Friday, July 29, 2022

The Voyeur Volume 5 (2022)


A Sweet Sinner's release I purchased earlier this year but haven't reviewed yet, so it's time to rectify this.

Jimmy (Tommy Pistol), great name by the way, is in love with Jen (Aiden Ashley) a woman he had never seen in real life. His best friend Dave (Ryan McLane) warns him that he is probably catfish, but Jimmy is reassured that she is what she said she is when he finally face time her.

Aiden Ashley

 When the discussion end a glitch happens with Jen's computer and the webcam stays on and live...what makes Jimmy fantasize that he is with her and have a sexual relation. As the glitch isn't corrected he will spend his days spying on Jen. 

Ryan McLane and Delilah Day

 One day while he keep an eye on Jimmy's apartment Dave and his girlfriend (Delilah Day) bored watching TV decide to take a peek at his computer to watch Jen. What they see isn't what they expected, a man threaten Jen about the refund of an amount of money she owes him.

Mike Mancini and Aiden Ashley

Dave warns Jimmy again that something sound really fishy with this situation as he is positive he heard Jen and the mysterious man having sex too (they did), but Jimmy couldn't care less he trust Jen. They face cam later and she tells him that she indeed borrow a big amount of cash from a drug dealer for her mother's cancer treatment. He offers to give her a part of the money (100,000$) to refund the loaner at the condition she comes to live with him in California.

Derrick Pierce and Jewelz Blu

Some time later Jimmy sees two strangers (Derrick Pierce and Jewelz Blu) in Jen's apartment but her computer is thrown on the ground. Obviously he start worrying about Jen safety and contact the 911 to ask them to help her. He doesn't know her address so there aren't much the 911 operator can do to help even after being transferred to Jen's State emergency line the situation doesn't get any better.    

Aiden Ashley and Mike Mancini

 Obviously there is more than this about the situation but I'm not here to spoil movies... even if I saw it coming from a mile. To be honest this one feels a little bit cheap compare to the usual Jacky St. James' production, just a couple of exteriors scenes would have make a difference I think. The story is interesting even if it's predictable. Aiden gave another good performance and she gets two scenes so it's obvious that I won't complain. Tommy Pistol is also good playing a naive man (a chance he has a good imagination or he wouldn't have seen much actions). McLane, who is a really underrated actor in my book, does also a good job and I have really appreciated Jewelz Blu that I've never seen before (beautiful pale skin and a body to die for). The sex is a little bit repetitive as each scene is in a bed, but on the other hand they are enjoyable.

I couldn't ignore Shawn Alff in his goofy looking uncredited cameo

If you are a fan of Aiden Ashley this is certainly worthy of a purchase, but if you aren't a huge fan like I am you should at least rent it.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Fairytale (2022)


Something short and sweet from MixedX today... 

Zazie Skymm

 Zazie (Zazie Skymm) is cleaning herself for a ritual ceremony, no this isn't one of those black occult ceremony but something I'd call the prelude of a mating ritual. She isn't that happy about the situation and she wonders why she get involve in this but she doesn't have a say about this.

Amirah Adara

 Zazie role in the house is to be a sex slave for the married couple owning the place. The ritual of the day is to get a child, as Christina (Christina Shine) can't get pregnant it is Zazie duty to be the surrogate mother. The process is quite clinical and involves a strap-on dildo dipped with sperm. Zazie isn't supposed to get pleasure from this but she does and Christina storms out of the room jealously... this is when the real eroticism start.

Christina Shine

 When I say short I mean short since the scene is 23 minutes long, but if you are familiar with MixedX you already know that Christina Shine can direct highly arousing lesbian loop without going overlong. As I said before MixedX is the only East European company who can do erotic and sexy lesbian scene (DDF aren't that bad either in that genre but their scenes look cheap because of the camera they use) and this is what we get here again... after the mechanical strap-on fucking is over. Two ladies enjoying themselves and a lot attention given to the feet is all I need to enjoy in a lesbian featurette and this is what I got. As usual this is a streaming exclusive but MixedX had begun releasing VODs and DVDs earlier this year so at one point the scene could be available at large, but to be honest the streaming service worth the money as they are part of the Adult Time brand so you get a lot for what you pay and you don't have to wait for a maybe commercial release.

