Monday, November 30, 2020

Obsessed (2020)


Next entry in the 2021 AVN Awards special, this time a couple movie directed by Jacky St. James.

Gretchen (Victoria Voxxx) a best seller romance novelist just wrote her next book, but to the displeasure of her agent (Kasey Warner) this isn't a romantic story. In fact this is a crime novel in which a woman kills her husband because he has an affair.

Kasey Warner and an uncredited Shawn Alff

Strangely the theme of book is exactly what is happening to Gretchen since her husband (Ryan McLane) is having an affair with a married woman (Scarlit Scandal). In fact all this is known to her since she have hours of secret recording of conversations between the two cheaters.

Ryan McLane and Scarlit Scandal
Between all those real life problems Gina, the agent, must find a way to sell this novel since it's a complete departure of the author usual style or she will be fired by her boss (Shawn Alff).

Victoria Voxxx

This film without being great was enjoyable, personally I think the story could have been more developed... just ten minutes more to show us why Gina's husband decided to go somewhere else would have been a nice plus for the narrative. The acting is acceptable, I've particularly appreciated Scarlit Scandal who is a new visage (most of what she did before are web scenes). The sex is on the romantic side which is why I think it fits as a couple movie. The conclusion took me by surprise, I knew something like this would happen but not who or why.

Stirling Cooper

I wouldn't call this film a must buy, but it certainly worth a rent if you want to watch something with your partner...

2021 AVN Awards Nominations

Nominee: Best Supporting Actor, Stirling Cooper
Nominee: Best Screenplay - Drama
Nominee: Grand Reel

Joanna Angel's Lana (2020)


Another film nominated for the 2021 AVN Awards, this one was shot entirely during the lock-down so it's time to see if a professionally looking movie can be done by a two people team.

Small Hands and Joanna Angel

Joanna and Aaron just moved in the new house they just bought for a good price and everything seem perfect at first. It doesn't take long to see things change, at first it's little details like water power trouble or waves disturbance. After a while Joanna decide to investigate the attic and this is the moment where the real trouble begins when en entity take possession of her.

Aaron decide to call the realtor who sold them the house and this is when he learned the reason why the price was so low... the previous owner die in that home!

As we say in french this film is a tour de force, the real life couple show without a doubt that it is possible to make a professional looking film during our actual crappy time. Indeed they did everything together from the acting (except for a face time call from Mike Quasar) to the complete crew works. 

Sure it isn't perfect, by example all the sex is shot via static shot with the camera on a tripod or from Small Hands point of view since he hold the camera in his right hand. But it was a good project to do stay busy at home, the story is without being original is enjoyable, there are some cool computer special effects and editing effects (I prefer those).

Not really essential, but it worth a rent and if like me you have an Adult Time membership you can stream the film from your account. 

2021 AVN Awards

Nominee: Best Directing - Drama, Small Hands
Nominee: Best Editing
Nominee: Best Soundtrack
Nominee: Best Special Effects
Nominee: Best POV Sex Scene, Joanna Angel, Small Hands
Nominee: Grand Reel

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Under The Bed (2019) Part 2


Second half of the horror anthology released by Pure Taboo for Halloween 2019...

A creature short directed by Eric Falardeau who is of course French Canadian and shot at the same location Within, the first story of part one, was shot.

A scientist investigate a weird contamination phenomena happening around a lake. To study and understand what happened she collects contamination samples, but she contaminates herself doing so when a sample touch her skin.

Bree Daniels

She notices a man lying down near her, but a strange goes to him for a relation who will be the last for the guy. A little bit later the same woman comes to the scientist and it's rinse and repeat time.

Bella Rolland

Will the result be the same with a woman than with a man? You will have to watch to know...

That story without being as good as the previous ones was enjoyable. The special effects are pretty good and Bella Rolland without saying a single word give a very good performance.

BTW if you are a fan you will see that the story was inspired by a Stephen King's short story, I said inspiration not adaptation.

A couple try desperately to have a baby, but as much as they tried it doesn't work. After a year of unsuccessful treatments at a medical facility runs by Bree Mills in an uncredited cameo (she did that episode) Bethany become more and more depressed by the monthly failures.

Alina Lopez and Tommy Pistol

One day Bethany find a publicity for an experimental birth clinic on their car windshield and after a long argument with her husband she decides to give it a try without telling him. After a long discussion with the doctor running the clinic she agrees to take the procedure.

Angela White

The impregnation process is sure weird and rough, but it works... kind of since the child resulting from the experience seems to be abnormal. 

Charles Dera

A good story, even if it would fit better in the Future Darkly series than an horror anthology since it's more science fiction than horror except for the end. Alina Lopez is awesome in the episode and this is quite evident to see why she got a Best Actress Award nomination for this role. The black and white switching for all the impregnation procedure at the clinic was original.

