Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Corruption (1983)

Excellent production of Roger Michael Watkins, who is about the business world, the search for power and the sale of the soul. Obviously this is not your standard adult film production, but much more an arthouse production (which is not so surprising considering who is the director). We have a sense of unreality and mystery while watching the movie, which is obviously normal, with the Faustian theme of it. We spend the majority of the film in an underground world that is sordid, dirty and loveless. The introduction of this one at the beginning with the betrayal of the partner (George Payne)  of Williams (Jamie Gillies) is very well managed with just the right amount of mystery. This world without emotions has something for everyone be it domination, submission, lesbianism or even necrophilia. Of course there is also a brighter side to the film with the relationship that Williams has with his wife (Tiffany Clark) and his mistress (Vanessa del Rio). I can not write too much without revealing too many details because this film has its share of mystery and surprise that must be kept secret, but trust me this film is excellent. The film is greatly helped by the excellent performance of Bobby Astyr who plays Larry the mysterious brother of Williams. In addition to the names already mentioned the distribution includes among others Michael Gaunt, Kelly Nichols, Tanya Lawson, Tish Ambrose and Marilyn Gee. The film includes also an excellent instrumental and classic soundtrack that brings a lot to the mysterious mood of this production.

Summarized simply I can say that this is another masterpiece of Roger Michael Watkins, who is unfortunately not available on DVD (like most of his work) which is almost criminal considering that so many weak eighties productions are the dvd market.


  1. Wow, I would love to see this. I, like you, get frustrated at the lack of films available, while there is so much shit you can pick up for a buck. I guess that's what happens when an art form isn't taken seriously.

  2. Even if the film would be released on dvd that will be probably just a VHS transfert wich is what I have anyway. I can understand a VHS to DVD transfert when a film was made on video, but when it's a film there are no reasons to do that. But we bought them anyway, so we aren't better...

    BTW too bad You didn't like Defiance of Good as much as I did.

  3. Looks like great. I'll watch it. About the last one you reviewed, "Passion Pit", it's not illegal in Spain and Traci it's great there, as always is


  4. Except from the United States and the Canada (the english part of it, since they are in my province) I don't think they are illegal in many countries. But the fact they are in the US is sure annoying since it's impossible to get good dvd without importing them from Europe or downloading them illegally (wich I really dislike).