Thursday, July 29, 2021

The Girls Next Door (2019)


Evelyn and Viv Dyer, a single mother and her daughter are just moving in an apartment complex. They aren't what they seem to be, indeed they are scam artists: the mother (Mona Wales) seduces men and leave them financially dry.

Ryan Driller and Mona Wales

As soon as they unpack their boxes it's time to begin the scam prey hunting and Evelyn set her net on Bruce (Ryan Driller) a single father. She uses her seduction tricks on him but it's a dead end, he has no money since he did a bankruptcy following the death of his wife because of the medical bills.

Danni Rivers and Lucas Frost

For her part Viv isn't that interested to follow her mother step but she helps her by maintaining a database of the building residents and their financial situation. What Viv does is to fall in love with the son of Bruce which leads her to find that he has quite a lot of cash hidden.

Silvia Saige and Small Hands

Evelyn must work fast since an undercover cop happens to be the husband of the landlady and he is on her case as he became suspicious of her after she started flirting with him earlier. One day while checking her daughter database Evelyn discovers that Chris, Bruce's son, has a lot of money on hand... more than enough to be her next victim. Viv isn't please at all but there aren't much she can do against her mother. Will Evelyn succeed her scam or she will be out of luck this time with a detective on her trail? I won't say so you'll have to watch the film to know...

Shawn Alff and Mona Wales

This Jacky St. James production was quite enjoyable, the story is interesting and there is a couple of surprises here and there. Mona Wales is perfectly cast in the con artist role and she is certainly believable which is a good thing since the film wouldn't work if it wasn't the case. Lucas Frost is the other shining star in the film and we got the chance to see him act as a lover and a blackmailed victim. Silvia Saige and Small Hands even if they have less to do are fine too... in fact everybody do a good job acting wise. On the sex side nothing to complain about since we get four good scenes, two of them with Mona Wales. I like the ending since I didn't see it coming... but on the other hand I'm the guy who never find who is the killer when I watch a Giallo, so take this for what it worth.

You can buy the film on VOD and DVD pretty much everywhere, so your favorite online store should have it in stock. It certainly worth a watch...

Monday, July 26, 2021

Wasteland (2012)


Not so long ago I've watch X-Rated: The Greatest Adult Movies of All Time to get some titles suggestion for the modern era, as you know I'm mostly a seventies guy and it took me a while to realize that everything after 1995 wasn't only unscripted sex scenes compilation. Some titles gave me the "I must see this" reaction and the film I review today is one of them.

Lily Carter and Lily Labeau

Anna (Lily Carter) goes on a trip to Los Angeles to see Jacky her High School best friend after five years of loosing contact. We will learn later that it isn't the only reason she made the trip, but I won't spoil it here. They resume their friendship as if the years wouldn't have pass, but quickly the same reason that broke up their relation all those years ago is always present: Jacky use other people to get what she wants whatever the consequences can be. In a flashback we see why their friendship broke up, Eric (Xander Corvus) who was the boyfriend of Anna cheated on her with Jacky when she didn't want to have sex with him.

Xander Corvus

After this flashback this where we learn in a sad dramatic moment why Anna came back from Tucson to meet Jacky. Wanting to give her the emotions that she seems to want Jacky brings Anna to the Club Inferno, who is quite a sexual place and this is where the casual viewer will get the actions they want.

Liza Del Sierra

 So if orgies and DP is your cup of tea this is the moment you were waiting for... 

Ramon Nomar and Lily Labeau

The following day Anna receive a bad news and she leave Jacky and Los Angeles for good.

Lily Carter

It isn't hard to understand why this film got so many awards in 2013 and why Lily Carter won the best actress award for her performance. The movie is just amazing, the story of two friends trying to retrieve their past friendship for the better and the worse. If it wasn't for the last act at the club the film would have been the perfect example of a mainstream crossover, in the sense that the sex isn't the center of the production... obviously this isn't a sexless film since I don't review or care for erotic cinema, but the scenes are short with the exception of the club orgy. The acting performance of Lily Carter is flawless, seriously when was the last time you have seen an actress shedding real tears in an adult film while doing a long monologue? Lily Labeau is quite good too in her role of a more carefree woman. On the other side it's harder to praise the actors since they are non-entity except for Xander Corvus. The director really use the city in a perfect way, there are so many good visual of Los Angeles in the film. Talking of the director it's a shame that Graham Travis career was so short (just four movies and it was over).

