Friday, May 28, 2010

Uncontrolable Urge (1976)

The version I have is not the original that lasts 6 extra minutes according to the Internet Adult Film Database (I wonder what was cut?). Despite this it's still an enjoyable comedy. This film is a spy story (but I'm very generous) where a Russian organization (the accent seems to indicate it, but maybe they are Hungarian) led by Hata Mari (Jennifer Welles) who tries to steal a formula discovered by Daddy Sawbucks (Neil Flanagan) to convert waste into oil. In order to approach Sawbucks the organization decides to adopt Sammy (Rocky Millstone) who is the lost son of Sawbucks.

For a rare occasion I begin with the negative. Rocky Millstone is the worst actors I've ever seen. He does not sound natural, he has  a lot of trouble with his text, he is annoying and he even has difficulty getting an erection. Definitely an odd choice to be the leading character in an adult film (he is also in Through the Looking Glass and Maraschino Cherry, but I am unable to recall his performance). That's all I really found negative to this film.

The bad acting of Millstone is amply compensated by the performance of Jennifer Welles, although I must confess that I prefer the movies that she made early in her career under the name Lisa Duran (Career Bed is certainly in my opinion one of the best New York independent film of the sixties). hearing Jennifer Welles, Jamie Gillis, CJ Laing and Andrea True talking with an Eastern European accent  worth the price of admission alone (they even managed to keep it for almost the entire duration of the film). The beginning where Sammy does his farewell to the employees of the orphanage (Nikki Hilton, Helen Madigan and Jennifer Jordan) is just as fun with the extreme patriotism of Little Sammy. In fact this film is almost a love letter to the American way of life. Add to the ensemble an effective script from Ron Wertheim (not necessarily a surprise when you know he also wrote Through the Looking Glass one of the best films ever made all genre included ) and you have a real winner. One last thing : you will get the expression Leapin` lizards! stick into your mind after your watching.

This one is available in this version as usual at Adult DVD Marketplace or Excalibur Films. The movie was released in its uncut version by Alpha Blue Archive (no idea of the quality, since I just found it 2 minutes ago) in a triple features dvd with Little Blue Box and Sexualist that you can also get at Adult DVD Marketplace.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Corruption (1983)

Excellent production of Roger Michael Watkins, who is about the business world, the search for power and the sale of the soul. Obviously this is not your standard adult film production, but much more an arthouse production (which is not so surprising considering who is the director). We have a sense of unreality and mystery while watching the movie, which is obviously normal, with the Faustian theme of it. We spend the majority of the film in an underground world that is sordid, dirty and loveless. The introduction of this one at the beginning with the betrayal of the partner (George Payne)  of Williams (Jamie Gillies) is very well managed with just the right amount of mystery. This world without emotions has something for everyone be it domination, submission, lesbianism or even necrophilia. Of course there is also a brighter side to the film with the relationship that Williams has with his wife (Tiffany Clark) and his mistress (Vanessa del Rio). I can not write too much without revealing too many details because this film has its share of mystery and surprise that must be kept secret, but trust me this film is excellent. The film is greatly helped by the excellent performance of Bobby Astyr who plays Larry the mysterious brother of Williams. In addition to the names already mentioned the distribution includes among others Michael Gaunt, Kelly Nichols, Tanya Lawson, Tish Ambrose and Marilyn Gee. The film includes also an excellent instrumental and classic soundtrack that brings a lot to the mysterious mood of this production.

Summarized simply I can say that this is another masterpiece of Roger Michael Watkins, who is unfortunately not available on DVD (like most of his work) which is almost criminal considering that so many weak eighties productions are the dvd market.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Passion Pit (1985)

This one has a special place in my memories as this is the first adult film I've seen. For the 15 year old kids that I was it was love at first sight and a love that always last 25 years later. The funniest is that it took me years to finally learn the title since I had watched it on a VHS tape containing six hours of anything. But with a general description and a little help from some friends I eventually find it out and get it. This wasn't that easy for the reason that everybody knows ...

