Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Back In The Game (2020)


A vignettes film about rebounding relationship directed and written by Mike Quasar, so we know already that it's romantic and made for the couple market.

Derrick Pierce and Whitney Wright

After years of marriage Derrick is in the process of divorcing his wife. He is in a new relation with Whitney and everything goes well but... Whitney isn't sure if he really love her or if she is only a temporary solution to a permanent problem because he always talks of and talks with his ex-wife. Whitney breaks and Derrick goes in the living room to comfort and reassure Whitney that she is more than a rebound girl for him. A very good scene to start the film, well acted and passionate.

Kira Noir and Seth Gamble

Seth just started a relationship with Kira and they are very much in love but... Kira always takes pictures of them, so much so that Seth begins to find this selfie addiction suspicious. He does some research and realizes that she posts those pictures online to make her ex-boyfriend jealous. Feeling like the second wheel Seth has a chat with Kira about his sentiments. She understands his reasoning and throw the phone telling him that she will stop. Once again this is a very good scene, well acted and romantic.

Bella Rolland and Lucas Frost

Bella is working on her computer when she gets a message, her boyfriend just dumb her by email. She decides to go on a date with Lucas, a friend of a friend of her brother. The date goes very well, so much that they end in the bed but when Bella tells Lucas that she loves him she starts freaking out. She fears that he is just the rebound guy for her and she doesn't to hurt him like she just got hurt. Lucas tells her that he is ready to take the risk. Another great scene, in fact the best of the quartet. As I said before I think that Bella Rolland is one of the most underrated star actually: she is beautiful, have a body to die for and she is a very good actress... why she doesn't get more important roles is a complete mystery to me.  

Tommy Pistol and Maya Kendrick

Maya was left by her boyfriend and Tommy who is her best friend tries the best he can to comfort her. They go take a drink to talk and we learn that Maya was the Brian's rebound girl. Later both of them return home, but Maya can't fall asleep and she decides to call Tommy who immediately runs to Maya. They talk again and Maya confess to Tommy that she loves him and wants to be with him. At first he isn't sure about this, but decides to go with the flow. Another great scene in which Tommy realizes the guy in the friend zone dream, well acted again and once again a beautiful romantic sex scene.

Bella Rolland

I strongly recommend this film since this is one of those rare vignettes film who is excellent from beginning to end. Everybody in the cast do a very good job, seriously all their emotions are believable. The camera works is fantastic and the script is quite enjoyable.  Say what you want but Mike Quasar is the master of the romantic couple film.

You can stream this film on the Wicked Pictures streaming service if you're a member, if not you can get the movie on DVD or VOD at the usual online store where you usually purchase your adult pictures.

Losers Never Get Laid (2017)


Time for a comedy and I picked one directed by Dick Chibbles for Adam & Eve, so nothing extreme just good clean fun.

Connor Kennedy

Mike (Connor Kennedy) is, to be polite, a loser and a nerd who haven't had much luck with the women since his girlfriend (Mercedes Carrera) left him for another man (Evan Stone). He counts on his best friend Jared (Tommy Pistol) but this isn't like he can help that much, his method is to pay the girls to be with him.

Tommy Pistol

They plan an evening at a gay bar, as Jared said there is less competition for the hot girls in a gay bar (I don't think that it works like that). We will never know if this is true or not since Mike shows up alone at the place and at least he catch the attention of a gay customer (David Lord). Jared is waiting for him at another club with two other girls.

David Lord

Of course Jared did pay one of the girl to be with him and the other one (Britney Amber) is Mike's date. In theory she is, but Mike being Mike she lose interest fast and goes for a stranger alone at a table. They go at the bathroom for a good time and Mike got himself kick out of the bar for being a creepy peeping tom.

Tommy Gunn and Britney Amber

Mike is knocked out near the trash container, he wakes up, pick a magazine and this is the night were is life will be changed forever. Ron Jeremy will mentor him to improve his method with the opposite sex, but he is the only one who can see him. He'll try the Jeremy's method first on two strippers he meet at a club but that result as a girl girl scene.

Sasha Heart and Skylar Snow

After a virtual visit to Mike's ex-girlfriend it is now time for the real test. He will have to pick a girl with the help of Ron who will tell him what to say... and it works great since he left the club with three women!

Miranda Miller, Katie Morgan and Alexa Grace

Mike finally learns the obvious: confidence and believing in ourselves is the key to a better romantic life. He turns his life around, gets his own company and gives a job to his friend Jared who didn't change... he always pay women to be with him.

