Friday, August 30, 2019

The Swap (1990)

Judy (Jennifer Stewart) and Steve (Joel Lawrence) are a stable and in love couple but they have one problem... they can't get a child as much as they try to, the fact is that Steve can't produce one.

Clara (Sharon Kane) and Greg (Jerry Butler) the best friends of the first couple, kind of since Judy can't stand Greg, have the same trouble but with them the problem is Clara.

One night the couples go together to a work party which happen to be a swinger party... they aren't too happy to realize it but an idea is planted from there (ok they never say so but that make sense to me).

The idea is to use Greg to make child with Judy since both of them are fertile... doesn't meant that it will work the first time. So while one of the meet up the other members of the couples end doing it too.

Finally in the end it will work and Judy become pregnant but there is another surprise in the bag...

A perfect example of a film made for the couple market. Very romantic in the coupling action and relation with a decision, even if it's logical, who goes against the usual conventions since except for the orgy (obviously) and the first scene between Butler and Kane there are no external cum shot. Of course the film is predictable and you know that it will work, but it doesn't make a difference since it's well acted and the story is interesting (I even started thinking if I would do the same if it was me in that situation... I would).

Another winner from Paul Thomas and highly recommended, but I don't think it is available on DVD.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Eleven (1980)

Hal Jordan (Jon Martin) had dreams of a perfect woman and he consult with a psychiatrist (Dale Meador) about them, the doctor set him for consultations with a sex therapist (Bonnie Holiday) to explore a series of phantasms. But will this bring a meet up with the girl of his dreams and does she exist?

Jon Martin
Dale Meador
Bonnie Holiday
Funny how picking film randomly does things... I just watched a movie with the same theme not that long ago, but obviously this is a better production.

This film from the Lewis brothers is well done and to be honest this isn't a surprise... The progression of the fantasy doesn't look random so no feeling of watching a loops carrier that happen so often with those type of film. This is particularly well edited by who know who and well shoot by Ken Gibb probably... not many technical credits are given in the opening titles. A good cast with some big names and some new visages play the fantasy vignettes and Jon Martin, a pioneer from the early days we often forget, does a really good job.

Brenda Vargo, Ken Scudder and Susan Nero
David Morris and Dhaije Taan 
Sonya Summers
Elaine Davis
Did I recommend it? Of course I do, but be ready to see the annoying VCX watermark non stop on the screen...

Brooke West... no discussion here, she's an 11.

Monday, August 26, 2019

The Diary of My Secret Life (1971)

This film is set in the 19th century and they did some efforts so it isn't your usual set in a room early West Coast production. Of course it's a little bit cheap, the sets aren't perfect and the camera work left a little bit to desired but it's betterly done than most film from that era. 

The film is based on a book (they say so and I'm too lazy to search so I'll take their words on this) written by an anonymous author this is why the director use a different character for each stories which is fine because who would want four scenes with Hobe Ferris and his disgusting dick?

There isn't much to say story wise since the format of the book involved a loop carrier format. The first story is about a man and his maid (Sandi Carey and Billy Lane), the second is about a nobleman adventure with two ladies of the night (William Howard, Nancy Martin and Orita De Chadwick), third one is again concern a man and his pregnant maid (Keith Erickson and Eve Orlon) and finally the last one is about a man and a soon to be married harlot (Hobe Ferris and Monica Wilson).

As you will see in the captures this is a wig festival 😃

Sandi Carey and Billy Lane

William Howard, Nancy Martin and Orita De Chadwick
Keith Erickson and Eve Orlon
Hobe Ferris and Monica Wilson
The quality of what I have watch wasn't that great and the film cut before the end, not that I think that much is missing but it's annoying. The SWV DVD-R quality is maybe better than the ABA version but since I don't own that disc I can not guarantee it. Anyway it isn't something I would call essential, but on the other hand the ABA four discs set (Young Lust Volume 1) who include this film contains some interesting films like Teenage Runaway, Flossy a Venus of 15 and Oh! Fanny so it could worth a purchase if you can find it for a cheap price.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Real Men Eat Keisha (1987)

A man follow sexual counseling because he has sex trouble since he can only perform in his fantasies of an oriental maid... fantasy so complex that he also has a fictional wife to go with his illusions.

Jerry Butler, the client
Sharon Mitchell, the therapist
Kristara Barrington, the oriental maid
After their last encounter the therapist consult about the case with a colleague (or her husband this isn't very clear, but the first option make more sense) and it ends in a role play sex session where they play the client and the maid (how it helps is anyone guess).

Sharon Mitchell and Buddy Love
The problem continue for Butler when he calls a sex line and ask the operator if she is Asian which she is (at least she said so) and we are treated with a lesbian encounter involving his phantasm.

Tess Feree and Kristara Barrington
He is so sure that his oriental maid is on the other side of the line that he asks her to come at his home... surprise, she isn't his Asian fantasy woman but Keisha which is much better in my book but not in his.

Jerry Butler and Keisha
While Butler phantasm again, a threesome this time, the therapist consult with a couple who have a big problem. The husband is a voyeur and his only happy when he sees other people making love, the trouble is so big that they want to divorce. No way the therapist wants that to happen so she trick the woman by asking them to make love in her office while she masturbate to help the husband perform... it works.

Robert Bullock and an attractive but unknown actress
Will Butler gets over his make believe fixations at the end? You'll know if you watch it, I won't spoil the end (not that you can't guess already how it will end anyway).

