what she did and suffer the consequences. What follow is a long unpleasant forced sex scene between the Lucy and her stepfather.

Dick Chibbles

Now that was a credible looking feature mostly because of Kendra Spade's acting. Usually most actresses will go out of character during the sex but not here, we feel that all this is unwanted and a torture for Lucy... she even cry real tears more than once. At the end we see her completely desperate after her step-father told her that all that could have been avoided and that it is all her fault. Dick Chibbles did a good job selling us the scumbag step-father too...

Kay Carter

And now the new version... no need to redo the synopsis since it's the same story with different actresses and 12 minutes shorter.

Jojo Kiss

I won't lie, this version is lacking and plays more like another father/daughter fantasy than a modern roughie. Jojo Kiss plays the character differently and this isn't a positive, no more feeling of despair but a feeling of boredom and a can we get over it mood. Dick Chibbles does what he can but a lot of the abusing language is gone to the point of looking like a bad caricature of an abusive father.   

Dick Chibbles

Watching them back to back is certainly not a good idea since it made it obvious that the 2020 version is weak, but sadly this is the only one who is available now.

Why the 2018 original was erased and hidden? Your guess is as good as mine, but it was probably too real for Adult Time and they didn't want to take a risk on it... as we know the North American content producers are really chicken these day and don't touch anything that could be controversial.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Mirror Game (2020)


Michael and Giselle, a married couple, move to New England to start a new life after Michael got a job there. One day when Giselle is at small bookstore her eyes are caught by an old book written in french, after a long negotiation she bought it from the owner who had no intention of selling it. Quickly a symbiotic relation between Giselle and the book will start and the couple idyllic world will change forever.

Rob Gadling and June Ann

Feminist porn is an expression that we have seen before and usually it's just a gimmick since the movies aren't really different than the usual one. Surprisingly, at least for me, this one is quite different in many aspects. Firstly via the story since everything is from the actress point of view and it is her story  and secondly via the sexual acts themselves. 

June Ann and Cat Belmont

Giselle is the one who control how the sex is done with her husband, but more shocking for the viewers there is a complete absence of female to male oral sex... at least that was something new for me after 36 years of watching adult movies.

The story without being ground shaking is interesting and move quickly (it's only 50 minutes long, sure far from the two hours and more we are used to now). June Ann is very good for someone who was never in a movie before and I love her natural look.

I was really surprise to see the film available via my Gamelink unlimited account and it sure gets the recommendation sticker from me... but as I say don't expect the usual adult film.

You can watch the movie via the streaming service also...

                                                                        R-Rated trailer


Thursday, December 3, 2020

Unwanted (2020)

I want to try something new today... web scene review and why not start with the newest one from Pure Taboo.

Ariana has a big problem, after a one night stand with a guy she found that she became pregnant. She lives with her parents and she sure doesn't want them to learn what she did. So the obvious solution is an abortion and since she can't trust her friends since she would become the talk of the town she must ask her brother (OK step-brother, but we know why the productions company use that term) to drive her at the clinic. He's ready to help but not for nothing, school works and money won't do so you what will...

AJ and Maya Woulfe

I can't say it's the most extreme Pure Taboo scene, but teen abortion fit the taboo criteria... at least we can say that it's a controversial subject. There is some good lines (just do as if the word "step" wouldn't be used) and you feel the "I don't really have a choice" mood of the sister, in fact she did a good job except for a couple of smiles who are out of place. Both actors look the parts and the fact they are both newcomers made the "18 years old with her early 20 brother" more credible.

Good directing job from Casey Calvert, just not the usual Pure Taboo material but it worth a watch.

At this time the scene is only available on the Adult Time and Pure Taboo streaming services.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

iLove (2019)


Last film in my AVN Awards special, this time a couple movie directed by Mike Quasar.

Van Wylde and Karla Kush

Tommy with his partner Lina just launch a revolutionary dating app with an extraordinary matching algorithm that beats all the other applications on the market. A predatory company (it's hard to not thing Google here) wants to buy them for almost nothing before they realized what golden mine they have created.

Tommy Pistol and India Summer

Will they sell? Will Tommy sail the seven seas until the end of his life with his high school love? The end will tell...

Alexis Fawx

Why this film got a film of the year nomination is a complete mystery for me, not that it's a bad movie but there are nothing special or distinctive about it... just a film that you watch to spend two hours when you have nothing to do but that you forgot fast.

I appreciate the fact that Alexis Fawx and India Summer were part of the cast, I'm not that young so I'm happy when actresses who are just some years younger than me played a real part in a movie. Tommy Pistol is reliable as he always is, so no complaint here. On the other hand the conclusion is quite obvious from the start and the young actresses did nothing for me, but of course it's a question of taste.

Ryan McLane and Kenzie Taylor

Not really a must buy, but it certainly worth a rent and if you are a member of the Wicked Pictures streaming channel it's even better since you won't have to pay to watch it... except for your monthly fee of course.

2021 AVN Awards nominations

Nominee: Best Leading Actor, Tommy Pistol
Nominee: Best Screenplay - Drama
Nominee: Grand Reel