Thursday, January 28, 2021

Future Darkly: Pandemic - Anthony's Date


Another one centered around the isolation effects during a pandemic, but a warning first... this isn't an X rated episode and there is no nudity in it, so not something you usually see reviewed here but since it's part of a series I'll do an exception.

Michael Vegas

Anthony is a bachelor trying the best he can to deal with the pandemic living alone in his home with occasional phone call from his mother to break the routine. A day following his mother advice he decides to use a virtual dating service. In the sense that he won't be connected to real woman but an A.I.

Ana Foxxx

The A.I. talks sex a lot but this isn't what Anthony wants, what he wants is a girl to talk with about day to day stuff. He will become more and more in love with her to the point of neglecting his real life relations in favor of his virtual one... and this is pretty much all.

This is an episode that brought a lot of whining on the Adult Time film comment section, now I can understand some displeasure since there are no sex or nudity in that 26 minutes episode but... it was clearly said by Bree Mills that 50% of that series would be that way on the Adult Time blog. I'm from the seventies school of adult cinema so this isn't the end of the world for me if some episodes are only characters study. Of course I'm fine with it as long as the acting is good and nuanced which was the case here since Michael Vegas is a good actor. Ana Foxxx role is more limited since she plays an A.I. and that doesn't ask for much acting range. 

As I said it's a character study, so I think it's better to not watch it as a standalone but to watch the episode with the other ones in a go, so you won't be bothered by the absence of what make a X rated film a X rated film.

Again at the time of my writing this episode is only available on the Adult Time streaming service. 

Future Darkly: Pandemic - Laura's Delivery


Time to come back to the Future Darkly series with a brand new season centered around the current pandemic we are living with. 

Laura is isolated at her house under a stay at home order, make sense since it's California and they had a curfew, taking care of her sick husband.

Scarlit Scandal

Her only contact with the outside world is the delivery man who comes each day to bring the mail. Everyday is the same routine, Laura takes care of her husband and rush at her a window to catch a glimpse of the mailman. 

Jake Adams

One day the routine change when Laura frustrated with her obligations open the door and talks with the delivery man. He asks her for a date when the situation will be back to normal, but Laura has other plans and she invites the man inside since both of them are virus free (he is tested everyday and she takes all the necessary precautions to block the infection), but first she must rush at her husband bedroom to bring him water.

With this done they can chat with each other and be intimate, this isn't like you can have much fun in bed when your partner is infected.

After the action we skip to the next day and surprise a different delivery man is at the door. She asks him about Brent (they exchanged their names after the sexual exchange) and she learns that the new driver got the assignment the night before.

This is good first episode about the boring and frustrating feelings brought by the fact of being isolated with only a sick person with nothing else to do than nursing that person. The acting was fine and Scarlit Scandal, who just won the Best New Starlet AVN Award, did an excellent job expressing her frustrations without words. The conclusion is a little bit predictable but that's fine and ending the episode differently wouldn't have made sense considering what happened before Laura and Brent physical meeting. Once again Bree Mills gave us an excellent short story.

At the time of this review the episode is only available on the Adult Time streaming service but the complete series will certainly get a DVD/VOD release in a couple of months.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Comments problem

A friend told me last week that he was unable to leave anonymous comments which are allowed on my blog and worked before... so we have a problem.

Obviously the first thing I did was contacting the Blogger help desk... surprise they didn't gave a fuck judging from the absence of reply.

So I did what I should have done from the start... running tests. 

This is the results:

Works fine with Chrome

Works fine with Firefox

Doesn't work with Edge (you shouldn't use this browser anyway)

No idea for Opera, Brave or Internet Explorer (time to upgrade if you use that one) since I don't have them

If you use a smart phone I can't help you since I don't own one.

Hope that will help if you encounter the problem...

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Love Song (2019)


I feel it's time for a movie, so why not take a dive in the Wicked Pictures vault for a film about the music industry...

Ricky is the leader of a young band on the rise and he gets a lot of help and support from his girlfriend Jennifer while waiting for the musical trio to hit the jackpot.

Aiden Ashley and Small Hands

It looks like they finally made it when the band members receive a message from Karen Osborne a well known musical agent who is ready to sign with the band to manage their career.

Joanna Angel

The deal is done on the spot and the next step is to sign the band with a record label, at first the owner isn't interested but Karen knows how to convince Marcus Baker... sending Captain Marvel to seduces him.

Marcus London and Kenzie Taylor

Six months later the band have a CD recorded, a tour planned and some major TV appearances to do. But Jennifer feels that something isn't right when she sees the house that Karen got from Ricky, a house who is way over the money the record sales will bring... you know what's coming if you know your music history.

Kissa Sins and Small Hands

The Ricky Jennifer couple must be broken if Karen wants the complete control, this is what she will do by sending an assistant to charm Ricky while they take a limousine trip to a TV station... the plan works perfectly when the car stop to pick Jennifer to continue the ride. 

