Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Hysteria (2022)


One of my most anticipated release this year since it's the directing comeback of Stormy Daniels to Wicked Pictures. Her films always had a special quality and I'm curious to see if something will be different now.

Aiden Ashley

Anna (Aiden Ashley) is an author living what seems like a perfect life with her wife Christine (Anna Claire Clouds), but quickly we realized that everything is far from being idyllic portrait that we saw in the film opening. Everything was in the past and the couple is no more due to Christine having an adventure at her art gallery.

Anna Claire Clouds

Not only the couple is ancient history but Anna also suffers from a major case of writer's block that her agent (Casey Calvert) doesn't help with the pressure she put on Anna to publish her new book.

Casey Calvert

Now there is a big elephant in the room I didn't mention: Christine was murdered and the killer was never found. Obviously this is the major cause of Anna trouble, she's on medication and consult a therapist... even more she's one of the suspect even if evidences cleared her. As if this wasn't enough Anna is constantly haunted by noises in her house.

Seth Gamble

From there I stop my recap since I don't want to spoil the story since this one is highly story oriented and no one like to have everything revealed from a review or a trailer... this is why I always watch the film I review with almost no previous knowledge.

Ryan Driller and Charly Summer

Now the big question... is it a good comeback for Stormy Daniels? Yes it was. I'm a sucker for adult cinema where the story is as important as the sex is so it's exactly the genre of adult movie I love. But of course a good story isn't enough to make a film good... you need a good cast who can act, thankfully this was the case here. Aiden Ashley, who is in my opinion the most underrated actress in the industry, is amazing and she gave a performance worthy of a best actress of the year award (something she should have got two years ago for Killer on the Loose) without her the film wouldn't be what it is. Casey Calvert was also very good in her role, sometimes we forget it but she is not only a good director but also a fine actress. In fact there is no weak link in the cast, even the small secondary parts like Ryan Driller, Chris Cock (even with the ridiculous stage name) or Charly Summer are credible. On the sex side I was sold right from the start with the passionate and erotic scene between Aiden and Anna Claire Clouds. Now if you like endless 40 minutes plus sex scenes you will be deceived since this isn't what we got here... this is why the film is 1h48 long and not 3 hours.

Chris Cock

The only small negative comment I have about the film is about the end that feels a little bit rushed and should have been developed a little bit more, but all in all that was a very good watch and I'm glad that Stormy Daniels didn't lost her magic directing touch during her pause.

Aiden Ashley

At the time of my writing the film is exclusive on the Wicked streaming service but usually their films get a general release quickly and I highly recommend that you to give it a chance when you'll see the movie at the place you usually buy your film (unless you are already a Wicked member and you can watch it already). Honestly of all the modern films I have reviewed this is the one that looks the most like something that could have been made during the seventies when the barrier between mainstream and adult cinema was non-existent.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Grinders (2022)


First major production in 2022 that I know of since I can't watch everything from Ricky Greenwood who is, as you should know already, my favorite adult film director. The film is set in December 1999 so a period I kind of know since it was my first university years. 

Lucky (Lucky Fae) is at the stage between high school and college which is usually the time when we don't really know what we want to do with our life. Two choices are in front of him, a life of party with his friends or a more serious grown up road.

Lucky Fae and Maya Woulfe

Currently he is a school drop-out having the time of his life with his friends which is surely a good thing since his mother throw him out and he can't stand his father (the feeling are mutual). We got a good image of the family dynamic when he shows up at the father home to pick up some stuff in the garage and his father accused him of stealing and being a good for nothing loser (I paraphrase here).

Vicki Chase and Tommy Pistol

Wanting to change his mind Lucky goes at the skate park to meet his friends. They hang out for a while and decide to go pick Morgan (Maya Woulfe) to spend some time at the house of one of Robby (Robby Echo) friend he "takes care of" while he is on vacation. 

Robby Echo and Charlotte Sins

After the misadventure at the house Lucky is relaxing with Paul (Nathan Bronson) at the warehouse apartment when the subject of Paul going to jail the next day is discuss. He wants to take over the business while Paul will be away... Paul doesn't want Lucky since he is a good artist with a future, but he finally gave up and set a meeting between his main supplier and Lucky later that evening... be ready for a big surprise and a fricking great acting performance during that meeting.