Monday, July 25, 2022

Dark Is The Night (2022)


 Second release under the the new Wicked film noir banner (first one review) directed by James Avalon. Obviously, since the movie is a thriller, my recap will be on the short side to not spoil the story and the intrigue. 

Nathan Bronson and Kenna James

 Corbin and Ivy Crane (Nathan Bronson and Kenna James) life situation isn't that great despite the appearance, the unpaid bills pile up and that put them under a high financial burden. A good way to help with this would be to rent a room and this is is what they decide to do. It doesn't take long for a man (Seth Gamble) to notice the "room for rent" sign outside and, after a discussion with Ivy, he decides to rent the offered room.

Seth Gamble

 As if the marital financial trouble wouldn't be enough Corbin isn't the most faithful husband, Ivy knows but there aren't much she can't do about it... Seth proposes his help as he knows someone who could help getting evidences for a divorce case. 

Kiara Cole

 The days goes by and finally, as expected, Corbin meets his mistress at her house, photographic evidences are taken and Seth gave the envelope to Ivy. From there the story takes a twist and this is where I stop my recap... let just say that everything take a violent and unexpected turn. 

Kenna James

 Wicked continue their good 2022 run with another strong release that should be nominated for some awards at the next award season. The cast gave solid performances, beginning with Seth Gamble who takes a serious option for his third best lead actor in a film award, Kenna James unsurprisingly is very good playing a fragile woman stuck in a loveless marriage with all the necessary subtleties, Nathan Bronson played a despicable character perfectly (you hate Corbin from beginning to end) and Kiara Cole is also good in a role that doesn't important at first but is the catalyst of everything in that story. The cinematography, the set design and the score (too bad the singer isn't credited since the song during the James / Gamble montage is very good) make the film looks like a million dollar production which it isn't obviously as those days are long gone. The film contains four sex scenes that are all fine and don't have a filler vibes since they advance  the story narrative  (the two middle ones being the most important).

Seth Gamble and Kenna James

  Another recommendation and another strong output from Wicked who sure show us this year that they are back in the features game... which was a surprise for me since I expected them to go on the easy vignette road after Gamma bought the company. As the film was only released three days ago this is exclusive on the Wicked streaming service but it should be available sooner than later for purchase on VOD and DVD at the usual online stores.

Saturday, July 23, 2022

The Actress (2021)


Ricky Greenwood' lesbian cinema today and if you want good women only cinema you must go for the best so it's time for another dive in the AllHerLuv pool.

Serene Siren

Liz (Serene Siren) was in her time a huge actress but those days are long gone and she is pretty much forgotten now. But like most washed up Hollywood people she always live in the past and think that she is a star as we see in the way she treat her new personal assistant Allie (Allie Addison). The facade fell when a big producer is supposed to meet her at her home and doesn't show up (if it wasn't wishful thinking to begin with), Allie does her best to console her and it's go the way you know it will. Sadly for Liz the following day Allie gets a call and she must leave immediately as a tragedy struck her family.   

Allie Addison

Some time pass and one day Liz is waken up by a knock at door, she is quite happy since that means Allie is back. She isn't, it's a young actress who wants to be her protege but Liz thinks that she isn't what she say she is. Cathy ( Laney Grey) tells her that she should had got a message from her agent and indeed she did and Liz revert to her bitching star personality. It doesn't last long when Cathy reveals that she is a big fan of her and confess the admiration she has for the actress.

Laney Grey

One evening an argument starts between them, Cathy see behind the image, angrily say to Liz that she only keeps her to revive her younger days and storm in her bedroom. But it looks like Cathy didn't speak in vain since Liz come back of her bedroom after a while all dressed up and with her make-up done. They reconcile and it seems like the days of pity are over for Liz and they will stay together as companion from now on... it's an open ending so I go where my imagination goes.