This film is easy to resume in one short sentence : a night at the drive-in. So no big complicated scenario in this film, which is a good thing since my version is dubed in french (even if it is my main language, the over the top dubbing of the French of France fall on my nerves by its ridicule). The vast majority of the film is composed of sex scenes, but this does not seem endless because of the way the movie was edited. Indeed the film goes from a first scene to another  one and then back to the first and so on. All this is rather effective and arousing (the only exception being the one between Justice Howard and Jon Martin who is quite boring compare to the rest). The film also includes an excellent cast with Traci Lords, Stacey Donovan, Patty Cakes, Little Oral Annie, Lili Marlene, Ashley Wells, John Holmes (despite the fact it's obvious that he was already sick), Dan T. Mann, Don Fernando and some others. It was also filmed in a real drive-in wich adds a nice touch of realism, without mentioning the superb night cinematography job by Guido Williams (oddly it was his only credit as director of photography). Another interesting point is the soundtrack that gives the impression of listening to a jukebox in continues (to the point you want the boring dubbers to shut the fuck up),  indeed you can hear Billy Joel, Allan Parsons Project, ABBA, Linda Rondstadt, Paul McCartney, The Associations and many others.

At first I was not sure to mention the place to obtain the film as I usually do since Traci Lords is in it, but as my blog is read also in countries where they are completly legal I choose to do. This film was released by Alpha France like many of her other films in a 3 movies dvd set, they are only in french without any subtitles but the quality is quite good. You can buy it here, but be warned that it's really complicated . 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jack 'n Jill 2 (1984)

I wrote about the first Jack'n Jill in the month of February and you can read it here if you missed it originally. In this second part, which takes place four years later things have changed for our couple. They are more and more absorbed by their work (Jill is now a psychologist) and goes away from each other little by little. The games that put the spice in their marriage during the first year of it doesn't seem to  work anymore. Just look the jaded attitude of Jill at the surprise that Jack has prepared for their fifth anniversary (a surprise which is not what it seems) or the total lack of interest from Jill during a three couples orgy. The breaking point will arrive during an exchange of couple between them and the Jack boss' couple. The couple split after this one and each of them goes in seperate ways. But are Jack and Jill permanently separated? You should watch the movie to find out ...

I grant you the synopsis may seem depressing as I've written it, but it's still a comedy. The Jack's surprise that starts the film, the too great enthusiasm of one of the participants (Taija Rae in a great performance both artistically and physically) during the orgy or a secret restaurant meeting are all moments when we smile. Of course there is the moment of the separation, which is not very happy, although everything is done cordially but it's a bit too close to reality. There is also the fact that Jill sinks in the alcohol after the break-up that makes it hard to watch when we know what was happening in the life of Samantha Fox during this period (but that gives us one of the weirder scene I've seen mixing oral sex and regular sex). Another good performance from Jack Wrangler and Samantha Fox in the first role and from Jerry Butler, Taija Rae and Johnny Buck. Not as good as the original, this film is still a notch above most of the production of this era since we talk about a Chuck Vincent's movie.

This film seems to be out of print. Excalibur Films always have the dvd in their inventory but not in stock and as it seems not available on the VCA website there is little chance to get it through them. But you know already that I can help you better than that. I found it on a website that I won't name or link since I don't trust a website who sells a title 29$ but charge more shipping for the case and the cover art. The way to get it is easier than that and it's Adult DVD Marketplace who is always a good place to check to find adult materials for a good price.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Little update

Firstly I have some movie reviews that are coming soon. Certainly Jack and Jill 2 and probably a Phil Prince movie's but I'm not sure which one yet. Secondly and the main reason for this message, you probably notice that my links to Video-X-Pix are not working. This is because VXP is currently building a new website. So the links  in my reviews will be restored the moment when the new website will become operational. Sorry for the slight inconvenience. I also wait for the release of Inside Desiree Cousteau from Wild Side Video that I will received in the beginning of june, so you can expect an image comparaison between the old VCX released and this new released (from their precedent work on Odyssey: The Ultimate Trip it's easy to imagine it will be like night and day)

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Outlaw (1989)

