Sunday, September 22, 2019

Visions (1977)

Larry (Wade Nicholls) is a musician working in the evening on one of his composition while a muse (Victoria Corsaut) give him the inspiration to do so.

At one point he is interrupted by the building janitor (W.P. Dremak) and they start a conversation together until Larry see his muse go, so he left and follow her. Bad idea, he overhears two burglars who put it down for the count. This is when he fell in a starnge place...

Suzanne McBain

Larry has no choice but to explore this place while pursuing his inspirational muse. He will encounters different worlds until the moment where his muse and him will finally reach each other. 
Sharon Mitchell, Susaye London and Paula Morton

Liz Rakey and David Christopher

 This is when he will have an important decision to take...

This is an excellent Chuck Vincent's production, more a musical and visual poem than a narrative film... There are very few dialogue and not at all while Larry explore the inbetween world, this absence of dialogue is replaced by a variety of classical music and that works very well.

Since I'm Catholic, I don't really have a choice to see this mysterious world as the area we are in when we are between life and death, the netherworld where we must choose if we go to heaven or hell (a Catholic have free will on this matter). Was it really the point of the film? I don't know, but for me it is...

This isn't the most known Chuck Vincent's movie or his best one, but I recommend it if you want to see something different and more clever than your usual adult film.

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