Friday, June 4, 2010

Night Trips (1989)

If you are looking for the perfect blend between hardcore sex and eroticism look no further, this film is exactly what you are searching for. If this is not what you want, well there's always Please Rape my wife 5 or Dirty Slut Debutante 75 or other shit like this to please you. This film is the perfect movie to watch in couple if your better half is not too interested in adult movies because there are anything extreme or shocking in this film. In fact it is a typical  Andrew Blake's production : beautiful cinematography, great editing, beautiful people, great soundtrack and beautiful scenery. Although the story is not really the point of this movie, but it is not really important to appreciate it. This is about a woman (Tori Welles) who is "haunted" by erotic dreams repeatedly and consults two psychiatrists (Randy Spears and Porsche Lynn) to help her. For this they use a machine that can show her dreams on the screen. The history is as simple as that.

As I said this is how this movie was filmed that makes its beauty. We go from color images to black and white images to sepia  images which gives to the whole an unreal and highly artistic look. Also very little dialogue is used in this film (Randy Spears and Porsche Lynn speak a little and Tori Wells said a few words occasionally), in fact we can not even hear the actors while they had sex (this is where the excellent soundtrack shows its importance). I do not really have much to write except that I highly recommend this film that features in addition to the names already mentioned Victoria Paris, Peter North, Jamie Summers, Tanya deVries, Ray Victory and Marc De Bruin .

As usual you will find this one at  Adult DVD Marketplace.


  1. I started to watch this, but turned it off. It just doesn't match up to Night Dreams in my opinion, which is perhaps unfair of me, but it just made me want to rewatch Night Dreams.

    Maybe I'll give it another go.

  2. I've never seen Night Dreams, but with everything who was made in 40 years missing one is inevitable. The story seems to be quite comparable and the reviews I just read are mostly positive. This is certainly a movie that could interest me, thanks for mentionning it. Can you tell me how is the quality of the dvd released by Caballero? Usually I'm satisfied by what they do, they don't seem to be in the don't care about the quality of what we released category for me (of course the majority of what they did was shoot on video, so it isn't like VCA or VCX).

    In my case it's with the second part I fear the deception. I will certainly watch it since I own it also, but I prefer to let some time pass.

  3. Wow, if you haven't seen Night Dreams, you absolutely must! It's by the same guy as Cafe Flesh. Outstanding stuff.

    I can't remember which version I saw - I assume it was Caballero, and I don't remember having any problems with it at all. Even if the copy isn't perfect, it's worth braving it just to see this film. It's really special. Be sure to post your thoughts, and perhaps even a comparison to Night Trips?

  4. I will order it, but probably not before september. I've many pre-order for the next 2 months and none of them are adult movies. They are mostly the Roger Corman's movies released by Shout Factory this summer, the last 2 Larry Blamire's films, some Code Red released, Bonnie's Kids (I just wait the dvd for this one since 5 years), Teenage Hitchikers (hope it won't be delayed again), a couple of region 2 released (the special edition of Come Play With Me and Take An Easy Ride) and the Wild Side Video release of 800 Fantasy Line (ok this one is an adult film).