One of the Fred Lincoln's film starring Tori Welles, on top of this one I've watched Head Lock and Trouble. Among these three this one is certainly the most interesting, not because it is a great film (we're still in '89) but because it is the perfect vehicle for Tori Welles. The story is rather simple since it's a trio of bikers and their journey, simple but effective (but it doesn't last long). The film starts strong with our trio (the others being Eric Price and Scott Irish) who stops in the yard of a house for a threesome at the great displeasure (not that much) of the owner who looks the action trought the window (when the fun is over Tori knocks at the door to be paid for the show). Next step They stop to force a young couple to have a relationship outside of their camper (Todd Alexander, who plays the young man is not very impressive, I guess he has improved since his career ended in 2002). From there the script is  thrown away since the group moved into a house and stays there. The result is a series of sex scene after another that are either interesting (those with Tori Welles), too mechanical (those with Tami Monroe) or endless (Tami Monroe and Eric Price). As I said it's a vehicle for Tori Welles where we can see what a great star she was. Of course, like many I was one of her big fans. The sexual energy she exuded, her "I don't give a fuck" attitude, the way she dominated her partners and of course her bad girl side had everything to please the nineteen years old young man I was at the time. You can imagine the shock I had eight years after while watching The Private Diary of Tori Welles and noting how the drugs had destroyed what I like in her. But it looks like she is doing better now... Not a great as such but a required watching for any fans of Tori Welles.

This film is available through Adult DVD Marketplace for a very low price, so it isn't a really big risk to take.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fringe Benefits (1973)

Nice little film from the early seventies that I found while I was looking for some interesting things to watch by video on demand. It has an interesting distribution with Eric Edwards, Georgina Spelvin, Darby Lloyd Rains, Cindy West, Michelle Magazine, Kevin Andre, Susie Mathews (her only film, but I wonder if she was related to Paul Matthews, one of the first actor of this genre), Jeffrey Hurst and Harding Harrison (an actor who frequently appears in non-sexual role in the production of this period). The story begins at a clinic for sexual disorders where Harry (Eric Edwards) consults a doctor (Georgina Spelvin) because he can no longer get an erection. During the consultation we learn that he was responsible for a benefits program within the company where he worked to prevent the arrival of an union. What benefits? Sexual benefits of course. He was performing  as a stud to satisfy the female employees (Susie Mathews, Cindy West and Barbara Cole). The program works fine until the day he  decided to apply it also to the personal secretary (Darby Lloyd Rains) of the big boss (Harding Harrison). Of course he doesn't appreciated it too much when he catch them, wich he will exhibit by sacking Harry. The doctor find that it's the reason of Harry's problem and that will  be cured by a treatment with a new machine created by the Dr. Cherrypopper (Kevin Andre), but there will be a serious problem. What problem? Sorry I've said enough ...

As I said it's an enjoyable film to watch. A good talented acting male cast with Eric Edwards (for the fans, he is almost in all the scenes), Kevin Andre and Harding Harrison. A good looking female cast with many one or two timers. A lot of funny moments, but I must confess that it's the juvenile type of humor (but thank God not the "pee, poo, fart" type).

This film available in video on demand through GameLink or on location through X Rent DVD.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blonde Ambition (1980)

I hope that nobody will object to the fact that I speak for the third time in a week of a film marketed by Video-X-Pix. But since this is the latest release in their Platinum Elite Collection and as there are some interest for this title I had to talk about it (there is also the fact that I wanted to watch it immediately). This is the last heterosexual hardcore production from the Ameros brothers (after this film Jon directed seven gay movies under the alias Francis Ellie and Lem has done the comedy R.S.V.P. for the Playboy channel). Obviously as this is a production of the Amero brothers we must expect something different and different it is.

This is the story of two sisters (Suzy Mandel and Dory Devon) who have a huge success on the New York scene and we'll find out how their story began. It begins in a remote corner of the state of Wyoming where they give a more than bad burlesque act. Chance would have it they meet Stephen Carlisle III (Eric Edwards) and his chauffeur (Robert Kerman) who will lead them to New York where they have a big contract (oddly Carlisle appears to have enjoyed the spectacle). Big surprise on the arrival in the Big Apple as the club where they were supposed to appear doesn't exist, but Carlisle will offer them to live in his apartment until they find work. It is this research of works we will follow for the rest of this film. A quest that will move from acting in poor quality loops to a big budget film (one of the highlights of the movie thanks to the performance of Jamie Gillies) and finally the reaching of the big stage success. Added an imbroglio with an high prices brooch, a transvestites show in a gay bar, a flat on an ice rink and dance numbers worthy of Broadway at the ensemble and you get an odd film of high caliber.

