Thursday, November 14, 2019

Ten Little Maidens (1985)

A young couple get a pair of tickets in the mail for a weekend all expenses paid for a weekend orgy at an isolated island resort. Six other individuals, eight if we count the house helps, got the same invitations and little that they know it's an invitation with a price... their lives.

But who wants them dead? Is it their mysterious host? Is it one of the guest?

Harry Reems and Ginger Lynn
As you can see it is an adult adaptation of Agatha Christie's novel Ten Little Niggers or And Then There Were None and the point is find who is the killer and since it's a locked room situation everybody is a possible suspect.

Nina Hartley
Jamie Gillis
Of course I can't say much about the film since a movie like this is very easy to spoil, but I can say that it have one of the greatest orgy scene I have seen... there a lot of food play for sure.

After the dinner orgy a tape is played and this is when the weekend guests learn about the death plan and where we will see the first of the ten dying.

Paul Thomas and Amber Lynn
After we will see each of them die one after the other until the end when the killer identity is discover.

Richard Pacheco
It was an enjoyable watch and it isn't different than most film in the murder / mystery genre, if we forget the sex of course. Talking of sex... a lot of the actions was great and different, if you like food play you'll love this one.

Eric Edwards
Too bad there isn't a real DVD release of this film, for some unknown reasons Excalibur Films who is the owner of the movie only distribute this film on DVD-R, because this is a great classic worthy of being rediscover.

Great cast, good location, good story and nice cinematography... but that song is sure awful, God that anonymous singer voice is bad.

Lisa De Leeuw
Japanese theatrical poster

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Love Making U.S.A. (1971)

We are in 1971 so guess what it is... yes, it's another white-coater. This one ask the question, what is love?

That creepy guy is here to tell us
As usual we have a mix of new and not so new materials. Some of it working well like the complete version of A Free Ride a stag film from 1915 or the segment about Gay-Inn III who is probably the best moment of this pseudo-documentary (too bad the sound is so bad). 

On the other hand there are boring moment like the filming of the adult film, not that it's bad per se but the interviewer is so annoying (he asked his questions to the performers while they perform... who the hell does that? 

We get a lesson about woman sexuality and how they reach pleasure... but to be honest it's an excuse to show a woman, Patti Snyder, masturbating.

Also we get a John Holmes loop in this.

Nothing groundbreaking and to be honest I have seen many white-coaters better than this, so I wouldn't call this an essential viewing.

No director credited but I have a feeling that it was made by Joseph F. Robertson before he officially did the jump from softcore to hardcore.

Robertson at the Gay-in bashing the event (which is make-believe)

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The Nymph Tapes (1973)

Two women (Orita De Chadwick and Tish Prado) talk in the least private clinic in the world about their sexual experiences with a doctor (Nancy Martin). 

Orita De Chadwick
Tish Prado

After telling their experiences a series of tests are done to measure their sexual response to different stimulus by two researchers...

Keith Erickson
Rick Lutze
Sadly the print cut abruptly so the final scene doesn't last long... too bad since Nancy Martin joins the action.

Not the most complicated movie ever made, but it does its job as an almost white-coater. Enjoyable early Anthony Spinelli's production with the added bonus of playing the "what is that instrumental in the background" game.

I'd love to own a bed like that

Monday, November 11, 2019

Nightlife (1982)

Joanna (Bridgette Monet) is torn between her work as a high class hooker and her boyfriend (David Cannon) and this is pretty much it.

Bridgette Monet
Not much to say about this one since there aren't any real storyline and it's mostly an excuse to string a series of sex scenes together. Not that there is anything wrong with this and, to be honest, many of the scenes are fun like the police bust at the porn film shooting or weird like the trapeze scene between Mike Horner and Ginger (no, not that Ginger...).

Jesse Adams and Herschel Savage
But like most films with Bridgette Monet you know that she will be only with David Cannon and after a while that become "tiresome", not that there is something wrong with being exclusive on the screen (Francois Papillon and Kascha were and it was ok) but it's kind of weird when the guy in the couple continue to share the screen with other actresses.

At least the film have a good cast and well shot (a lot of cool nighttime scenery)... no one is credited for the photography but it's obvious that Ken Gibb didn't only took the directing chair but was the camera operator too.

Loni Sanders and Gail Sterling
Honey Wilder with a bad wig
The film is enjoyable, but I wouldn't call it an essential viewing.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Beauty and the Beast 2 (1990)

Paul Thomas sequel to his successful adaptation of the classic fairy tale. The action is set twenty years after the event of the original story and Lord Beastington who is married to Belle is now the King.

