Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Sex Drugs and Rock 'n Roll (1985)

Something a little bit different than what I usually review since it isn't a film per se, but there is some kind of storyline.

This is pretty much a club show hosted by Fred Lincoln (who directed and wrote the film) with musical numbers in which we follow the tribulations of a group of women friends.

Sharon Kane, Jean Silver, Tiffany Clark and Tish Ambrose

Tiffany Clark and Bobby Sunderland (a one timer who was certainly a stripper in real life

Sharon Kane

The film is pretty much straightforward as we alternate between musical numbers, Fred Lincoln's comedy stand up and what happened to our principal core group. Susan Nero, Marita Ekberg, Jose Duval (his scene with Tish Ambrose is quite funny) shown up too in the film.

Susan Nero
Marita Ekberg
Jose Duval
This film quite enjoyable and contrary to what I believed before starting the disc it isn't just a musical. But even if it would have been non stop music I would have enjoyed it anyway since two of my favorite actresses (Tiffany Clark and Jean Silver, both of them looking great as always) are part of the cast.

Fred Lincoln

There is no official release of this film but you can get it via an Alpha Blue Archives triple features DVD with Toothless People and Supergirls Do the Navy.

Online link for a tube site showing the film since the current release isn't legit

Finally better screen captures of Tish Ambrose, Jean Silver and Tiffany Clark

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  1. Well that was a surprise! Always wondered what became of this. I've got to get this on DVD to add to my Jeanne Silver appearances. ;)