Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Between the Sheets (1981)

An Anthony Spinelli's anthology in which a bed frame recounts the sexual encounters that happened on him through history to romance a new mattress who was just put on him. I know that sound stupid, but it isn't and that romance is quite fun to listen to. The story is presented in a series of vignettes and the film is filled with huge stars.

The title song composed by Gene Kauer and Douglas Lackey is quite good

The first story is set during the American Revolutionary War with an Englishman (R.J. Reynolds) courting an American (Annette Haven). This one is the weakest of the lot, Reynolds overact at the point of being just annoying but Haven does a good job as always. 

The second story set in current time is much better. A husband (Richard Pacheco) and his wife (Veronica Hart) talks about a promotion expected by the husband. The wife who was part of the selection committee tell him that he didn't get the job, so he his a little frustrated but Hart charm and laugh will defused the situation. God I love that laugh... Veronica Hart is, if you ask me, the perfect woman.

Next we go to the early seventies with a couple of hippies (Tigr and Joey Silvera). The recreation of the era is well done, but the story is just average.

We go back in time with the fourth one. It is set in the Secession War and it's the encounter of a Yankee soldier (Eric Edwards) and a Southern belle (Arcadia Lake). This one is one of the best and the chemistry is surely there (they were a couple in real life so it's a given) and I love how Arcadia Lake can emote just with her visage.

The fifth story is set in the thirties and is about a criminal (John Leslie) and his girlfriend (Seka) waiting a police raid to happen. This one is great and is fricking funny, you must watch it. Too bad that I'm not a fan of Seka since it would have been the best vignette with another actress.

Finally for the last vignette we jump ahead to the fifties to see a wannabee biker (Randy West) trying to hit a home run with his girlfriend (Vanessa del Rio) with no luck until he decides to give her an engagement ring. Vanessa Del Rio is great in this part of the film and sold easily the two sides of her character. 

Sadly there is no legit release for God knows what reasons since it's a strong film with only one or two problems (and one of them, Seka, is probably just one for me anyway). So it's highly recommend and I sure hope to see it restore some day.

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