Thursday, April 30, 2020

Same Time Every Year (1981)

Finally it's the time for the annual convention weekend trip for Michael (Mike Ranger), Robert (Paul Thomas) and Jason (Michael Morrison). Of course there is no convention since that weekend is an occasion for them to live some adventures away from their wives. But what they don't know is that they aren't the only ones who take advantage of this weekend to have fun on the side.

Loni Sanders
It's a Fred Lincoln's film so you already know everything you need to know about the story...

Michael Morrison and Tiffany Clark
... so I don't need to write that long about it since it's mostly sex scenes after sex scenes.

Lynx Canon
Usually I don't really like that type of film, but this one is an exception. Why? Most of those scenes are short, greatly shot (João Fernandes is behind the camera), the editing is fast and, honestly, many scenes are fricking sexy.

Tiffany Clark and Blake Palmer
Phaery Burd
One of the best moment in the film is certainly when we get the reversal of what we are used to see, the man (Mike Ranger) do a striptease to aroused the women at the house he is at.

Kathy Harcourt and Coral Cie
Evidently I recommend this film since it's a great example of why Fred Lincoln was able to do the transition from film to shot on tape easily... at least he was hit less hard than many directors more talented from that era. As you have seen in the captures the film have a great cast (Holly McCall, China Leigh and Ron Jeremy are also part of it) and there are a lot of musical pieces that will made you say "where I heard that before?"

Paul Thomas and Lee Caroll
For this review I have used the Impulse DVD and it is the best release available of this movie. It looks great but for the price it's a basic DVD with zero extras. The film is also available via Video On Demand but it's not that version, it's the not so good looking ABA full frame sourced from a tape.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Teenage Step-mother (1974)

Probably the lesser known film made by Claude Goddard or Gerri Sedley whatever name you prefer, anyway both of them are aliases. This one is certainly less mean spirited than Winter Heat.

Darby Lloyd Rains
Jamie Gillis
It's wedding day for Harvey and Linda and the ceremony is officiated by a judge played by Marc Stevens. To conclude and make the marriage official we get something better than a traditional kiss and for some reasons the judge is part of the actions.

Marc Stevens
When they come back at the house after the ceremony, Harvey's daughters are curious since their new stepmother is younger than the older sister so they decide to spy on the new couple while they share some love... but the newly married aren't the only one to share love since we get some sisterly incest too.

Sandy Fox and Lynn Stevens
Finally we learned that Linda have a small problem, if we can call it one, she must have sex every hours of the day. That must be quite a task for a husband but at least he is fine with sharing. 

After the rape of the house driver, kind of since it's played as a joke, by Linda who was tricked by the younger sister who forwarded the hour to trigger her. The older sister catch a peeping tom outside the house watching the actions.

Lynn Stevens and Levi Richards
She doesn't seem that offended since she gave him oral sex outside before bringing him inside the house to share him with her sister.

Tina Russel's book promo
Later every members of the cast are at the house for a dinner, we get two orgies (one two many if you ask me) since Linda's problem doesn't take a break when there are visitors at home and we end on a funny note.

Eric Edwards, Heather Ellis, Jamie Gillies and Marc Stevens
Without being a masterpiece this is enjoyable, there are some real funny moments and it is always nice to see a film not filled with big names... of course the male are stars and Darby Lloyd Rains is one too, but I highly the casual viewers know who Lynn Stevens, Sandy Fox, Day Jason or Heather Ellis are. Be warned that the music is very invasive during the sex scenes.

Sadly the GVC DVD is nothing to write home about but is it really a surprise? So don't waste your money on it and go for a rent instead. We never know, maybe we will get a better quality release someday because it's certainly a fun film to watch.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Supergirl XXX: An Axel Braun Parody (2016)

We sure are in an alternate universe since we start our story with Supergirl having a sex scene with Brainiac... but this is all a dream and thank God we won't see that bad Supergirl costume again. What isn't a dream is Kara Danvers being the girlfriend of Lex Luthor!

Carter Cruise
The day goes ahead and Kara talks with her cousin about her dream when he shown up at her job to interview her boss about something... to be honest I forgot about what because it's just an excuse to set a threesome between Clark Kent, Jimmy Olsen and Cat Grant.

Van Wylde and Ryan Driller
Remember the relation between Supergirl and Lex? Of you do... It's a charm that he put on her for some reasons. He used the power of the Enchantress (I suppose it's the same one than the one in Suicide Squad) to did it and when she came to meet him at his place because the charm weaken it's lesbian scene time.