Ricky realizing the error he did fell very hard when the reality hit him, he starts drinking and advice Karen that he will leave the band, this is where he realizes how he was played by the agent (many bands could tell the same story). He owes a lot of money, he is stuck in a long term contract and he no longer owns the rights of his musics... 

But don't worry the movie will end on a good note...

Chad Alva and Whitney Wright

That one was really enjoyable since we know that many bands were manipulated and stolen by their management. The cast was also quite credible considering that Small Hands is a real musician, that Aiden Ashley worked many years in the music industry and that Joanna Angel is a business woman. You add some music from Small Hands (to be honest I would have appreciated more music) and you got a hit from Mike Quasar. I just hope that Wicked will continue to make film like this after their purchase by Adult Time.

This one is available on the Wicked Pictures Streaming channel or, if you prefer, on DVD / VOD.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Future Darkly: Eyes in the Sky


Last episode of the first Future Darkly series, Alex and her boyfriend planned a weekend gateway at a cabin in the wood to celebrate their anniversary... We get a very good song playing during their car ride, but I have no clue about what it is.

Adriana Chechik and Seth Gamble

At some point during the drive they pull over for a fast one, but they notice a strange red light and Derek decide to go check what is the cause of it.

He came back and tell her to come see what he found, it's a nest of small jelly eggs. They check and manipulate them and bang! flashlight! Next thing we know is that they are prisoners of a cocoon in a dark room.

From there is pretty much a sex show for a never seen group of aliens, think sex gladiators fighting their way through sex coupling.

Kristen Scott and Ryan McLane

A second couple is there and tell them what this is all about, so they start working finally after a while another light bang happen and Alex wake up near the car where her boyfriend is waiting for her... was it a dream? Did they beat the alien show host? Nope I won't ruin it for you...

This episode is more sex oriented, so some of you should be please. The basic idea is interesting but not developed enough, I would have like to know what happened to the second couples and see what happened just after the film last shot. But Kristen Scott is in the feature so it get the seal of approval from me even if she doesn't do much acting wise. Adriana Chechik and Seth Gamble make a credible couple and their interaction was pretty good. The special effects are well done too...

Not the best episode but enjoyable nonetheless...

As usual you can see it on the Adult Time Streaming service or you can get it on DVD / VOD paired with The Love Hotel.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Future Darkly: The Love Hotel


A woman wake up from a bath of white liquid, in fact she is the sexbot Unit 30562 and it's a day in her life work. She selects the client via a computer screen who gives the name and request of the client, after she accept one she changes to conform to the customer's wishes.

Steve Holmes

We see her go with two different clients, one who wants an all-anal time and one who wants some rough sex (to be honest this isn't really that rough).

Charles Dera

After she ends with her second client someone knock at the door and she doesn't really know how to react since she didn't get any information from the computer. But she is intrigued since this is something that she has never seen before... a woman.

Penny Pax

After opening the door she isn't sure of what to do since she got no instruction but she follows the usual program, taking a token and do what the client wants... obviously it's lesbian sex time. The client leads and guide Unit 30562 on how girl girl sex work. Sadly it will end badly for both of them.

Emily Willis

This episode is pretty much an all-sex affair and to make matter worse it starts with anal sex which isn't my cup of tea, so I enjoyed it less than I did for the previous episodes. On the other hand the last lesbian scene was great. Emily Willis did good playing a robot, I really like her expressions when the other woman came to her room and her reaction following the tragic event at the end. Penny Pax is always good in all-girl scene and it wasn't different this time. 

Obviously if you like anal your enjoyment for the first scene will be higher than mine, so don't let my critic turn you off from a good Emily Willis leading performance.

As usual you can get it via the Adult Time streaming service or on DVD/VOD paired with Eyes in the Sky.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Future Darkly: Smart House of Horrors


Dylan (Donnie Rock) just got a promotion at his job and a new house come with it, his wife Jessica (Jane Wilde) and him are on their way to meet Mrs. Osiris (Angela White) to visit it.

Jane Wilde and Donnie Rock

The house come with a very special feature, a home virtual assistant to manage the place by itself. The virtual assistant already knows the couple and is wired to feel the young couple needs and desires after a simple electronic procedure.

Angela White

Day after day the system will became more and more intrusive in the couple personal life until she will go to the extreme and lock them in the house because they aren't sexually active enough. Obviously they will crack and call Mrs. Osiris to fix the system, but she too will be locked and they won't have any other choices than doing what the system wants them to do... a sexual threesome with the assistance of Mrs. Osiris.

A very good story of how the technology can take over our life easily, we just need to see how the social medias control the life of some people to know that the situation with the virtual system isn't unrealistic. Again the acting is top notch, I really like how the performers get a real chance to act in those features since there is always a long introduction before starting the sex. Talking of sex I really love the sexual energy that Jane Wilde gives off, a real turn on when you feel that a performer enjoy the moment.  Add some great visual camera works by Matt Holder and a twist ending and you get another winning Bree Mills' features.

