Thursday, December 31, 2009

Maraschino Cherry (1978)

This film is the last adult film directed by Radley Metzger and despite the fact that it is a more interesting one than Barbara Broadcast, I can't say it's a great film (although a weak Metzger's film is a great one for several directors). My problem with this film is the absence of a real story (ok, there was one but it's a really simple one for someone who has  made Misty Beethoven, Naked Came the Stranger, The Image and Score). So we have a sex film and not a movie with sex scenes in it. Not that those scenes are unerotic or look forced (like most of what has been produced in the last 20 years), but they seem to be there just because ... As I mentioned some of these scenes are particularly successful as the one between Leslie Bovee and Eric Edwards or the one in the dungeon with Leslie Bovee, Gloria Leonard and CJ Laing. Like all the others Metzger's films this one has an interesting cast with Annette Haven, Jenny Baxter, Susan McBain, Clea Carson and Constance Money (as I am a big fan of her and she has two scenes in the film this is great plus) among others.The fact that I'm not the biggest fan of Gloria Leonard certainly plays a role in my lack of enthusiasm also (but I must confess that she looks great on the poster of All About Gloria Leonard that we see constantly During her interview on the DVD).

It is sad to know that this is the only Metzger's film that belongs to Video-X-Pix since the DVD presentation is superb (their logo occasionally appears for 5 seconds maximum, but this is not something that bothers me so much than that). In the extra there is an interesting interview with Gloria Leonard (despite the fact that I am not a fan I always enjoy her interviews or commentaries), the original trailer and many more materials. An exellent restoration work from Video-X-Pix that give me great expectations when I think of all the great classics that are in their vault ...

Obviously this film is available on the website of Video-X-Pix.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Anna Obsessed (1977)

One of the few films of Constance Money (she is credited in 9 movies, but for Maraschino Cherry and Barbara Broadcast her presence is only deleted scenes from The Opening of Misty Beethoven) and her last one before her short comeback in 1983 in A Taste of Money. This film is in the same line than Misty Beethoven, Sometimes Sweet Susan and The Taking of Christina, a masterpiece of cinema for adults. What we have here is a high quality thriller with a serial rapist who rode and make us felt his presence throughout the film, but we never see him until the very end of the film. The acting is of high quality, but with John Leslie, Annette Haven and Constance Money in the lead roles it isn't really a surprise. This is certainly not a pleasant film to watch (the scene between Leslie and Money is almost enjoyable until the rape flashbacks are incorporate in the scene) and the rape of Constance Money is particularly hard to watch (a gun is used to rape her). A very professionally made film (it's obvious that he was directed by someone famous who didn't want to be recognized) that I highly recommend. But I do not recommend in any way the dvd released by VCA (surprise, surprise ...) with more than 5 minutes of cut materials. I suggest to try to get the video version. The video is also incomplete, but with the exception of an original film print this is the only way to see this film in a way that makes sense.     

Monday, December 21, 2009

Angel Number 9 (1974)

I always liked the Roberta Findlay's movies, so it is not surprising that I liked this one also. It is not the most original film in the history of cinema, but it is certainly an above average adult movie. Basically the subject is the expiation of the sins Steven (Alan Marlowe, one of the most underrated actors of the 70s) has committed just before his death. The atonement came in the form of a return on earth thanks to the intervention of the angel # 9 (Jennifer Jordan, one of my favorite actresses) in a female body (Darby Lloyd Rains) by which he  will lived what he had made lived to Linda (Jason Day) his last girlfriend. Like any film by Roberta Findlay we felt the impression of listening a movie and not a fuck fest (I have nothing against the one day wonder, but I like much this kind of cinema). The story is still quite complex and Steven will meet his equal in the person of Jeff (Jamie Gillis, always equal to himelf) and he will suffer the same rejection almost word for word. A film I strongly suggest to discover the quality and eroticism that were present in these productions (the first scene between Darby Lloyd Rains and Jamie Gillis is a good example, if someone who had seen the film know the intrumental song used in it I'd like to know).
This film is available as a very good quality stand alone version from VCX (The version I own) or in a double feature dvd from Alpha Blue Archives (but probably in a lower print quality).

Saturday, December 19, 2009

American Babylon (1985)

This is certainly not a movie for the casual viewers since it's a film directed by Richard Mahler who is an alias used by Roger Watkins, the director of the great horror film Last House on Dead End Street. This isn't the usual eighties fuckfest, but more an artistic film which blends reality and imagination. The mixing of the grainy black and white films that Robert (Bobby Astyr in one of his best career performance) and Thomas (Michael Gaunt, also excellent in this film) watch with the color pictures of the real world is what  is used to create this atmosphere and often we can no longer distinguish what is true from what is false. The performance of Tish Ambrose is also excellent, but it is obvious that this film is a two men show and the other performers are secondary and accessories (Taija Rae, one of the most gorgeous women to have made this type of cinema is one of those accessory characters). The film ends with the two central characters watching a movie (Menopausal Males in Bondage) together. This film is a 10 minutes montage of almost everything that has happened to them previously in the movie, it can be easily interpreted as a reflection on us the watcher who live his life through what happens on the screen. Honestly one of the best productions of the 80s who actually sleeps in the vault of VCA Pictures, which is not necessarily a bad thing when we know how little respect this company had for its materials.
This film is not available on dvd, but it deserves a special edition ... It is a shame that this film doesn't belong to Video-X-Pix since this label understands the importance of their archives.