Riley Steele
After all that Supergirl meets Batman at his batcave because why not and he tells her about the spell put on her. She go fight with Brainiac and beat him in two seconds (seriously that was fast). Next it's time to reverse the charm, show gratitude to Bruce Wayne and pay a visit to Luthor. 

Carter Cruise and Charles Dera
Honestly that was a big waste of time... a story who doesn't make more sense who results as a by the book type of modern film I really don't like. Carter Cruise is a good actress and a nice looking woman, but that was not enough to make this enjoyable.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

In the Flesh (1989)

Hell have a new boss, kind of... Satan is absent and his wife (at least I think she is) is in charge and she rocks with the Christina Lindberg's look from Thriller: A Cruel Picture. No idea if it was voluntary or not but this is sure cool.

Rachel Ryan
She wants to be in charge for good and she has a plan to do so, convince a pure virginal girl to sell her soul and Chris is the perfect candidate for her experience.

Stacy Lords
First she try to do it via one of her friend creating visions in her mind... a pure wedding and we could say a less pure wedding ceremony.
Tami White, Joey Silvera and Ray Victory
It doesn't work so time for plan two, using her assistant to show up in the form of Chris' boyfriend to make her sign the contract (using treachery of course). By the way, this made me laugh out loud but will it work this time?

Joey Silvera and Stacy Lords
The film end in hell with Ed woods directing a giant orgy after he sold his soul for a chance to make another movie.

Erik Edwards, Jesse Eastern and Rachel Ryan
Also the film is often interrupted with a TV broadcast from WSIN presented by Peter North who read the most recent news from hell followed by a product publicity. This sound kind of strange, but it works.

Peter North and Alex Storm
This is a film I knew nothing about until Eric Edwards asked me about it earlier this week, come on I have thousands of movies but I certainly don't know everything. It wasn't that easy to find for sure, so I have uploaded my copy online on a tube site and I'll give the link at the end of my review if you want to watch it.

Obviously this is a small budget production but honestly what wasn't at the end of the eighties. But as usual because of the good lightning it looks better than a typical low budget tape productions, I sure like the red and yellow color scheme used in hell. Also it was nice to see Stacy Lords in the leading role, I think it's the first time I've seen her playing the main role of a film.

But I must do a small negative critic, it would have been more logical to switch Peter North and Joey Silvera parts... Peter North would have been more logical as Chris' boyfriend than Joey Silvera.

Stacy Lords and Joey Silvera
And now as I told you previously, I have uploaded the film on my Xhamster account (at the time I wrote my review it's exclusive on this website, but you know how things work so it will probably shown up everywhere sooner or later) if you want to watch it. It's enjoyable and certainly worth a watch.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Carnal Highways (1980)

As a way to combine business with pleasure John and Fernando buy a truck to do delivery, as we know truck drivers score a lot of girls. It doesn't take long for them to check their theory when they pick an hitchhiker and goes with her in the back to test if she is a lesbian.

Natasha Corbet, Fernando Fortes and John Seeman
After that first adventure they stop at a truck stop and while they are there a prostitutemake a proposition at John, so we return at the back of the truck.

John Seeman and Brooke West
Next they stop at a motel where they took a room for the night, but before going to the room it's peeping tom time and we got badly shot time fillers with David Morris and Juliet Anderson. After that interlude they go to their room and call a couple of masseuses (wasn't the point of getting the truck was to get girls because you sure don't need one to score hookers and masseuses).

On the way to do their delivery they got lost (at least I suppose) and Fernando goes to some random house to ask about a school which is where they must deliver their load. More sex happened with a bored Seka and a less bored, but just less compare to Seka, Marlene Munroe.

I think it's a perfect way to react at Fernando's pecker
Finally they arrive at the school to do their delivery and the professor in charge is Carlos!!

Carlos Tobalina
What follows while they wait for Carlos to come back with the money is, surprise, an orgy with the students and our two protagonists.

Time for another laugh at Fernando expense
Seriously that wasn't good at all, at least not as it is. There are many problems with this one and no way Cecil Howard or Carlos Tobalina did this film. First problem is Fernando Fortes who didn't get hard a single time, come on if you pick a guy to be the lead try to get someone who can do the job (we can't even say that he got the part because of his acting). Next problem, the camera operator doesn't know how to shot and frame a scene... seriously it looks bad widescreen so I feel sad for those who saw this full frame via a VHS tape. Finally the music, it's all boring musak who doesn't fit with anything.