Laney Grey

Obviously this isn't a major Greenwood's project and there is nothing wrong with this, not every movie has to be three hours highly narrative story. A simple smaller film can be enjoyable and this one was, it's a premises I have seen before, an entertainer living in the past completely oblivious to the fact that no one remember her, but there is a difference between an homage to a cinematic genre and a copy of it and this is why I appreciate Greenwood so much... he doesn't steal from something, he get his inspiration from something and make it his own. Serene Siren is perfect in the main role, her mannerisms and dialogues just sell the character greatly... sometimes you hate Liz and sometimes you pity her. Laney Grey really grew up on me after watching her in those films she did for AllHerLuv... She's lovely, her eyes are so beautiful and, to be honest, her body is the body style I have always love to have in my girlfriend. The film is short so there is only two sex scenes, both of them good but different... first one with Allie Addison is more submissive and the last one is more arousing (of course it's a matter of personal preference here).   

Allie Addison and Serene Siren

It was enjoyable enough to worth a recommendation even if it's a small project. You can buy it on VOD at your usual store and of course you can watch the film in two parts from the AllHerLuv streaming service if you are a member (and way sooner than waiting for the VOD release).

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Another Night in the Valley (2021)


Now this is a movie I have waiting for since a long time... in fact since falls last year when it was announced first I've check the usual store where I usually purchase my VODs every weeks, until it finally shown up two weeks ago. Time to see if my expectations will be meet.

Charlotte Stokely

Charlotte (Charlotte Stokely) is a private detective and one day Veronica (Vanna Bardot), a friend of her ask her to get back a series of bondage pictures that were taken by a man from an underground organization when she needed money, those pictures would ruined Veronica's life if they would become public or used to blackmail her. Even if she fears for her license Charlotte accept to help her friend, they seal the deal (you know how) and quickly she find the picture... case close, film over.

Vanna Bardot

Not so fast.. the man was shot and she barely escape the house after a cop shows up and, more important, she can't reach Veronica to tell her that she have the pictures in her hand. So the investigation takes a different turn, she must find what happened to her friend and where she is. Charlotte goes to see Dee (Dee Williams) to ask if she have seen Veronica. She haven't seen her since a long time, but from this discussion she learns that Veronica did more than just bondage pictorials, she also was also doing pornographic loops. 

Dee Williams

She also learns that Veronica was living at the Towne's mansion, so Charlotte takes a drive at the house for an impromptu visit. She is greeted by Rita (Penny Barber) and Laura (Laney Grey) Towne who tell her that they don't know who Veronica is. She leaves and later that evening she receives a phone call from Sam (Aila Donovan), the cop from earlier, who tell her more about the Townes. The next morning Rita knocks at her door, they go at the mansion to talk and she agree to stay for the night.

Penny Barber and Laney Grey

Charlotte leaves before the end of the night (she was probably shocked by the mother and daughter incest) and a surprise is waiting for her... her room had been ransack. She decides to pay Rita another visit the following because Charlotte is positive that she knows more than she said and you bet she does. After comforting each other Charlotte leaves and ask Sam to meet her... and I stop here, the recap was long but I did my best to keep it spoiler free.

Aila Donovan

Ricky Greenwood did a very enjoyable film using this time a fifties detective template for his inspiration. Obviously Charlotte Stokely was great to lead the film, if you are fan you are in for a treat since she was in almost every sex scenes, and she played all the mannerisms of a detective, a hot one I must say, perfectly. In fact the complete casting was perfect in that film, I have particularly appreciated Vanna Bardot, Penny Barber and Laney Grey (her picture on the iafd really doesn't do her justice). She isn't credited but Kylie Ireland really did an awesome job with the set dressing and the wardrobe that really brought a lot to create the period vibes. I like also the little details like the back visual when Charlotte drive her car (sure felt like we are watching a film made during that era... minus the sex of course). Talking of sex it was a girls only film fan dream, every Charlotte Stokely's scenes were great but we know it already and the only one without her (the incest scene between Penny Barber and Laney Grey) was highly enjoyable too.

Charlotte Stokely and Penny Barber

Highly enjoyable and the film is everything I anticipated it would be... if you are curious I didn't see the ending coming, but I really suck at playing the detective when I watch a film so that worth what it's worth. Obviously it's another recommendation that you can buy on VOD everywhere (I think, I bought mine at Gamelink and I haven't check the other stores) or stream in five parts if you are a member of the AllHerLuv streaming service.