What makes this movie work is the actors' performance. Suzy Mandel plays the blonde not too bright so wonderfully, Molly Malone is excellent in the role of a rich English socialite, Jamie as a movie director in a non sexual role gives a good performance and Eric Edwards, Wade Nichols, Kurt Mann, David Morris and Robert Kerman are reliable like they always are. This film was made for thirty thousands dollar only and this quite surprising since the production value on the screen make it looks like a much higher budgeted production than that.

As most people probably already knows a body double was used for the hardcore scenes of Suzy Mandel and this is quite obvious (the image quality certainly plays a role in this). But the most bizarre is the voice of George Payne that was dubbed (not to mention his tan that appears and disappears throughout his performance). Another fact that I learned in the notes from Benson Hurst is that the role of Candy Kane (played by Dory Devon) was to be played originally by Heather Deeley. Maybe the name tell you nothing but she was the star of Diversions an excellent and weird british hardcore film that I highly recommand. I have nothing against Miss Devon and her performance, but the film would have been even better with Heather Deely.

The extras on the DVD are at the same level than what we got usually in the Platinum Collection. Jon Amero gives a commentary track really informative about the history of this film, the softcore version included is as good as the main movie (contrary at those included with the Raincoat Theatre released). My only deception is the commentary from Jamie Gillies that countains a lot of dead air and is not one of his best. It would have been better to have a serie of interviews with the cast members like Gillies, Eric Edwards, Kurt Mann or Suzy Mandel.

Another strong recommandation available as usual on the website of Video-X-Pix. If you are fast enough the dvd is at a special price untill the june first.

Some screen captures taken from the movie to show the image quality and, as I have promise to one of my reader, some racy pictures.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

People (1978)

Everytime that I write about a film by Gerard Damiano I feel like repeating myself, but it is depressing to know that the first film that most casual viewer associate with him is Deep Throat. He had done so much better than this poor comedy and this film is a perfect example of this. It follows more or less the concept he used the previous year with Odyssey: The Ultimate Trip that I've reviewed last month. What I mean is that the movie uses a series of short story (six in all) to illustrate the concept of true love between real people. It is obvious that with six stories making up a 74 minute film some might think it's too short. I can assure you that it isn't the case at all (in fact how many times have I read that the scenes in modern movies are endless?). Of course some are short, but they capture perfectly the story they present (Goodbye the second story is a  good example of this, but this story is the most erotic and sensual of this film). To demonstrate a greater sense of reality some stories don't even show a cum shot as it happens internally as it does in real life. Of course it is possible that some could see this as an heresy but it isn't my case at all. This film also benefits from a perfect cinematography due to the work of João Fernandes (the regular director of photography of Damiano) and James McCalmont who did the same work for Odyssey: The Ultimate Trip. The film also use a very great instrumental score who brings a lot to the erotic mood. The cast include Serena, Jamie Gillies, Christie Ford (one of the most underated actresses of this era), Robert Kerman, Eric Edwards, Kasey Rodgers, Kelly Green, Samantha Fox, Gerard Damiano (for a real role this time not just a short cameo), Heather Young, Bobby Astyr and many others. I rate this film easily equal to Odyssey: The Ultimate Trip if not better.

Not my habit but I add some capture from the movie.

This film is a production of Video-X-Pix and as usual you can get it through their website.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Blue Balloon (1971)

Definitely not the feel-good movie of the year or of the year 1973 to be precise (it was released only in 73). What we have here is comparable to Thriller A Cruel Picture if if was shot as an hardcore film (of course Thriller has insert but it is not the same thing). The story is similar to Thriller and it consist as the abduction of a young girl (Lisbeth Olsen)  to be forced to serve as a prostitute after she accompanied her fiancee (Bent Rohweder) at the airport. That's where the comparisons stops since this Danish production is pretty cheap looking. It looks like you are watching an Avon' productions and certainly not one of their best (Appointment With Agony looks like an high budget production compared to this film). The fact that the film is dubbed in English does not help either, since the story seems to be full of holes (why the photography? How she became a street prostitute?). The material used is also in poor condition (I've seen worse, but the sound is often hard to hear), but that's understandable since it is not the kind of production on which a company spend thousands of dollars for the restoration. I do have to recognize on the other side that I was surprise by the end since I was waiting for a very violent conclusion and that this is not the worst movie made in Denmark I 've watched (that dubious honor belongs to Animal Farm who was quite a depressing, disgusting and traumatizing experience).