I highly recommend this film and if you have a Gamelink unlimited account you can watch it free there. You can get it too on VOD and DVD with extended sex scenes as a bonus if you don't have an account.

Friday, July 23, 2021

Unrequited Realtor (2021)


Not a movie per se today but a scene, I haven't done a modern loop in a while and since I was in the mood for girls action why not check what's new on Girlsway...

Aiden Ashley and Jessica Ryan

Storywise this isn't really complicated like most Girlsway scene... Aiden is a realtor agent and she has some difficulty to sell the house she's suppose to, so to give her the motivation she need Jessica decides to use the sex method. Told you it wasn't the most elaborate story ever written.

Aiden Ashley

Obviously I didn't pick that one because I wanted to challenge my mind, I pick it because I wanted to watch hot girls lovemaking and this is what I got so I'm happy. Aiden is always great and it wasn't an exception here, Jessica Ryan was great too... but both of them are veterans in the industry so no surprise here. As girl/girl scene goes that was intense traditional lesbian action as I like just licking, fingering, no fucking anal and those long fingernails on Jessica is a bonus kink (think small knife play, seriously scratching can be arousing when it's done well). 

Jessica Ryan

Unfortunately I have two small critics about the scene: at one point we hear the director talk, come on Eli Cross isn't a newbie there is no reason for him to keep that in the final cut. But the major one is the camera works, I don't need non stop close up but I don't want to watch the sex as if I was in a different room, OK I'm over the top a little but the camera is sure far away at times. Even with those two problems the scene was quite enjoyable so don't let that deter you...

Aiden Ashley and Jessica Ryan

You can see the scene only on the Adult Time and Girlsway streaming service if you are a member as the scene is exclusive at this time.   

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

The Cure (2020)


A doctor (Stirling Cooper) brings someone unconscious at his house during the night, we will learn later that the man (Codey Steele) name is Josh and what brought him there is a suicide attempt.

Mona Wales, Stirling Cooper, Codey Steele and Jessie Saint

Josh slowly recovers but he is kept restrained in a wheelchair for his safety, but it doesn't take long to see that something isn't right in this house and everybody living there.

Natalie Knight and Jessie Saint

Josh finally get well enough to stand up and walk, unsurprisingly his first move is to leave the house since he wants to return to his family and his girlfriend. But he is in for a big surprise, the doctor put a sounding device in his brain that kick of when he is too far from the home so he doesn't have a choice to come back.

Mona Wales

He accepts his sort and become a part of the "family" until he'll discover something shocking (no I won't say what) and make an escape attempt.

Codey Steele

I haven't say too much about the story since the less you know the more you'll enjoy and I sure enjoyed it. Ricky Greenwood once again gave us a great film, seriously whatever genre of cinema he touch the result is always the same: a brilliant film... he isn't the busiest man in the industry for nothing. The casting is just great from Codey Steele who plays the confuse victim to Stirling Cooper who plays the mysterious doctor to the rest of the cast who plays borderline crazy and unstable characters. I really appreciate when a film doesn't think that its audience is stupid and everything must be explain to it. We aren't really sure if everything is what it seems to be and this is fine, we don't need someone to hold our hand when we watch a film and we don't need flashback... we just need to be here for a ride and live the story like the main character live it. Even the sex fit perfectly with the mood of the film, nothing has a "normal" vibe starting with the strange one when Josh came back from his coma. By the way Natalie Knight was a nice discovery for me since I really love the girl next door look.

