Saturday, July 20, 2019

Never Enough (1971)

A criminal gang runs a successful and easy racket, they hitchike and rob any lucky driver who picked them after they are brought at their home for a sex session of course. It's rinse and repeat untill they do their trick to the wrong guy. See nothing complicated here...

Starlyn Simone and George Peters
Chris Wilson and an unknown actress
Adam Ward, Eve Orlon and another unknown actress
Rene Bond

As I say often you don't need much to do an enjoyable film... A convincing story as simple as it can be and a good cast do the trick more often than not. This is the case here, sure the story is repetitive but it works (no idea why anyone reviewing this film say that the girls are prostitutes and that Harry is a pimp, they aren't) and you have a great mix of known names and fresh faces for the casting. Sure it is cheap and was probably made in a day, but the film keeps us interested which is all that count in the end.

My version was a strange hybrid built with a softcore version, except for one scene, released by VCX and a fake widescreen version released by Alpha Blue Archives, I think, for the hardcore materials.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Diamond Doublecross (1972)

One of the six films included in The Lost Films Of Carmen Olivera collection release by Alpha Blue Archives. No idea if that film name is really Diamond Doublecross since there is no title card and that sound like a made up title. Also the film is from 1972 not 1971 as ABA said on the set cover (look the banner for the auto show it's in april 72).

13,14,15 and 16 april 1972 to be exact

The film start with Rick Cassidy in bed with his girlfriend (Carmen Olivera), he got a call to fix a rendez vous with someone who want to buy his stolen diamonds.

Rick Cassidy
Carmen Olivera
So they go at a car show to meet the guy... from there it's confusing since two random guys stop to help two women who can't start their car. They decide to go at an appartement near to left some time for the car's engine to get cold. You certainly know what's coming next... 

Annette Michael and, according to imdb, Ray Sebastian
Franklin Anthony and Nancy Martin

Finally after that we learn that both guys are the men who are buying the diamonds. So the quartet go the the rendez vous point, but there is a twist... the women are investigators tracking the diamonds!!

But wait there is more... the two men are double agents working on the case too!!!! You know that would be a good idea if the police chief would tell something like this to all the detectives involved in a case, but this is just me. While all this happen Rick arrive with his car, but doesn't stop since one of the woman is on the side of the road in shooting position. So it's car chase time and after a while Rick have a car accident (don't expect a big car stunt). Finally all end with an orgy and the police quartet decide to keep the diamonds and flee to Mexico.

Typical West Coast productions from that era, mostly an excuse to fill the screen with sex linking this with a tiny story. At least they shoot outside at more than one location and, as cheap as it could be, the car chase is a nice bonus. By the way all the event starting with the drive to the meeting point happen in the last 10 minutes.

Not essential, but there are worse movie from those years... at least Keith Erickson isn't in that film for a change 😄

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Hot Shots (1974)

Early Armand Weston before he became Armand Weston, he did it after The Hot House so it was his second one and after the critics he got from his first he took notice and add more sex in its follow up.

The film is one of the few starring role for Sonny Landham who for some reasons always play supporting roles. In this film he plays Tex a New York photographer and he tell us his story, yep the film breaks the fourth wall. 

The chair will show up later for the last act
He told us everything from his arrival in the city from Texas (he never said which city) to the discovery of a gold mine in the page of Screw to the renting of his photography studio to how he was caught faking it the first time and finally to his actual days.

Ali Savkji an East European one shoot wonder
Heather Ellis
Chris Bolls, another one shoot wonder
Jennifer Jordan
This isn't the hardest film to follow as it goes pretty much to the point (he sure took note of Chelly Wilson comment that "there wasn’t enough fucking" in Hot House). There was some funny moments (by exemple the scene with the artist he met via the Screw personnal adds) and one that sure doesn't look that comfortable to me. Sonny Landham did a great job with his role, this is why I can't understand why he didn't get more starring role, but I hope it was at least a two days shoot since he got all the actions. Finally the score is great...

Mary Stuart shown up uncredited

No DVD available, but there are some hope to see this film release on DVD or BD since Distribpix is slowly working on the Command Cinema catalog so we never know maybe those early productions will get some love.

The Widespread Scandals of Lydia Lace (1983)

Duke, a lawyer, meet a woman (Joanna Storm) who wants to divorce her husband (Robert Kerman) because of his sexual perversion.

Ashley Moore
Joanna Storm
At the same time Jennifer (Lee Caroll) who is Duke's wife meet one of her client at her office. She is a psychiatrist and that client who happen to be the husband in the divorce cause talks about his problems with his wife perversion.

Lee Caroll
Robert Kerman
Duke takes the divorce case since he is scandalized by all that sexual perversion... which doesn't prevent him to have a mistress, Lydia, working as a sex performer at Show World.