This film is included in The Grindhouse Hostage Collection which also includes Play Only With Me and Virgin Hostage available through the website of  After Hour Cinema and also on Amazon (I don't know why, but every time I find an hardcore movie available for sale on their U.S. site I am completely surprised).

Friday, May 7, 2010

MisBehavin' (1978)

I own this movie for a while, but as I do often I forgot it after placing it with my many unwatched movies. As luck would have it I recently saw its trailer on another DVD and it reminded me that I have this movie. The premise of this film is a bet between the devil (Dick Gallan) and an angel (Kurt Mann), which is whether Rita (Leslie Bovee) will choose between love or money for her upcoming marriage. This film has all the ingredients that I like when I watch a production for adults: an excellent script that fully integrates the sex scenes with the story, characters who talk directly to the viewers, many funny moments, great artistic performances  and an unpredictable story. In addition to the names already mentioned the cast include among others Gloria Leonard (Rita's best friend), Sonny Landham, Eric Edwards, Arcadia Lake (she has never been more lovelly that she is in this film), Mark Valentine (a rejected lover who is one of the running gag), Molly Malone (the second running gag) and Eric Stanhope (the presenter in Rollerbabies who plays a rich suitor).  As usual an excellent production of Chuck Vincent that I highly recommend. What will be the choice of Rita? The Love or the money? Do not count on me to reveal it.You will have to watch the film to discover her choice and the bet winner...

This film is available through the website of Video-X-Pix in a standart dvd version only and you have no idea how I would like to see a Platinum Edition of this film.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Rising Star (1991)

A rare detour in the nineties (hard to believe that it's been 19 years already, that makes me feel old). We can not say that these years have been the best one in the industry, but some company like Vivid and Wicked have produced what could still be called movies (nothing like those I speak normally off, but certainly a notch above the rest produced in this period). This movie is a movie in a movie since it relates the production of a film. It would have been interesting, but like most productions of those years the scenes are too long, too repetitive, too numerous and somewhat boring. Only two scenes stand out of the lot and are a little bit interesting. The one between Jamie Leigh and Tony Montana (but it's more the fact they makie it on an Harley Davidson that makes it interesting) and the one between Sandra Scream and Woody Long who shows the difficulties present while filming a scene (problems to maintain his erection for the man, the numerous interruptions and the constant change of position when you are into it).

But as already mentioned it's a missed opportunity, since 90% of this film is composed of sex scenes (some appreciate this, but this is not my case and I see those films more like masturbation material than anything else). The sad thing is that with Ashlyn Gere in the distribution it has a real actress, why not use her talent then?

This film is available on the Excalibur Films website.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Here Comes the Bride (1978)

Tom (David Morris) and Rhonda (Samantha Fox) who just got married recall themselves some personal memories of their courtship. That does not sound very original on paper (or rather on the screen), but there is a single small detail in their relationship: Rhonda was a virgin and wanted to remain one until their marriage. Of course she is no more a virgin that I am an Ivorians, but this is what she will make Tom believe at their first encounters. It becomes interesting from this point to pass from the offended virgin games to the less virginal games. An encounter at the drive-in with a perfect stranger (Joey Silvera) after she had just rejected the advances of her boyfriend is particularly successful with a mixture of the two lovers scenes (Tom masturbating in the car and Rhonda giving a blow job at the unknown man). It is therefore a movie rather enjoyable if you ignore the orgy that takes place during the bridal shower scene (I find these scenes rarely erotic, too many people to stay focused). The most amusing is the fact that Tom will never know that Rhonda is no longer and never was a virgin (naive enough of him to not notice the lack of resistance during their wedding night). The film has an interesting distribution in the supporting roles with Clea Carson, Heather Young, Paula Morton, Roger Caine and David Christopher, among others. Without forgetting a soundtrack filled with some great disco music.

This movie is available through the website of Excalibur Films among others place.

One last thing : David Morris really looks like the twin brother of Tony Danza. Of course he isn't don't start any rumours...