This is one tape I rented back in the days that left me frustrated, why? Because I expected a movie starring Keisha, I mean the title kind of implies it but it isn't the case at all and the Keisha's role is very minor. In fact if you take it as a love letter to Kristara Barrington the film is perfectly enjoyable and I recommend it.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Schoolgirl's Reunion (1976)

First thing first the film isn't about an high school reunion... The movie starts with Roger Caine (This is how the character played by Caine is named) evoke his memories of his football high school starring days on the field. After a while he notices Melanie (Kim Pope) and goes talking with her.

Both of them talk about their high school days starting with Caine talking about the adventure he had with his coach's wife (Renée Duval)... here I have an advantage since I understand the song and all the dialogue.

Next Melanie talks about the love her roommate felt for Caine back in the days and how she was tricked by Barney and his girlfriend to do a threesome for a chance to meet the football star.

Alan Marlowe, Kim Pope and C.J. Laing
Next it's Caine turn and he tells a story where he let Barney use his name to trick some girls, yeah Barney is kind of a garbage person, to enter in a strip poker game with one of his friend (Bobby Astyr) in the evening... and the game sure end in a better way than my strip poker game back in the days.

Jean Dalton, Bobby Astyr and Linda Trussell
Finally the cat got out of the bag, we know it already but not Caine, when Melanie tells how she was played as a fool during a victory party. This is the night Barney send her with Roger to confess her love to him and more, but there is a problem the football star is completly drunk and all the party guests enter in the bedroom after to "tease" Melanie.

This bad "joke" will cause Melanie to quit school and disapeared. But she wasn't the only who left because of this...

I told it before but I really like Shaun Costello's films, sure most of them are one day shoot mostly improvised but he knows how to make a good and enjoyable movie something we can't say about many film directors. This one, shoot probably in two days (too much locations to be a day only) is no exception with a good performance from Kim Pope and Roger Caine... highly recommanded.

Also Tubular Bells is used so you know that it's a Costello's production even if you don't know that Amanda Barton is one of his alias 😉

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

True Crimes of Passion (1984)

Janey Robins plays a private investigator in this kind of film noir movie. We follow her on three of her investigations which are detailed via a narration by our detective. 

Janey Robbins
The first case is about a man who hired her to follow his wife to see if she had an affair... indeed she does. But the detective is caught doing her works and she is brought by the two women to jump in the action... wait this isn't all, she must call her client and ask him to come meet her so all this turns as a foursome.

Both actresses are unknown
For the second case she came to help one of her friend who is scared since one of the criminal put in jail by her brother (who is a DA) just escape and threaten her. Indeed he will and it will be the best moment of the film. Indeed the escapee is already here disguised as a maid and after he drugs the detective he puts his revenge in action. As I said this is where is the best moments in the film... rape, incest, gay sex and transsexual action.

Janey Robbins and her friend (another unknown)

Kim Christy
The final investigation is about a case of industrial espionage (at least this is what I understood). But this is the worst of the trio as it's predictable and a bit deceptive... see with Leo Ford playing the clent I expected something else in the final act since Ford is a gay porn actor.

Janey Robbins and Leo Ford

For a first dip in that genre the result was enjoyable, but I can't honestly rate it since I have no reference to compare it too (of course I have seen A Passage thru Pamela but it's different). So if gay sex don't turn you off give it a chance.

No choice to mention Johnny Canada since I'm Canadian

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Doogan's Woman (1978)

Rick Trencher (a rare starring role for Tony Richards) an European fashion photographer is called back from Spain by Doogan a magazine publisher for a contract. 

Tony Richards
Philip Marlowe, the magazine publisher with Susan McBain
But Trencher doesn't know that something is waiting for him... Annette (Susan McBain) have a revenge plan in her book. A simple plan; meet him at home, start a sexual encounter, cry rape and tell it to her boss (she works for the magazine).

The plan in motion
Finally the plan is a success and Trencher only get low grade porn shootout contract. Which of course brings the most notorious moment from this film.

Who's hungry?
But Trencher will get the last laugh after learning that Annette was a porn performer after a conversation with Rob (Eric Edwards).

Eric Edwards and Tony Richards
Richard Mailer like Shaun Costello did a lot of one or two days shooting production, but the comparison stops here. Let be honest, if it wasn't for the Eric Edwards and Sharon Mitchell bath scene (who is almost ruined by a dumb editing decision) nobody would care about this film after all those years. The story doesn't make much sense, Mailer kind of forget it anyway, and it is more an excuse to filled the screen with sex scenes after sex scenes (some of them aren't that great).

Average at best, but in that case I must say that it worths a watch for the spaghetti shooting... I hope Eric Edwards got a bonus for performing like a pro here....

Original Theatrical poster

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Aroused (1985)

Allison (Traci Lords) and her boyfriend (Steve Powers) are on the way to a house where she will learn everything she needs to know about sex.

At least this is what you believe... you see this is a fantasy she had writing a novel! Yep none of this was real which is a good thing since we can't forget that lameass S&M scene with Tom Byron.

She wears glasses so you know that she is a shy and serious novelist
From there everything is fantasy (when she spy her neighboors) or reality (when she calls her friend). Untill the end who is quite confusing since it rewind to the beginning for, my guess, another fantasy.

This is the time when Gary Graver's work quality began to go down, of course it will become even worse later in his career but the days of his high budget films are long gone. Honestly this is boring and average at best. To be honest if it wasn't for the fact it is one of those films you can't watch anymore in theory it would be forgetten like many other direct to video productions. 

Feel free to skip the film it doesn't worth the efforts to find it...

Ali Moore, she got an introducing credit even if she did her first film two years before
Kristara Barrington, the only good reason to watch this