Mercedes Carrera and Evan Stone

I won't say that it wasn't predictable, it's pretty much the type of romantic comedy where the plain character ends with the popular guy but this time the character is a guy and not a girl. One thing I must give to the film is the casting of Connor Kennedy for the loser, he was perfect for this role since he doesn't look like a typical male performer but a kid. I can't say that I'm a big fan of Ron Jeremy but he did a good job and got some funny moments. Talking of fun time, David Lord is awesome in his gay character (wait for the end credits for more of him) and Tommy Pistol is also good playing another loser (come on, he isn't much better than Mike). The sex is conventional but it does the job, I've particularly appreciated the girls scene (what a surprise right...) and the threesome at the conclusion. Too bad Dick Chibbles didn't do more movies since that was a fun little unpretentious comedy.

I've watched the film via my Gamelink Unlimited account, but if you aren't a member you can easily find the movie on DVD and VOD where you usually purchase your adult film.

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Terror Camp (2019)


In the summer of 2017 a group of students and their teacher (Alexis Fawx) went to the Los Padres Forest area to investigate a series of unexplained disappearances... two years later their footage is found but none of them. A detective (Silvia Sage) review the materials to see if the previous detectives on the case miss something.

Silvia Sage

On the way to the camp site the group of students stop to pick a hitchhiker (Abigail Mac) and after this interruption they arrive at the Dry Lake Campgrounds to set everything. At first everything goes well but... Someone or something knock on the camp windows all night and every times the girls go to check they see nothing, even worst the teacher disappear during the night. Aidra suspect that Cecilia is behind all this since she doesn't seem to care at all about the project.

Charlotte Stokely and Aidra Fox

The bad omen is always over the camp since Aiden and Abigail vanish too during the day. Cecilia decide to go alone to the nearest city, a ten miles walk. Charlotte and Aidra stay together and they start talking, this is where Aidra reveals that she does that research because her sister vanished from that site previously (which explain the first scene of the film between Gianna Dior and Shyla Jennings.

Aiden Ashley and Abigail Mac

After a while Aidra decides that it's time to resume her research, Charlotte doesn't want to go but she doesn't want to stay at the camp alone either so they decide to go together. They walk for a certain time until they decide to set their tent for the night. 

Cecilia Lion

Same as the previous night they heard a lot of noises and something knock on the tent. T
hey comfort each other during this scary night and the last image we see of her is the attack on their tent the following day.

Gianna Dior and Shyla Jennings

This is another winner from Ricky Greenwood, the story is interesting and we really want to know what caused the girls disappearance... sadly we never learn the why (so we need a sequel) but there are some red herrings to set possible explanations. The casting is perfect (but I would have liked to see Shyla Jennings in the students group), I knew already that Aiden Ashley and Charlotte Stokely were good actresses but the revelation in this film for me was Aidra Fox. She's not only a very beautiful woman but she can act as well as the best one. The four scenes in the film are great example of girls scenes well done and none of them are fillers (at first I thought the first one was but there is a reason for it). Another positive is the cinematography, thank God they didn't went with the shaky cam that goes with the found footage genre because I find that so annoying.

Cecilia Lion and Alexis Fawx

You can watch the movie from the Sweetheart Video streaming service if you are a member, if not you can buy the film on DVD or VOD at your usual online store.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Snow White XXX (2014)


Since Disney are actually working on a live action remake of Snow White that will certainly sucks like all the other ones they did, so why not review the live adaptation of the classic fairy tale directed by Axel Braun.

Katie St. Ives and Ash Hollywood

Today is the birthday of the King and to celebrate the occasion the Queen have a special gift for him, two fairies to fulfill all his sexual desires. But all this is part of a plan to kill the King so the Queen will become the sole sovereign of the land. After a long night of lovemaking the king's heart gave up...

Barrett Blade

One more obstacle stand in her way, the Kings' daughter Snow White. To fix this inconvenience she enlist the help of the huntsman which whom she have an adventure. His mission is to bring Snow White to the forest, killing her and bringing her heart back to the Queen.

Jessica Drake

The huntsman is unable to kill Snow White and, after hiding her in an haunted cabin, he brings the heart of an animal to the Queen to prove that the deed is done. Sounded like a good plan but she realizes the switcheroo and with the help of her mirror spirit she poison an apple.

Riley Steele

An old hag is responsible of bringing the poisoned apple to Snow White. After accepting the gift she takes a bite and lost consciousness immediately. While she is knocked out she receives a visit of the Queen inside her mind.

Riley Steele and Jessica Drake

Later a prince finds her unconscious in the wood with the help of the dwarf ghosts (yeah no little people in this version) and she thank him with a lovemaking session. One month later Snow White returns to the castle and unsurprisingly the Evil Queen tries to kill her. But she fails as one of the guard kills the queen. Snow White and the Prince get married and will life happily ever after... unless.