Mona Wales, Stirling Cooper and Natalie Knight

I highly recommend this film, seriously I don't understand why it wasn't at least nominated for an award this year, and you can stream it from the MissaX streaming service if you are a member. If not you can buy it on VOD from them or at your usual online store if you prefer.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Someone Like You (2021)


Marilyn (Dadi Iris) and Jackie (Ravyn Alexa) meet each other one evening at a party, not exactly at it but it's the cause, and it's love at first sight. So much so that they get married and their love flame continue to shine.

Dadi Iris

After some years of marriage Marylin and Jackie decide to have a child, but it gets complicated when Marylin learns after a series of test that she can't conceive a child. The bad news aren't over since Marylin also learns that her TV show is cancelled.

Ravyn Alexa

She is hit hard by both news and fear that her couple is over, but the chemistry between them is too strong and the couple resist. But a new tenant move in the upstairs apartment and Marylin catch his eyes, he does his move but she refuses since she is happy in love. She invite him for a diner at her apartment the following day, Marylin and Jackie who want to revive the passion of their early years decide to offer him to play a game... obviously you know what kind of game it is.


This doesn't happen often but no one in the cast where known to me, last time it happened was with Mirror Game last december. I must say that the chemistry between the two actresses was incredible, it's almost like they were a couple in real life, and both of them can act which is a good thing since the wouldn't work if they didn't sound natural. The film is short, just a little bit more than one hour but Madison Young gave us an interesting love story with sex scenes who aren't overlong but work perfectly. The film photography is really beautiful with some drone photography and some subtle details (by example the dust in the light when Jackie watch her computer after she made the bed).

Ravyn Alexa and Dadi Iris

This is the second Lust Cinema production that I watch and I really appreciated what they do... maybe I should watch the VOD of Primary I have purchased earlier this year (to be honest I won't have a choice since Primary 2 is coming soon). 

At the time of my writing the film is exclusive on the Lust Cinema streaming service with a bonus behind the scene that you won't get when it will be release on VOD later.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

The Social Media Influencer (2019)


A short one directed by MissaX today...

Scarlett and Shyla are two step sisters and Scarlett is a big time social media influencer, something that Shyla isn't. 

Scarlett Sage

Scarlett surfing on her fame is pretty much what you think those influencers are in real life: lazy, fake and not really likeable. So Shyla is stuck doing all the works around the house which don't make her too happy.

Shyla Jennings

Shyla gets the chance to knock her sister down a peg when she surprise her playing with herself watching lesbian porn in the shower. Scarlett fears that Shyla would make this public so she will do everything to keep her quiet and of course you know what this means...

Scarlett Sage and Shyla Jennings

A feature doesn't need to be long to be enjoyable and this one sure was. Even at 30 minutes you get all the ingredients necessary for a good film: a well-established story, good acting and a progression that make sense. I must say that Scarlett played the influencer as I imagine them in real life and Shyla was amazing as always. The girls scene is sexy and erotic, but Shyla's scenes usually are so no surprise here. By the way I love the winter scenery in the opening. The only downside could be the length for some people, but for me it isn't that big of a deal when something is good. 

Shyla again

You can stream the film on the AllHerLuv service if you are a member, if not you can buy the feature on VOD at your favorite online store (just wait for a sale if you don't want to pay the full suggested price).

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Spark (2021)


Maggie (Maya Woulfe) a first year law student is single since a long time, she had pretty much decided to put all her efforts in her school work. Some day she decides to leave her roommate (Alexis Tae) to go live temporarily with her uncle (Bryn Pryor).

Bryn Pryor and Maya Woulfe

Maggie's uncle convinces her with some efforts that it's time for his niece to find love again. So he sets a profile for her on a dating app named Spark. At first she doesn't get how the app works and she doesn't understand why none of the guys she has targeted contact her... see the woman must reach the man on this app (it's a nice change). 

Maya Woulfe and Ryan Driller

She goes on a couple of dates, but none of them went as well as they seem since both men ghost her after the evening. It looks like Maggie's love life will never get any better...

Dante Colle

Will Maggie get lucky in love or will she stays lonely forever? We will find at the conclusion... I play the tease here and I won't say it...

