Wednesday, July 7, 2010

High School Fantasies (1973)

Last January I wrote about Beach Blanket Bango mentioning in passing High School Fantasies from the same director (James Bryan) So today I chose to talk about it. This film is a tribute to the teen movie set in the fifties which is particularly successful whatsoever in the choice of music or the accessories used. This film tells the story of Freddie (Larry Barnhouse) and the difficulties he has with his love life. The film uses more or less the same distribution than Beach Blanket Bango (Rene Bond, Rick Lutze, Nicolle Riddell, Tony Mazziotti and Cindy Taylor) with the addition of April Grant and Maggie Best. This is again a vehicle for Rene Bond, which is certainly not a problem.
Again this time the film has a certain charm because of the absence of cum shot and the brevity of the scenes (certainly no endless marathon of thirty minutes or more here). Although this is not for everyone  taste (there must be someone who appreciates those mechanical scenes of 30 minutes since they do only that now), but for me it's a nice way to mix a good story with some sex scenes. This film isn't as good as Beach Blanket Bango, but since you can find them on the same dvd you can see and decide by yourself.

The movie is available from Alpha Blue Archives in their third volume of Rene Bond's triple features (sorry I can't find it at the usual website where I get my movies, so the price isn't cheap). The quality isn't that great (as usual with ABA),  but it's better than nothing.