Sunday, August 29, 2021

Half His Age: a Teenage Tragedy (2017)


First Pure Taboo full length movie project, this was released as a three episodes series but I see this as a three hours film and not a series of connected scenes.

Tom Davies (Charles Dera) is a high school gym teacher who is love by all his girls students and obviously some like him more than some others. 

Jill Kassidy and Charles Dera

Lola (Jill Kassidy) an eighteen years old student is one of them, she has more than a teenage crush on him as both of them have an adventure together. Lola left a note to her teacher asking him to meet her in the gym class changing room. Mr. Davies goes to meet her but he has some reservations since it's on the school property and it's a big risk for him (even if a student is eighteen a teacher can't fuck with this student legally speaking). Finally he gave up and they have sex...

Kristen Scott and Small Hands

Tom should have listen the voice in his head since Heather (Kristen Scott) another student caught them in the act and used her phone to record them. Even worse for the forbidden couple, the first thing she does when she returns home is to tell what happened to her brother (Small Hands) and show him the footage... they are step brother and sister but I always ignore this since the term is always used as self censorship. The brother understand something quickly from this: they can blackmail them for good money. It's Pure Taboo so you know what's coming: incest between the brother and sister...

Jill Kassidy and Kristen Scott

Heather texts Lola asking her to meet her for something important. She reply to come at her home since she is alone. When Heather arrives she shows the film on the phone to Lola and tells her that she wants 10,000$ before the end of the weekend. But something goes wrong when Lola strikes her with a vase and knocks her out.

Cherie DeVille

Meanwhile Tom and his wife (Cherie DeVille) are at home busy role playing a teacher / student game for the greatest sex scene in the film... seriously the way this is edited is amazing. When they are done Tom get a phone on his cellular, it's Lola and she is in complete panic so he goes to see her to understand what happened. When he arrives at the meeting place Lola shows him the girl in her car trunk... thankfully she isn't dead, so they bring her at Tom's vacation home. Panicking more and more Lola tells him everything, Tom send her in a bedroom to be able to think what to do next since Lola is a complete mess.

Kristen Scott

After a while Heather woke up and something doesn't feel right... she thinks that she and Mr. Davis have an adventure. Obviously he is confuse by this but finally he decides to feed her delusion and have sex with her. Lola isn't pleased with this but Tom tells her that it's the best thing to do and she joins them.

Jill Kassidy, Charles Dera, Kristen Scott and Cherie DeVille

If you think that everything will be alright now think again... Tom's wife shows up and catches her husband cheating. Everything turn for the worse at this moment, as if it wasn't a bad situation already, Lola who is clearly not there anymore deals with this intrusion in a definitive way that completely break Tom mentally speaking. 

Xander Corvus and Small Hands

Heather who is the only one in the house who can think rationally decides to take the control of the situation. She sends Tom away and calls her brother to help. He arrives quickly to the rescue with one of his friend (Xander Corvus) and after seeing what's on the floor he wants to know what happened... Lola is ready to tell when Heather cuts her. She tells them that Tom hit her, brought them at this house and raped them. Unsurprisingly the brother isn't too happy and he wants to avenge her... 

Jill Kassidy

They use Lola to bring Mr. Davies at the house to jump him, to tie him on a chair, to have a revenge porno style (a foursome with his two mistresses) and finally calling the cop on him to deal with what's in the bag.

Charles Dera

One word... amazing! Seriously for a first feature this was exactly what Pure Taboo is about. The basic premises of a relation between a teacher and a student is already a big taboo but add incest, violence, craziness and revenge to the mix and you get perfection. The main cast all give the best acting performances of their career, it isn't for nothing if Charles Dera got the Best Actor Award and Kristen Scott got the Best Supporting Actress Award for their role. To be honest Jill Kassidy should have got the Best Actress Award for her role too, you already know that Kristen Scott is the reason why I came back to modern adult cinema two years ago but Jill Kassidy is the shining gem here (her mental breakdown is really well played). The sex is quite good, but the last act doesn't fit... it's fricking hot but doesn't make sense. I also really like the way the scene between Charles Dera and Cherie DeVille is edited, going back and forth from Cherie and Jill since Mr. Davis phantasm about Lola while he has sex with his wife. This film got a ton of awards in 2018 and deserved them all.

Small Hands and Kristen Scott

Highly recommended! You can watch the film in three parts on the Adult Time / Pure Taboo streaming service or buy it on DVD / VOD at your favorite internet store. If you buy the film on VOD you won't get the Behind the Scenes and believe me it really worth a watch, so it isn't the better option if you ask me.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Run Far Away


I haven't done a Pure Taboo scene in a while, so why not going back in time in September 2017 with the web scene that launched the brand new label.

Haley Reed

Georgia (Haley Reed) a 19 years old girl isn't happy at her home, her grades are falling and she hates the small town she live at. In fact she miss Los Angeles and her old friends, so she decides to run away from her parent's home to hitchhike her way back to L.A.


Small Hands and Xander Corvus

It doesn't take long for Georgia to attract a creep, but luckily for her another car stop in time to confront the man and scare him enough to flee. As they are on the way to Los Angeles they offer her a ride and since she trust the guys after what they did for her she accept the offer.

Small Hands and Haley Reed

They have a long road ahead of them so they want to stop at the house they rent for the night, Georgia accept to sleep at their place since they save her previously. As the evening progresses Georgia and Xander became more and more attracted by each others.

Haley Reed and Xander Corvus

Obviously something will happen between them before the end of the night, but Aaron continuously shows up in the living room interrupting the action until he decides to sit on the couch to enjoy the show. When Georgia realizes that he is there playing with himself on the side she is shocked... but the shock won't last long and it's time for a very hot threesome and when I say hot I really mean it.