Riley Steele and Ryan Driller

As expected this was really enjoyable, even if we know the story as we all read it when we were younger. Riley Steele is perfect as Snow White bringing the perfect innocence and look for the role. Jessica Drake is also great as the Evil Queen, in fact she got more screen time and actions than Riley Reed but that make sense since Snow White is suppose to be pure and innocent. Some could complain about the absence of the dwarves, but that's fine with me since I didn't need a gangbang with seven little persons. The set decoration is well done (the castle interiors could have been a little better on the other hand), the costumes are very good and I really love the soundtrack. My only critics are the inclusion of the scene between Riley Steele and Jessica Drake (not that I don't like a girls scene but that felt forced and superfluous) and the use of prophylactics since that destroy the illusion.

Riley Steele

You can watch the film via the Wicked streaming service if you are a member or you can buy it on DVD or VOD at every adult online or stream it if you have an unlimited account at some store (I know obviously that GameLink is one of them since I own an unlimited account).

Monday, June 21, 2021

The Hot Wives 4 (2021)


Not a feature as I usually review this time, but a vignettes concept. So it's basically a series of loops based on a common theme: hotwifing. What is hotwifing? Easy, it's happily married couple exploring sex outside their marriage to enhance it and live some fantasy.

Tommy Gunn and Crystal Taylor

In the first vignette, Crystal have her first hotwifing experience with an older man. She wants to keep her options open in case she would change her mind... obviously she doesn't. The scene is quite romantic and it was great to see Tommy Gunn I haven't seen in many films recently. I must say that Crystal Taylor who is a relative newcomer have an amazing tattoo on her lower back.

Rachael Cavalli and Quinton James

Second vignette. Rachael is alone at a club when the barman notice her and he starts a conversation with her. She gives him a sheet with her hotel room number and she tells him to meet her there at the end of his work shift. Once again this is a very romantic scene and it ends on joke since contrary to what he thought Rachael isn't a bad girl cheating on her husband.

Aiden Ashley and Derrick Pierce

In the penultimate scene, Aiden have some reservation about this hotwifing experience, not that it is her first rodeo but Derrick is her husband best friend and she fears the consequences. They have a long conversation and decide, obviously, to go with it. Now this is the one I waited for since Aiden Ashley never disappoint, honestly I have never seen her giving a bad performance. She's matched with Derrick Pierce another veteran so the scene is just great and the chemistry sell the performance perfectly. That scene have the most dialogue since Aiden and Derrick are also good actors who can handle lines.

Alex Mack and Natasha Nice

We conclude with Natasha who will film her encounter with one of her husband student. Which means that we will end with a bang since Natasha Nice is one of those women who age like wine, she just get hotter with each passing years. She often does eyes contact with the camera (not the one hold by Mike Quasar but the one on the table) and we even get the camera point of view at some point. Obviously I love this vignette since I prefer women with bigger natural breast in real life.

All in all the release was enjoyable since we have four different type of actresses, so there is a little bit of everything for everyone.  I'm not sure if it worth a purchase (the DVD comes with a behind the scenes extra if you choose to go this way) but it's definitively worthy of a rent.

You can find it easily in most adult web adult stores on DVD and VOD.

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Blue Moon Rising (2021) - Part 2


Time for the middle part of the most recent Ricky Greenwood's film, I have already reviewed the first part a couple of weeks ago so if you need a refresher just click the link...

One month later Aiden is at a bar and it's a slow evening at the place, so much so that the owner thinks about closing early.

Aiden Ashley

She starts a conversation with the barman (Brad Newman) and one of the other client (Nicole Sage), she talks about her boyfriend who cheated on her and that maybe they could use the fact that nobody else is there to help her having her revenge on him. That doesn't fall in deaf ears and it's time for hot revenge sex.

Nicole Sage

Next it's time to go back at the investigation of Dante Colle's character murder, not much happen here but we see some very gruesome crime scene pictures. This is the only time we will see the detective Greenwood (Tommy Pistol) in this episode.

Shawn Alff and Tommy Pistol

After that short interlude, we meet Aiden in her bed with someone (her boyfriend?) while she is haunted by flashbacks of Dante murder including a blink and you'll miss it detail (no I won't say it). She goes out for a walk and stop at the window of the woman who found her unconscious in the Forrest the previous month.

Brooklyn Gray and Codey Steele

She hears a voice telling her that it's time to see who she really is so she decides to stay and watch. The watching being a sex scene between Brooklyn and Codey with quite an animalistic vibe, at least on the female half of the couple. Something happens after or maybe something happens, it isn't clear yet if it was real or just a mind trick.

Aiden Ashley

29 days later Aiden wake up confuse in her bedroom, she's naked and the floor is full of dirt like she is. She pick the detective card certainly to call him and we see a man in the bed (probably the same one than before)... the end.

