Friday, September 27, 2019

Hot Stuff (1984)

Joe Sarno one of the industry pioneer who began his career in the early sixties was sadly reduced to shoot awful shoot on tape film after awful shoot on tape film when the eighties began. But there was exceptions and this film is one of them. Why? It was shoot on film, it has a good budget and Sarno cared about this one.

The film follow an enjoyable formula, an author (Danielle) is in the process of writing a new book about the Egyptian quest of a trio of adventurers and when she encounters the empty page syndrome she must use sex helpers to get her inspiration.

Yep, they really brought the three main actors in Egypt
I don't want to spoil the story this time since there is a lot of fun situations brought by the author's inspiration and you are never sure of what will happen. All I will say is that we travel in the future, the past and the present time.

Our three adventurers
Jacqueline Lorians
Scott Baker

David Messa
The film have a big cast considering that the East Coast adult industry wasn't what it was anymore at this point in time, real production value (but they used some sets built for Blonde Goddess) and the fact there is a lot of outdoor scenes gives a professional quality to the whole (there is an awesome scene at Coney Island).

Cody Nicole
Tiffany Clark
Joanna Storm and Copper Penny
Laurie Smith
This is probably the last time that Joe Sarno got the chance to direct a film with a good budget and we see that he always had the spark in him. Give this film a chance since this isn't like the cheap productions he didn't care about to which he accustomed us during this period.

You can get the film from Distribpix and I suggest to take the opportunity to buy Blonde Goddess at the same time too.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Consenting Adults (1982)

A documentary or mondo film if you prefer by Gerard Damiano, but to be honest this movie is the baby of Annie Sprinkle and Veronica Vera since the concept of this production is from them and they surely played a big role in the casting and the writing.

Gerard Damiano
Veronica Vera and Annie Sprinkle
The best way to resume the film is to say that it's a presentation of all things sex and sexy... and you better be ready because we are in for a wild ride.

The film start with the 1981 Miss and Mister Nude competition and the contest is sure a more enjoyable watching than those nudist colony films from the sixties. BTW the winner is Ms. Nude Oklahoma...

After this presentation it's time for the hard materials and we start with Marc Stevens playing with himself while watching a couple (Miranda Stevens and Ron Hudd) in action... of course he will join them.

Usually I don't post male nudity but I think Marc Stevens is worthy of an exception
Next we have a domination scene between Jill and Jack Munroe, sadly it was her last film and honestly she looks great, so our last memory of her on film is a beautiful one.

Jill Munroe and Jack Munroe
The next segment made me feel uncomfortable all the time they were talking about what would happen but in the end it wasn't that big of a deal. In fact it wasn't that different than when my left ear was pierced.

Robin Sane
Finally it's the moment I was waiting for... Annette Heinz screen debut. Her career start was a sensual dance routine.

Annette Heinz all smile and Veronica Vera
Bonus performance screen capture
We continue with nude wrestling, a threesome involving a transsexual (but I think Angelique Ricard is only a drag queen since she had no apparent breast surgery) and the film end with a live sex show performance... unless the show was staged I've learned something new: sometimes the audiences was invited to perform.

Bunny and Buddy Hatton
Angelique Ricard
Champagne and Joey Karson

I didn't have any expectations watching this and to be honest I thought it would be something a bit like the early seventies white-coaters, but it isn't like this at all. In fact it was quite enjoyable with a variety of subject addressed, but I would have liked the segment with Angelique Ricard to be longer. Also if you stay for untill the credits end you will see Ron Jeremy do you know what 😉

Another one that I recommend and you can get it on DVD from Distribpix, but be warned it is an old transfer probably sourced from a tape master.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Illusions of Love (1981)

This is one of the first film made by Cecil Howard, don't let the 1981 date fools you, made in 1975 or 1972 depending of the sources but my guess would be end of 1974 or early in 1975. There was some footage shot between Jamie Gillis and Linda Vale added to the film in 1980 but everything else was shot in the seventies.

The film start with a man named Andrew (Jamie Gillis) walking through the streets of New York and finally taking a room in a cheap hotel. He enter in his room and we see that something isn't right when he get a bottle of vodka and gun out of his bag.

Jamie Gillis

After some drinking he begins to remember events of his past, the beginning of the relation with his wive (Susan Sloan) and another relation with a mysterious woman (Julia Sorel). The way all this is edited we aren't sure when all this happen.

Susan Sloan
Julia Sorel
Andrew continue to drink alone and more memories come back, this time it's the decline of his wedding when his wive began to cheat him constantly (for some reasons this is where the newly shot materials is inserted and, personally, I think it doesn't make sense). After a while a woman (Heather Ellis) knock at his door and enter the room.

Heather Ellis
So after their relation (who is the only one with live sound which could be relevant or not) Andrew left the hotel. Now this is where the story take a confusing turn since he returns home and his wive is waiting for him (earlier we have seen him shoot her and listen a radio flash telling that she was found dead in her apartment. We learn that he was gone for a while and that he is treated by a doctor.

So all those souvenirs at the hotel were they true or just fabrication of Andrew's mind? The end make thing more complicated and even less obvious (as if all this was clear already).

This is a good psychological drama who took a while to be released for some reasons (Howard is a perfectionist so maybe he didn't like the film as it was originally) with a very good and believable performance by Gillis. The story is complicated but it's nice to see something not obvious for a change. Also the score by Jack Justis is excellent, if you have seen the Sarno's films he did the score for you know what kind of music it is. As I said already I don't think the extras materials was necessary and sometimes we jump to a new modern score who doesn't fit at all.