Nathan Bronson

After the discussion with the supplier it's time for Paul's party and I must say it's an amazing party with a kickass band! At the stroke of midnight Lucky and Morgan go on the roof to end the evening and share their blossoming love. 


Charlotte Sins, Vanna Bardot, Lilly Bell, Nathan Bronson and Robby Echo

When morning come it's time to come back to reality, Paul is going to jail and the big question is what will Lucky do? Continue to follow the path he is on or grow up and follow Morgan to Texas... nope I won't tell what he decides. 

Maya Woulfe

Simply said... the best film released by Adult Time since Teenage Lesbian! I didn't know what to expect from Lucky Fae since I never saw him as a first role type of guy but his performance was amazing... seriously it's the role he was born to play. Tommy Pistol is Tommy Pistol and once again he gave a great performance that kind of hit near home since I have that type of relation with my father since my twenties. Obviously I don't need to say that I have a bias for Maya Woulfe and once again she shows why she should have got the Best New Starlet Award last year. The rest of the casting was just perfect and it was nice for a change to see Nathan Bronson playing something else than a step son or a step brother. Money was put in the production and it shows... the cast of principal actors and extras was big, the original music kick ass, the make-up doesn't look cheap (in fact Maya was really cute with that wig), the set dressing for the skate park was really good and if you need an evidence of the care put in the film you just need to look at the underwater cinematography at the pool. The sex obviously was good, even the anal who isn't my cup of tea didn't put me off, and always nice to keep the best for last since we don't get Lucky and Maya until the end when they realize that they are in love with each other.

Lilly Bell and Vanna Bardot

No surprise here I guess but I highly recommend this film who is available exclusively, at the time of my writing, from the Adult Time streaming service. I can't wait to see the next Greenwood's big project!


Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Revenge (2022)


After the kidnapping of her sister by Tony, an old acquaintance who went to jail because of her, Emily is place in front of a non choice... she must stole a fortune in crypto currency from a new crypto start up or her sister will be killed.

Emily Willis and Tony Carrera

Obviously she goes for option number one and to hit the three targets she needs a group of professional... good thing that she is an expert with that type of job and already have an old crew. A team of six women is easily build and it's time to set the plan in motion.

Ricky Mancini and Tiffany Leiddi

The first step is to get the code the software engineer in charge of the crypto app. This is easily done by keeping him and his wife busy at a sex club while their babysitter is switched with a member of the group who will get the needed info from his computer.

Anissa Kate

After getting the first code it's time to get the second one. The target this time is the owner of the public face of the crypto currency and since the switcheroo worked great previously the method is use once again with success... two got one to go.

Tony Carrera and Candie Luciani

The third code is in the hand of Igor the Russian investor fronting the project. This last step needs more than switching someone with someone else and each member of the group must be involve this time. Let just say that it's a great finish with a seven people orgy... at least the Russian will have a great time while being stolen.

Marcello Bravo and Anna Polina

The mission is a success and with the three codes the team stole all the millions from the crypto project and Emily's sister is set "free"...

Clea Gaultier and Eve Sweet

Being a french speaker Marc Dorcel was a big part of my formative years which was a good thing since France was were the high quality adult movies were made back than and it was the case for many years as American production was mostly cheap shoot of tape mess. After all those years Video Marc Dorcel is always synonym with high quality productions. an interesting story (kind of like Ocean's Eleven but with a women crew doing the hit... certainly better than the American women remake) with a twist, a lot of different locations which always give a more film like quality and an European all-star cast lead by Emily Willis who does quite a good job acting and sex wise. Even clocking at 140 minutes the movie doesn't feel long at all, the flow between the storyline and the sex is perfect... not a single sex scene feels like a filler. Obviously the sex is hot and with a big cast you have a little bit of everything for everyone.

The team

I highly recommend this one and I wouldn't be surprise to see it being rewarded at the adult industry award ceremonies as the best foreign feature film this year.

Available in english, french or spanish VOD everywhere but not streaming yet on xillimite (the Marc Dorcel streaming service).