Friday, March 17, 2023

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Platonic (2023)


Latest Mike Quasar's production for Sweet Sinners and this one is more personal for him than what he usually does since it is an alternate version of his personal life (at least the way it ends is). So let see if it will compare with the fictional film he normally write and direct.

Melissa Stratton and Ryan McLane

Ryan (Ryan McLane) and Melissa (Melissa Stratton) are friends since more than ten years and this is all there relation is. Ryan is pretty much the good friend who are there to listen Melissa's problems even if it's obvious that he wants more than just being stuck in the friend zone (this is something that every guys experience at one point or another of his life and honestly that suck).

Aiden Ashley

Not only his dating life isn't great but he must suffer daily the story of his coworker Tommy (Tommy Pistol) who see no problem with jumping from one woman to another constantly. Melissa dating isn't much better since her choices aren't that great and her girlfriend (Skylar Snow) try to cheer her up by telling her that it isn't important to have a date who can have interesting conversations.

Skylar Snow

Following Tommy's advice Ryan goes on a date and to be honest the date feels more like a chore than anything else... the discussion at the bar sure sound boring but at least there is a happy ending. The following morning Ryan's date has barely the time to leave that he gets a call from Melissa who wants to see him immediately.

Kylie Rocket

Yep no surprise here, Melissa doesn't feel good and need Ryan ears and attention. After their discussion or, to be more precise, Melissa self dialogue he set her on his sofa to sleep. The following day she feels more better, she gets a date and it looks like the perfect guy... except that it's Tommy and we know it's far from being the case. When Ryan learns it he takes the news badly to say the least.

Tommy Pistol

Tommy and Melissa go on their date as planned... Will Tommy be the prince charming that Melissa wants so much? Will Ryan finally tells his sentiments to Melissa? Will the friend zone barrier jump over and Ryan and Melissa will realize that they are made to be with each other? I won't spoil the end but you certainly know how the answers to those questions already or you haven't watch many romantic story before.

I knew I would like that one from the moment I heard about it... in fact I bought it immediately when it was released last week. Mike Quasar original movies are always enjoyable and well done, this film isn't an exception. Ryan McLane who is pretty much the Sweet Sinners go to actor is a great leading man and he is sure credible in his role and Tommy Pistol is good as always and his date with Aiden is one of the highlight of the film. In fact everybody in the cast did a damn good job... Aiden, even if her part is minor, shine as usual and Melissa Stratton I have never seen before was a perfect casting choice. Sexually speaking we know that every scene will be good since it's a Mike Quasar's production but for me the highlights are the scene between Aiden Ashley and Tommy Pistol (I have never seen a bad scene with Aiden and her selfie session to start it sure is a feast for the eyes) and the scene between Ryan McLane and Melissa Stratton (come on you knew they would end together) who get the conclusion we would all wanted to get in our life when we were stuck in the friend zone.

David Lord

The best film I have watch this year and obviously this is a must buy... Available on VOD and DVD or on the Sweet Sinners streaming platform if you are a member.

Friday, March 10, 2023

Our Mid-Day Ritual (2022)


Something different today since this isn't a film or a short feature like I review usually, in fact I could say that it's an modern old school loop so no real story here but a situation leading to a sex scene.

Kira noir and Anna Claire Clouds

Anna and Kira while doing their morning jog in their new neighborhood surprise one of their neighbor outside with her slave. They spied on the couple until Lumi notices them and invites the duo inside after some shenanigans it's time for a foursome. It's a loop so there aren't much to recap here...

Codey Steele

I like how they did the intro going all musical (no nobody sing here) and exaggerated facial expressions and reactions, as I say it's an old school loop so no dialogue (except for the sex but I wouldn't call sex talk dialogue). The tone is comical so no domination play on the screen, even if I was hoping for this since Lumi Ray wear a fricking sexy domination outfit and Codey is supposed to be a slave. The sex is enjoyable and there is a little bit of everything for everybody (as long as you are in regular sex). Sometimes the action is a little bit tight since they are four on a sofa but you have some very good point of view (especially when Anna Claire Clouds rides Codey Steele) and lumi Ray squirts twice at the end.

Lumi Ray

To be honest I'd have like to see Lumi dominates her slave a little but I think it's not the point of that series... anyway it certainly worth a watch since the setting is different, funny and the sex is good. No idea if Adult time will release some episodes of that series on VOD at one point or another so the only way to watch this one is to be a member of their streaming service.

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Terminal List (2023)


After a six months mission Special Agent Adam Pearson (Nathan Bronson) is back for his debriefing and quickly we see that the tension between him and the debriefer (Vanna Bardot) is very high... in fact they have an history together and Pearson left her without notice to go undercover.

Nathan Bronson

As the debriefing goes we learn more about the special assignment who is about a list of target to kill (at least this is what I have understood). When the procedure is over it's time to talk of the elephant in the room who is... you guess it... them.

Vanna Bardot

After taking care of that elephant one question remains, who is the last name on the list?

I like this one but I feel like something is missing because of the short 31 minutes running time... the story just isn't developed enough, the end is very abrupt and there is no resolution per se (so is up to you to imagine the end). Personally I think that a very good full length feature could have been made with that story line. Enough negative... this isn't really the way I work so let's talk about the positive. The acting from Nathan and Vanna is very good, their sex scene is quite enjoyable since they have a perfect chemistry so it's believable.

I won't say it's an essential watch but if you are a fan of Vanna Bardot or Nathan Bronson this sure worth a watch... so maybe not a must purchase but at least a rent (this is how I watched it since Delphine Films is part of Gamelink Unlimited) and of course you can view the feature via their streaming service if you are a member.