Amber Lynn's 976 Hot Line (1987)

Typical Products of the 80s, so no real history here. But as it's the decade when I started watching this type of movie the nostalgia aspect plays a certain role in the apreciation. Well like I said the scenario is somewhat simplistic and goes something like this: Amber Lynn is a businesswoman who owns an 1-976  service and we'll see how she conducts her business (I'd say it was not very deep). Of course almost everything that was produced during this period was an excuse to watch sex on screen (when 80% of your screen time is devoted to these scenes it's difficult to find another reason). On this point the film delivers the goods with Amber Lynn on the top of her form (before her unnecessary breast surgery in the nineties), Blondie Bee (a  typical blonde of this era, but with an annoying voice) and Sharon Mitchell who delivers a solid performance as usual. On the other hand the performance of Tracey Adams (one of my favorite actresses of that period) is very disappointing. The highlight of the film is the scene where Amber Lynn plays with herself in her bathroom talking directly to the viewer (I always found that arousing). While listening the movie I couldn't stop thinking if this movie was not in fact a disguised advertisement for a service of erotic line, but after 22 years the many number mentioned are certainly not functional anymore ...

This film is currently not available on dvd.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

All the Senator's girls (1977)

Not every movie deserves to be rediscovered and this film is one of those who would gain by staying hidden. The story deals with a senator who campaigned on an anti-pornography crusade to win his election, but it does not matter because it has nothing to do with what happens. So what is really happening? The Love Boat, but with a group of friends unattractive and  the Senator. So for 50 minutes were going to watch the most boring orgy ever seen and despite the fact they are six women and three men involved in it ... Although the film lasts only 58 minutes it seems endless. Complete waste of time ...

To give you an overview of this group of sexy young people I give you a screenshot ... Sorry

This film is available trough After Hours Cinema in a double pack with The Presidential Peepers a movie with Tina Russell much more interesting than this one.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

All American Girls (1982)

I was really hoping to liked this film after watching its trailer on the 42nd Street Forever trailers compilation from Synapse Films. I must be frank and admit that the film has several positive aspects to please. He has a good budget; it was filmed in England, France, Hong Kong and the United States; the cinematography is impressive; the very underrated Laura Lazare is a part of the movie' cast and the final scene between Jacqueline Lorian and Steven Douglas is highly erotic. My problem is that the film has no real story and every scene is an adventure recounted by the different women present at the reunion meeting. I understand very well that this genre please a lot of fan and if you like this genre usually this one is sure to please you, but this genre is not my cup of tea (when I watch a movie I want to see a story and not a montage of loops).
This film is available trough Excalibur Films on dvd.

Affairs of Janice (1975)

The film begins with the image of a drowned man floating in a pool which is a bit mysterious. We quickly discover that this man is George King (Zebedy Colt) and what happened to him. We go into the crime thriller genre with Colt as narrator. I will not give more details because it will spoiled the pleasure of watching. Despite this obvious budgetary limitation the film manages to be interesting because the story is well constructed and developed (which is usually the case with the Zebedy Colt's films). There is nothing wrong with the performances of Colt, Crystal Sync, CJ Laing and Ras Kean. On the other side Annie Sprinkle (the reason for her precence in this film is to play the most extreme scenes) and Bobby Astyr have little reason to be in this movie. The end à la "Tales from the Crypt" is particularly successful.

But I must say that this film is not the best I've seen from Colt. His films are usually more extreme and this one is too conventional for him. The fact that the video quality of the film is not impressive (a VHS transfer and a picture way too bright) does not help, but on the other side the soundtrack is perfectly clear. In a more simple way we can say that it's a typical Alpha Blue Archives released. If you are satisfied with the quality of their product usually you should have no difficulty with the visual quality of this movie.

This film is available trough the Alpha Blue Archive website on a triple features dvd.

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Coming of Angels (1977)

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie, I expected something completely different. In fact by the title and the synopsis I thought I will watch a light film based on the Charlie Angels series. This is not the case at all because the mood of this movie is rather dark. The film is set in a secluded location and the subject is the white slavery. Throughout the film we see how Mark (Jamie Gillis) is capturing his victims and how he tame them. Although the topic seems to be in bad taste this is not the case at all. For example, during a scene between Mark, Robert (John Leslie) and Andrea (Susan McBain) we quickly see that what should be a sexual humiliation became a summit of erotisism because of the apparent Stockholm syndrome of Andrea. To make the film more light numerous flashback scenes are presented and there is a running gag throughout the film with John Leslie who can never finish his relations. I was somewhat disappointed by the end of the film because I expected a stronger revenge by the girls.

The interpretation in this is the best you can get in this genre with Jamie Gillis playing a bad guy like him only can, John Leslie does well in a cast against type role, Abigail Clayton playing perfectly again the innocent victim (she was unfortunately typecast in that kind of role) and Amber Hunt gave a surprising interpretation in comparison with what she usually does. Leslie Bovee and Annette Haven without being great are corect and the Eric Edwards' talent is wasted in a non-role. Surprisingly Joel Scott, the director of this film has never directed another film. I strongly suspect that this name is an alias for someone more famous since he was the author and producer of Sometimes Sweet Susan a film whose director has used the same ploy.

This film is available trough Excalibur Films on dvd.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


After much hesitation I decided to take the plunge and create my space. If you share my love and respect for the adult cinema you're in the right place. As the days goes by you will read my impressions on the various films I watch.

Of course I don't pretend to be an expert, but I found that there is a lack of information about this cinematographic genre not very respected.

Hope that you will appreciate my little non-professional fan effort.