Friday, June 18, 2010

Erotic Adventures of Candy (1978)

Right from the start I must clearly define a fact, Carol Connors is terrible as an actress (she makes Bambi Woods looks like an  Oscar worthy actress, which is certainly an achievement). So get ready for 1h25 of poorly delivered comedy. Luckily there are other things that her actresses talent in this film. The story is very simple, it involves a naive young woman (Carol Connors) who wants to explore her sexuality. A search that will bring her in all sorts of situations more or less funny. The film is not as bad as I seem to say it is because despite the obvious lack of acting talent she has, Carol Connors still has two big talents. The film lie mostly on the rest of its distribution to contribute to its interest. In fact the male actors are those which give  the good performances in this film whatsoever John Leslie in the role of a gynecologist or John Holmes (for once he gives a good  acting performance) in the role of a man insecure with his deformity (guess which one) or Paul Thomas in the role of  the leader (or not) of a cult (with an Indian accent as well). The introductory scene of the sect presents several sexual activities which permit us to see Amanda Blake (a complete unknown for most viewers, but she was in the first Swedish Erotica loops that I saw  so there is a slight sentimental value for me) and even a little bit of action between man (I'm sure one of them is George Payne, but he is not credited on the Internet Adult Film Database, which proves nothing because there are many errors in it) that make cry some idiots on imdb.

As usual this one is available from Excalibur Film or Adult DVD Marketplace.


  1. I enjoyed this one, and plan to watch the sequels. I always find it amusing when fans get so upset by "gay" content in "straight" films. (Guess what...all porn is pretty homoerotic!). Personally, I like it when straight porn has queer elements - it's more interesting and fun.

    Oh, and I watched one of the Midnight Blue dvds recently (the Deep Throat special, I think) where Carol Connors did a dance and an interview, and I fell in love. She rocked it. You should check it out (it's part of the box set).

  2. Often thought of ordering the set before but I ain't a big fan of Al Goldstein. Maybe I will one day...

    I never had any problem with gay contents in a movie, it's no different than a girl-girl scene and it's certainly better to see that than a girl throwing up after a blow job. The "fans" who had a problem with this always make me laugh, what they think they have seen while watching a film?

  3. Just came across your blog and am glad to find more love for classic 70s adult cinema. No, that's not George Payne in EROTIC ADVENTURES OF CANDY.

    And for the record: I did the research for the TEENAGE HITCHHIKERS commentary you discussed on another board. Kevin Andre DID die in prison. His story is very tragic and will be in a book I'm writing. And Chris Jordan DID appear in XXX films. In non-sex roles. So that information isn't inaccurate.

  4. Thanks for the clarification, the actor looked really like him when I watched the film (Of course he isn't really on screen for a long time and it isn't that clear).

    Let me know about your books (or let us know at avmaniacs since I'm here everyday).

  5. It definitely does look like George, but the earring is a dead giveaway that it's someone else. :) I don't post on AV Maniacs unfortunately but I've subscribed to your blog so look forward to more of your reviews!!