Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Laura (2017)


A little dive in the MissaX vault today with the first episode of a four parts series split between the MissaX and AllHerLuv lines.

Jill Kassidy

Some time after she had been kick out of the house by her parents to live with her grandparents Jill show up at the family home door. She has nowhere else to go and she wants to come back, but her brother Chad is less than please to see her back. Jill wasn't thrown out for nothing... She tried to hurt her mother, she was playing with fire and was inappropriate with her brother. Chad at first threatens to call their parents but after pleading her cause Jill convinces him to let her stay for the night.

Chad White

Quickly we discover that Jill isn't all there since she has a doll with her, in fact it was that doll who was the cause of the previous problems. At least this is what Jill say since she thinks that Laura, the doll, is a real individual with a mind of her own and she takes medications because of that "fairy tale".

Jill Kassidy and Laura

When it's time to sleep Chad tells Jill that she must sleep on the floor, but she rapidly starts finding all the excuses to go in the bed and after a while Chad gave up and tells her that she can sleep in the bed with him. The thing is that Laura has a plan, she wants to have sex with Jill's brother. Indeed Laura isn't a fantasy in Jill's head, she is real and can control her body and her mind.

Chad White and Laura

This story made me think of a book I read at least thirty years ago in which a doll who was in fact a demonic entity make a deal with a woman to share her body in exchange for fame and fortune after befriending her when she was a young kid... don't ask me the title or the author since I forgot this a long time ago. Now I don't say it was the inspiration as it would be quite a coincidence, I only say that this book came through my mind. There is no crew credited but I'm almost positive that Missa X herself was the director of most of the films in the label early years. The story itself was quite interesting since it's different, I mean there aren't that many adult films about "demonic" possessions. Chad White was nominated for the best actor AVN Award for his role and I can understand why. Jill Kassidy was also very good in her interpretation of the two sides of her character, the nice and gentle Jill and the sinister Laura. Surprisingly even with this theme the movie made me laugh often. When the sex happens this isn't one of those "wham, bam, thank you, ma'am" incest scene since the progression is realist and not silly, the switch between Jill and Laura who is subtle at first is really well acted by Kassidy.

Jill Kassidy

Certainly worth a watch in my book and you can watch the film on the MissaX streaming service or buy it on video on demand everywhere if you aren't a member.

Thursday, November 25, 2021

The Captain's Slot (2021)


It's been a while since my last review of a Pure Taboo scene and why not change this with a new lesbian short they released last week.

Gabbie Carter

Katie (Gabbie Carter) is in her bed and it's obvious that something isn't going well for her, in fact she haven't been to school for some days and now she must go back. When she see her cheerleader uniform in the closet her reaction is to throw it on the floor, so her mood is certainly related to a cheerleading  incident. 

Jane Wilde

At school Katie sits alone outside and when a girl with a cheerleader uniform pass by her she starts following her. She enters in her house and we learn the link between them... Katie was the team captain until Maria (Jane Wilde) outed her as a lesbian which lead to her expulsion from the team and her replacement as captain by Maria. Katie reveals to Maria that she knows that she is a lesbian too and Maria couldn't care less since she has no evidence. But this isn't a blackmail attempt since Katie isn't interested by the team anymore, she only wants the confirmation. When she got it Katie start laughing, why? She's free to be herself but Maria will have to keep the fact she is a lesbian secret to stay on the team... but Katie isn't resentful so it's time for a pity fuck since Maria won't have sex for a very long time.

Gabbie Carter and Jane Wilde

Initially I wanted to watch this one for Jane Wilde but the moment Gabbie Carter stood up from her bed to pick her school uniform my fell from my chair... Why? Because this woman breasts are the most amazing natural one I have seen since Jenna Doll. The scene is rather short clocking at 33 minutes and it could have been a little bit longer, but this isn't the end of the world. Jane Wilde plays the character of a smug girl really well and Gabbie Carter was a nice discovery for me (a beautiful girl with a body to die for who can act is certainly what I call an amazing find). Obviously there is no taboo in that scene so it could be a downer for some, but as lesbian scene goes this was very good... surprisingly the lesbian content on Pure Taboo is better than the one on Girlsway now. David Lord did a good job directing and shooting the scene.

