Thursday, June 10, 2010

Inside Desiree Cousteau : A comparison

This morning I received the new release of this film by the french company Wild Side Video (same one who released Odyssey: The Ultimate Trip in april). I won't speak of this movie again since I already did in January, but I thought it would be interesting to compare the visual quality of the two versions I now have of this movie. For each screenshot the first one is from the VCX version released in 2002 and the second one is from the new version released by Wild Side last week.

First one

Second one

Third one

Fourth one
And last one
It seems fairly obvious to me which version is the best. Of course there is a good difference in the price since the version of Wild Side Video must be imported from France, but paying more for more quality isn't usually a problem for a real collector. This is available on the french website of Amazon (the website is only in french, but this is not really that much of a problem since all their sites use the same layout).
The dvd countains also an interesting featurette of 30 minutes or so in wich Juliette Anderson, Serena, Sharon Kane, Mike Horner, Richard Pacheco, John Seeman, Bill Margold and Seka talked about this film and Desiree Cousteau. 


  1. Thanks for doing this! I spy a certain someone in the first screenshot that means I must see this film! ;)

  2. D'oh! I thought that was John Leslie and was all excited to watch this last night. Never mind, I enjoyed it good enough (had the older version though, so picture quality wasn't great). It's an ok movie though, and of course Desiree is charismatic and gorgeous as ever.

  3. I was almost sure that you thought it was John Leslie and thought of mentionning that it wasn't him. But you wouldn't have watch the movie...

  4. Hahaha! Am I that predictable? Yes, I am. Thanks for protecting me from myself. ;)