Saturday, September 14, 2019

Girl Busters (1985)

This film is one of the only two movies featuring Pamela who stars in A Passage Thru Pamela so I was curious about it.

Don't expect the same level of quality since that one is a low budget Jack Bravman's film shoot on tape and Pamela isn't a big part of this film.

A New York woman (Barbie Dahl) is in search of a roommate and this is all there is to say story wise. 

Barbie Dahl
 After a phone call with her mother a package delivery knock at her door and since she must sign she opens it. Surprise! It's a group of masked men (one of them being Joe Santini, we know because he is the only who won't keep his mask) and they aren't there for a delivery, at least for a package delivery.

It's rape gang time and it's very believable with the Barbie Dahl fight gives to her assailants... no I'm joking, she doesn't resist at all. Too bad the scene is badly shot because this is quite hot, as much as a rape scene can be of course.

After she will meet the people who answered her classified ad and this it.

David Christopher
Frank Serrone and Kathlyn Moore
So nothing very essential here... not bad per se, but it's just not really well shoot sex accompanied by invasive and annoying music. Also the scene with Pamela and Barbie Dahl is a very big let down if we compare with the award winning one between her and Sharon Kane from her other film.

there is also a tame S&M scene between Sarah Bernard and  David Christopher
I'm not sure which one between Girl Busters and Passage thru Pamela was the first, but I have a feeling this one was the second since the surgery scars of Pamela are less visible. Unless a lot of body make-up was used and I doubt it since the film is very cheap.

No DVD or VOD available for this film and to be honest I don't expect a release any day soon.

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