Alexis Tae and Tommy Pistol

Since I have seen Maya Woulfe in Lesbian Revenge: A Touch of Envy I fell in love with her beautiful smile and sparkling eyes, as I have said before she is the best kept secret in the industry... seriously what the major companies are waiting for to give her real acting work? Spark is her first lead in a major production and she fulfills the task like a pro, the sensibility and shyness of her character doesn't look fake or forced. Same with Dante Colle who is an actor that I appreciate more and more since I have seen him first in A Killer on the Loose last year. I expected Tommy Pistol to be one of the date but he doesn't get the chance to act this time since he is there for a sex scene to open the film, but what a scene it was! I'm not a fan of anal sex but that one was really hot.

I just love that shot

This film is certainly the first modern adult production that give me a seventies vibe. The camera works is just perfect (the above picture is a good example of this), the piano score fits 100% with the mood, it is rather short for a modern film (94 minutes) so it never wore off its welcome and this isn't just sex scenes after sex scenes... in fact two of those are only oral. Casey Calvert really hit the target making a serious erotic film with this.

I jump the gun and got an account from Lust Cinema to watch this film and I'm sure glad to have done so. You certainly understand by this that the movie is at this time an exclusive at their streaming service, but it should be available on VOD sooner or later.

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Missing: a Lesbian Crime Story (2016)


Back in the Girlsway universe with a sequel to The Turning that I have already reviewed some months ago. In fact the first sequel to The Turning was Project Pandora but I'm not comfortable reviewing this one at this time for obvious reasons.

It took a year but the lesbian virus global pandemic was defeated and lesbian sex is now outlawed. Everything isn't fine yet since many young straight girls are missing and an organization called Mantis is responsible for this. 

Riley Reid and Kendra James

Anita Sharpe the President of AWAL, an anti-lesbian group who runs everything since the end of the pandemic, enlist Lara Bradford a disgraced journalist to help her find the truth about those kidnappings (to be honest she is responsible for Lara falling from grace) in exchange for an exclusive interview. Lara accept and she gives her all their folders about the woman disappearances.

Sara Luuv and Karlie Montana

Lara starts her investigation and she notices quickly that the police never searched the room of Cindy Allan one of the missing girl. She decides to visit the house of the Allan family to ask them the permission to research Cindy's bedroom in case she could find a clue. She sure find one... Cindy's diary in which she learns that Cindy is a lesbian something that doesn't fit the official story, by the way the diary is certainly hot judging by Lara's actions while she read.

Riley Reed and Reena Sky

Lara decides to not report this discovery to Anita and set her attention to a second case: Cassidy Klein, a young Christian woman who was kidnapped at her house after an evening in town. When she arrives at Cassidy's home she found no one except a weird woman who seems crazy. Sound like a waste of time, but in exchange for some sex she will talk to Lara and it sure wasn't a waste since the woman is more stable after. She reveals to Lara that Cassidy wasn't kidnapped but brought to a clinic by her own mother and more shocking Cassidy isn't a nice Christian girl but a lesbian.

Allie Haze

Since Lara now have the address of doctor Haze's clinic she decides to continue her investigation of the Cassidy case. They have a normal conversation for a while but Lara starts having vision of her girlfriend and that will lead to sex on the couch. At some point Lara put an end to it because she loves her girlfriend and all of sudden she enters the room. 

Karla Kush

Lara is in for the shock of her life... her girlfriend is an agent of Mantis, doctor Haze isn't a doctor but a Mantis agent and Cassidy is also a Mantis agent. Mantis isn't behind the abductions this is all fake news by the medias someone or something else is responsible. In Fact just like Halle White (Adriana Chechik) and Isadora Johnson (Cherie DeVille) Lara is an important asset which is why an agent was assigned to protect her.

August Ames, Kenna James and Kendra James

Some times after Lara returns at her home and someone had been there during her absence since everything is upside down. She panics, takes the phone and calls Anita Sharpe to ask her help. She tells her to came at her manor that she will protect her. Except that things aren't what they seem to be... Anita is the one who took the lesbian women to get their sexual essences. A process who turn the victim to a mindless sex slave until complete exhaustion.

