Monday, May 27, 2019

Roma Connection (1991)

I can't say that I've seen many Mario Salieri's movies mostly for the fact that few of them have english or french friendly release, so it's kind of pointless to watch a film if you can't understand or follow the story...

Like the other I've seen from him (Tutta una vita) this one have a serious storyline since it's about the coruption of the italian society by the mafia, the politicians and the media bussiness. No it isn't as deep as it sounds, but it starts with a bang with a news report about the murder of a familly including a six year old kid. it's the only violent moment in the film, come on it's an adult film not a Poliziotteschi. So we got a film mostly about a creepy TV station owner who like to watch young ladies having group sex with homeless people and all this with a reporter dealing with a tape showing the link between the mafia, the politicians and the medias as a backdrop.

To be honest, the dubbing is awfull (in english or in french) but if you have seen any italian film dubbed in a foreign language you know that already.

Depending of your taste I recommand it... anyway you got two scenes with a young Angelica Bella (and you know what that means) so it's a hard one to pass.

You can find it, if I remember correctly, in three version at xhamster: italian, english dubbed or french dubbed.

Some captures