Not as good as the first half but it worth a watch, at least go for a rent or better a subscription to the Adult Time streaming channel.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Under The Bed (2019) Part 1


Today's entry in the 2021 AVN Awards week is an horror anthology released by Pure Taboo as a special series for Halloween 2019. I'll do my review in two parts to follow the way it was released on DVD.

Directed by Fred August and shot here in my corner of the world (yep I'm from Quebec, the province not the city). 

Two friends rent a cabin in an isolated wood area for a getaway weekend, but unbeknownst to them an hermit is also in that area acting as if he was on the prowl. Later during the evening the girls relax watching a film on TV but there is a storm in the area and the power is cut, one thing lead to another and you know what that another will be.

Emma Hix and Emily Willis
While they are busy the hermit enter in the cabin and one of the girl is killed, after the hermit had his way with the surviving one.

Michael Vegas
That first story of predator and preys was excellent and not what you expect it will be. The location is very beautiful and different since it wasn't shot in California as usual. The acting is on par with any current low budget horror movie and to be honest I don't understand why Michael Vegas wasn't nominated for an acting award for this role.

Next story was directed and written by Joanna Angel.
Lacy Lennon

Lacy is at a cemetery obviously to visit someone and we learned quickly that it's the location where her friends are buried after their death in a car crash the previous year, a crash in which Lacy was the sole survivor.
Small Hands, Katrina Jade and Joanna Angel

When she returns home, she start feeling depress and decide to return to the cemetery driven by the guilt... not a good idea.

From there it's orgy time until the tragic conclusion...

As you know already films who are mostly sex aren't my cup of tea, but it isn't the case here because it isn't pointless and had everything to do with the story. That study of regret and despair was interesting and certainly not what you expect from what is basically a living dead film. The energy was quite intense and I have a feeling it wasn't that comfortable to do.

That first half was enjoyable and certainly worthy of a recommendation. You can get both story on VOD or DVD, but you should go for the Adult Time streaming account to watch it.

AVN Awards 2021 nominations

Nominee: Best Art Direction
Nominee: Best Makeup
Nominee: Grand Reel

The Night They Came For Lacy is also nominated in the Best Group Sex Scene category

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Out with a Bang (2019)


A Lena Paul's production center around two couples waiting for the impending end of the world that will come in twelve hours when a meteor will hit the earth. Now what to do when the world as we know it is almost over, if you said sex you win!

Casey Calvert

I won't lie, at first I didn't like the film since I had the impression it would be just sex and no real narrative like the first episode... it's a Digital Playground release so the film is separated in three episodes. But it became more interesting at the end of the episode when a desperate woman (Alina Lopez) come knocking at the door.

Alina Lopez
The complete second episode have a dreamlike mood that I have really appreciated, in fact it's the moment when I became enjoying the film. The utilization of a different lightning scheme, the way it's edited and a great on camera effect is what make that chapter enjoyable and mysterious.

Alina Lopez, Michael Vegas and Karma RX
When the third episode start only three characters remain and it will be time for the young woman to lose her virginity before it's too late.

Not something I really recommend if you want a real film, but if you are fan of Alina Lopez it certainly worth a watch since she's really the star of this show. There is some original visuals so it's obvious that it was made with some ambitions and care.  

Karma RX and Xander Corvus
As usual you can buy the film online at Gamelink and it's also available on the Digital Playground streaming platform if you are a member.

AVN Awards 2021 nominations

Nominee: Best Cinematography
Nominee: Best Directing - Drama, Lena Paul
Nominee: Best Special Effects
Nominee: Best Leading Actor, Michael Vegas
Nominee: Best Screenplay - Drama
Nominee: Grand Reel

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

The Path to Forgiveness (2020)


Entry number two in my AVN Awards week, this time it's a drama directed by Whitney Wright...

Hayley (Cadence Lux) is on the way to see a concert with her girlfriend (Kira Noir), but at one point her mother (London River) make a stop and a bad surprise is coming for Hayley. Indeed, her mother brought her to a conversion therapy program for lesbians. The therapy is strict and the house is ruled with an iron fist by Mother Sarah (Joanna Angel).

Cadence Lux and Kira Noir

It will be a hard time for Hayley, even more when she will tell about a night time indiscretion between one counselor and a girl in therapy. When she learns that Hayley talks with Mother Sarah, it's payback time and the revenge will happen with the help of Jordan, Hayley's girlfriend, who works with the center bringing lesbians for the therapy. After being caught she is sent to the hole (an isolation cell), it won't be a happy time but she will finally get the help she needs to escape the center.

Joanna Angel
Whitney Wright slowly but surely is on the way to do the perfect transition between acting and directing, she already did some good films but she finally get the respect this year with a Best Directing Award nomination. She not only directed the film but she wrote it too.