Gabbie Carter

Sure worth a watch and, you know what's coming, the scene is exclusive at this time on the Adult Time streaming network.

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Competing For Attention (2021)


I know what you think... come on Jimmy this is a massage scene there are no story in this. Right and? I haven't seen something with Ashley in a long time and I'm the boss 😛

Victoria Voxxx and Aiden Asley

Two masseuses, Victoria and Aiden, discuss about the worse clients they got while waiting for a client to show up at the clinic. After some minutes a man open the door ready to receive a massage. Both masseuses want to do the job, they argues a little bit and Aiden win... but not for long as Victoria will come back to steal her client, until Aiden come again. Finally they will agree on a logical solution, doing the treatment together. You know the rest obviously.

Nathan Bronson

I won't lie, a massage scene well done is incredibly hot... an oiled body is so beautiful, all shiny and slippery. So was it well made? Of course it was. Seriously you have to be a very crappy filmmaker to screw up a scene with Aiden. As usual Aiden Ashley do not disappoint, her energy level is always at 11 and you have no other choices than enjoying when she's on the screen. Victoria Voxxx stand her ground in the massage threesome and Nathan Bronson is the lucky son of a gun who just need to lie down to let the women work their magic.

Victoria Voxxx

In my book it worth a watch, I know that those scenes are usually released on VOD via a compilation but I have no idea if this one was at this time. I went via the Adult Time streaming service to access the scene so if you're a member it's part of the Nuru Massage channel.

Aiden Ashley

Friday, November 19, 2021

Gods & Sinners (2021)


Most recent release by Wicked Pictures and this time it's a movie who is more than what I call a collection of scenes like Foxy Ladies or Trailer Park Girls, to name a few, were. So let see if the old Wicked is back in the game.

Seth Gamble

Tiberius is a man at the end of road, living in the streets with the help of his alcohol bottles to forget a past he doesn't want to remember. One day a woman named Octavia (Bella Rolland) after talking with him bring Tiberius at her apartment to help him cleaning himself.

Evelyn Claire

Quickly we discover that everything is more complicated than just a down on his luck man as Greek Gods are involved in the action, Gods who wants Tiberius to remember his past. So without giving too much the Gods will do everything to bring back Tiberius' memory throughout the story.

Jane Wilde

Nothing and no one is really what you thought they were, in fact you are in for a surprise when you'll find who Tiberius and Octavia are and the importance of their characters for the balance of the universe.

Bella Rolland

This is a great comeback at Wicked for Francois Clousot after at least an absence of ten years, obviously he doesn't work with the same type of budget than back in those days but his experience behind the camera make the film looking better than its cost. Of course I go with the premises that it's a medium budget production shot at one location with a good share of the budget going for the cast. Talking of the cast you can't get better than this... we get Seth Gamble, the best actor of his generation, to lead the film who is great as he always is in every film projects he is in, we get Bella Rolland in her first real acting role (she is a much better actress that she thinks she is) and established stars like Evelyn Claire, Jane Wilde and Ryan McLane in supporting but important parts.

Ryan McLane

The camera works is great which is perfect since a bad job on a film with few locations would ruins everything by making the result look cheap. The sex is nothing to complain about and we even get Bella Rolland in half of them so if you are a fan of this Amazon Goddess you know what film you must watch soon.

Jay Romero

The film without being perfect is a step in the good direction for the company and I sure hope it's the first of many narrative films coming from them in the future... there is already a film noir starring Evelyn Claire and Charles Dera coming at the end of 2021 that looks fucking promising judging from the trailer.

Usually I don't post nudity but there is a reason if I say that Bella Rolland is an Amazon Goddess

The film is certainly worthy of a positive recommendation and you can watch it on the Wicked streaming service or, if you aren't a member, you can purchase the movie on video on demand at your favorite store online. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Mommy's Boys (2021)


Time for another MissaX release directed by Ricky Greenwood, it was released in three parts but I wanted to do the review for the complete movie which is why I'm a bit late on this one.