As usual you can watch it on the Adult Time streaming service (it's the first episode coming with multi-language subtitle tracks) or on DVD / VOD paired with Don't Panic!

Monday, January 11, 2021

Future Darkly: Don't Panic!


Caitlyn and Jake are back from a late dinner in the city and while they are ready to go talking a disaster struck! A shower of unidentified objects fell from the sky!!!

Fast forward three months we discover we discover that the event caused the end of the world as we know it. The couple survived however their situation isn't that great, they need food and water a commodity that is scarce in this brand new world.

Elena Koshka

They decide to go on a walk to find what they need to survive and after a while they will encounter a suspicious man (played by an uncredited Curious Judas) who after trading information against a watch will tell them where to find water (spoiler alert... he sent them on a goose chase).

Logan Pierce

After a while they realize that were fooled by the man but decide to continue, a good decision since they find an abandoned house and, jackpot, canned food! But the celebration will be short, a man with a gun target them.

Dick Chibbles

Now the situation isn't as bad as it could be, the man offers them a deal... the canned food and a can opener in exchange of a sexual relation with Caitlyn. She isn't that pleased with the cost of the food but her boyfriend convince her to do the deed and he goes out with the food to wait for the relation to end.

Bree Mills usual uncredited cameo

This episode doesn't have the science fiction vibe of the previous ones and doesn't really fit in the series, not that it wasn't enjoyable since it's a credible end of the world scenario. Big bonus for not going all cover girl mode, like so many mainstream movies do, since that would have ruined the concept. The acting was fine and Elena Koshka did a really good job playing a not interested and reluctant sex partner. The end without being a surprise wasn't the everyone's happy ending that we are used too.

Like the other episodes you can watch it via the Adult Time streaming service or on DVD / VOD in a double features with Smart House Of Horrors.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Future Darkly: Artifamily


A team of scientists is working on a robot, a cyborg or something else and we see them from the point of view of the operated one... evidently a nice reference to Robocop.

Bree Mills, Nina Hartley and Billy Visual

The team is from the Artifamily Corporation who operate in the cloning technology, helping family to deal with the grieving process of a loved one but they can only provide one clone once for a client. 

Robert a man who just lost his wife and his daughter in a car accident is waiting anxiously in the waiting area since he his the client for whom the procedure is done. 

Since only one clone can be created the team goes for the most viable one (don't ask me why one is more than the other since the DNA should be as good for both) and it's his daughter.

Jill Kassidy

For some reasons the clone is filled with lust and all she talks about is sex and she wants her father to do the deed. Obviously Robert doesn't want it this way (a nice change from the usual narrative) and he will slowly but surely lose his mind more and more each days. He will finally go for it since what is in front of him isn't his daughter or his step-daughter but a sophisticated machine.

Tommy Pistol

That was another solid entry with a nice be careful of what you wish for angle. As it was the case with White Room they take all the necessary time to set the short story and as a nice twist from the usual formula this isn't the father who wants the incestuous relation (in fact you see his deception after the procedure that the clone isn't his wife) but the daughter. Tommy Pistol got an acting nomination for his role and watching the feature it's easy to understand why. I got some laugh from Jill Kassidy performance playing a sex driven clone.

You can watch this one on the Adult Time streaming service or you can buy it on DVD / VOD in a double features with White Room.

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Future Darkly: The White Room


Vincent (Michael Vegas) is a shy school bus driver for an all-girl school, but he is more than that when his work day is over... he is a gamer and we don't talk Pac-Man here.

He plays a virtual gaming system who is modified in a way to become a sex simulation and to spice things up he use the DNA of his student passengers to add his virtual sex slaves in the game.

Carolina Sweets

The game rules are simple, he does one girl and the other ones must act as if they were jealous of his pick of the day. The trick to make everything go smoothly is to removed the personality from the girl's DNA when they are added to the virtual world.

The game creation process

One day while adding a new girl to the game he receives a call distracting him and he enters the new slave with her personality. Which means that she isn't a blank state and recognize the other girls in the white room as being her schoolmates. 

Whitney Wright

With this knowledge they will change the rules of the game and by doing so adding a fatal bug to the game who will result to its destruction.

Carolina Sweets, Alison Rey and Gracie May Green

This is a great introduction to a science fiction adult series, in fact Bree Mills wrote a story that could be easily part of a mainstream science fiction anthology... minus the sex of course. Michael Vegas does a good job playing the two different sides of his character and Whitney Wright is also great in her role. I like how the narrative takes its time to set everything and doesn't go sex mode immediately. The final act could have been a little bit better with less people but this isn't that big of deal.

As usual forget about all the "I'm eighteen" lines used to play safe since the girls are clearly high school student and live the fantasy as it should be played.

You can see the episode on the Adult Time streaming service or you can buy it on DVD or VOD paired with Artifamily who will be my next episode review tomorrow.