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Obsessed Volume 2 (2022)


I haven't reviewed a Jacky St. James' movie in a while and since Sweet Sinner just release the second volume of the Obsessed series last month (first one review) it's the perfect time to correct this.

Quinton James and Aiden Ashley

Alex (Aiden Ashley) is seriously attracted by her boss (Quinton James) since a long time and when he told her that he just left his wife (London River) she will seize the occasion. 

Tommy Pistol and Gia Derza

But Alex decides to not go with the direct way and reveal her sentiments to David... that wouldn't  result in something that enjoyable to watch. To put it bluntly Alex is on the psycho side so her plan is to conniving her way slowly in David life. First step is to get David's daughter (Gia Derza) on her team, something she'll do by telling her that the relation that she has with her teacher is perfectly fine.

Freya Parker

Now Alex must obliterate the competition which means making sure that the wife won't be back and ruins David every new love relations.  

London River

I really don't want to spoil that one so I stop here, not that I said much since I kept a lot of details and nuances in the shadows... Will Alex get her way or David will lighten up before it's too late? You'll will have to watch to know.

Quinton James and Aiden Ashley

That's no secret that I love Aiden, for me she's the best actress currently in the industry if not of all time (she's as good as Veronica Hart was in the eighties or Georgina Spelvin in the seventies)... seriously this is a shame that she never get the awards she deserve or isn't a star in mainstream cinema. This Fatal Attraction alike story was the perfect vehicle for her to shine and shine she did, her performance is amazing and you want to see her win even if her character is a conniving psycho.  Quinton gave a good performance as the object of Alex's attraction, usually he is in supporting role but I think he's good enough to be a lead as he shown here. Great performance too from Gia Derza as the young daughter of David.

Gia Derza and Quinton James

The story is great but the sex is too. The scene between Gia and Tommy almost steal the show, the non-stop energy level is incredible, seriously it almost went in fisting territory and, something rare for me, I was waiting and hoping for an anal. I said almost because once again Aiden burn the screen with her scene, no one has her sexual vibe and no one can make sex looking as real as she does every time.

Aiden Ashley

You bet that I recommend this film and you can buy it everywhere on VOD or DVD. 2022 should be the year that Aiden will finally get the honors and rewards she deserve since a long time, if she doesn't something is clearly wrong somewhere after her performance in Hysteria and now Obsessed 2... can't wait to see what is coming next for her.

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Frisky Stuff (2022)


Another Wicked release I missed while I was on my short break and this time it's from a new director... as best as I know since you aren't always credited for the materials you do. Also the female casting is mostly people I'm not familiar with, except Paige Owens I knew from being in some Pure Taboo's features, which is always a positive.

April Olsen

Ashley (April Olsen) is an author who isn't really successful, her last manuscript haven't find a buyer yet and the bills continue to enter. She live with a roommate to help for the rent and she works on a Huber kind of taxi service to make ends meet waiting for success to knock on her door.

Paige Owens

One day she takes a client at her home for a ride that happens to be one of her old high school classmate and she sure looks financially successful. They talk during the ride and Jackie (Paige Owens) propose to Ashley to try to cam on her website as a way to solve her money trouble. She doesn't think it's a good idea since she doesn't find herself that attractive (come on seriously...) and doubt that people would pay to see her, but Jackie tells her otherwise and let her card to Ashley in case she would change her mind.

Tommy King

As we know things can change fast in real life and the same happens in our story when Jillian (Tommy King) spill a cup of coffee on Ashley's computer and fry the motherboard (this is why you don't take liquid near a portable computer), damage that will cost at least 800$ to repair (price sure went up since the same happened to me)... to make a long story short, she needs money and she needs it now! 

Glasses off :-(

How to do money quickly? Live streaming of course and she contact Jackie to say that she change her mind. She starts slowly doing nudity in public spaces, which is always a fun thing to do in real life playing with the risk of being seen, and gradually goes to private solo show. One day her roommate's boyfriend catch her during a performance and unknowingly he will become part of the show.