Riley Reid and Kendra James

Lara goes to the mansion without fear since she trust Anita, but we know otherwise and Anita will drug her. She woke up naked in the basement surrounded by many naked girls and this is where the fight to capture Lara's essence begins and what a fight it was. A trio of Mantis agents show up at the end and save the day.

Adriana Chechik, Cherie DeVille and Bree Mills

That movie was to put it simply awesome! A superb story by Bree Mills from beginning to end... to be honest it wasn't that hard to find who was behind the kidnapping but the reason why was a surprise. Riley Reid, Kendra James, Karla Kush, Reena Sky and Allie Haze were all excellent in their role. If you are like me and love lesbian film you are in for a treat, there are so many great scenes in this... the seven women orgy at the end is something to see and the bathtub threesome is quite a highlight too. I miss that Girlsway phase of big series so much, I really hope that the end of the actual non-lesbian pandemic will bring this back in a near future. The only small critic I can do is about the length, the movie almost run four hours so the sex tend to drag a little bit sometimes but thank God it's a series format so you can watch it in two or more sitting.

Rest in peace angel!

The film is available via the Adult Time and Girlsway streaming service, you can also buy it on DVD or VOD at your usual store. But take note that you won't get the excellent behind the scene feature if you buy the series on VOD and the BTS really worth a watch.

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Blue Moon Rising (2021) - Part 3


All good thing must come to an end, so it's time for the conclusion of Blue moon Rising... You can read my reviews of the first and second parts by clicking on the links if you haven't read them yet.

After she woke up on floor Aiden decide to go talk with the woman who found her the following day of Dante murder. They talk a bit and quickly Aiden realizes that she seems to know a lot about her.

Brooklyn Gray and Aiden Ashley

Aiden receives a phone call from Detective Greenwood who wants to meet her about the case and protect her from the biker gang who are suspicious of her since two men who left the bar with her are now dead. They talk a bit but the mood change fast when Aiden predatory sexual side take over and force Greenwood in a fricking hot scene as Aiden only can do. 

Tommy Pistol

The following day Greenwood is always alive so he is the only survivor of a sexual encounter with Aiden. She left him to returns at Brooklyn's house and this is where the real trouble will begin: the gang follow her and they invade the house to get their revenge.

Really bad idea since they aren't the predators they thought they were. After taking care of this problem, Aiden takes care of Brooklyn like she did when she found her hurt in the forest. They don't stay in peace for a long time since Greenwood arrives at the house with a warrant to arrest Brooklyn, Aiden refuses to cooperate and he apprehend her for obstruction of justice. 

Aiden Ashley and Tommy Pistol

At the station he interrogates her, but the process turns quickly to "intimidate the witness" mode and that will be the biggest error of Greenwood life.

Indeed it was...

This was the film I anticipated the most this year and my expectations weren't betrayed. Ricky Greenwood really did a good mix of adult cinema and horror with this production without giving everything too fast since the real payoff is in the conclusion (twice rather than once). Aiden Ashley shows why she is a real actress in the final act with her physical acting who sell the transformation process 100%. The special effects for the second transformation are well done and like I said Aiden physical acting really helps, on the other hand the first one isn't as good but I give it a pass and see it as incomplete since it had to be done fast as the attack on the werewolf was quick and uneven. Finally we see Tommy Pistol in action and the wait was worth it as the scene is incredibly hot and both him and Aiden dominate each other, seriously the sexual energy on display just burn the screen. Honestly Aiden Ashley is an incredible actress and she really deserve a chance to be in a non X rated film some day, I have sure seen many a list actresses who doesn't have this level of acting.

Aiden Ashley

Highly recommended and certainly a good contender for the movie of the year award this year...

Like the previous parts this, at the time of my review, is exclusive on MissaX on demand but it should be available in its complete form pretty much everywhere in not too long. By the way the end shout sequel so I hope we will get one.