John Leslie
Tracey Adams
Not only they are married but they have two young daughters... Sybil (Victoria Paris) and Patience (Chaz Vincent), one is a virginal princess and the other sure isn't (I let you guess which on is which).

Chaz Vincent and Victoria Paris
Everything is rainbows and unicorns in the kingdom until the King start reverting to his old beast form. This happen because the King feels that Belle and his daughters move away from him... all this because of a conspiracy leaded by one of his kingdom Lord and his two sons.

Randy West, Randy Spears and Todd Alexander
But the conspirators are unmasked and all's well That ends well...

That was a very good sequel to a story well known tale who, to be honest, could have been how the original could have continued. It's fun, enjoyable and it doesn't feel long even if the film is 1h40.

Not surprising that Paul Thomas became an excellent in house director for Vivid considering how good he was already at the beginning of his behind the camera career.

Sabrina Dawn and Jon Dough
Once again I recommend this one that is as good, if not better, than the original was.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Beauty and the Beast (1988)

Paul Thomas' version of the classic french tale La Belle et la bête, you certainly know the story since it was done so many times on the big screen but here we go...

Mike Horner
Lyle Notapenny (Mike Horner) a poor peasant with two daughters (Tracey Adams and Nikki Knight) while doing his usual travel trying to sell products to support his family ask to stay the night at a nobleman house. The nobleman accept to give him shelter for the night and after a busy evening he is ready to go the morning after. On his way he picks a rose since his daughter Belle asked him to bring her one. 

The Beast
Without realizing it he did a major offense to his previous night by taking the rose. Indeed the beast accuse Lyle of theft and threatens to throw him in his dungeon unless he brings his daughter to meet him.

The beast and Tracey Adams
Later while Belle is at his home the beast confess his love for her and, since it isn't a Disney film, ask her to make love and marry him ... and offer that she refuses at first, but the day after she come back since she feels that he is beautiful inside. Indeed he is as she discovers after their love session... see the beast was victim of a curse that only the love of a young girl could remove.

John Leslie
It's a fairy tale so you know the end... 

Surprisingly this is an excellent adaptation of the tale that certainly make more sense than the Disney version did. The humor added to the story by Paul Thomas is more than welcome and Tracey Adams shows once again that she was more worthy of a mainstream career than Ginger Lynn or Traci Lords, but sadly it didn't happen.

Jacqueline Lorians, who almost steal the show, and Nikki Knight do also a good job with their supporting role... on the other hand Jerry Butler didn't have much to do in what is pretty much only a sex part.

Tom Byron and Jacqueline Lorians
Nikki Knight
Of course I recommend this one that I have own since the VHS days (a french dubbed version since my english wasn't good enough to follow a story thirty years ago) and get back again on DVD later. Since it was a DTV the fact that a tape master was used for the VCA DVD doesn't make a big difference.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Fantasy (1979)

A group of people are in a club waiting to leave for a trip, while doing so they each start having fantasies.

Jon Martin
As I said previously Gerard Damiano was at his best when he was doing other genre than comedy (what can I say, I think his comedy were awful) and again this one prove me right again. Sure the story is simple but even a film without much storyline can be great and this one is.  

Paul Thomas
The formula is straightforward, Gordon (Jon Martin) the club barman is the one introducing us to the waiting passengers when he goes to a table to refill their drink and start a short conversation. After that conversation the client with whom he was talking will plunge in his / her mind and will start fantasizing.

Lysa Thatcher and David Morris
Here it is, as simple as this you get one of the best Damiano's production. A lot care put in the actions and as usual a great shooting work by João Fernandes who is one of the best director of photography who have worked in the industry.

Brooke West
A great cast with a good chemistry, to be honest I really can't find anything negative to say about this film.

Susan Nero and Aaron Stuart
Of course I recommend the film, even if the available DVD from VCX is cut (what else is new). This film is too good to not watch it because of a minute or so missing (but if you are a German speaker you can get the complete film on DVD). We can just hope that some other label will restored the film someday... yes the VCX DVD looks fine but the screen ratio format is wrong as usual and a collector always wants a complete movie not a cut one.

Sharon Kane and Jane Lindsay, this is were the cut happen
Georgina Spelvin
Some time ago I have posted the end credits on my YouTube channel but it was sourced from a VHS and the quality wasn't that good, so I post another version here this time sourced from the DVD. Why? Because I love how they did it that's why 😃