Brad Newman

The middle section advance the story without giving too much, we get some ideas but we aren't in the know yet of what happened the night of Dante murder. But one thing for sure we are in for a hell of a conclusion in a week or so when everything will become clear and we will, at least I hope, get more screen time with Tommy Pistol. Once again the scene lightning is perfect, some could complain that it's a little bit dark but this is the way I like it (as I said before, over-lighting a film just look cheap). Both sex scenes are great but the threesome between Aiden Ashley, Nicole Sage and Brad Newman is the highlight.

As it was the case with the first part this is exclusive on the MissaX streaming service at this time but obviously it will be available at a future date on VOD at large. Of course if you are like me you can buy the episodes directly from the MissaX website as they are released.

Friday, June 18, 2021

Waking the Babysitter


Today I go back in time reviewing a 2018 Pure Taboo scene, so we are in the early days of the label funded in august 2017.

After an evening in town to celebrate his new promotion David (Tommy Pistol) and his wife Maureen (Reena Sky) are on their way home to end the day. David is clearly in a bad mood since Maureen is completely drunk and to make things worse he is unable to reach his kid babysitter Cindy (Tiffany Watson). After arriving home David put his wife in bed and goes to check his kid.

Tommy Pistol

The kid is fine so he starts going back to the master bedroom, but he stop in front of the guest room door and see Cindy sound asleep. Suddenly he decides to enter in the room to take advantage of the situation and things take a bad turn here... he takes pictures of her and after a while he starts molesting her with his hands until he decides to masturbate.

Tiffany Watson

After a while Cindy wakes up in shock when she realizes what is happening. David starts pleading his cause, asking her to say nothing to his wife since his life would be ruined. She decides to resort to blackmail: she won't say anything but he will have to give her a check of the amount he just got for his promotion.

Tiffany Watson and Tommy Pistol

He writes the check but at the moment of giving it to Cindy his remorseful mood change... she won't get the money unless he fucks her and she agrees asking him to make it quick. What follow is an unpleasant sex scene since both of them hate each other. 

Reena Sky

This isn't the type of material I'd call enjoyable because of its subject, but a film doesn't have to be enjoyable to be good. This is really different to what Pure Taboo produce today, but you have to keep in mind that PT was created to present forbidden and uncomfortable theme and this is where the scene succeed. Now there are misconception on this one, in fact it's a post from another blogger that I won't name in which she said that it was a rape fantasy that bring me to write this review. I'd agree that David is a molester and a pervert no discussion here, but the sex only happens after Cindy blackmailed him and even if it isn't pleasant to watch she agreed to this. Tommy Pistol really did a good acting job in this one going from creep mode to remorseful mode before turning totally psycho. Tiffany Watson was good too in her role of a not so innocent girl.

I can't say that I recommend it since this isn't a pleasant watch and this is certainly not for the casual watcher, but it worth a watch if you want to try something different without watching Legal Porno garbage. 

Now this is the part where I'd tell you that it is available to stream on Pure Taboo but not this time. This is one of the few scenes who were removed from the North American service some time ago because Gamma Entertainment wanted to play safe, something I don't understand since there is nothing illegal or obscene in this web scene. So if you want to watch this one you have two choices: go via the french Pure Taboo streaming service or find it online on a tube site (this is what I did even if prefer buying everything I watch).

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Can Never Make It Up To You


Wendy (Gianna Dior) is home alone when suddenly someone knock at her door. She doesn't know who he is but she decides to let him enter since he have something important to tell her.

Will Pounder and Gianna Dior

The man is quite nervous and for good reasons... Wendy's parents were killed in a car accident and Robert's wife was behind the wheel and are in jail for drunk driving manslaughter, as you can guess she isn't please when she learns that he is the husband of the woman who left her an orphan at eighteen years old. But Robert is really sincere in his remorse and wants to make amends, so Wendy decides to give him a chance to redeemed himself.

Gianna Dior and Will Pounder

Against all odds as the weeks become months they start developing a friendship and all his well until Wendy receives a message telling her that Robert's wife will be set free because of a technicality. Robert tells Wendy that he doesn't talk to his wife anymore, Wendy ask him to leave his wife and to bring their friendship to the next level.

Gianna Dior

I won't lie, this Kay Brandt directed scene is one of the creepiest I have seen from Pure Taboo... not because of the sex since it's just regular sex, but because of the fact that Wendy sleep with the man who is indirectly responsible (he knew that his wife was too drunk to drive like he was) for the death of her parents. Not that it wasn't enjoyable since it's well made, tastefully done and a demonstration of forgiveness (on steroids but why not). Both actors did a good job, but Will Pounder is better at acting his emotions. The sex is fine but like I said it's conventional, remove all the creepy context and this isn't that special.

A little bit better than average mostly because of the creepy factor... at least it worth a watch.

You know the drill already... exclusive on the Pure Taboo / Adult Time streaming service since the scene was released two days ago at the time of my writing.