Natasha Nice

Natasha's sons will leave the house soon and since she will lose both of them she wants a kid of her own (Tyler and Dante are her husband sons). The problem is that Charles her husband sperm count isn't that high and it's their last chance since they don't have the money for more insemination.

Natasha Nice and Tyler Nixon

Later that night Natasha goes in tyler's bedroom to talk with him about her fear that she won't be able to have a child... of course Tyler offer his help and it's time for hot mother and son sex. She goes in her bed after but when she hears Dante in his room she decides to go talk with him, One thing leading to another we get a repeat of the previous scene.

Dante Colle and Natasha Nice

The following morning Tyler confess accidentally to his brother that he had slept with their mother the night before. Dante tells him that they did too and an argument starts between the two brothers about who is the one their mother love the most. The discussion is on the verge to turns to a real fight when Natasha enter the living room and decrease the tension. This is when Dante confess to Natasha that he loves her since the day she entered in their live and he asks her to decide between him and Tyler... but she wants both of them and the finale we were waiting for is finally here.

Tyler Nixon and Dante Colle

As I said before I'm not the biggest fan of those step incest scenes, but they don't repeat the "I'm your step son" "I'm your step mother" lines over and over... in fact they only say it in the last act. The fact it isn't just a let's fuck scenario is also a big plus, the sex happened for a valid reason and it isn't selfish sex. Obviously if you are a fan of Natasha Nice, and who isn't?, you are in for a good time since she is the only woman here. Except for the second scenes the sex is very hot and to be honest that scene isn't that bad it just felt like a redo of the previous one. You even a chance to laugh when Tyler and Dante argue like they were two teenagers and not two grown up about Natasha.

Sure worth a watch and you can see the three episodes on the Missax streaming service, you can also buy the three episodes separately on MissaX on demand but I recommend that you wait a little bit for the complete film to be available for purchase in store to save a little on the price.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Can We Just Pretend? (2021)


Time for some incest courtesy of MissaX and Ricky Greenwood, now I can't say that it's my favorite genre as the playing safe angle bother me but since Maya Woulfe is in the cast why not give it a try.

Maya Woulfe and Tyler Cruise

After the divorce of their respective parents Maya and Tyler always live together as brother and sister. Maya feels that she is a burden for Tyler since he has no real reason to accept that she continue to live in the house with him, but he reassure her that everything is fine with him since he doesn't want to live alone. Later that day Maya accidentally expose herself in front of him and it's time for a bit of family love.

Destiny Cruz

The following morning Maya leave for the day and her cousin shows up at the home to live with them for a while and later that day she reveals at Tyler that she knows what happened between him and Maya the day before. It's time for a redo with the cousin, but with a twist since during a blindfolding game Maya will joins them.

Maya Woulfe

Like I said I'm not the biggest fan of those fake incest scenes, by the way that playing safe is kind of funny since it wasn't a big deal some years ago to play the Whitney and Britney Stevens are sisters angle, but I have enjoy this one. I love Maya Woulfe so it's a given that it played a part in my enjoyment. I like the cousin variation, even if it's stretching the incest angle a bit much since Destiny is the step cousin of Tyler step sister. The blindfold game was nice too, but I feel that Tyler knew all along and just went with it (who wouldn't). Maya was great as she always is, I love her smile so much, and Destiny Cruz was also good. On the other Side Tyler Cruise line delivery wasn't that good, but he is relatively new and it's great to see a fresh face in the industry. The threesome at the end was quite hot too, Tyler stamina is sure impressive but he's a young man so that goes with the territory.

Tyler Cruise

Sure worth a watch and you can purchase the scene on MissaX on Demand today... I could have done my review earlier but I didn't want to play the streaming only tease this time.

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

You've Been Avoiding Me! (2021)


Time for the most recent Girlsway scene from the Anatomik Media team... you know that I love girl girl scene more than anything else.

Bunny is relaxing at home when her friend Skylar storms inside and starts confronting her. She wants to know why Bunny is avoiding her, she doesn't really want to answer. After a while Bunny finally tells Skylar why... She gets aroused when they do their bike rides so much that she gets wet, which embarrass her (come on it's a porn scene not Shakespeare). 