Sharon Mitchell
So for his case Duke decide to go with his wife at a sex club to see by himself what happen there. They are in for a shock since there is sex shows, naked wrestling all in all what we expect in those bussinesses... but the big surprise will come later (no I won't spoiled it).

Sean Elliot and Lisa Cintrice
Susan Nero
Roberta Findlay shown up uncredited at the club
That was an enjoyable Henri Pachard production with a good cast of East Coast performers. In fact this is mostly a tale about the hypocrisy of the people always ready to condemn the sexual acts as perverted and disgusting in public (we sure know that kind of people) but do the same or worse in private.

Not on DVD but you should try to find it since it's a good exemple of what Pachard was able to do when he cared.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

A Portrait of Seduction (1976)

Jeb (Robert Cole) and Kelly (Vicky Lyon) a recently married couple are waiting for Jeb's son (Jon Martin) who is coming home to live with them. It won't take long for the 17 years old to start a game of seduction with his stepmother. The adventure will go relatively well untill all hell break loose at the end.

Vicky Lyon
Robert Cole
Jon Martin
A simple and enjoyable film from Anthony Spinelli who doesn't go with the usual formula. We all know that most of the time that would be a young girl who would come to live with her newly married mother, so it was a nice reversal. The story is told via flashback during a discussion between Kelly and her mother (at first I was cought off guard, I thought something was missing from my DVD-R as the transition happen fastly without warning), a discussion in which we see that this isn't an easy situation for Kelly who is caught in the middle between her love for her husband and what she feels for his son. The film casting is also great, Vicky Lyon seems to have some theatre background since she can emote easilly and Jon Martin is credible as a 17 old years teenager (he was a pioneer of the San Francisco scene, but he is one of those lucky guy who always looks younger than his age).

Monique Cardin
 Highly recommanded adult drama, but I can't tell you if the DVD is fine or not as my copy is sourced from a TV broadcast.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

On Trial Part 4: The Verdict (1992)

The film continue where it left in part three, so we continue with the jury deliberations to find if the last scenes of the film are obscene or not. First an interacial scenes who is of course shown as a fantasy of one of the juror since Raquel Darrian doesn't do interacial (in fact, she doesn't really do other man than her husband with some very rare exceptions). 

Sean Michaels and Sharon Kane
 Next it's the funniest one in all the parts of that film... come on, Peter North in drag in a scene this is something to see (casting a gay actor to do a real role reversal would have been even better, but I don't think that would have been appreciated in an early nineties straight production).

Peter North and Kim Wilde
Next it's the only scene that I could see as maybe obscene, since it's a babysitter role play but to be honest the actress never said that she is underage (contrary to what happened in the Max Hardcore case) so it isn't... That one is played as a fantasy from the most religious juror.

Now this is something I can't appreciate from Savannah
Finally it's time for the last one, a really tame S&M scene who is again played as a fantasy. No idea why they didn't use Derrick Lane since he is suppose to be in the film who is prosecuted.

Raquel Darrian
Like the previous one it was enjoyable, nothing essential (this is the case with the entire serie) but there is far worse Vivid productions. The end on the other hand is quite frustrating since you will feel like you have wasted 4 hours for nothing...

If only they would have cast P.J. Sparxx in place of Savannah...

On Trial Part 3: Takin' It to the Jury (1992)

When we ended the last part the verdict was ready to be given... so what it is? Not so fast... in this part we go back in time and follow the jury deliberations. So be ready for a lot of legal talk...

First thing first, every actors on the jury from the previous parts have been replaced which make sense since they needed people who can handle dialogue and the previous ones were probably crew members or extra players.

Gloria Leonard
Sean Michaels
Randy Spears
Sharon Kane
P.J. Sparxx and Woody Long
Of course they don't only talk about what is obscene or isn't, to be honest that would be quite boring... so they watch scenes from the film and talk about how they would do scenes.

Racquel Darrian

That sound a little bit boring, but in fact it's better than last part. The jury dialogue is funny and there is some variations in the sex scenes participants. It's a little bit cheap, but it's enjoyable.

nope we don't get the verdict again...
For some weird reasons Vivid didn't released this one or the next one on DVD... sure doesn't make a lot of sense to release only half a serie on DVD, even more when the story isn't completed.

Monday, July 15, 2019

On Trial Part 2: Oral Arguments (1991)

Not much to say about this part since it's more of the same... This time we get a testimony from another actress (Jeanna Fine) from the film and the second part of Jana Winters (Christy Canyon) testimony. At the end the jury reach a verdict but it cut there.

Jeanna Fine

Christy Canyon
Micky Ray and Savannah
The second part isn't as good as the first one. To begin with it's very short (less than 60 minutes since 15 minutes is a recap of the first part), the DVD quality is quite poor as you can see in the captures, the movie is more about Savannah character (in that case your appreciation of her can do a difference, but I'm no fan of her so...) and the music is too loud and invasive.

I won't say that it's a pass since it's the second part of a movie in four parts, but it's not really enjoyable.