Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Little update

Firstly I have some movie reviews that are coming soon. Certainly Jack and Jill 2 and probably a Phil Prince movie's but I'm not sure which one yet. Secondly and the main reason for this message, you probably notice that my links to Video-X-Pix are not working. This is because VXP is currently building a new website. So the links  in my reviews will be restored the moment when the new website will become operational. Sorry for the slight inconvenience. I also wait for the release of Inside Desiree Cousteau from Wild Side Video that I will received in the beginning of june, so you can expect an image comparaison between the old VCX released and this new released (from their precedent work on Odyssey: The Ultimate Trip it's easy to imagine it will be like night and day)

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