Lucas Frost

Jillian come back home after the fact... kind of since she catch her boyfriend getting out of Ashley's room naked. She breaks up with him and get her chance for a revenge a day Ashley receives flower from a stranger but isn't home to get them. She finds who sent them and spill the beans to him... Will it be the end of the story between Ashley and Grant (Seth Gamble) before it even begins? No need to keep a suspense here... it won't, Grant doesn't care because he performs too on the Frisky Stuff streaming service.

Seth Gamble

I highly doubt I would have purchased that film if I wasn't already a member of the Wicked Pictures streaming service and, to be honest, I'm glad I am since it was enjoyable. Sure it isn't the most original film ever made but for a first time director Eddie Nova did a good job, not a flawless one but a good one. April Olsen is a good looking lady who can act... too bad she didn't kept the glasses for the sex shows. Tommy King who was new to be was also good... beautiful smile, amazing eyes and an incredible ass (come on, I'm a guy do you think I wouldn't notice). Seth was reliable as he is always is, it isn't for nothing if he is one of the few man in straight adult cinema with an exclusive contract. The major problem with the film, if we forget the glasses removal which is probably only one for me, is the lack of a girls scene.

Tommy King

Another one worthy of my seal of approval... Wicked is sure on a roll this year on the feature side which is obviously great considering that I'm a member of their streaming service.

Saturday, July 9, 2022

A Love Story (2021)


If you are a member of the AllHerLuv streaming service this one isn't new since it was released as a streaming exclusive almost a year ago, but it was only released on VOD at the end of June this year. The label sure make it's streaming service worthwhile doing so because you must be really patient between the initial film announcement and the day you can buy it. 

Bella Rolland

Bella (Bella Rolland) is a writer, at least she try to be since she can't find the inspiration to write her novel. One day while she is outside relaxing a woman come to her asking she have a light, she doesn't since she doesn't smoke but they start talking with each other. As the talk go the fact that Bella is a writer topic is mentioned and Lisa (Scarlett Hampton) ask her if she needs an assistant. She doesn't have the money for one, but Lisa needs a place to stay so Bella accept to take her home in exchange of taking care of the house and cooking. 

Scarlett Hampton

After a while the novel topic come back and Lisa say to Bella that she should go out of her comfort zone to write a love story... she doesn't like the idea. The block doesn't stop and one evening Lisa will talk again with Bella seducing her but she left before anything happen.

Scarlett Hampton and Bella Rolland

This is what Bella needed, the writing gate is open and she write the beginning of a love story about them. Reality will meet fiction as they became a couple until Lisa come one day with the news that she found a job... sound pretty good isn't it? Not so fast, the job is in Alaska and Lisa leave her.

Laney Grey

Bella is obviously devastated and four months later her novel haven't moved by one line and she start having money problem. She starts working as a cleaning lady for Cathy (Laney Grey) a rich woman and one day she tells her that she is a writer. Cathy read what she wrote and she like it, so she offers a place to stay to Bella so she will be able to continue her story without the financial stress.

Bella Rolland and Laney Grey

When Cathy reads Bella new materials she doesn't really like it, the tone is more aggressive and this isn't the initial love story anymore... which is understandable since it was about her relation with Lisa. An argument start when Cathy tells Bella that she should move on and forget Lisa, later Cathy goes to Bella's room to tell her that she is sorry and after another heathen discussion Cathy tells that she have never known love (you know where it's going).

Laney Grey and Bella Rolland

The love fire is active again and Bella's novel write itself again... but is it finally a real LOVE STORY or not this time?

Bella Rolland

For a complete blind buy, I add it to another title I really wanted when I bought the VOD, it was a nice surprise. Like I said before I think Bella Rolland is a good actress who never get the chance to act and since she had the main role here it was the perfect occasion to see if my feeling was right or wrong. It was, Bella did a very good job to convey the up and down of her character. Same thing with Scarlett Hampton and Laney Grey that I have never seen in a movie before (to be honest Laney is the best actress of the trio, at least going only with this film). I'm a sucker for women only film so it's obvious that I was pleased with the sex (come on, Bella's body is amazing).

Another Ricky Greenwood's winner even if it isn't a major project for him, but sometimes just a simple story is enjoyable...

As I said in my introduction you can buy it on VOD or stream it on the AllHerLuv service... thinking about it maybe I'll get my own account soon so I won't have to wait endlessly to see a movie.