Friday, May 28, 2010

Uncontrolable Urge (1976)

The version I have is not the original that lasts 6 extra minutes according to the Internet Adult Film Database (I wonder what was cut?). Despite this it's still an enjoyable comedy. This film is a spy story (but I'm very generous) where a Russian organization (the accent seems to indicate it, but maybe they are Hungarian) led by Hata Mari (Jennifer Welles) who tries to steal a formula discovered by Daddy Sawbucks (Neil Flanagan) to convert waste into oil. In order to approach Sawbucks the organization decides to adopt Sammy (Rocky Millstone) who is the lost son of Sawbucks.

For a rare occasion I begin with the negative. Rocky Millstone is the worst actors I've ever seen. He does not sound natural, he has  a lot of trouble with his text, he is annoying and he even has difficulty getting an erection. Definitely an odd choice to be the leading character in an adult film (he is also in Through the Looking Glass and Maraschino Cherry, but I am unable to recall his performance). That's all I really found negative to this film.

The bad acting of Millstone is amply compensated by the performance of Jennifer Welles, although I must confess that I prefer the movies that she made early in her career under the name Lisa Duran (Career Bed is certainly in my opinion one of the best New York independent film of the sixties). hearing Jennifer Welles, Jamie Gillis, CJ Laing and Andrea True talking with an Eastern European accent  worth the price of admission alone (they even managed to keep it for almost the entire duration of the film). The beginning where Sammy does his farewell to the employees of the orphanage (Nikki Hilton, Helen Madigan and Jennifer Jordan) is just as fun with the extreme patriotism of Little Sammy. In fact this film is almost a love letter to the American way of life. Add to the ensemble an effective script from Ron Wertheim (not necessarily a surprise when you know he also wrote Through the Looking Glass one of the best films ever made all genre included ) and you have a real winner. One last thing : you will get the expression Leapin` lizards! stick into your mind after your watching.

This one is available in this version as usual at Adult DVD Marketplace or Excalibur Films. The movie was released in its uncut version by Alpha Blue Archive (no idea of the quality, since I just found it 2 minutes ago) in a triple features dvd with Little Blue Box and Sexualist that you can also get at Adult DVD Marketplace.


  1. Hmmm...I have a feeling I've seen this film and turned it off because the lead guy was so impossible to look at - tall, skinny, and bug-eyed with red skin. He was in Star Virgin, also. Am I right? I always confuse Orphan Sammy with Orphan Dusty (one of which I haven't seen). But surely if Jamie Gillis was in it, I would have watched it through...

    Any thoughts as to whether this is the one?

  2. I add a picture of him for you. I'm sure it's the guy you think of. Without Jennifer Welles I would have turn this one off really fast too just because of him. But I'm glad I didn't do it.

  3. Yikes - yeah, that has to be him. I'm trying to find the DVD...I know it's around this chaotic office somewhere. Just can't find it. Times for some spring cleaning I think.