Never thought I would say that but Carnal Olympics is the best film on that double features and I didn't like it that much to begin with...

I hate to say that because Vinegar Syndrome did a good restoration job with this new volume of the Peekarama series but I don't really recommend this disc at all... of course nothing prevent you get it via one of their sales, at least you will pay less.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Faithless (2019)

Laura (Whitney Wright) came to Los Angeles with the dream of becoming an actress, after a while she gave up and stop doing auditions to become a full time waitress. she is now in a love relationship with a divorced personal trainer.

Ryan Driller and Whitney Wright
She is faithful in this relation but she doubt that Ryan is, so one day she decides to follow him while he works with one of his clients. To the surprise of no one he isn't faithful and sleep with the woman he is training.

Aaliyah Love
Laura, of course, isn't please with the situation and she throws him out of her apartment. Later that day Ryan catch the husband of the client he was with cheating on her. He use this situation to help Laura, he ask the man to give her name to a couple, Jessica and Gabe, who owns an independent movie studio he knows for a personal assistant job.

Lacy Lennon and Tommy Pistol
Laura after receiving a call from Jessica goes to a job interview but she didn't care for a job in the film business anymore, but she finally accept the offer and start working for the studio. She does an excellent job and after a while she starts fooling around with Gabe.

Jake Adams and Sarah Vandella
One day Jessica caught them but Laura have the time to go hiding and spying on them while they make love on the most noisy bed who ever shown up in a film. Later while the two women talk together jessica say that she thinks that her husband have an affair since "their sex is always better when she have an affair". She decides to have one too and Laura gave her Ryan's number. She goes with him for a training session and it's noisy bed time for Laura and Gabe...

Laura accept to take Ryan back but she is now a changed woman as we will see at the film conclusion.

Obviously this isn't anything we haven't seen before, in fact it's pretty much a Lifetime movie of the week, and the film is predictable. But it's well acted, the actresses are all naturals (except for Sarah Vandella) and their bodies aren't filled with tattoos (the actors sure are on the other hand). Also it's the second modern film I review in a row that doesn't have a girl / girl scene. I feel the movie was clearly made for the women market (they don't say it but they watch those films as much as we do), so it's one you can watch with your wife to test the water.

The film is available at Gamelink in all the regular formats. The DVD contains bonus scenes, but since I watched the VOD version of the movie I can't tell you if they are related to the film or not.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Soft Warm Rain (1987)

An old gold digger (Randy West) reminiscing his younger days told us a story that happened to him when he was a young prospector.

Randy West
While he was searching for gold in the desert he got lost and eventually pass out due to the lack of water. Luckily for him, Ky-Rie (Tracey Adams) an Indian found him in time to save him.

Tracey Adams
She bring him to her place where he drinks from an outdoor fountain and is taken by two members of the tribe for a cleaning ritual.

Siobhan Hunter and Keisha
Next it's time to eat and when it's done, Jake and Timawi (Sheri St. Clair) go out for a walk and another sip from the fountain. Jake drinks and Tamawi tells him that she need refreshing too.

Sheri St. Clair
Finally we learned why Ky-Rie brought the prospector to her place, they need the energy of a warrior to bring the soft warn rain before going for a long sleep. So Jake is prepared in another ritual for a last encounter with Ky-Rie. Suddenly after the relation is over, Jake wake up in the desert and his rescued by a woman named Carrie... talk about déjà vue.


Was it a dream Jake did? Was it real and the tribe made him think it wasn't to preserve their secret? I'm not the one who will tell you...

This is the third Eric Edwards' film I have seen after Mirage and Motel Sweets. Like those two I have found Soft Warm Rain enjoyable. Contrary to many others film shoot for the video market this film look professional and doesn't feel like an excuse to show sex scenes (like everything directed by Ron Jeremy just to give an example). The story without being too complicated is interesting and fun to follow, the location where this was shot is really beautiful, the lightning and the framing of the scenes is well done (it doesn't have that too bright vibe we usually got from a tape), Randy West is very good in his dual role (when he is old you really see him as an old man) and of course Tracey Adams is great as usual but here I have a bias since she was my first adult film actress crush 💖

Of course I recommend it, the DVD is long out of print but you can buy it on video on demand or rent the film from PopPorn. You can get it at the other usual webstores too, but the best price is at PopPorn.

A better capture of Keisha