Scarlett Sage
I like the variety of genres that exist in the adult cinema, contrary to what so many believe it isn't just scenes compilation and many films are better than many B movies. This drama is perfect example of a film well done...
Daisy Taylor

The story is interesting, original and sad at times since we know that conversion center like this exist in real life. Both Cadence Lux and Joanna Angel give a great acting performance in the production. The sex is quite good, surprisingly the last scene is my favorite because of its romanticism and the way it was shoot (that fetish sure isn't one of mine but a good scene is a good scene) and the rough one between Joanna Angel and Kenzie Reeves wasn't bad either.

Whitney Wright
Obviously I recommend this one and you can get it as usual as usual from Gamelink or the AllHerLuv streaming service.

Nominations for the AVN Awards 2021

Nominee: Best Directing - Drama, Whitney Wright
Nominee: Best Art Direction
Nominee: Best Transgender One-on-One Sex Scene, Cadence Lux, Daisy Taylor
Nominee: Best Supporting Actress, Joanna Angel
Nominee: Best Editing
Nominee: Best Non-Sex Performance, London River
Nominee: Grand Reel

To be honest I can't understand why London River get that nomination... this is one of those AVN mysteries...

Monday, November 23, 2020

A Killer on the Loose (2020)

This week will be an AVN Awards nomination special in which I will review some of the nominated movies and I'll start with a Ricky Greenwood's crime thriller.

While she spent the night in a remote area with her boyfriend a young woman (Vanna Bardot) is abducted, not only that but it looks like it's a serial killer. Luckily for her the FBI is already on the case but the time is running fast since the killer dispose of his victims quickly after the abduction. With no real lead to move fast one agent (Aiden Ashley) decide to meet a prisoner (Seth Gamble) to ask him to help on the case.

Seth Gamble

He will help, but he will play a mind game on Clara at the same time in exchange of his expertise. But will the FBI beat the clock and rescue the girl in time before the worse happen to her?

Aiden Ashley
If you know your cinema you already guess that the template for this film is The Silence of the Lambs and you aren't wrong. It is easy to see why this film got nominated for the Grand Reel since it's an excellent one. The script is great and Greenwood give as much importance to the narrative and the sex, you feel the sentiment of emergency, the natural lightning cinematography is perfect, the acting from the two lead is top notch (seriously Seth Gamble is awesome in his part), the sexual energy in the last scene is incredible (no wonder it was nominated for the Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene) and you see the attention put in the details by example the internal finish between the relation between the young couple or the spying on the victim in the prologue.
Vanna Bardot
Of course I highly recommend this one since it's the best adult cinema I have seen in a while and I'm sure everybody could appreciate the film.
Kenzie Taylor
I purchased my copy from GameLink as usual but you certainly can get the VOD from your favorite online store, also if you are a subscriber of the MissaX streaming service it's available there.
Stirling Cooper
Nominations for the AVN Awards 2021

Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene, Aiden Ashley, Seth Gamble
Best Directing - Drama, Ricky Greenwood
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Grand Reel  

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Sweet Sweet Sally Mae (2020)


A throwback to the seventies blaxploitation cinema directed by Ricky Greenwood and, to make things better, an all girls film.

Ana Foxxx
Sally Mae shows up at nighttime at Polly's house for a transaction, money in exchange for the address of Miss Jane one of city big drug overlord. The transaction is completed and it's time for the first scene between Polly and her girlfriend Ella.

Sizi Sev and Misty Stone
After getting the address Sally Mae doesn't waste any time to go meet Miss Jane under the pretext of doing a drug deal with her. But there is one problem, Miss Jane suspect a foul play and Sally is knocked out unconscious while leaving the house.

Valentina Nappi
She woke up tie up in a bed ready for an interrogation by Miss Jane' right hand girl to find from who she got the address. It doesn't work and an interrogation expert is called to get the find the information by any means necessary.

Kira Noir and Julie Kay

While Sally Mae is interrogated she began to have flashback and this is where we discover the reason of her vendetta against Miss Jane (of course I won't tell you). The interrogator is in for a big surprise, Sally Mae isn't some ordinary girl she's well trained, she gets rid of her ties and escapes.

Isiah Maxwell
While this happen Miss Jane and Tina, her main girl, are sure that Sally Mae will talk since she is the hands of a torture expert and decide that it is time for a celebration. Of course we know that Sally is coming to get her revenge and this is what she will get at the end.

Julie Kay and Valentina Nappi
All in all that was an enjoyable film and since it's blaxploitation we see some actresses we aren't used to see in major parts. The cast is all black except for Valentina Nappi which make sense since the bad guy in that genre was, more often than not, white. 

Scarlit Scandal
Ricky Greenwood used only natural lights for his film and I really like that since it gives a more professional look to the production. Add to that a cool soundtrack and you get a good results.

The only negative I can find is the lack of exterior scene, just some street or city footage would have brought a good moving flow for the chapters transition.

At the time of my writing the film isn't available commercially and you must be a member of the Adult Time streaming service to watch the movie, but believe me the service worth all the money you pay since it's the best around.