Bunny Colby and Skylar Snow

Skylar is glad that the ghosting isn't because of something she would have done without knowing it and she tells Bunny that she has the perfect solution for her problem... obviously you know what is this solution.

Bunny Colby and Skylar Snow

The scene starts greatly with a lot of kissing between Bunny and Skylar but after it's business as usual... not that there is something wrong with this. I can't complain about the actresses since both have beautiful natural breast and I like the little noises that Bunny does every now and then. 

Bunny Colby and Skylar Snow

Nothing groundbreaking or that essential, it worth a watch if you are already a member of Girlsway or Adult Time and you're a fan of the performers but Girlsway had done better than this.

Monday, November 8, 2021

All About Hope (2019)


Hope, Chris and Liam are the typical family supporting and loving each other during the good times and the bad times. The father Chris is an actor in a middle life crisis since his casting changed due to his age, the son Liam discover love with his new boyfriend and Hope is the classical mother.

Marcus London, Brandon Wilde and Andi James

This summer Liam invites Daniel, his boyfriend, to live with them in place of going back to Texas for a summer of love. As we know things rarely turn as planned and it won't be different for the young couple.

Dante Colle and Andi James

The major problem for Liam is the fact that Daniel got out of the closet just recently and he isn't sure if his boyfriend is really gay or if this is just a phase for him. The situation will become more complicated when Liam spent the night at a friend's house to give Daniel some time to think... thinking leading to a rapprochement between him and Hope.

Brandon Wilde

Will this adventure lead to a familial crisis or the summer will go the way it was planned?

Andi James and Marcus London

Obviously this is different than what I usually review since the film include straight and gay sex, not that it's that big of deal for me since I watch all type of cinema but I don't review gay cinema since most of those films are lacking in the story department. But that one was worthy of a review since Nica Noelle really wrote a good story. But the film have another difference with the usual adult cinema routine, Andi James the lead actress is in my age group so for once I can't say that an actress could be my daughter. The story is believable and both the parents and kids feel real... I have a feeling that many gay couples have experienced the same situation at one time or another. The interpretation from all the cast members is very good in the acting category and I won't lie for a woman of my age Andi James is really good looking and natural. 

Dante Colle and Andi James

Now I know that it isn't a film for everybody but it really worth a watch if you want something different and, to be honest, if gays can watch straight cinemas I don't see why the reverse would be different. You can watch the film on the Lust Cinema streaming service or you can buy it on VOD at your usual adult store on the web.

Friday, November 5, 2021

Grand Opening (2021)


Short and sweet again today with a Girlsway scene directed by Bryn Pryor with an all-star cast.

Casey Calvert

Today is the grand opening of Casey new coffee house but nobody's coming and she has no idea why. She thinks about what she should do to increase the clientele and she gets an idea...

Maya Woulfe

Finally her first client enter the store and we learn what is that new idea, with the purchase of a coffee you can eat her out and obviously this isn't cannibalism we talking here.

Evelyn Claire

It works great and the clients start coming and waiting in line for their eating turn. Everything is fine for a while but waiting can be annoying so everyone finally jump in the action and it's a free for all girls love festival. 

Alexis Tae

Like I said often I don't need much to be happy with a girls scene, all I want is to see women having a good time and this is what I got here. It's hard to complain when we have favorite like Casey Calvert being in front of the camera and not behind since she mostly direct movies now, Maya Woulfe who in a perfect world should win the Best New Starlet Award at the AVN Awards in January, Evelyn Claire who is in my opinion one of the most beautiful woman working now in the industry and Alexis Tae a beautiful light skin African-American woman I'm less familiar with. Contrary to some recent Girlsway scene the technical work is professional, the cameraman doesn't bother the performers constantly and we don't hear the director talking (seriously I find this so cheap when that happen).

Coffee time

Sure worth a watch a watch if you are a fan of any of the performer and you certainly know already what I will write next... you can watch the scene exclusively at this time on the Girlsway and Adult Time streaming services.