Small Hands, Haley Reed and Xander Corvus

Right from the beginning everything was in place to set what will become my favorite label: a good story with great acting (these are what made me love those Pure Taboo loops), incredibly hot sex (seriously we get double vaginal penetration which is in my book way better and sexy than a regular DP) and an unhappy ending. Four years later Pure Taboo is less extreme, the sex is on the rough side with a lot of slapping and spitting, since the label must play safer because of the payment services restrictions. 

Haley Reed

Highly recommended... you can watch the scene from the Pure Taboo and Adult Time streaming service if you are a member. The scene is also available on DVD and VOD paired with Girl Tagging who was the second web scene released by Pure Taboo.

Monday, August 16, 2021

Dream Pairings: Fucking Crazy


Time to jump in the Girlsway vault for some girls action with two future Hall of Fame members: Shyla Jennings and Aiden Ashley. That scene script was written by Shyla.

Shyla Jennings and Aiden Ashley

Shyla and Aiden escape from an asylum going through the mountain (awesome location by the way) for their gateway. They got help from the outside since someone left a car with its key for them at the end of the mountain trail.

They jump in the car and drive to a remote location to catch a break and hide for a while, but there is a slight problem: Shyla forgot her medication and she quickly start freaking out.

Aiden goes to take a shower while Shyla nervous breakdown goes to the worse and when she came back something changed with the shy and lovely Shyla... a more aggressive side of her took the wheel. Obviously not aggressive in the sense that she is now an homicidal maniac, but in the sexual naughtiness sense.

So it's girls sex time and you can bet that it will be a great time... How it couldn't be? You have Shyla Jennings who is the greatest girls only performer of all time and Aiden Ashley who was already a veteran almost girls only at this time (without mentioning that it was her first scene after a ten months stint managing a band tour, in case you didn't know Aiden is a big name in the music business).

For some unknown reasons this is one of the few, if not the only, scene in the Dream Pairings series that wasn't release on DVD or VOD by Girlsway... even if the scene is a must watch! Shyla wrote a great script for this short story (a little bit more than 30 minutes) with a great ending. Every locations use are perfect, seriously I love the scenery when they are on the run. I love the little details like the dust on the car to show that it is waiting there for a while. The sex chemistry between Aiden and Shyla is awesome, surprisingly they never worked together before or after. I always love Girlsway, but when we watch an older scene and compare to now this is when we see how Alan X was important to the label.

As I said before this scene is only available on streaming via Girlsway and Adult Time but if you like modern productions you should already own an account with at least Adult Time.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Black Widow XXX (2021)


Now this is one I was supposed to do last month but Wicked released it in three parts so I had to wait for the complete film to be available and to make things worse august is the month of the year I'm the most busy working... in fact this is the month I get my film budget for the entire year (the pleasure of being a blogger who don't want freebies from labels to stay independent). But now the wait is over.

We jump right in action with Natasha Romanoff who was just kidnapped by a duo of Russian thugs who want to get a code from her. She plays dumb with them until she gets tired of this game and switch to Black Widow mode to kick their asses and more... obviously you know what more means: a sexy threesome.

Lacy Lennon and John Strong

After the sex is done the Russians ask if they can go but before Natasha can reply Yelena Belova does her entry. A fight break up after a little talk and Natasha won easily, but before giving her final blow Yelena tells her that she isn't there on a kill mission and have something to tell her. 

Lacy Lennon and Elena Koshka

They takes Yelena's car to go at her apartment, but Natasha must do a stop first. The goal of this pit stop is to ask Petra for her help with a tracking device for when Natasha will know enough about the mission to take it over for Yelena when she will know enough. Time for the second sex scene with Lacy and Casey Kisses.

Casey Kisses

When they reach home we finally learn the mission and Natasha is ready to do it immediately, so no time to waste traveling with a car it's spaceship time... When they arrive they are greeted by the Taskmaster and Deadpool, who was Yelena's date but went with them for the mission, learn quickly that you can't beat him as he can emulate any fight tactics from his adversary.

Ramon Nomar

The Taskmaster have no horses in this fight so the confrontation isn't necessary, at least the fighting one since we will end the film on another type of fighting: the inevitable sex battle who was I must say incredibly hot...

Elena Koshka, Lacy Lennon and Seth Gamble

If you have seen Black Widow, the Marvel film, you already know that this one doesn't really follow it but this isn't that big of a deal. One thing for sure there was a lot of humor added to compensate for the lack of actions, fighting one of course since the other type of action expected is present. Lacy Lennon finaly got her chance to shine in a leading role and she really did a great job acting wise and sex wise (she's in all the scenes so if you're a big fan it's your lucky day), the addition of Deadpool is a big plus since Seth Gamble just play the character perfectly... the exchange between him and Ramon Nomar are so funny. Frankly there are so many funny lines and references in the film that every superhero movie fans will appreciate. The costumes as usual with the Axel Braun superhero film are perfect, better than what we see in the original version if you ask me.

Lacy Lennon and Elena Koshka

Even with the lack of actions I really recommend this one: it's fun, very well done and it's easy to see that Axel Braun loves the source materials (seriously I haven't watch one of his superhero movies that I haven't appreciated). At the time of my writing the film is exclusive on the Wicked streaming service, but it should be available sooner or later on VOD and DVD if you aren't a member of their website (to be honest it worth the money since there are a lot of quality films in the Wicked library). 

One thing for sure it should get some award nominations this year...