Like many Cecil Howard's film this isn't available on DVD (yet?) but you can rent the movie via VOD exclusively on HotMovies.

The film is different from what Howard will do later in his career, but it's enjoyable and a must if you are a fan of Jamie Gillis.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Between the Sheets (1981)

An Anthony Spinelli's anthology in which a bed frame recounts the sexual encounters that happened on him through history to romance a new mattress who was just put on him. I know that sound stupid, but it isn't and that romance is quite fun to listen to. The story is presented in a series of vignettes and the film is filled with huge stars.

The title song composed by Gene Kauer and Douglas Lackey is quite good

The first story is set during the American Revolutionary War with an Englishman (R.J. Reynolds) courting an American (Annette Haven). This one is the weakest of the lot, Reynolds overact at the point of being just annoying but Haven does a good job as always. 

The second story set in current time is much better. A husband (Richard Pacheco) and his wife (Veronica Hart) talks about a promotion expected by the husband. The wife who was part of the selection committee tell him that he didn't get the job, so he his a little frustrated but Hart charm and laugh will defused the situation. God I love that laugh... Veronica Hart is, if you ask me, the perfect woman.

Next we go to the early seventies with a couple of hippies (Tigr and Joey Silvera). The recreation of the era is well done, but the story is just average.

We go back in time with the fourth one. It is set in the Secession War and it's the encounter of a Yankee soldier (Eric Edwards) and a Southern belle (Arcadia Lake). This one is one of the best and the chemistry is surely there (they were a couple in real life so it's a given) and I love how Arcadia Lake can emote just with her visage.

The fifth story is set in the thirties and is about a criminal (John Leslie) and his girlfriend (Seka) waiting a police raid to happen. This one is great and is fricking funny, you must watch it. Too bad that I'm not a fan of Seka since it would have been the best vignette with another actress.

Finally for the last vignette we jump ahead to the fifties to see a wannabee biker (Randy West) trying to hit a home run with his girlfriend (Vanessa del Rio) with no luck until he decides to give her an engagement ring. Vanessa Del Rio is great in this part of the film and sold easily the two sides of her character. 

Sadly there is no legit release for God knows what reasons since it's a strong film with only one or two problems (and one of them, Seka, is probably just one for me anyway). So it's highly recommend and I sure hope to see it restore some day.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Jewels of the Night (1987)

This film was directed by John T. Bone for Western Visuals, I sure don't understand why neither the iafd or imdb  credit him since he was clearly credited on the tape.

Max (Jose Duval) a businessman is on the way for a business trip to Geneva, before he reviewed with his secretary (Frankie Leigh) the last details. But this isn't what Frank have in mind and what follows is a good verbal domination scene.

During Max's absence his girlfriend (Samantha Strong) and one of her friend (Taija Rae) will stay home to watch the house.

Taija Rae and Samantha Strong

At one point when they are relaxing they hear noises coming from inside the house, so they go check and they find two neighbors in the laundry room ready to clean their dirty clothes as Max gave them the permission to do so.

Peter North and Shone Taylor
Evidently we know what will happen and after all this actions we skip some time later. This time Max's chauffeur (Mike Horner) want to release some steams which he certainly deserve after the teasing show he got at the film beginning. So he will have some fun with Brenda (Honey Wilder) in the kitchen, fun that looks quite uncomfortable if you ask, and he will be caught by Roberta (who is the name of Max's girlfriend) with his pant down.

After Roberta and Brenda leave in car and Karen stays alone, surprise Max came back earlier than expected because he missed his plane... looks like the game time with his secretary wasn't a good idea after all. But staying at home has its benefits too

When you pick a Western Visuals production you are never sure of what you'll get and often you end with an average film, but in this case the result is a good one. What help the movie a lot is the main cast, it's hard to not like a film with Taija Rae and a young Samantha Strong, and the opening and closing parts of the production. Indeed the film start with a good performance by Duval in his power play with his secretary and I bet that a good part of the dialogue was improvised by him. For the closing of the film they use shadows for the beginning of the scene between Jose Duval and Taija Rae which is quite erotic in my book.

So it's a recommended one for me for all the reasons I wrote previously but also because it's one of the few film in which Jose Duval is the leading man.

Frankie Leigh
Honey Wilder

Jose Duval
Nina DePonca
Bonus review from april 88 X rated Video issue

Visions (1977)

Larry (Wade Nicholls) is a musician working in the evening on one of his composition while a muse (Victoria Corsaut) give him the inspiration to do so.

At one point he is interrupted by the building janitor (W.P. Dremak) and they start a conversation together until Larry see his muse go, so he left and follow her. Bad idea, he overhears two burglars who put it down for the count. This is when he fell in a starnge place...

Suzanne McBain

Larry has no choice but to explore this place while pursuing his inspirational muse. He will encounters different worlds until the moment where his muse and him will finally reach each other. 
Sharon Mitchell, Susaye London and Paula Morton

Liz Rakey and David Christopher

 This is when he will have an important decision to take...

This is an excellent Chuck Vincent's production, more a musical and visual poem than a narrative film... There are very few dialogue and not at all while Larry explore the inbetween world, this absence of dialogue is replaced by a variety of classical music and that works very well.

Since I'm Catholic, I don't really have a choice to see this mysterious world as the area we are in when we are between life and death, the netherworld where we must choose if we go to heaven or hell (a Catholic have free will on this matter). Was it really the point of the film? I don't know, but for me it is...

This isn't the most known Chuck Vincent's movie or his best one, but I recommend it if you want to see something different and more clever than your usual adult film.

You can get it on DVD from Distribpix ...